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How I Got Free Stock Photos, Royalty Free!

Hi! How’s it going? What’s on your agenda today?

I got a slow start, again. It seems Friday’s I really need a kick in the butt to get going, you know? But really I think it’s my body telling me I just need time to reflect, think, get quiet a bit. So off I went to the lake again today to journal. This time I took a pic:

Isn’t it awesome?

I LOVE incorporating real pictures into my business and marketing. It makes it all real, it shows proof I’m practicing what I preach and it really builds the relationship between you and I.

But sometimes, I need a stock image. Sometimes I need something that really represents my business and my brand.

Now I don’t know if you’ve priced out stock images, but the GOOD quality ones can be really pricey. And if you want them big, even pricy-er (is that a word?). It’s been YEARS since I’ve looked because I’ve been a spoiled brat getting my stock images free of late, but when I did you could easily pay $20 for a good quality, large sized image.

So… here’s how I get them FREE, no-charge, nada:

Please Note: As of right now I have confidence this will work, but there’s no guarantee of that (I have no control over it) and I’m sure it won’t work forever.

1. First I got myself an account at AppSumo.

AppSumo is a site that offers deals from really cool sites that help online marketers. You should have an account because you can promote their deals and earn free credits. Those free credits get you free offers…. You see where I’m going with this?

You can get your account here. << That IS my referral link FYI.

2. Next I waited for the Deposit Photos Deal

Deposit Photos is where I get ALL my stock photos from. I’ve gotten HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of free photos from there. I have zero hesitation when I go there and I always know I’ll find something that fits perfectly for my business.

The deal is usually 100 photos from Deposit Photos for $33. It’s CRAZY-low even if you just buy them but as I said I don’t need to because I get them free.

Again… no guarantees here but get on the AppSumo list and get your eyes PEELED for this deal. You do NOT want to miss it!

3. I told people about the deal

I emailed my list (you and other peeps), I posted it on social media, I told my friends. I quickly earn the credits to get free images for my sell because this deal is a LITERAL no-brainer. If there is a business owner I know who does NOT buy this deal I’d personally need to have a talk with them because stock images and business go hand in hand. You NEED images for your business… why not get them for a crazy-good deal (or free hey)??

So that’s how I’ve gotten 1,200 stock photos totally FREE (I just counted and I have twelve 100-pack purchases)! I really, really, REALLY hope they bring the deal back because I’ll keep doing this forever, lol. Seriously you can’t get too many free stock photos . OH, and the credits, once loaded into Deposit Photos, don’t expire.

So, in summary…

Do step one now: Get your AppSumo Account
Then, wait for the deal.
Then, tell your peeps!



p.s. This tip is ONE LESSON from the daily lessons you’ll find in the newest program I’m releasing on May 1st, Business Branding Graphics Masterclass.

I just updated this course TODAY with an entire four module series that I think you are going to stinking love. I am so excited to share with you the techniques, tips and short-cuts that I’ve learned over my fifteen years of running an online business!

Look… I know graphics are pretty EASY. The free, online tools are pretty awesome. You can whip up some stuff pretty quick. But the thing you can’t do without some time, talent or know-how is to pull it all together to create a consistent, impressive and client-attracting BRAND.

Branding does not need to be a scary word. It is actually so fun and even exciting when you just “get it”. I know because I once that the idea of creating a “brand” to be dull and boring! I’m talking about your PERSONAL BRAND, you image and the whole bundle of graphics and images that make up your business.

In this course, I’ll teach you to rock this in a way you never knew you could, in a way you thought you’d have to pay a designer thousands of dollars to do FOR YOU, when you got to that point.

Nope, you can do this now. You can elevate your business NOW so that you get to the point of growth sooner rather than later.

As you can tell, I’m pumped! If you looked at the salespage before today I encourage you to take another look because you’re going to see, point by point, some exciting ways to use images and graphics to boost business like never before.

Just to entice you over there, here are the new modules I’m so proud of:

MODULE 1: Creating Stunning Graphics For Social Media with FREE Tools

In this module we are going to focus on using incredible free tools to create social media posts, images & covers so that you can attract the attention of the IDEAL potential customers you are looking for! By the end of this module you can expect to go from snapchat slowpoke to social media sorcerer!

    • EFFORTLESSLY CREATE social graphics to build your following and get more clicks.
    • My BIGGEST TIP for creating image-based social posts, FAST.
    • My SECRET INSTAGRAM TACTIC that gets TRIPLE the likes and follows every single time!
    • My super-sneaky way to get incredible quality STOCK IMAGES for FREE!

MODULE 2: Business Branding Photoshoots Where YOU Are the (Comfortable) STAR!

For most people, stepping in front of the camera to do a business photo shoot is NOT the most comfy thing in the world, at all. You’ve likely been avoiding it until… (you get smaller, your skin looks better, your hairdresser gets it right, etc, etc). Trust me, I get it! I was waiting, too. Then I said to hell with it and went for a photoshoot. I’ll admit, the first one was really uncomforable but the pics turned out GOOD. The second was PERFECT. I’ve got some hella tips and techniques to share with you in this model to make you go to your shoot feeling like a “Supa-Star!”

