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Don’t Wait Until January 1st Rolls Around to Wonder What’s Next… Get Your Business Planned Now & Get Ready to ROCK 2017!

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I don’t know about you but I’m setting myself up to have my BEST business year to date in 2017!

If there’s one thing I know it’s that increasing my income, getting more leads and making more sales won’t just happen. I need to make it happen. I need to PLAN for it to happen!

That’s why I am doing one workshop a week from now till the end of the month!

Trust me when I say that NOW is the time. If you wait until January the first month of the year will FLY BY like it always does and you won’t have had everything laid out for you. You’ll be among the herds of people scrambling to figure out how to make the new year GREAT…

OR … You’ll have a plan. You’ll be ready to ROCK. You’ll know EXACTLY what to do. You’ll friggin do it girl and you’ll start GETTING RESULTS!!!!

Woohoo Virtual Cheer if you’re ready to be the second scenario!


Here’s what I’ve got for you:

THREE Planning Workshops, one each week for the next three Thursdays. We will meet at 1pm ET each time but no worries it’s recorded if you can’t make it live!

You can sign up for one workshop or you can buy the bundle of workshops for one great price. AND I’ve got a very special coupon code for you to save an additional $10 on either the individual or the bundle workshops.

Click ANY of the black buttons below to pick your workshop or grab the bundle!


Sticky Note UNStuck Planning Workshop

Ok so I had a vision and I knew what I wanted to sell but when and how to sell them was feeling very random!

I’d email random stuff all the time, I’d miss opportunities to market my business because I didn’t know things were coming up (Black Friday/Cyber Monday pass you by?) and I’d frantically try to get stuff out last minute.

I didn’t have a plan! And the regular planning with spreadsheets or calendars or project managers bored me to tears!

So I pulled out my sticky notes and make it fun! The Sticky Note UNStuck Planning Method was born! My club members LOVE this method and we use it every year!

No more running your business in a frantic state, missing passive income cause you’re too busy in active OR being so bored with planning that you can’t do it. Let’s have fun with sticky notes!

You get:

  • Live Workshop Training on Thursday, December 22nd at 1pm ET
  • Replay of the webinar to review anytime you need it.
  • Download Report of the simple yet effective Sticky Note UNStuck Planning Method




Life Wheel Planning Workshop

I’m known as the Laptop Lifestyle lady and I would be remiss if I didn’t include a workshop all about building your Laptop Lifestyle.

My mission is to help business women generate active and passive income total life and business freedom!

To me, life and business all merge into one and so planning my LIFE is super important. What do I want, how do I want to grow, what relationships do I want to thrive… these are all questions the Life Wheel help us answer.

Join me for another FUN workshop where I show you how to make a life wheel and why finding ways to incorporation your business into your life may be one of the smartest things you EVER DO!

You get:

  • Live Workshop Training on Thursday, December 29th at 1pm ET
  • Replay of the webinar to review anytime you need it.


Predict Your Business ProfitsImage

I was frustrated with my business. I wanted to make a certain minimum amount each month but never even coming close to hitting that target!

I knew I needed a plan so I set to work in predicting my own profits. It’s a simple method I’ve created to really lay things out and figure out what you need to sell to make the income you want or need to make.

You get:

  • Workshop Recording to review anytime you need it.
  • Download Report telling you exactly how I achieve my money goals.


Talk soon,


Angela Wills


p.s. If you are interested in being my one on one client you get all the programs I offer, like these, for free while you are in my program. The Protege Program here has those details. ;)[/text_block]

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