How to Write Better Content Titles in Seconds

You worked hard to create your content, right? Then you have to give it an attention-grabbing title.

Do the title right and people will actually READ or consume what you’ve created. Do it wrong and they’ll just ignore you, move along and never even see what you worked hard to create.

I know this! I spend an average of an hour writing just one email to my list. From the content to the images I add to sourcing other information it takes time. Then I have just ONE SHOT to get you to open it (guess I did good today, eh?)!

So… I have this tool I love to help me think of attention-grabbing titles. This is great for emails but that’s not all it rocks with. You can use this tool for blog posts, graphics titles, product titles, social media posts, product names and ANYTHING you need a title for!!

It’s called Fresh Title and it’s this piece of software you run to get ideas for titles.

Here’s what the software does:
Generates Titles for you. You put in a keyword and it comes up with hundreds of ideas!

It pulls up stuff from the internet (ie. your potential competition) and has access to hundreds of thousands of “swipe titles”.

It gets current, relevant news headlines so you can see what’s happening NOW with the topic you’re writing about.
Creates a database of YOUR titles that you can save and even rate so you can use them again later (on other content or just reuse in a bit after people have forgotten they read it).
I use this tool a lot. Matter of fact I used it to generate the title you see in this very email.
The tool itself is called Fresh Bundle. It also comes with a second tool I use just as often called Title Analyzer. I love this one because it gives you a score for the titles you create. You see the one I used here had a score of almost 73%.. that’s pretty good!
At $37 I consider these two tools an excellent investment.

I have not had one moment where they didn’t work as I wished, they give me tons of ideas and OH, they also link to the news articles too so you can do your research from within the tool if you like, too! OR use it to search out places to link to, post comments on and more. These are just handy dandy tools you need in your toolbox.

People ask me often what tools I use. Do you find emails like these helpful? If so let me know and I’ll tell you every week or two what favorite tools I’m using to help grow my business.

Grab the Fresh Title and Title Analyzer tools here

You won’t be sorry about this purchase!

Note: This post uses affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and make a purchase I’ll earn a commission. Kinda awesome, right? I’ll never tell you about crap just to make money and I trust you’ll only buy what you’ll need and use… deal? You should really think about doing affiliate marketing, too. It’s a totally legit way to tell other people about really cool stuff while you rewarded from the company for helping them make sales. 🙂

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