By the end of this module, you’ll discover:

  • Why you photo shoot will TOTALLY SUCK if you get this key piece wrong, and how to get it right.
  • How to find a photographer who will GET YOU & get you the BEST shoots!
  • Getting ready for your BUSINESS PHOTOSHOOT tips you probably wouldn’t have thought of.
  • The motivation to stop WISHING you could have awesome business photos and just DO IT.

MODULE 3: Pro-Quality Business & Marketing Graphics, Created at Home

Most of us can create “OK” graphics with the awesome-possum tools available to us online these days, but in this module I’m going to show you some of the BEST tips & tricks I’ve developed over the last 15 YEARS to create high-quality graphics at home. I’ve never taken a photoshop course IN MY LIFE and you can rest-assured that YOU can do this, too, without graphic designer skills. Take your free tools to the next level by making pro-quality graphics for your business and of course teaching your team to whip them out for you as you get your systems in place.

By the end of this module, you’ll discover:

  • Deliver BEAUTIFUL REPORTS and document covers for your business.
  • Present a HIGH QUALITY professional appearance on your products, programs & services.
  • Adding quality & ATTENTION-GRABBING graphics to your emails and newsletters.
  • Creating Marketing Materials & Advertising that are stunningly EFFECTIVE.

MODULE 4: Branding Your Website Like a BOSS

YOU are a boss. A momboss, a ladyboss, a badass boss with a badass website to prove it. Right? No? That’s OK because this module has got you covered. We’ll get your website into badass, kickass business boss mode in no time with some easy to implement tips that you can do fast (many in 15 minutes or less).

No website is EVER finished and you’ll be sure to attract your ideal customers the more you dedicate yourself to presenting the image that FITS with you. I’ll help you do that.

By the end of this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a website header to ATTRACT PEOPLE instead of send them running away.
  • One simple website tweak that will improve your chances that people will STAY on your website.
  • The biggest MISTAKE people make with website images and how to fix it for good.
  • A complete checklist of key website graphics, and how to use them to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

So there you have it… that’s what it covers. You should know this is a go at YOUR pace. It’s a masterclass so you’re going to learn a lot and I know sometimes that takes more time.

This is not something you should wait on. Graphics and images will make a HUGE impact on your business and marketing.

Here’s where to go…hope I see you on the other side:

From “OK” to “Blown Away” Graphics. Go HERE

Oh and FYI – Your BEST deal is to sign up for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club linked under the buy button, VIP Membership, and then you’ll get your program ($297 value), your insider report, your Action & Accountability club and more for only $97.

You can cancel anytime but I think once you join you’ll see that you just don’t WANT to miss the monthly program (that is yours to keep for good), community, training and accountability. It’s RARE (if not unheard of) to get this much support for your online business for this kind of price.

Extra Note and official disclaimer: I used my affiliate/referral link in this email. That means if you sign up to AppSumo and buy anything I will earn a $10 credit that I can use to buy stuff, like more stock photos ūüėČ

If you’re frustrated with marketing, do this…

I had a meeting with my Action & Accountability group yesterday and in answering one particular question a member had about basically switching her business model from coaching to affiliate marketing I had some advice I think YOU might want to hear, too.

In this video I’m talking about why focusing on the VEHICLE (ie. your marketing method) and switching vehicles after you’ve already gotten settled into one is not the key to making progress. I’ll share what IS more important than your vehicle and why you need to figure it out FIRST or you’ll be sitting there going nowhere.

Have a watch!…

And when you’re finished watching consider joining us at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. We have three levels of membership. If you join the VIP or the Action & Accountability memberships you’ll get access to meetings like this one every week.

All the details are here.

Join us!

Because Life Can’t Wait.

My New Home Based Business Motto

So I was driving in my car and I switched on the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast by Amy Porterfield.

The episode is #156 with Russell Brunson and it’s no joke when I tell you this is very likely one of the best podcasts I ever listened to. I listened to it THREE TIMES and I highly recommend you do, too… it’s here.

I got so many things from this podcast, so many, but one of the main things I did right away was this idea around creating a “cause” as Russell called it. He says that when there is some sort of future-based even you can create a movement. And it made so much sense to me. I also immediately knew what my cause was. I’m calling it my new business motto.

It’s this:

Because Life Can’t Wait

Life Can’t Wait. Life Won’t Wait.

We all want this lifestyle business freedom that I talk about because we want a LIFE. We want to have time for the things that come up without being bound to our computer and obligated to clients more than we are to our own families. We want to be able to drop everything to run and pick up a sick child at school, to be there for a parent who winds up in the hospital, to go celebrate a night out with a friend who’s gotten engaged or go stay with a friend who just had a baby and is feeling all kinds of overwhelmed.

I talk to people all the time who have life things coming up:

Family get sick.
They get sick.
Family passes away.
Pets pass away.
And on and on and on.

