Day 6 Internet Marketing Journal: A Baby Changes Everything

Ok truth be told I’m not really feeling like blogging today … but a promise is a promise! It’s actually a really good way to FORCE yourself to blog, this journalling thing (which is what blogs were originally meant to be now wasn’t it πŸ˜‰ )

Today was a busy day so really not a lot got done. I went to a friend’s baby shower. I also went to visit my parents who had been out of the country for four months.

It got me thinking… about my why. The reason I started my business. My son is 13 years old now, almost 14 but way back when he was just four months old I couldn’t stand the idea of going back to work and leaving him so I started my first business, Rainkissed. That business was the start of it all. I built an ecommerce site to sell my handmade soaps and bath bombs, I tried so many ways to sell including online, offline, wholesale, home parties and more. I learned a LOT.

The biggest thing I learned was how important my freedom was to me. Then it was freedom to raise my baby and now it’s all come back around as I’m now free to raise my toddler, too.

Anyway, I got no more than an hours worth of work done and it was the weekend so I am totally ok with that.

Emailed my list about a free webinar tonight! Alice Seba is interviewing Ron Douglas to rob his brain of advice on how to sell a whole whack of books offline and online!


In the evening I sat down to get some stats from my 2015 years sales. This is part of the Closing Ceremonies in my Shining Biz Workbook. You can get yours here, it’s waiting for you and it’s awesome.


Sunday is also going to be a chill day. I sometimes work a lot on the weekends, I sometimes don’t. The thing I want you to remember here is that I’m showing you a snippet, a snapshot into my life as a business owner. There are plenty of things you’re not seeing, like product creation, website design and updates, etc. One thing that is consistant and important, though, is that email list. Grow it, grow it, grow it and then nurture those relationships. It’s so important!


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