Why You Hate Selling & How to LOVE Selling


I can’t sell anything. I’m terrible at selling stuff. I don’t want to be pushy. I love what I do but I hate selling. If any of these sound familiar you will WANT to read this because I’m going to tell you how to turn this around, never say these things again and LOVE selling…

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How to Write a Sticky Note Business Plan


I recently got an email from a potential client that was all too familiar. She had spent lots of money on courses and materials to learn to get a website up, do email marketing, social media and all kinds of things. However, she was still frustrated, wasn’t making money and didn’t know what to do…

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What did you do to Make Money Today?


We’re having a great discussion right now in my private membership club about money tasks. It started with this question: Then, due to the quick thinking of a member we moved on to brainstorming actual money tasks that can be done: So… did you make money today? How about yesterday? Will you make money tomorrow?…

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[No Cost] New Client Kit Download


When I got started as a Virtual Assistant I knew it would be a good idea to get my clients over some documentation to tell them things like; what it would be like working with me, the process for my services, what kind of timelines I can work with and other things that I felt…

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Are You Having FUN in Your Business?


Since making the move to rebrand my business and this blog I’ve been getting really, really clear on my core message. That message is that it’s entirely possible to have total business freedom, to live a Laptop Lifestyle and to build a business you absolutely, positively love. When you work from home like I do,…

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Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #9: Stop Being Afraid to Sell


Did you know there are two definitions of the word: Sell ? When people think of selling in business, they most often thing of the second definition; “persuade someone of the merits of”. Then, they (ie. you and me) start to get really uncomfortable. “I don’t want to sell” we say… “I don’t want to talk…

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How to Write Better Content Titles in Seconds


You worked hard to create your content, right? Then you have to give it an attention-grabbing title. Do the title right and people will actually READ or consume what you’ve created. Do it wrong and they’ll just ignore you, move along and never even see what you worked hard to create. I know this! I…

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Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #8: Lose the Sad Story


I have a sad story. Actually I have a bunch of sad stories. Let me see (pre-warning: THIS IS SARCASM): I am a single mom who never really understood how to manage her money. I still really suck at it and I can’t find anyone to help me. All the financial people are charletons who…

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Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #7: Don’t Spend, INVEST.


I got an email from someone who was really frustrated with people selling marketing services and training, people like me. He said that the free resources and advice I was offering wouldn’t help him and he was very concerned that most of the people out there (people like me) were laughing all the way to…

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Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #6: Don’t Do It Alone


I know you’re the superhero type. You’re the dig in and get it done and worry about any problems as they come up type. If there’s a problem, yo, you’ll solve it (ice, ice, baby). 😉 If there’s something to learn, you’ll learn it. No permissions, approval or certifications needed. Right? I know you because…

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