That’s the “bummer” side of it. The side that we don’t really WANT to deal with, but we must. These things don’t, won’t and can’t wait. Do we just ignore our business until they stop? No. No we don’t. That is, unless you think you’d like to get your business started in, uh, never.

No we MUST build our business AROUND our life.

Then there are the fun things in life. Those things don’t wait, either:

Big Parties.
Family Gatherings.
Family Visits.
And more!

A prime example of this for me was when I had my daughter in January of 2014. My husband was working night shifts and I was pumping. My daughter was up wanting food what seemed like ALL THE TIME so if I wasn’t feeding her I was cleaning stuff and if I wasn’t cleaning I was pumping and if I wasn’t pumping I was trying to catch some resemblance of sleep for myself. It was TOUGH. There were not enough hours in the day. There were certainly no EXTRA hours in the day.

I can’t believe I managed to do it but I was able to spend as little a 30 MINUTES a week in some of those early weeks and still my business didn’t take a complete nosedive.

Now I had stuff in place BEFORE my daughter was born. I knew that having a baby would take me out of the game somewhat, I just had no idea how much time she would require (I guess I lost my memory form baby 1 who was already 11 at the time). So… life happened bit time but it was not going to wait. Here are some of the things I did beforehand to be sure I’d be able to keep income coming in during the busy times:

  1. Built an active membership site. I had members paying me monthly for a program and that monthly recurring income was a huge saver because I knew I had this income base that would be coming in.
  2. Hired a team. I had two VAs working for me helping to run my membership site. They were uploading my reports, updating my site, writing emails and more.
  3. Created affiliate income. I had income that was recurring also from affiliate promotions I’d been doing and that was another great help to keep the income flow.
  4. Used autoresponders. I think one of the coolest results of my planning for life to happen (aka baby being born) was that I made money WHILE I was in labour. No… I didn’t get paid for baby-making, nope I don’t think that’s legal. What I did get paid for is a course I set out to launch and promote when I knew I’d be induced. I knew that at that time I’d have no opportunity to work so I did the work ahead of time and had people paying me at the exact same time as I was brining new life into the world. Cool? Right? ūüėČ
  5. Reused Content & Used PLR. Content is important. You can’t stop doing it. And you can’t really write it when a baby is crying in your ear. So I became a MASTER (and I mean master) at taking content I’d already created and reusing it. I also purchased Private Label Rights content, which means it’s already written and I had permission from the creators to sell it to my people.
  6. Repurposed Promotions. I also became a master at finding things that had worked before and just reusing those. Like I’d take 10 minutes and look through old emails, find one I could just copy, make sure it linked to an active product and off I went. Less than 30 minutes and spent 5 minutes linking it up all over social media.

YES… I know what it’s like when life happens and I know that you can do so many incredible things you don’t even KNOW you can do yet.

I would love to help you see all the awesome things you can achieve in creating your own Laptop Lifestyle. I’d love to help you realize that Life Can’t Wait but that doesn’t mean you have to wait. You can build your business NOW, you can grow your profit NOW, you can set up systems and plans to give you more freedom NOW so that when the big life things happen you are ready. You have to GET ready though. You have to take action. I can help you!

Come check out the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. There are three levels of membership, one just right for everyone, and right now I have the EXCLUSIVE VIP Member Club on sale for just $697 for the entire year. That will save you hundreds of dollars but if it’s not for you right now there are three other options, one as low as $10/month.

Do it for your life.
Do it for your business.
Do it because life can’t wait.

Talk soon,


re: Business Mindset: I Can’t Help You

I just got back from Bootcamp. There I am… BEFORE my workout. Yep, I didn’t look quite as chipper after, lol! I draw a lot of parallels¬†between the mindset needed to get fit and a business mindset.

You can’t help people who won’t help themselves, me included.

In terms of fitness, the Bootcamp¬†instructors or fabulous owner can’t do a thing for me if I’m not willing to do for myself.

They can’t help me if I won’t pick up the kale (or something green, at least).
They can’t help me put down the chocolate.
They can’t help me¬†if I keep believing I deserve to be fat.
They can’t help me if I refuse to believe I can have a rockin bod.
They can’t help me if I’m not willing to put in the stinkin work.
They can’t help me if I won’t show up to the classes.

Nope, they can’t help me.

Not unless I help myself.


This applies equally to business mindset.

I can’t help you if you won’t¬†get the tools you need to succeed (website, email list, graphics, etc).
I can’t help you if you won’t ditch the complaints and negativity.
I can’t help you if you believe you just don’t have what it takes.
I can’t help you if you don’t even believe the “Laptop Lifestyle” is really a real thing.
I can’t help you if you won’t put in the stinkin¬†work! All the stinkin¬†work (for active AND passive income).
I can’t help you if you don’t show up.

Neither active or passive income cannot be earned passively. You know this. I know you know this because you know you’re not going to just read blog posts and then money will suddenly drop in your lap. You know you’re not going to just take a certification course and clients will bang on your door. You know you have to work. You’re smart. You’re capable. You’re awesome and you’ve got awesome things to share.

