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2014-1Online Marketing Business Services:

If you are consistently making six-figures or more and need help then you’re in the right place. My experience includes over thirteen years in internet marketing field. I built my first website from HTML back in 1999 and I quit my job to work full-time as a Virtual Assistant in 2007. I have spent the last five years offering coaching programs to new and intermediate business owners.

I’m looking for NEW challenges, BIGGER projects and more responsibility that a few key clients can provide. I’ve run my own teams and projects for my business, now I’m ready to step into the roll of Project Manager or Online Business Manager for your business.

Check out the services below and contact me for a consultation if you feel they may be a fit for you.[/text_block]

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Monthly Support Packages:

Ultimate Mojo

This is the ultimate service package. With Ultimate Mojo you’ll have me as your “right hand person”, someone you can count on to know your business well, respond with informed intent and who gets things done.[/text_block]


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30 Days of Focus


Daily Tips to keep you from the all-too-common distractions that STOP YOU from doing your best work.

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