Small Business Graphics: A Week in Graphics & Images

I use graphics in almost everything I do in my business on a daily basis. It’s just as much part of my business as writing is. I thought it would be useful for you to see my week in graphics and how I use them in regular business activities. So here we go…

Monday: Services Portfolio Example Graphic for Website by Friday

On Monday I promoted my Website by Friday offer. I used my previously created graphical screenshots of websites I’ve created for clients. I made that graphic using a stock image of a computer monitor from DepositPhotos and screen captures of websites I’ve made for clients.


Tip #1: Screenshots – I used to use TechSmith’s SnagIt for screenshots and I intend to buy it again some day in the near future but in the meantime I’ve been using the old school method of clicking on the keyboard buttons “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Print Screen” … Hold all three of those down and once and you’ll get a screen capture of whatever is on your screen at that moment. Then I take that into old school MS Paint and “Ctrl” + “V” to Paste it in. Then I use the crop feature to crop out everything but what I want. Hey, it works! 😉

Tip #2: FREE Stock Photos!!! – This tip is AWESOME and will save you a fortune in stock photos, really! I haven’t paid for stock photos in well over a year thanks to the super duper best deal around from AppSumo. About every six months or so AppSumo puts on a deal for DepositPhotos. Last time you could get 100 images for $30! That is about $0.33 per image and that’s an insane price because if you pay for good quality images you’re paying between $2-$20+ depending on the size. You get any size image or graphic for that price! So here’s how to those images for FREE, instead of paying the awesome price they give.
1. Go sign up for AppSumo‘s email updates.
2. WATCH for the updates for DepositPhotos (I’m assuming, hoping, praying, they’ll keep doing these deals).
3. Get your referral link and tell people. You need just three people to buy the deal and you’ll have enough credit for 100 images for free. I’m going to assume if you’re in business more than 5 minutes you have a few friends who would LOVE YOU for telling them about that deal!

Tuesday: Blog Post Graphics for Business Graphics Class

I’ve got an all-new coaching program coming up this week, Business Graphics Class, and on Tuesday I wrote up a blog post who’s purpose was to share how important it is to learn how to do some basic business graphics for your business, Five (Good) Reasons to Learn Graphics for Business Now.


I’ve got a process down for creating my blog post graphics. Here is what I do:

  1. Get an image to use. I like to use my own photos when appropriate but I don’t always have one on hand that fits. Of course the more planning ahead I do with this sort of thing the more images I’d be able to create to fit. It’s ALWAYS good to show your people that YOU are involved in your business and the best way to do that is to show you actively doing something… it shows proof. Anyway failing having my own image I use my DepositPhotos account (remember: free business graphics as described above!).
  2. Import my image into a 630 x 315 pixel sized image in PicMonkey.
  3. Add BIG font so it’s easy-ish to see on my homepage which sizes the blog images small (too small for my liking actually).
  4. Use a PicMonkey frame.

Wednesday: Blog Post, Emails & Social Media for PowerPoint for Graphics

My friend Michelle Schoen and I arranged to do a webinar for my list on Thursday so I thought it would be a good idea to pop some content from Michelle onto my blog so that I could promote it. Michelle obliged and updated a post for me that I turned into this post called Nine Content Ideas for Turning Powerpoint into Video.


The same process for creating blog graphics was used here. After that post was ready I also made sure to share it through social media in as many ways as possible. Google+, Twitter, Facebook Liked, Pinned. I also tagged Michelle in those so that she could share them too, and she did!

Next I went to my facebook page and wrote a post about the webinar. I used the same image but no text for the facebook page. Why? Well facebook is so picky with their font only being allowed in 20% of the image that I find it easiest to just use images without font when possible. I specifically picked this image knowing I wanted to ‘Boost’ a post on my facebook page. I picked it because of the bright colors in order to attract attention. It worked! I had 838 people view the post:


Overall I got about 100 sign-ups to the webinar for Michelle which was a nice amount! At first from emailing my list alone I got 33 which I wasn’t super happy with. So knowing I wanted a minimum of 100 I set to work with my blog post and social media promotions and got a very nice boost in results from those efforts I’d say.

Thursday: ECover for a Giveaway Event


Friday: ECover For an Affiliate Freebie

Michelle and I agreed to promote each other’s stuff (note: this is a reason you make good friends in business… helping each other) and she agreed to promote my Business Graphics Class. She asked me if she could promote an offer that people could opt into so that I could follow-up with them about the class. Of course I was happy to oblidge and quickly looked on my computer to see what I had to offer. I found a resource called 25 Low-Cost or No-Cost graphics that needed updating from a few years ago. I spent an hour updating and whipping up another opt-in form in about half an hour with OptimizePress. I loaded up my affiliate program with a link to the freebie and sent Michelle her link so she could let her people know.


As you can tell my focus for this week was on selling training and list building. These are the two most important tasks in my business. Knowing how to create my own graphics is purely ESSENTIAL to my business. Also it’s just something I LOVE to do. I love being involved in the creative process of the visual component of my marketing.

No matter where you are in your business right now if you’re willing to dedicate some time to learning graphics it is most certainly a skill you can apply. You need graphics for almost every single aspect of running a profitable web business and the sooner you start building those skills, the better. I invite you to join me for in-depth learning at Business Graphics Class. I’m told by my clients time and time again that I make complicated software and tasks seem EASY. I also love taking (effective) shortcuts that I always pass on to my clients of course!

All the best to you in your web graphics journey. Don’t forget to have FUN and appreciate the progress on your way to a Laptop Lifestyle!





p.s. If you’d like to find out my super-awesome way to get the BEST stock photos for free then sign up for my freebie, 25+ Low-Cost or No-Cost Graphics Resources here.

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