Yet… you’re human. Like me! (yay for humans!).

We have doubts. We have fears. We feel stuck. We feel insecure.

That’s ALL ok. This business thing is HARD.

It’s not a straight line.
It’s not perfection.
It’s not even close to perfection.

But the baseline is you have to be obsessed with the idea of succeeding.

I am not saying I only help robots. Nope. Humans only. Women mostly. Go-getters always.

There is no “if I succeed”.
There is no “let’s see if this works for me”.

There is only “HOW do I get this done?”
There is only “I’m 100% percent responsible for my results.”
There is only “I’ll do what it takes, not what I WISH it would take.” << hard one, I know!
There is only “NO plan B.”

A FAVORITE quote of mine from Will Smith along these lines is “There is no plan B because it distracts from plan A.”

All in.
Willing to get ‘er done.
Action Takers.
Results Makers.

These are the people I can help.
These are the people who help themselves.
These are the people who see results.

No matter if you work with me or not this is a reminder.

A reminder to check your business mindset, check your negativity, check your motivation, check your obessiong for results.

I’ve been on and off at the bootcamp.
I’ve believed in myself, and then didn’t.
I’ve shown up, and then didn’t.
I’ve eaten perfect, and then didn’t.

I KNOW it’s not easy. I know it’s not simple and I sure as hell know I’m not perfect. I’ve gotten where I am today in business not without lots and lots and lots of detours along the way. They are not excuses, but they happened and¬†the only way I could have gotten here was to keep going, keep doing, keep being determined no matter what.

That is the mindset to show up with and to KEEP showing up with… because growth really is a never-ending, thrilling, rewarding and pretty awesome process.



p.s. Now that you know the description of the people I can and can’t help, I’d like to work with you! That is, if you fit the description of an action-taker, a results-maker, a no-excuses maker kinda person.

This is going to be for you if you do NOT use technology as a reason for your lack of progress, do NOT allow yourself to become overwhelmed with life things time after time and never make any business progress, do NOT have any interest in chatting and are ready to get right to work!

Yes… I’m being blunt because I don’t want you to waste your time or money on this offer if you’re just not there yet. Maybe you’ll be there later and that’s totally OK.

This offer is EXTREMELY limited.

It will be for five people only.
There is nothing like it that I offer right now.
I am only offering it the one-time, for now.

It’s also ONLY for the right people. If you try to squeak in and I find out you have some seriously stinky mindset habits then I’ll just shoot you back a refund because it just won’t work unless you’re ready to go with your business mindset and positive thinking.

So here’s the offer:

The Accountability & ACTION “Coach in Your Corner” Coaching Offer!¬†

I’m really excited to present you with the opportunity to have me, Angela Wills, as your coach for a full four weeks. This is short term coaching. Four weeks only and we are going to be focused on Accountability & ACTION (how did you guess ;)? )!

Here’s what you get:

  • One 20-Minute Coaching Call per Week – We will meet, make a plan for your next action steps and assigned tasks (based on what we agree on). You will be required to complete your tasks that week or forfeit the meeting until you do. They won’t carry on beyond the four weeks so this will be your “forced motivation” to get stuff DONE!
  • Daily Email Coaching – Throughout the week you can email me daily with questions you have or help you need. I’ll hold you accountable during the week and coach you through anything you need help with.
  • BONUS Business Branding Graphics Masterclass¬†($297 value) – You’ll also get free access to my newest coaching program that is starting on May 1st. Details here.
  • BONUS Coupon for one month free at Laptop Lifestyle Business Club ($97 value) – If you’re serious about ongoing accountability and action you’ll love joining my club. You can try out one month for free and if you decide to stay you’ll be getting new coaching programs, accountability and more every single month!

Add up all these pieces and you could easily get over $1000 worth of value from this coaching but I’ve not set the price anywhere near that, not even at half of that. Your investment in this coaching is a one-time $297 payment.

You get ONE MONTH of coaching. This is NOT a monthly commitment. This is four weeks only.

ONLY five spots available. No exceptions. I do not put spots on my calendar easily and you’re going to get one if you act fast. Can’t wait to connect with you!

Oh… want to here from one of my past clients? Tammy had so many nice things to say and she’s really rocking her business lately. Love seeing that after working with awesome people!

Don’t miss this chance to work one on one with me, for a focused period of time as we focus on improving your results. Looking forward to working with you. Sign up here.

This Changed My Business

Before I get into today’s message I want to give you the time-limited warning (so you don’t miss it). ‚Ćõ

TODAY is the last day to save $200 on my all-new program where you’re doing to learn exactly what I’m talking about in this email…

Get clear on you message, attract the right people and make things faster than ever all because you have the tools to make beautiful images that present your business and you in the BEST light.

It’s ONLY $97, ONLY TODAY and you can sign up here.
(no coupon code needed)

Now on to how this very method has boosted my business in BIG ways:

There aren’t a lot of things that I can point to and say “That thing, it changed my business.”

