I didn’t want to be a coach

So, I’ve got this course called Powerful Coaching Programs.

If you click the linked text on that course title you’ll see I’ve done a pretty good job of showing you what’s actually included in the course.

What you won’t find is more on how coaching has really affected my life.

You see I did NOT want to go from Virtual Assistant to “Coach”. I saw that as another service business and I was not interested in the least. That’s why coaching programs never crossed my mind. In some ways I didn’t even get what a coach did for people. Being an action taker I didn’t need someone to tell me to do stuff, I already knew how to take action. I also didn’t want to be a person who sat on phone calls listening to people tell my why they didn’t do the things they should to build their business, I just didn’t have the patience for that after I had a few clients who did just that.

That’s why I was so skeptical about coaching and group coaching.

You see I was struggling before I started a coaching program and the thought of doing group coaching that included videos or webinars never even crossed my mind until a friend suggested it. Once she did suggest it I didn’t love the idea at first but I thought “I’ll give it a shot.”

When I did, a whole new world opened up and it literally changed the path I was on.

Let me tell you this. Because of coaching programs:

  • I have complete freedom of lifestyle.
  • I have earned the best income of my business career.
  • I can do the hard work ONCE, then show up and continue to make money.
  • I can teach in whatever way makes sense to me and my customers.

So… the freedom of lifestyle.

I typically do my coaching programs with this format:

  1. Self-study videos: I find this the best over doing all live training because it means that my clients need to put in some time, on their own, to study and learn. It also allows me to create short 5-10 minute videos that clients can refer back to again and again and again (and they LOVE that about my programs).
  2. Email coaching: I know this sounds time consuming but sadly not everyone takes advantage of the email coaching and those who do often email quick questions. Plus I answer these whenever is convenient for me. I don’t do email coaching in all my programs, either, because it just isn’t necessary for everything.
  3. Facebook group: I LOVE including a private facebook group as part of my coaching programs. I can check in from my phone which makes it easy to do in between busy parts of my day. Also clients love being able to connect deeper with each other and be connected to get questions answered together and quickly.
  4. Live Webinars: I’ll do from 1-4 webinars for most coaching programs but not all. My favorite kind of webinar is a Q&A type where my clients show up after having reviewed the training materials. This allows me to elaborate further and get any sticking points resolved.

That’s my main coaching program format and I just repeat that over and over again for various topics, in various ways as I see a place where my clients and customers need help.

How that translates to my life and my day is that I work when it’s convenient for me. It means I have flexibility in my days. It means I get to create new things that excite me.

There is no special format you need to follow to get started yourself.

You can start with just a Facebook Group, or just Email Coaching or combine any number of options that work best for YOU. You can easily start charging $97 – $297 or more for a well thought out coaching program that helps YOUR people.

When I released my flagship coaching program in 2010 I started charging $397 per person, and got it!

It was the first time in my online business that I was incredibly excited about the possibilities of making really good money doing what I really loved! $397 adds up FAST, a lot faster than $9.99 or $27… and when I decided to really value what I had to offer things changed in a million little ways in my life.

It lead to me quitting working with clients…

It lead to me feeling confident enough to buy a house…

It lead to me being seen as a leader in my industry…

I had to STEP into that coaching role, take a leap of faith that I could do it. Nobody told me I was “ready”. Nobody appointed me “coach”. Well I guess somebody did, ME. I appointed me Coach.

Now it’s time for YOU to appoint yourself coach if this sounds like a business you’d love to be in!

I’ll teach you my method. I’ll guide you through the process I take to create my programs. I’ll pump you up for motivation and inspiration and I’ll share your finished product with my peeps. I’ll do all that when you join my Powerful Coaching Programs training starting in just a few days.

Don’t forget, if you’re a Laptop Lifestyle Business Club member you get this free OR you can sign up here for just this training.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


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