Day 5 Internet Marketing Journal: Build Your List

This week has flown by!

It’s been great to journal out the things I’m doing as it’s given me real insight into what tasks I’m accomplishing, what I’m not getting to and what is on my prority list.

My life is hectic as a stay at home mom to a toddler girl so I know not everyone will relate to my weird and seemingly very inconsistant (who are we kidding, INCONSISTANT) work habits. What I know you WILL relate too, though, is that I get shit done. I don’t make excuses. I don’t mince words. I don’t put obstacles in my way when I want something bad enough.

This is how I make my living for my family. I take it VERY seriously. I work hard at times and other times about 90% of my focus and attention is on caring for my family, for now. As my girl goes to school I’ll have more time and I know this is just a short season of life so I’m running with it.

I’ll be back for two more journal days but I know I’m going to visit my parents tomorrow so there likely won’t be much work related stuff to report, if any. I’ll let you know!

Sent an email off to my list this morning about my WordPress training coming up next week! Before sending it I went back through previous emails to have a look at what people responded to in the past (opens/clicks) and modeled that to create my new message. Sometimes I just resend the same message if it’s still relevant.

Got this done while Ella was whipping up a little dish in her pretend kitchen wink emoticon

WordPress training, if you are interested, is here:
We start next week! You get lifetime access, a dedicated facebook group, live webinars and an entire WP training video library.


When Ella went for her nap today I got a few random things done, like updating my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club with the link to yesterday’s live webinar, answering some emails. The main message of my webinar yesterday was: You NEED to build your list. You NEED to build your list. You NEED to build your list!!!


Then I created the Day 4 journal blog post: . Then I took a little mid-day nap before Ella work up! That’ll give me a little extra umph to get a few things done tonight.


Been watching the stats on my facebook page which are WAY UP due to this journaling.

I can’t journal all day, all week long but I do want to consider how to keep this trend going… any ideas? Obviously I can keep providing these same kind of insights into what’s working for me and what’s not.


Just another measure of how well this journaling is working. Thos are my traffic stats and the second highest line is 250 visitors. You can see what a big jump in traffic I got starting on the first day of journaling, January 5th.


Here’s a screenshot of me working on this blog post. What I’ve learned from years of working online (and just life in general, really) is that you should always look for an easier way to do things. With adding images to this blog post I upload all my images for the day at once and load them ALL into this blog post at the same time. Then I go back to facebook where I posted descriptions of each image as I uploaded them, grab the content and bring that back here. That makes it fast and easy to get this blog post ready. What might have taken an hour takes me about 25 minutes instead.


Another thing that’s been going on this week inside my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is many members there are participating in the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway. We’ve been having some fun letting each other know how many new subscribers are showing up in our Aweber accounts and today is only the SECOND day of the giveaway which runs to the end of the month. A really good question that came up was the concern of “what do I do once I HAVE people on my list, what do I send them?”… that’s something I’m going to address next month in great detail as I do a new training for my Email List Mojo course (which members get totally free!)!

Anyway it’s been a busy week and I’m pretty happy with what’s been accomplished so far. Sometimes my weekends are a big boost in productivity, sometimes they aren’t. This weekend I’m going to visit my parents who’ve been out of the country for four months and also have a baby shower to attend so I’m going to guess this will be one of the not so productive (business-wise at least) weekends. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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