Mostly because business is a progression, a series of tiny things that add up to moving forward and sometimes moving backwards. Hopefully the forward motion beats the backward and when it does, you get progress. ūüėČ

But there are a few things I CAN point to and say “change happened there”.

One is when I starting writing from my GUT, instead of my brain. I started just chatting with you to share what’s on my mind and in my heart. That was definitely a changing point I can attribute to more success.

Another, it was that time I got professional photos done and I knew EXACTLY what I wanted those photos to represent.

I knew exactly who I was talking to.
I knew exactly what my message was.
I knew exactly who I was NOT talking to.
I knew exactly what I wanted them to feel.
I knew exactly how I felt.

And it came across… so clear, like in HD, in those pics.
In these pics:


I know how cheesy it sounds. Trust me I KNOW… I don’t even bring it up nearly as often as I should because I don’t want YOU to think I am a cheeseball. But I AM a cheeseball about this topic, about this mission, about this message that the Laptop Lifestyle and total life and business freedom is within reach for YOU and anyone who wants it.

Those pics and this whole message would not make a tiny bit of impact if it wasn’t really. If I hadn’t decided I had to get super CLEAR on who I was and what I had to offer the world. YES, the WORLD… the people in it.

Those pics were the push off point to an entire new way of representing my business, of BRANDING my business.

I used those pics to pull up my image, and they did.

Since I created this new “brand” as you’d say, I have gotten REGULAR interview requests from summits, high end bloggers and marketers wanting to feature me.

Since I started really presenting my business with graphics that represented the lifestyle I’ve gotten higher-end clients, meaning the new clients just GOT what I was offering and were willing to pay for it no questions asked.

Since I started branding my business with Graphics everything I do is EASIER and QUICKER because I know exactly what I want to present in my marketing.

  • Represent your best business message.
  • Understand how to create graphics quickly & easily.
  • Speak to the people you WANT to attract.
  • Attract opportunities to grow your business.

This and so much more with this new program. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to join us for the lowest price you’ll ever see for this program. Once the early-bird pricing is gone, it’s GONE forever and I really do mean that.

SIGN UP HERE to multiply your success through branding graphics!

The price goes up on April 19th (tonight).

Talk soon,

Angela Wills

The Biggest Branding Mistake Most People Make When Starting Online

There’s a very common branding mistake. Many people do this when starting out. Maybe you have?

If you have, don’t worry! There’s an EASY fix and I’m going to walk you though it.. Watch the video first and then I’ll tell you how we can get you and your business branded beautifully!

My newest program is for you if you’re ready to REALLY boost your brand with graphics!

No, graphics do not make your brand but using some simple questions I’ll help you discover what’s most important about your brand (and YES, you do have a brand already whether it is intentional or not) and knock it out of the park with communicating that brand to your people.

I can’t WAIT to see what you do with this program. I know you’re going to love feeling like your fully connected with your business and that you’re marketing from a completely authentic place.

Come check it out and learn to create awesome business branding graphics once and for all.  <<< EARLY pricing ENDS in two days! Sign up now. No coupon code needed. ONLY $97.

How to use beauty to inspire people to take action…

I’ve been on a journey of self-development over the last couple of years. It started with my dedicating myself to getting my body fit and healthy, and soon developed into working on my MIND, as well.

One of the things I’ve heard can be AMAZING for developing an incredible mindset is… journaling.

I’ve tried to do it.

I found quiet morning time to write but it didn’t feel inspired.
I tried to visualize my life but it didn’t feel real to me.
I waited for the flowing words but I could barely write half a page.

Yesterday I tried again. I went to Chapters and browsed the awesome selection of journals. They were all so BEAUTIFUL! I had such a hard time choosing:

I picked the two top journals… I couldn’t pick just one!

I was very purposeful about picking the ones that spoke to my heart, the ones that just pulled me in based on first impression, on gut instinct. I wanted it to come straight from what appeals to me EMOTIONALLY, not practically.

The “follow your heart” one is the one where I’ll write my dreams, my goals, my affirmations and whatever else flows. The “Don’t Stop. Get It. Get It” (<< love that!) is the one I will use when I talk with my Beachpreneurs coaches Nicole & Kelly (Sooo excited that I just started coaching with BOTH of them now, not just Nicole who was alone the most awesome of awesomes ;). The purple one is also reusable. The purple is a sleeve that comes off and can be put onto any other coaching books I buy!

So… beautiful things? check!
Inspired? check!
Excited? check!
Taking action? CHECK!

I sat down and wrote out FOUR PAGES of stuff while surrounded by books and coffee at Starbucks & Chapters:


What happened?

Why did I suddenly become capable of taking action and creating and doing, instead of being STUCK?

Well… what I had hoped would happen, happened. I decided to INVEST in my own success and spend money to create a result. I actually had three empty dollar store journals at home but I wanted something BEAUTIFUL to motivate and inspire me. I wanted to FEEL moved to write, to tak e action, to do.

