What a day in the Laptop Lifestyle Looks Like…

Yesterday I got up at about 7:30am, shortly before my toddler girl Ella was likely to wake and tidied up the house. My son has been at his dad’s for the week so it’s been a quiet week for the summer.

You know I’m all about the “Laptop Lifestyle” and helping people build that for themselves.

But what does that MEAN… the Laptop Lifestyle.

If you take a look at the internet marketing world it’s sitting on the beach with a laptop and some sort of girly drink raking in the cash while you don’t really do any work? They might have you believe that you CAN get rich sitting on the beach.

While it good to go to the beach (I encourage it)… have you ever tried to use a laptop in broad daylight and lots of sunshine? Um… it doesn’t work.

Or maybe you’re like me, a mom, busy, trying to keep the house from looking like it’s just been ransacked from a B&E, trying to get your teenager to pick up his clothes and stop leaving his stuff at the front door where everyone can trip over it.

Maybe to us, the laptop lifestyle means something totally different but it’s STILL the Laptop Lifestyle.

To me it means picking up toys at 7:30am waiting for my girl to wake up.
It means heading out to the mall to shop and keep said toddler girl happy with a ride in her car (she loved it):

The Laptop Lifestyle means picking up some new clothes on that Friday, when most people are at work. Clothes that are casual, comfy and ALL ME. I’m never forced into a “uniform” (like that horribly unflattering lab coat I wore in a couple of jobs) or to dress in business casual. I dress for me 🙂


This Laptop Lifestyle means I work at home, on my terms and I get to work with the amazing people that are attracted to this business. People like the members of my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. They are building awesome businesses on their terms, with THEIR lifestyle in mind.

That’s the thing too.

I didn’t just wake up one day and have someone say “Hey go ahead and go to the mall because you deserve it.”


I created it.

I worked for it.

I got up early for it (not yesterday, but on days like today I got up at 5am).

I worked late for it.

I earned it.

I’ll never stop being grateful for this lifestyle. I’ll never stop sharing how grateful I am.

You know why? Because I’ve recently realized that part of my why, my mission, my greatest desire to deliver on is this message to you. The message that true freedom and joy from your business is possible. Not only possible, VERY possible.

You don’t have to create a service business that runs you ragged.
You don’t have to work for clients who don’t appreciate you.
You don’t have to work for less than you deserve.
You don’t have to go to a job you hate.

You just have to want this lifestyle MORE than you don’t want those things. You have to be willing to work for it no matter what, to do whatever it takes.

Don’t ask me if it’s easy. Don’t ask me if I’ve got your step by step plan. Don’t ask me if you can get rich overnight.

Those are the wrong questions.

Ask me HOW you can make it happen. Ask me if I think YOUR step by step plan is smart. Ask me if you can make amazing income doing what you love (um… YES).

Also, ask me how I can help!

I’ll tell you:

I can help you build the beautiful business you love.
I can help you connect with a supportive, motivational, helpful community.
I can help you get past technology blocks.
I can help you make more money.
I can help you build your email list.
I can help you get things done.

YOU need to take action, though. You need to show up and be willing to do the stuff that needs doing. The first step to be in my world and be part of this Laptop Lifestyle community is to join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I have a weekend sale on the LIFETIME membership, for the first ten people to snap it up. We’re here, I hope you will join us, too.





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