92 Days Left in 2016. What Will You Do?

Including today there are 92 days left in 2016, I counted.

I’m taking this time (today) to ask myself:  “What Will You Do?”

I’ve already been creating some plans.
I’ve started working with an awesome coach.
I’ve been working out and eating well (currently doing a 12-Day Detox!).

I’m NOT a planner. It does NOT come easy to me. But I’m a business owner. I need to do these sort of things.

So if you’re not a planner like me but know you NEED to make plans and DO THEM then I’ll share how I’m answering the “What Will You Do?” question.

1 – Sticky Note UNStuck

Tomorrow I’m taking three months of printed Google Calendars and doing my Sticky Note UNStuck planning. I’m also running a Micro-Challenge to my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members to do the planning as well so we can all post our results together!

2 – STRICT Weekly Planning

I want to kick this year right into 2017 and so I’m going to be very strict with my Sunday night plannings. You can see the whole process I use here. To keep myself accountable I’ll also be posting in the LLBC Facebook Group and inviting members to share their pics.

3 – Working With My Coach

I’ve mentioned already that I’ve started working with a coach in September and of course I’ll be checking in frequently with her for feedback, advice and accountability. I’m the type of person who does really well when someone has expectations of me and assigns me things to do.

4 – Working on My Health & Fitness

You probably know that I started a health & fitness blog over a year ago now. It’s important to me not just on a personal level but also on a very real business level I need this. There have been lots of times this year where I’ve felt really drained and work was just hard to get to. I know my nutrition has a lot to do with that and also being inactive while working from home.

Those of us who work from home know how EASY it is to just sit at that computer banging away for far too long. This lifestyle can be very sedentary.

5 – Planning Out Promotions

I’ve already got dates on the calendar for some upcoming training and courses and I know what I want to promote this month so what I’m doing is using Asana to project manage and make to-do lists. I’ve created a daily topic list with my emails for my list, matter of fact today’s message is a result of taking time last night to fill out much of this promotional list. I knew, of course, today would be the day to talk about fourth quarter planning and the actions to take to make things happen for me and for you, too.

6 – Focusing on ACTION, Not Results

It’s always good to remind yourself that you can not control the results of your actions, only your actions. If I want more sales there are certain actions I need to take. I often talk about the daily money tasks and how important they are to do FIRST when you are working on your business. It’s even better if you can do multiple money tasks daily and I’m going to be focusing on this kind of action as often as possible.

So that’s what I’ve got in mind for my fourth quarter of the year.

How about you? Are you planning or flying by the seat of your pants?

I know planning isn’t fun but I highly recommend you do it! Just get ‘er done 😉

And if you want to join our little tribe and the Micro Challenge tomorrow be sure to get signed up for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club here.



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