Blogging: Why I Decided to Delete My Blog & Start From Scratch

I started blogging here at Marketer’s Mojo (Now Laptop Lifestyle Blogger) back in 2008.

Wow. 2008.

So very much has changed in the last seven years.

On a personal level I’m in such a different place now than I was when I started blogging.  We got a dog, became first-time home-owners, I broke my ankle, we had a baby… just a few things, lol.

Back in 2008 I had no idea where this blog would take me but my original goal was affiliate marketing. After two years of haphazardly trying affiliate marketing I moved on to creating coaching programs. It’s been a great business for me as people always tell me that I make things easy to understand. But that affiliate marketing goal has never, ever left my mind.

I’ve tried starting a laundry list of niche affiliate blogs. On every top from hula hooping to eating well to low-carb to guitars to Volkswagen Beetles to chocolate to Christmas on Cash. None had real staying power or kept my interest long enough to even be called real blogs.

So here I am. Starting Fresh. A blank slate.  A new blog.

It’s kinda like it’s got that new car smell. Breathe it in. Think of the possibilities, the places I can go.

But why? Why start over with blogging? Why didn’t I just pick up my current blog with over 400+ posts and keep it going? Why clear the cache and start a fresh?

There are lots of reasons. Here are my main ones:

1. Seven years of Content is A LOT to Manage.

I learned years ago that if you’re going to have a blog you really need to keep it up to date. I mean it just does you no purpose to have a ton of outdated posts that are still getting found in the search engines but are leading to dead-end links and talking about old ideas and tactics. I never got to it. I know I wasn’t likely to EVER get to it and the thought of going back through 400+ blog posts is less than thrilling, much less. I never got on a ‘cleaning schedule’ with my blog so I could clear out the old crap and now it’s just way too overwhelming to try to think about doing.

So… lesson learned. This fresh blog start is also coming with a monthly ‘clean-up’ schedule to make sure everything is kept up to date. Any timely blog posts will go into my email on a ‘Boomerang’ schedule to come back as a reminder when the time-sensitive info should be removed or the blog post itself should be deleted. That way I should be able to keep on top of keeping the blog updated and relevant.

And I’ll be creating a SOP, Standard Operating Procedure, for my blog. Yes I know it sounds boring and ick, not fun at all, but the thing is even after 10 years of blogging I forget things. Sometimes I forget to do a little SEO and see if there are keywords people are using to search related content, sometimes I forget to link to other relevant blog posts, sometimes I forget to check for outdated links on previous posts as discussed. So… a procedure will help that.

2. My mobile pages were not looking so hot.

For years and years I’ve promoted iThemes Builder themes and I’ve loved them. I have built a lot of client sites in iThemes.

Lately, though, I’ve been feeling a lack of flexibility in any salespages or single pages (such as opt-ins) I’m creating. I want the mobile versions of my pages to look just as good as the online pages. For example, in Builder when I use the blockquotes option on my page it looks terrible on mobile. Now I’m using OptimizePress and there are a lot of options to customize pages, so many that I’ve barely had time to explore at all yet.

Oh and one thing I’m really happy with is that OP is showing my blog posts above the sidebar content, even though the sidebar is on the left side. That was not happening in my current theme and it was a major issue since most people won’t want to bother scrolling past all the static sidebar stuff to get to the newest blog posts.

3. I wanted a really nice opt-in page solution.

Everyone’s talking about LeadPages lately and I’m just not prepared at this time to lay out a monthly payment and make a long-term commitment to a program that makes pages I can create in WordPress. BUT I do love how easy they make it to create great looking pages. I want my pages to look awesome, too, and getting that done in iThemes is a lot more time-consuming than I can afford.

So I decided to go for a new theme and a fresh start with OptimizePress.

4. I understand business (and myself) so much better now.

There was so much content throughout the blog dating back to 2009. So much of it was really outdated. I mean I was talking about article marketing as a way to get traffic. Who the heck posts to article directories these days!?

Beyond that when I started blogging I really didn’t understand what I was doing. I was so fresh out of quitting my business and I would often pop out a blog post in twenty minutes or so. Now there’s nothing wrong with writing up a quick blog post now and then, but moving forward I’m going to be focusing much more on quality over quantity.

5. I’m taking on a fresh, new focus. Actually, two new focuses (focusi?).

My two main focuses of late:

1. Living the Laptop Lifestyle.

2. Growing affiliate marketing income (goes along with the laptop lifestyle).

6. The ‘back-end’ is a disaster area.

So a main reason to delete the other blog and start again is the mess in the site files. There are so many images and files and it’s just too much. I’m pretty sure this has contributed to the terribly slow loading time on the site. Matter of fact before I decided for sure to do the full original install delete I tested a new install for loading time here on Marketer’s Mojo and it was much, much faster.

So here we go… Fresh Install. Fresh Blog. Fresh Start.

Stay tuned 😉


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