Want growth? This is how you make it happen…

I got comfortable.

I got comfortable making enough.
I got comfortable with some of my excuses.
I got comfortable at a certain level.

Now I’m needing to PUSH and get uncomfortable because I’m raising my expectations of myself and, in turn, my clients and customers.

It’s all part of growth and I knew some people wouldn’t like it. I knew because if I were them back when I was stuck in the “I’m afraid to take action” phase I wouldn’t have liked it either.

We meet weekly for my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and during that session I often ask people what they’re working on. If I hear excuses, now, I’m calling people out on them.

Why? Because if you tell me you want to do something and then you immediately tell me why you didn’t do it, then you are giving yourself permission NOT TO do it.

Let me give you a current CLASSIC excuse of mine: “I didn’t get any work done today! My toddler wouldn’t nap and I was so tired from cleaning up last night I couldn’t get up early. Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep tonight before I even get to email my clients.”

I’m calling ME out – EXCUSES!

Is it tough to work around a toddler – oh my goodness YES.

Do I need to remind myself of that constantly? NO
Do I need to find ways to work around it? YES
Will I find those ways if I’m too busy finding reasons not to work? NO

So I learned to work around it! I’ve got her in daycare two days a week now and a third is not an inconceivable possibility. I get up early as often as I can, I work late whenever I can. I sneak computer time in when I can. I clear emails from my phone when I can. I get stuff done… more stuff than some people will a full day to work!

Oh! And I hired a VA to help me, so I can leverage my skills and talents.

AND… I’ve hired an amazing coach who can kick my butt when she sees me not working or hears me making excuses.

We need to tell ourselves how we can do things, what we can do instead, what we can do to take action right now and we need to focus on doing money tasks EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Excuses are not good.

Complaints? Even worse.

Now there is a time and a place to really put out the things that have gone wrong, evaluate them and move forward.

But if you’re default programming is to see the problems before you see the solutions you have GOT to change that, ASAP.

I never talk about these things from my ivory tower (I don’t have one). I tell you these things as I’ve been there.

Complaints make you see the worst case scenarios.
Complaints detract you from thinking about how to fix things.
Complaints create a negative energy that is like a weed, it grows fast!

Complaints need to be stifled, quick.

Excuses and complaints are where confidence go to die. We think we are doing ourselves a favor and “being easy on ourselves” but in reality we’re just fostering an environment where it’s OK for problems and there’s no room for solutions. Let the solutions in and the action steps become so very easy to see (ie. nobody needs to tell you what to do because you just KNOW the next step).

We all have bad things happen in our lives and we all have a lot to deal with.

That is actually one of the things I LOVE about this business. It doesn’t become a burden when times get harder, it becomes this incredible flexible, bending resource in my life that allows me to earn while taking care of the things that need taking care of.

I broke my ankle, BAD, and I kept working.
I had a baby and work very “light” for six months.
I am raising a toddler as a stay at home mom (almost) while growing my business.
I hit a milestone $10k dead in the middle of summertime and “back to school” madness.

There is nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it.

That’s why I have to accept no excuses and absolutely no complaints.

I am getting a little resistance to this idea because in the past I’ve accepted them, I’ve allowed them and I’ve let people share them with me in a way that I almost gave them permission to use them.

I can’t be part of that anymore! I know I’m meant to push you past this icky things and on to MUCH greater things for YOU. I can’t do that if I’m letting you tell me you didn’t build your website because you have to keep learning one new thing a month for another year. You don’t! Build that sucker TODAY you seriously can but ONLY if you drop the excuses and the complaints. K?  Oh and you also have to drop the expectations of perfection, too, while we’re at it 😉

So when we get past the excuses, the complaints and the need for perfection and when we focus on positivity and belief, amazing things happen!

THAT is why I’ve chosen to raise the bar for myself and for my clients.

I know the power of positivity on you and your immediate surroundings.
I know how belief and motivation lead to action to leads to results.
I know you have to see it in your mind in order to see it in “reality”.

Confidence grows in THAT kind of environment and that is the kind of environment I fully intend to foster and explode in my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club members. I see that my members are awesome and I see that many of them are taking loads of great action and they know they have this environment to just incubate those goals and those intentions but showing up with a bunch of positive, motivated, action-taking people like them!

I’m so excited about where the future of our group lies. I know the true power of people coming together for a mission with such a purpose (to change lives, their own and those of others).

You will LOVE being a member of this group. Join us, grow your confidence, build an incredible business and make lasting connections. The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club <<< it’s there.


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