Day 2 Internet Marketing Journal: Avoiding Distraction?

I LOVE Facebook and like many I’m likely seriously addicted to the immediate feedback aspect.

For years I fought the idea of doing business on Facebook and for years I fought being distracted by Facebook, then, I just EMBRACED it! Now I do a lot of things on Facebook (like this journal) to engage my audience and gain new potential clients.

Today I’m tired. I didn’t get to bed until 1:30am and then Ella started waking at about 5:30pm. Now she’s down for a nap and I’m working. I was super tempted to go for a nap myself but I promised to get a number of things done first… I wanted to email my list about Day 1 of this journal and respond to my members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, then promote my Day 1 post back on social media (Facebook, twitter, google + and link it over to Pinterest, too). All that being done for now it’s time for a nap! I’ll be back at it for a few more things tonight after the little one is in bed. 🙂

I started off answering a couple of more questions about the Self Improvement Giveaway. This giveaway is going to be GREAT I think and I am so hopeful that a few of the members of LLBC will see some nice boosts to their email lists! If you’re interested in joining and you’re willing to hustle it up you have just one day (Jan. 6th) to get your freebie offer in. A good way to do that is take something you’ve already got and submit it!

Starting thinking about email my list and opened up my Fresh Title program. I LOVE this program and use it almost every single day… it’s pretty awesome and I use it regularly. Gives you tons of ideas for coming up with titles on blog posts, emails, reports and more.

I used the title analyzer to help me come up with a good title for my email. I would have liked a higher school but I’ll settle for an OK one when I’m in a hurry (nap-time is calling my name).

Wrote up my email in Aweber of course along with a nice little graphic I made in PicMonkey at about 1;00am last night while I finished up my blog post.

Got distracted for a few minutes on Facebook. I have to work hard to not get distracted by social media on a regular basis. That’s why it’s so important to know my plan and have immediate goals for income-generation. That way when I’m on the computer and working on goals, I know those are more important than an article about how loyal a pet chinchilla is. 😉

Clicked links in my blog post to share on social media (feel free to do the same if you like


Image I made to promote my course coming up on Monday. Used … so EASY!

Helping people get set up for the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway. I’m so excited to see Laptop Lifestyle Business Members taking ACTION and I hope to see the results in bigger lists for them to market to.

Excited to get my order from JustFab during the day! I ordered a purse to house my tablet and Bluetooth keyboard so I can work on the go. The tablet is a Lenova tablet, Windows based so it’s like a mini computer NOT a giant cell phone.

Hugging my 2016 Workbook tight as I give it positive vibes for a Shining new year! You can get yours here

Now it’s 12:25am and I’m writing this blog post. I did want to get an email written tonight to go out tomorrow and then do my nightly business routine (I’ll tell you in a minute) but I think I’m going to have to leave the email. This journaling is really pushing me to work harder and stay up later. This is OK for a while but I do want to make sure I’m getting enough sleep so I can be my best self for both family and business.

I’m happy with what I achieved today. Now it is time for me to open up that Shining Biz Workbook you see in the pic above and do a little more planning of 2016 and what I’m going to make happen this year.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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