What to do When You Get BORED With Your Business

Every once in a while I think I really like to “test myself” and see if I’m in this business for the right reasons and for the long-term.

I’ve been doing what I do online now for close to ten years and like a normal person would, sometimes I get bored doing the same things.

So… I mix it up. I’ve had a ton of different niche blogs over the years. I started AngelaWills.com; my fitness and food blog. Before that, it was StarVA.com which I sold to Tanya Bryant (and am so happy I did because she’s doing awesome things with it). Before those I’ve had a hula hooping blog, a refashion blog and many, many more.

This time I got a spark of an idea that *almost* got away from me.

I was just about to go ALL IN on getting my Real Estate License.



Well,02 I’ll tell you.

There were a lot of reasons. I actually listed out a TON of pros but I can’t find the list. I’m going to try to remember them all here in a minute but the biggest PRO I could think of is my marketing experience. It was the attraction to me. I see new technologies like Facebook LIVE becoming available and I often think of how that could be applied to real estate and I just wanna try it! So I figured why not try it AND earn the kind of commissions a Real Estate Agent does.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t intending on leaving Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I was thinking I could run both. That was where I think I was very wrong after talking to a close friend in Real Estate.

Let me see… here are some of the many Pro’s from my Pros vs Cons list:

  • New Challenge and I LOVE Challenges.
  • Learning a new thing.
  • Opportunity for self-development.
  • Get out of the house a lot more often to meet with clients.
  • Will help my self-confidence.
  • Less time at home meals less time close to the kitchen (hopefully help weight management).
  • Meet new people/friends.
  • Use my marketing experience.
  • Will require me to have a nice wardrobe and maintain hairstyles, etc. (ie. SELF CARE)

There were more. Here are a couple of the Cons:

  • A lot of evening and weekend work.
  • A lot of expenses.

The only real difference in the cons list (which was short) was the evenings and weekends out of the house. Otherwise, I already have expenses.

When I did talk to my Realtor friend I came to the realization that it wasn’t for me because she said this one thing: “You are at the whim of your clients.”

Uh oh. That sounded like exactly what I DIDN’T want.

So I sat down to rethink… why did I EVEN want to do it in the first place.

It was new. It was shiny. It sounded exciting.

It wasn’t the same ol, same ol.

But then I realized that I could take that very long Pro’s list and I could apply it to my current business, change it up, change things up, bring back excitement. I also realized (and really I already knew) how much I LOVE and APPRECIATE <3 <3 <3 my lifestyle, my laptop lifestyle. I mean I really sometimes don’t understand how very lucky I am.

I know so many people get up daily to go to jobs they do not like (or even hate) to support their families.

My job, I do love it. I love hearing from clients and customers who get results. My heart melts to hear someone has taken action because of some little thing they heard me say. I feel like I’m doing good in the world when someone’s business grows a little because of the help I gave them, and now the help they can give someone else.

So to get back to the title of this blog post:

What to do when you get BORED in Your Business…

  • Explore that boredom. Find out WHY you feel this way.
  • Explore your options. Think you need a job? Go for an interview and see if it’s REALLY what you want or you just forgot how good you have it.
  • List out the things you can change. My pro list is not a list of things I can do to improve my life! I don’t need to be a Realtor to do those, I just need to take some action.
  • Ask your customers and clients. Ask them for feedback on your services, your business and you. Maybe they’ll give you ideas for improvement and most likely they’ll give you some positive feedback to tell you that you’re doing the right thing.

I think also when you get bored or stressed about business sometimes you need to just STEP BACK. Often I get over-hyped about business going my way and hyper-focused on business so much so that I forget to take care of myself. Or maybe I need to get out and meet people or reconnect with friends like I blogged about the other day. It might not really be my business that’s the issue at all then, just the time I’m focusing on it that’s taking away from other aspects of life.

Of course maybe you are bored because you need a change. That’s quite possible. For me it wasn’t what I needed. I just needed to explore an option and then drop it like a hotcake. I’m so happy to do what I do, to see the awesome members at my LLBC membership growing and being motivated and taking action regularly and to have completely and total freedom of lifestyle. The only people who’s “whim” I react to are my own (and ok, my family too ;).

Hugs and Happiness!



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