I didn’t stop there, either! By the time I went to bed I still had more to write, so I did:

The journals were no more capable of holding the thoughts than the ones I had at home, but they did three things the others I have at home didn’t do:

1. They were soooo visually appealing they made me FEEL (happy, treated, special).

2. They were/are spiral bound, making it easy to fold over and write on both pages (so, they’re practical in use).

3. They cost me good money. An investment. I paid $25 for both which is not a big deal but it’s certainly more than the $6 I spent on two at the dollar store.

Visual appeal is important.

Making people FEEL causes them to take action.

First impressions matter.

Talk soon,

Angela Wills

p.s. ‚Äď These are lessons to apply to business, too. And I’m so excited to share with you how YOU can apply these lessons to YOUR business and create a beautifully branded business that attracts your ideal people, makes them FEEL and gets them to take action.

I’ve created Easy Business Graphics 101 to deliver one of the easiest ways ever to brand your business, top to bottom, with online tools and quality images, like I’ve done with and LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club

It used to be that you needed Photoshop or a tool like Gimp (which I have taught to hundreds of people), but NOW it’s easier than EVER to use online tools that take nothing more than a bit of motivation to create top quality images for your business.

I want to show you a sneak peek of all the images I’ve created in my own business but that would make this email far too big and graphics heavy so just go check out this info page to see all the different images I’ve made to brand my business, get leads and get a lot more sales… and how you can do it, too!

I’m talking images like:

  • website headers and other graphics
  • report covers
  • eCovers
  • social media covers and images
  • graphics for images and newsletters
  • marketing materials
  • advertising images
  • and more!

You can do this to grow your business, with zero design skills. We’re starting on May 1st and we’ll go all month, making awesome graphics for business.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Business Graphics 101 Training Session & Recording – We will meet live (if you can make it) and I will teach you all the basics you need to know to create awesome graphics for your business. Things like formatting, fonts, colors, image types and more. No worries if you can’t make it live… it will be recorded.
  2. Daily email lessons & assignments – You will get EASY to apply daily lessons and assignments. Look, I’m not a slavedriver and I know that not every lesson will apply to every person but I have created a series of carefully thought-out lessons that build on each other and lead you to both immediate and long-term results.
  3. Q&A Webinar – At the end of the month you’ll get a live Q&A webinar to attend so we can wrap up and get any questions you have answered.

As I mentioned I’m not new to teaching graphics. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to create great results for their business using graphics, you’ll see some of their testimonials on this page.

There’s nothing more rewarding to me than to help people achieve results in their business. If you sign up for this course we will focus on how YOU can move your people to FEELING… that’s not something that happens without purposeful action. I’ll show you how!

Sign up here.

Note: Early-bird pricing is in effect. You can sign up now for $200 off the regular price OR you can join as a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and get it for no extra cost. Details on the page. No coupon code needed.

Experiences, Not Things!

A week or so ago I heard about GOMO from the Eventbrite site, which stands for Getting Out More Often. ¬†This inspired me to write this “Experiences, Not Things!” post and share my own bucket list of business and personal things I plan on making happen this year (warning this list might grow and grow because it’s been too much fun thinking on great experiences I want in my life).

I was immediately interested in this topic because I need more experiences in my life. ¬†I don’t tend to be a collector of things and don’t like clutter I still seem to gather a good bit of “stuff”. ¬†Also, as an entrepreneur, I have to make a VERY concentrated effort to get out more often, be more social and basically not be a hermit who never leaves the house. You feel me?

So… I’m definitely making a pledge to get out more often this year and make more contact with the human world, not just the digital one ūüėČ

Here are some of the ideas I came up with. Basically, this is my “bucket list of things to do in 2017” to create more experiences and to avoid more things.

Coffee With Friends

This is so simple, yet so great. I love meeting up with my local friends for a chat and a coffee, or a walk through the mall. I intend to make it a point to find a friend to connect with at least once a month.

This is a pic of my friend Jen and I out for coffee a few years ago. She’s been a long-time friend I met through business and it’s been so nice to have her close to connect with:

Go to the Beach

We have a BEAUTIFUL local park that includes a beach, splash pad, full playground area and even an outdoor gym. It’s a really cool place and less than 10 minutes or so from there. As soon as the weather warms up this is a family destination, for sure.

Here’s my daughter looking out on the water last summer:

This year I am going to see if I can make a business¬†photo shoot¬†(at that same beach) happen. I have a friend who’s a photographer and I’m wondering if she can grab her camera to do some on-location pics for me. Not sure if I can talk her into that or not but we’ll see.

And… Beachpreneurs. While this is not technically going to happen this year I have committed to attending one of the most awesome business retreats for entrepreneur women. I can’t wait!

Go to the Theatre

My son and I took the train to Toronto last year to see Phantom of the Opera. It was a really awesome thing to do with my teen son, who I really it’s not easy to find things to do together that we’d both like.

So… I may just make this a yearly thing for us. He’s got a birthday coming up. While I’m not a huge lover of theatre and probably wouldn’t go just for myself he IS really into it and that makes it a cool thing I want us to do together.

