Do This: One Thing to Effectively Plan a Successful New Year

There aren’t too many things I’ll tell you that are MUST-DO’s in business.

That’s what I LOVE about running my own business… the flexibility, the freedom, the ability to be unique.

This, however, I consider a MUST DO:

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Pick an income goal and figure out how to get there.

I mean EXACTLY how. 


I’ve coached and mentored a lot of people over the years and most recently through my year-long Protege Program. The one thing I see people fighting the hardest is really figuring out a WAY to make their dreams happen.

It might be a way to keep yourself stuck because if you don’t actually create a plan you can take action on then you’ll never be able to fail. But, aren’t you already failing by not taking action?

I say this out of respect and understanding. I would never preach on anything I haven’t done myself. I literally spent YEARS browsing forums and wishing I could make money online. I spent years wondering what those people had that I didn’t have. I spent years wondering why those ladies were making money when I wasn’t yet. I seemed to know about as much as they did. I get it. I really, really get it.

Putting yourself out there can be scary. But you know what… it’s so incredibly rewarding to get results, to help people, to see GROWTH.

None of that will happen without action.

HOW? How Angela? HOW?

You want to “Kick Ass and Take Names”? You want a six figure business? You want enough to cover the mortgage payment, or the rent? Or to buy an XBOX?

Figure out a NUMBER. YES. DO IT.

Don’t say “oh I’ll take whatever comes my way”. Don’t say that. Because you know what you’re asking for when you do that? $0. You know what you’re planning for when you do that? Zero results.

So please for the love of all that’s good and holy, pick a number!

I’ll tell you how I picked my number…

Back in 2016 my goal income was $80,000

Below is a picture of my working through Leonie Dawson’s Shining Workbook:

Part One – Here’s how I came to that number goal:

  • I need approximately $3200 per month to cover my portion of the household bills, groceries, etc.
  • In order to get $3200 NET I need to make approximately $4200 before taxes.
  • My business expenses are approximately $500 per month.
  • Adding my before tax income of $4200 to my business expenses of $500 I get $4700.
  • $4700 x 12 months = $56, 400
  • Now I know I can make that. I’ve made it before. I’ve made more than that before. The last couple of years were the only time since I quit my job that my income didn’t increase. That’s entirely due to the decreased time I’ve spent on my business and the adjustment to raising a toddler. However, I’m ready to GO FOR IT in 2016. Do what I need to do. Buckle down. Hire help. Work smarter. Build passive income. All of it. SO… I want to get closer to that six figure goal than I’ve got yet and that’s why I’m breaking through my own mental barriers to think BIG about my income and set my goal income at $80,000.

Part One, DONE.

Part Two – Here’s How I decided I’ll achieve that goal:

I’ve mentored people just getting started and the biggest issue I see time and again is figuring out WHAT to sell. I want you to TRY here, TRY HARD. You probably know someone making money online (ok, you do, me). You can see what they’re making money with. You know what a VA charges for services ($25-$40+/hr). You have numbers to work with. WORK WITH THEM. OK?

$80,000 per year. That’s a lot of money… well at least it is in my mind.

First thing I did is wrap my head around the idea I can do it. I’m still convincing myself. I was always stuck in the mindset that I could only make $30k per year. Don’t ask me why. It’s where I got started in a job and where I seem to feel like I’d stay stuck. I broke that mindset and that barrier, now I’m working on breaking the $60k mindset barrier!

Next, more really essential math to do. Here are the programs and amounts I’ll need to sell to make this goal happen:

  • Add 150 monthly members to Laptop Lifestyle Business Club in the first six months of the year, so 25 per month. Bringing in an income of approximately $40,000 for the year.
  • Add 10 lifetime members to Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Earn $5,000.
  • Add 20 yearly members to Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Earn $6,000 yearly.
  • Run Website Design Mojo four times throughout the year at a price of $397 with a maximum of 15 clients = $5955 x 4 = $23,820.
  • Add 5-10 new clients to the Protege Program. Earn approx. $8,000.
  • Promote Coach Glue twice as much this year. Earn $5,000.
  • Other affiliate offers. $5,000.
  • Add freelancing services for slow times. $5,000.
  • Other coaching programs. $4,000.

Total: $101,820

So that’s over my goal. That’s OK. That’s good actually. You see my initial goal is more than I need and now my working predictions are higher than that. Even if I only do HALF of what I am planning for I’ll still be OK.

Do you see what planning this way does for you, though? It requires you to THINK, HARD. I could have sat back and said oh yea I want to add as many new members to my LLBC membership as I can. Sure. OK. That’s good. But by the end of the year I might have only ended up making $20,000 if I didn’t really figure out the numbers, because I wasn’t looking at what I really needed to do to make that happen.

This way I’m not leaving it to chance! I’m looking at real numbers and making real goals. Each of the bullet points above can be turned into very actionable to-do lists.

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Don’t leave your business to chance! Decide your money goals, figure out what you can sell to make them happen and then… Create a to-do list!


Part Three: Create to-do lists and take ACTION on your goals! 

As a matter of fact I’ve already started working on that, too. Here’s one real to-do list from the “Teach WordPress” package I’m putting together.

Here’s my to-do list:

  • Create salespage.
  • Gather and repackage content.
  • Create graphics (ecovers, images, etc).
  • Email at least five times minimum – create various angles.
  • Social media posts x 30.
  • Blog at least three times.
  • Individually email potential customers.
  • Email affiliates.

Now there’s plenty more I could do but that’s my ‘starter’ list. It will lead to more lists as I see what’s generating results.

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Here’s a little product I normally sell called “Achieve Your Money Goals”. It includes:

  • Training Audio (mp3)
  • Money-Goals Action Plan
  • Money-Goals Worksheet

Grab it from now until January 1st here. NO CHARGE!


Nothing here is set in stone. If I found out my goals are completely unrealistic I can just make new ones. Careful there, though, because I don’t want to give up on something too early, either.





p.s. The planner workbook I was using is AWESOME. It’s Leonie Dawson’s Shining Workbook, Print Version. If you haven’t set on a planner for the new year you should seriously consider grabbing it.

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Dale O - December 24, 2015

Hello Angela- Merry Christmas!! I tried to download the free until Jan 1st Money Goals Program, but it was still set to charge me….. Let me know.

Avery - December 24, 2015

This is just what I needed to see! I’m planning out my new year this week and your training sounds like it’ll be SUPER helpful. One quick question – I keep getting re-directed to PayPal for $7. Is there a special code I’m supposed to enter? 🙂
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