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Here's how you can add WordPress training for "extra" income or as a full-time venture.

February 20, 2017

angela1Important Message From: Angela Wills
Subject: Teaching WordPress for Profit

WordPress Training: It's in High Demand and it's not Letting Up.

If you've been online for, oh say FIVE MINUTES, you probably know about WordPress, the extremely popular software used to build 22% of all new websites and currently with over 75 MILLION users. WordPress is awesome, and it's come a long way since it was first launch in terms of useability, but it's still difficult for a new user to learn how to set up and operate a website. Add in thousand and thousand of themes, plus plugins and you have a recipe for a training opportunity that YOU can serve. People need to know:

  • How to setup WordPress.
  • How to add and customize WordPress Themes.
  • How to add and setup WordPress Plugins.
  • How to build WordPress websites for clients.
  • How to provide WordPress services.

You can fill this HUGE opportunity by training people in WordPress. You don't need to have background as a hacker, or coder or be a graduate of any kind of specialized graphics or design programs. All you need is a little experience in WordPress and a strong desire to help others who don't know QUITE as much as you do! You can do this even if you only know how to post to WordPress (the rest can be learned, then taught).

Save HOURS of Work With Pre-Created Training

I'll scour my hard drive to give you five years of PROVEN training materials that I've used to teach WordPress. You'll get full modules, workbooks, checklists and other resources you can use to teach and provide value to your WordPress training clients.

Skip The Learning Curve With On-Demand Lessons

It takes time to learn what your market responds to and how to best lay out your training materials so as not to overwhelm them. During my training lessons I'll share all my best tips that I've learned in five years of teaching people WordPress.

Get My Six-Figure System For Selling WordPress Training

I've sold over $115,000 worth of WordPress training in the last few years and what I'll do is hand you my full system and process of promoting my programs. You can take it as your promotional plan. Between the pre-creating content, the training and my promotional system you'll be ready to go and selling WordPress Training in no time!

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

In-Depth Recorded Training Covers What You Need to Know

You'll learn:

  • What to teach (beginners, design skills, clients).
  • How to decide on a program format (what to include; audio, video, pdf, webinars, etc).
  • How to deliver your program (email, facebook, membership site - what's best for you).
  • Technology (tools to use to grow your business).
  • Marketing your program (giveaways, to your list, affiliates and more).

Training Materials You Can Use to Train Your People

I'm going to gather up ALL my resources and training materials that YOU CAN USE in your own programs. These materials are proven. I've used them over and over to promote my programs and to train my clients. This will save you countless hours of your own time (or countless dollars of someone else's) and get you to product release sooner!

Here's what's included:

  • WordPress Beginner Training Manual with pics included (25 pages).
  • Six Module Quick Guides & Assignments for Website Startups (2-3 pages each).
  • Autoresponder Email Series to send with your course (9 emails).
  • Website Startup Checklist (2 pages).
  • Critical Website Info Sheet Template (1 page).
  • WordPress Initial Design Questionnaire (1 page).
  • Three Ways to Make a Living With WordPress Presentation (16 slides).
  • 10 Reasons Why WordPress Report (10 pages).
  • Seven Website Stumbling Blocks Report (10 pages).
  • WordPress Updates Checklist (1 page).

That's over 90 pages of pre-created training content you can take and use as is or customize to fit your business!

If you hired someone to create this much content you would easily be paying $500 or more and that could be from a writer who really has a basic understanding of WordPress, not an expert who's created courses for years and trained hundreds of people. 😉

YES! You can edit any of these documents and sell them with your program!

Interactive Facebook Group

Come interact with me, Angela Wills, and other smart business owners who are applying this concept to their businesses. We have Virtual Assistants who are creating programs to train their clients, Website Designers adding an additional stream of income and Business Coaches who are helping specific groups get their WordPress sites online. As mentioned I've earned over $100,000 from selling WordPress programs and so I know a thing or two about how to do so 😉 . I'll be available in the group to answer your questions and I think you'll really enjoy getting to know the members.

Ready? Excited?! Here's what you get when you buy TEACH WordPress Today...

  • Easy to Follow Module Training Replays!
    Module 1: Overview & What to Teach
    Module 2: Your Program Format
    Module 3: Training Field Trip (Examples)
    Module 4: Marketing Your Course
  • Module Powerpoint PDF Downloads
  • Instant Download of Ready-to-go WordPress Training Content for YOUR Program ($500+ Value)
  • Facebook Group Access for any Questions you need answered!
Registration Price: $197

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Notes of Appreciation from my Previous WordPress Training Clients!..

About Your Trainer Angela “WordPress Addict” Wills

IMG_2342aHey, if you don’t know me yet I’m Angela Wills and I’ve been running a successful, online, full-time business from my home office (or couch, or coffee shop, depending on my mood). I quit my job in 2007 to work from home full time and have been completely un-employable ever since! I enjoy my freedom far too much to ever let anyone tell me what to do with my days ever again. Over the past six years I have helped thousands of clients and customers use the best tools on the ‘net to grow their businesses. I love helping others and I’ve been told I have a talent for making things easy to understand. I’ve also achieved some pretty impressive things with my business. Here are some:

  • Started building websites in 1999 just for ‘fun’ with a free Geocities account and a sheet of HTML code.
  • Started my first site in 2001 which I sold and shipping bath & body products account Canada and the US from.
  • Worked with close to 200 clients over a few years to build, maintain and market their WordPress websites.
  • Trained and Coached over 300 people to work with WordPress.

Here is a sampling of some sites I’ve created for clients in WordPress:wordpress-design-examplesI truly believe that WordPress = Freedom. It’s extremely difficult to build an online business without being in control of your website because you will be constantly waiting for someone to get to your work. Without your own website skills you’ll also be very cautious about what you pay someone to add to your site, which means you’ll have very little opportunity to move fast to test new ideas, products or content. That would be a shame! In my opinion website design skills are not a luxury, they’re a necessity that any ambitious online marketer will be keen to learn. I’ve taken my website building skills to create a profitable and fulfilling online business.

If you're a service provider, business coach or entrepreneur who's looking to add a high-profit income stream take a good look at what's included with this program. WordPress serves up 20% of the internet's websites and growing. That's a HUGE market and a huge opportunity for you to help through your products and programs.

If you have ANY questions at all feel free to email me at angela @ angelawills . com ( no spaces ). Hope to see you soon!

Angela Wills