Go to the Spa

There’s a place¬†spa at Blue Mountain I’ve been threatening to go to. This is the year… though it looks like it would be the best during the winter so I think I’ll have to hold off til it gets cold for that one.

A friend of mine was talking about planning a spa day in Toronto, and I REALLY like that idea, too! I said “oh sure” when she mentioned it but we never set a date. After this blog post, I’m on it.

No pics yet. I’ve never been to the spa! eek. Girl time. Me time. Relaxing time.

Go to a Conference

I’ve been to a good few conferences over the years but since my little one was born they have been VERY few and far between. Matter of fact the last one I went to was about two years ago now!

It’s high time to change that. I LOVE business conferences and connecting with new people in that way. I met Jen sitting in a presentation and chatting in between speakers and now we live 10 minutes away and meet regularly for coffee. Plus we’ve promoted and hired each other, too!

I’ve been searching around the Eventbrite site for conferences, events and other fun things to do. Not only is it more enriching for my life to get out and connect with people, it’s really just a smart thing to do for my business.

Who knows, I might even fill out this form on Eventbrite and create my own event ūüėČ

Attend Local Networking

I was just searching Eventbrite for local things and found this really neat event called “Selling on the Spot” where you come prepared to Sell, Network and Meet people. High-pressure selling isn’t my thing but this is sort of a push my comfort zone kind of thing that I think might just be fun! I’m going to put it on my calendar and see what happens ūüėČ

Go to the Movies

Right now I really want to see Logan. We do have an offer for babysitting so now it’s just a matter of making the plans happen.

Go to Festivals

Festivals can definitely be a fun, affordable way to get out. There’s no time like NOW to start going to Google and Facebook and maybe, Eventbrite(?) to see what festivals are on the go.

Take a Vacation

There are a few places we want to go this year but we have no solid plans yet.¬†Our biggest goal would be to take the little one to Walt Disney World. We’d like to take another trip to Nova Scotia and then I’m wanting to go with hubby to New York City (he’ll want to go to he just doesn’t know it yet).

Have a Backyard Party

Ok so weird and random: I have this pineapple tool that cuts the pineapple out in rings, leaving a full pineapple shell you could drink out of. Every time I use it Matt says we should have a party and use the hollowed out pineapples as drink cups. I agree. It’s the little things, lol. So… this year we WILL have a backyard BBQ and we WILL be drinking out of cups made from real pineapples. Sounds fun, right?

I hope this inspires you to create your own bucket list of experiences to create this year. Spring is here, summer is on the way.

What will you do? Post a comment below I’d love to hear!

p.s. Getting out more often means taking time AWAY from your business. That’s not a bad thing if you can do it. I teach people methods that help them have total business and lifestyle freedom and share how I do it with my monthly Insider Report for just $10. You can get a good, detailed look over my shoulder (no hiding the good stuff) and see what I’m doing every month so I can create more recurring and passive income so I can have more experiences, more often!

WordPress Video PLR << I Just Bought This

Get WP Funnel Profits Here (Less than $10)!

Warning: Girl chatter in the background courtesy my three year old. I was just soooo geeked about this new product that I had to jump on video, girl in the background or not ;). You’re going to LOVE this if your people need to learn WordPress!

By the way, it’s not just videos. They are giving you emails, a landing page AND training on how to turn this into a complete funnel for your business. Get it here, it’s a no-brainer price that you could make back many times over with one hosting affiliate sale.

Dream clients want to work with YOU

I was just thinking I haven’t posted many pics of my Ella-girl lately. There have been some, of course, but not like when she was a baby and I was sending you pics on the daily of my little bundle of joy.¬†

They grow so fast! Time flies I tell ya. My first baby is almost 15! Ella is just over 3. Here we are at the play place she LOVES the other day. She got me to color with her, played around lots and served me a delicious, yet plastic, lunch lol. 

We go to the play place because she loves it there, plain and simple.  

Oh to be a kid again, right? To do only the things you love and pick only the things that are fun “just because”.¬†

What a life, right?

Wait. Hold up… we can do that, too.

Matter of fact, I do. 

I only work with the people I love.
I only do the things that I love.
I only pick the projects I love.
I only teach the topics I love.

No forcing myself into working with someone who is absolutely NOT an ideal client because I need the money, at least not anymore! 

No working on projects I think I need to do for some reason I made up in my mind.

No formatting my work to create the kind of work I don’t want to do.¬†

Choice is amazing.
Working with the right clients is amazing.

But how do you do it?

How do you literally get your DREAM clients to seek you out and inquire about hiring YOU. How do you get dream client after dream client contacting you and waiting anxiously for your reply to whether or not you can work with THEM?

When you can do that, the tables truly do turn. 

People will know it, too. 

The wrong people will be ATTRACTED to if you’re desperate. They can smell it. They can sense it. And without realizing what they’re doing they show up in droves to drive you looney-tunes.¬†

So… I’m going to tell you.¬†

I’m going to tell you the KEY that had me getting on calls with the most amazing potential clients I could imagine, clients who were wanting to work with ME¬†and closing the sale on almost every single one.

