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Aweber Email Marketing Software Review

This product review was created with the intention to help you decide if Aweber is right for you and your business needs.

I Heart AWeber.comProduct: Aweber
Use: Send Emails
Cost: Starting at $19.95/month
Trial: YES, 30 Days For $1


What Does Aweber Email Software Do?

1. Sends Emails Automatically – An automatic email is called an autoresponder. Send them out in sequence that you’ve loaded into Aweber. You can have an unlimited number of email lists with an unlimited number of messages. I currently have twenty lists and hundreds of autoresponder messages loaded in.

Here’s a short video review of inside Aweber:

2. Sends Emails on Demand – An email that you send out on a one-time basis is called a broadcast. With Aweber you can set up your broadcasts in a two ways – to go out immediately or to go out at a later, scheduled date.

Check out this video on how to use and setup email broadcasts:

How Do I Use Aweber?

My business involves selling products and services to those who want to work from home. It’s not easy to do that from my website alone. That’s why I create email lists that collect business leads that I can follow up with and provide more information on how I can help them.

Right now I have over 1,000 leads in my Aweber account. There are many ways I use Aweber to connect with those leads, here are a few examples:

1. Autoresponder Ecourses – I have a number of ecourses set up that allow visitors to sign up and get an automated sequence of emails that teach on a specific topic such as Email Marketing or WordPress Website Design.

2. Broadcast Messages – I will often send out a broadcast to my whole list when I have announcement to make about a new product or service or something of interest to my readers. This builds business and trust in my ability to provide value.

3. Blog Broadcasts – My blog is a great resource itself and so I have it set up through Aweber’s Blog Broadcast service to automatically broadcast my blog post summaries after every post goes live. That way my subscibers don’t miss any great blog posts!

4. Teleseminars – I’ll often use Aweber to set up a teleseminar or webinar for my clients or potential clients. This allows me to build my reputation in my expertise, grow my email list, and do follow-up marketing to those interested in a specific topic.

What Email Features Do I Use?

I wanted to make sure I cover many of the features of Aweber that make it very unique and a one of a kind service. Let’s run them down with a simple summary:

1.Email Newsletter Templates:
Aweber has a large number of professional, easy to use Newsletter templates that you can plug your business right into and have a nicely formatted newsletter in no time.

2.Subscriber Details & Tracking:
The details and statistics you get in regards to your email subscribers is fantastic. You can find out:
– where they signed up
– what your sign up conversion rate is
– what they opened after signup
– what they clicked on after signup
– what the last email they received was
– how much revenue an email brought int
– how many people unsubscribed
– what percentage opened your emails
If you choose to you can also segment your lists based on different criteria such as ‘all the people who clicked a link in my last email’.

3.Sign Up Form Templates

I was so excited when I saw Aweber come out with this feature. I have not seen this with any other email service provider. Aweber provides you with full professional designer-quality sign up form templates that allow you to add a great looking sign up form to your website in minutes. To understand how significant this is let me tell you that you could easily pay a graphic designer $100 or more to create a high quality form that you can never change. Aweber’s forms are great looking and also highly customizable so that you can have the exact look you want for your website.

Here’s a few points about the email signup templates:
– Hundreds of templates to choose from
– Customizable colors, styles, text and headings
– Add your logo or ecover images
– Quick and easy publishing to your website

I did up a video to show you how to set up the email sign up forms and submit buttons:

4.Twitter and Facebook Integration

Want your twitter followers to see your emails, or your Facebook friends to know what you’re posting? Aweber also makes this very easy with automatic integration with these two social media giants.

Aweber Review: What’s the Downside?

The only negative I can think of is that you are tied to this program for the life of your business. I personally don’t find that to be a problem as I consider one of the best investments I can make in my business. It also allows me to have a support team behind the services.

In Summary:
I first signed up for Aweber about three years ago and then I left to try out other programs. It didn’t take me long to realize I had made a mistake and I moved my business back to Aweber for good. In a little over a year I’ve grown my email list from about 150 to over 1200. I get about five to ten email signups a day and that has a lot to do with how easy Aweber makes it to use their services and promote my lists.

I recommend Aweber to anyone running a business website. Email marketing is one of the most important business tasks you can use to connect to your market and make more money. Having a professional, established and reliable program like Aweber to back you up is essential to your email marketing success.


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