Breaking Out of an Energy Slump…

Yesterday I posted on facebook about my low-energy, tired day. If you miss it, here’s the post:

I don’t LIKE to leave you with that kind of message because lately I am ALL about mindset and thinking about what you want not what you don’t want.

Obviously I don’t want to be tired, lazy or too worn out to work!

So today I work with a determination to be motivated to make it a GREAT day.

Here are some of the ways I decided to do that:

1. Woke up before the kids. Getting a little morning time, even if it’s a few minutes is so important so that I’m not “thrown” into my day. I definitely prefer to have some time to really think about my day and even get up super early when possible (like 5am or so) but today I was up just about 6:45am and then my son got up at 7am, daughter at 8am.

2. Got my water. See that huge jug in the pic? I’m working on drinking that ENTIRE thing today. I have not been spending enough time getting my water in and I think that may have played a big part in my lack of energy yesterday. Dehydration is no joke!

3. Nutrition. While I’m not entirely back on track with my eating and nutrition I had a Shakeology nutritional shake, chicken and veggies and plan on continuing to eat well throughout the day. I also took a multivitamin and Omega 3/6/9.

4. Put on my workout gear. Even when I’m not quite sure WHEN or IF I’m going to go to the bootcamp or go for a walk or even do a workout at home, just putting on my workout gear helps get me in the mindset to be active (today I had on my Fabletics capri pants (love love) and a super cute Snow White top I bought from Hot Topic. It’s like putting on my “activity” mindset and that’s important.

5. Cleaned house. When my house is really, really in order I’m motivated to work. I also don’t feel distracted and/or disturbed by the situation around and me and get up and clean rather than do the work I should be doing.

6. Surprise payments! Well I didn’t plan this part but nothing is quite motivating like getting paid for work you did already that you didn’t know you’d be paid for. I promoted some products from my friends at Piggy Makes Bank and White Label Perks as an affiliate this past month and got two surprise payments totaling almost $200 today. I hadn’t been watching commissions for so I really didn’t realize what I’d be getting. Nice surprised and definitely made me want to get back to work.

7. Get outside. We all know working at home can be too isolating and we can stay in the house for FAR too long. 30 minutes outside can do a lot of good!

So here I am giving you this motivational update, then I’m off to blog and send a message out via email and more social media. Then I’ll be updating the customer area for my Powerful Coaching Programs.

If you must have a day of feeling UNmotivated like I had yesterday, go ahead, but DO NOT live there. Bust through that crap FAST so you don’t get stuck in the wrong mindset bringing you more of the wrong things because you’re mind is allowing what you don’t want.

Oh and a bonus fun, energizing thing was Matt going to get Ella four dress up outfits at WalMart on clearance for 75% off (seen at the top of this post)! Ella was totally THRILLED!

Talk soon and get back to work 😉




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