I’m going to tell you right now, too. This isn’t locked away in my coaching program… though it could be.

The KEY to Attracting Your DREAM Clients & Customers.

It’s your website.
It’s your words.
It’s your thought process.
It’s your leverage.

The internet is HUGE (as you know). There are people out there, all over the place that could be your clients or customers. 

You can’t be everywhere. You can’t tell everyone what you have to offer and how g-d amazing you are. You just can’t.

But guess what – your website CAN.

Your website can talk to one person at a time while talking to one hundred (or one thousand) people at a time! 

Your website can convey the exact message you need it to, anytime of the day or night, 24/7. 

Your website can attract the most amazing, top-quality, fun and joy-filled people for you to work with… or it can attract the opposite. It’s up to you.

It’s up to you to leverage your website for good, not evil.
It’s up to you to use the tools at your disposal.
It’s up to you to grab the attention of the RIGHT people.
It’s up to you to motivate people to FAST ACTION.
It’s up to you to get them on board.
It’s up to you to turn one sale into a LIFETIME CUSTOMER.

You can do ALL this with your website and more. The trick is, knowing what to do and when to do it. 

You can get clients, customers and leads with your website day and night, without ever speaking personally with anyone until AFTER they hire you if you set your site up right. 

It’s not about the perfect colors or the most expensive logo or the prettiest WordPress theme.¬†

It’s about you taking the time to leverage your website, put yourself into it and communicate all the best things your BEST clients and customers need to know to make the smart decision and hire you or buy from you.

Start with one step at a time, do one thing at a time and you’ll get there.¬†

Focus on creating a site that leverages the tools, the content, the traffic and the sales you ALREADY HAVE and you’re have one powerhouse website ready to create you income for years and years to come!¬†

Talk soon,

Angela Wills

p.s. It’s not a tiny task to get your website creating wealth for you and your business. It’s not a tiny task but it is a VERY doable task! I’ve been working online for myself, earning my full-time income solely from my business (ie. WEBSITE) for ten years this year.¬†

I can help you with this. 

I’ve created my newest program, Website Wealth, to help you BLAST through the most common things you need to do ASAP to create a website that does the heavy lifting for you.¬†

As I said you can’t be there talking to thousands of people at a time but your website can. You can’t know who’s your ideal client by talking to every random person over the phone but your website, it can FILTER those who are not ideal right off your radar so you never have to have any communication with them at all, ever. THAT’S what a well-created website can do.¬†

My course is set up to be delivered in a way that you really can do this! 

This is for the doers, the action takers, the result makers. This is for the people who never want to have a boss telling them what to do. This is for the people who want choice. This is for the people who want the Laptop Lifestyle and know their website is THE major tool they need working to that end. 

When you sign up you’ll be taken through four modules¬†with DAILY doable tasks and lessons via email (and/or facebook). You’ll get to attend my LIVE training session at the beginning of the month and Q&A session at the end of the month. Both will be recorded!¬†

When you sign up you’ll learn from these modules:

Module 1: Leverage Your Website’s Tools

  • The pages you need to EFFECTIVELY sell from your website.
  • The simple tool that will help you MAKE MONEY ON VACATION so you don’t always have to be present to make money.
  • The most OVERLOOKED feature to help you leverage your most engaged website readers.
  • The easiest way to make sure you don’t MISS OUT on a lot of visitors who WANT TO BUY from you.

Module 2: Leverage Your Website’s Content

  • How to make your content GO FURTHER than it ever has, reaching MAXIMUM people.
  • The easy method to creating content to HELP the PEOPLE who need what you’ve got FIND YOU.
  • The technique you’re either not using or not using enough to LEVERAGE content profits.
  • How to use your content to BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST in less than obvious ways ;).

Module 3: Leverage Your Website’s Traffic

  • Understanding your statistics and using them to YOUR ADVANTAGE.
  • How to MONEY-UP your most popular pages, to make sure that traffic doesn’t just show up and disappear again.
  • How to leverage your traffic by inviting them to spend more time with you.
  • How to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with your traffic so they get to know, like and trust you!

Module 4: Leverage Your Website’s Sales

  • How a simple thank you can MAKE YOU MONEY.
  • How to turn one sale into THREE.
  • How MAKE SURE YOU DON’T LOSE sales and customers.
  • Why you should get your own CUSTOMERS to SELL for you.

Oh I can’t wait to get started on this with you. I can’t WAIT to see what happens when your website is working for you, instead of being a bump on a log on the net. ūüėȬ†

When you sign up you’ll also get access to WordPress Website Bootcamp ($147 Value), a private facebook group where I’ll give you detailed advice and answers ($97 Value), my personal list of plugins and tools AND you’ll have the option to upgrade to daily private email coaching if you’d like.

No more waiting for clients to come to you. 

No more taking on clients that don’t fit with you.

No more wondering how to make your website work.

This is it! Click right here to join us for Website Wealth and finally leverage your website to get more leads, multiply your results and boost your profits once and for all. 

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