Are you feeling stuck?

I got an email from a subscriber, we’ll call her “A”, who wanted to know if I could offer her some advice.

A is new to the whole online business thing, she’s invested in training to become an Online Business Manager but now has turned her interests to offering some sort of membership with a coaching/consulting business.

The title of her email caught my attention… it was “Help, I’m stuck”

I know a LOT of people feel this way.
I know I have felt this way.

Even after years of working online I sometimes also STILL feel this way.

I don’t do free coaching via email but I told A I’d need more info to answer her better AND I asked her if I could share this conversation with YOU because I thought you’d benefit from the answers, too. She said yes. Here is the conversation…

  • Me:Do you know who you want to work with, in specific detail? (like what do they do, where do they hang out, how much they make, hobbies, etc)”
  • A: For the most part yes,  however sometimes it feels like I could include anyone and everyone, but I know I have to narrow that down.
  • Me: “Have you built an email list?”
  • A: No, I  own two domains and haven’t even put anything on either, I also purchased the X theme to use on both because I figured it would be easier to design myself with that theme.
  • Me: “Do you have a facebook page and a facebook group? Other social media followings?”
  • A: Pinterest and Twitter about to start a FB page and group for my site that I am going to start first which is the membership type/info/blogging/coaching.
  • Me: “What have you tried so far?”
  • A: Basically have tried networking with LinkedIn,  have joined several groups, have gotten some motivation from them.  Last night after writing you I decided to start with the coach /membership site instead of offering my business management services. I have quite a bit of content from writing in my notebook about all the various resources and all my findings and what I have been learning and today have been working  on  planning out a schedule for the content and started to look into systems on email and sale automation so I can build that list that I need so badly.  I am planning to use some content to transfer into podcasts as well.
  • Me: Are you feeling stuck or intimidated with the product creation phase? Have you tried to create a product?
  • A: I  think I’m more intimidated and stuck with the whole perfection of designing my site like which fonts, which colors to best use for all the psychological factors etc. I think it’s overwhelming and just need to decide on something and know I can change it later. Product wise, I have compiled some writing and could easily produce an ebook.  I also am working towards the goal of being able to purchase the membership you run as well as the VIP Coach Glue membership, I love their stuff as well.  I am a member of The Time Freedom Academy already.
  • Me: “Are you ready to have more failures than successes? (this is a trick question so I hope the answer is YES)”
  • A: Definitely YES, excited as well so I can offer up even better coaching to clients through learning with my own failures,  writing case studies and more. I have a lot of goals.

Ok so my ADVICE for this:

How to Get Unstuck…

Do something.


Actually, do something small that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Something like:

  • Install WordPress if you don’t have it done yet.
  • Add a theme to your site.
  • Add an opt-in form to your site.
  • Create a header for your facebook group, or create a group. (Use Picmonkey for easy FB Headers)
  • Contact a potential client and start a conversation.

Definitely, there is a LOT to do when you start your business and when you run a business. When you’re on a roll there is literally NO END to the things you can do.

What happens to us ALL is that we feel our actions may not be the right ones and that the hard work we put in won’t actually pay off. When that happens you really need to remember the BIG PICTURE.

Remind yourself that this is “the long game”.

You won’t get everything right.
You won’t make all the best choices.
You won’t even get every customer or sale you could have.

But the only way you get really good is practice.
The only way you make sales is by getting going.

Don’t expect to have everything figured out as soon as you start.

It’s important to focus on SERVING. Put your attention on building relationships with your market, finding out what they need, creating new offers as you find new opportunities. When THAT is your main focus you never really need to worry about exactly how your business needs to look, only realizing that it’s a continuous growth and adjustment to be in the most fantastic service of your market.

It’s also really important that the business you pick is something you are PASSIONATE about, something that you could talk about every day, all day and almost never get tired of it. It needs to be something you can think of lots of content from LOTS of angles.

You CAN do this!

Believe in YOU!


And, A, if you want the support of an incredible community, ongoing training, weekly meetings to keep you in check and so much more I would love to invite you to join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. We’re pretty cool plus we get stuff done 😉


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