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Just share what you love and you’ll get paid…

Affiliate marketing is often an afterthought, something to do “later”.

What most people don’t realize, until they do, is that you can incorporate affiliate marketing, naturally, into what you are ALREADY doing and get paid while you build your business, build your list, create your brand and more.

Just share what you love!
Just tell people what’s working for you.
Just tell people what you’re having trouble with.
And get paid for telling your story…

It really does work like that. And it works BEST like that, in my experience.

When I first got started on my blog in 2008 I thought I’d be an “affiliate marketer”.

Of course it sounded AWESOME to just get paid for sending people to buy other people’s stuff. So I threw out a bunch of blog posts about products and told people they should buy them.

But… nothing happened.
no sales
no interaction
no interest

So I threw out more blog posts, added images linked with my affiliate links, sent a bunch of emails saying things like “hey look at this program it looks so cool”… etc.


But it makes sense.

I mean I REALLY want to go see the new Logan movie, but I haven’t yet. Would you run out to see it if I said to you… “Hey that Logan movie looks pretty awesome doesn’t it? You should go see it?”. You might because you love Xmen, or you might be thinking you’ll just save all that popcorn and movie ticket money until you hear from someone who ACTUALLY saw it and loved it.

That’s why it works so well to just SHARE what you love as you go!

Now the key here is to have a very open mentality about yourself and your business. Sharing means being vulnerable and allowing people to get to know YOU. That takes a little practice but it’s soooo freeing when you start getting responses from people WHO thank you for being so real. You’ll love it!

So here’s your step by step:

  1. Find an use products YOU LOVE. Ones that relate to your business and your life. If it serves YOU and you are your target market, then it’s fair game.
  2. Look for affiliate programs for the ones you love. You can go to Google and type in “Logan Affiliate Program” (replacing Logan with whatever it is you love)… I find many programs like that if I can’t just find a link on the bottom of the site. If you can’t find anything you could contact the company or just move along.
  3. Apply to the affiliate program and wait for your special tracking affiliate link. Then make a special shortlink so you don’t use that ugly, long affiliate link anywhere.
  4. Share, share, share! Share in blog posts, like a story of what’s happening with you, what you’re using, what works and what makes sense. Share everything, not just the things you’re an affiliate for but of course DO include affiliate links to the ones you ARE an affiliate for. Note: You do need to disclose you are an affiliate when you share your link, legally.

The beauty of this is it’s not out of the way work… build your business and just naturally incorporate the mentions into the things you are doing!

If you’re a business coach, you’ll already be telling people about business building, tools, resources, etc.

If you’re a fitness coach, you’ll be mentioning fitness equipment, apps, software and more.

If you’re a virtual assistant, you’ll be telling clients they need website hosting, email software, project management tools and more.

You see how easy it is to just FIT this right into your business?

Go for it! Add affiliate marketing to your business ASAP and watch your income potential grow. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Talk soon,

Angela Wills

p.s. If you want to REALLY dig into affiliate marketing and get this incorporated fully into your business then I have something awesome for you:

30 Days of lessons like this one, delivered to your email and posted in our active group, so that you learn a little per day affiliate being very profitable with affiliate marketing.

You’ll get the chance to consume and absorb that content and you’ll be given a small, actionable assignment to move you to affiliate sales day after day! It’s so exciting to see my customers taking action on this and I’ve set it up so you can join anytime, not miss a thing and have all the training ready for you to review as needed.

Here’s the complete list of what you’ll get:

  • 28 Lessons on affiliate marketing, delivered daily via email and facebook post.
  • 28 days of easy to do affiliate marketing homework assignments.
  • Feedback from ME, Angela Wills, on anything affiliate marketing related you want in the facebook group, anytime you need it (not limited to 30 days).
  • My list of affiliate programs that make me money, why I promote them and HOW I promote them (coming Monday).
  • Full pdf download of ALL 30 Lessons.
  • Live Q&A session for your questions this Monday, March 27th at 1pm ET! (submit your questions live or ahead of time).
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This is your program if you want to learn NATURAL Affiliate Marketing!

This if for you if you:

  1. Have a business.
  2. Want to add more income to your business without having to create new products or programs.
  3. Can tell people about the stuff you use and love!

Here’s the full list of emails you’ll receive when you sign up:

Module 1: Setup For Success
Day 1: Setting Up For Success
Day 2: How to Find The Best Programs
Day 3: How to Create Pretty Redirects
Day 4: Mindset
Day 5: You got ‘em, you use ‘em
Day 6: Writing Takes Practice
Day 7: Affiliate Marketing Horror Stories

Module 2: Profit-Pulling Content
Day 8: Make Sales Every Time
Day 9: Most Likely to Convert
Day 10: The Real Way to Promote an Affiliate Program
Day 11: The Product Review
Day 12: The Case Study
Day 13: A Catch Up Day
Day 14: An EASY Sunday Challenge

Module 3: Affiliate Marketing
Day 15: Let’s Talk Passive Income
Day 16: The Most Important Affiliate Marketing Tool
Day 17: A Word of Caution
Day 18: Spread the Message Far and Wide
Day 19: Leverage Your Business and Earn More
Day 20: Marketing is EASY When You Do This
Day 21: Catch Up Day and a Link to All Lessons

Module 4: Review, Rinse, Repeat
Day 22: Using Stats to Get More Sales
Day 23: Affiliate Promotions on Autopilot
Day 24: Creating Stuff to Promote Affiliate Offers
Day 25: Adding Bonuses to Get Sales
Day 26: A Catch Up Day
Day 27: Pick Something You’re Excited About
Day 28: We’ve Reached the End

If you’re really ready to be a natural at affiliate marketing then get signed up so you don’t miss the LIVE Q&A on Monday at 1pm ET where I’ll be present to answer all your questions and share answers to the most common questions on building a very successful side-profit in affiliate marketing! It’s all right here.

This makes it worth it…

We only do things that are worth it to us, right?

You won’t exercise unless you get results…
You won’t be in a relationship unless you feel loved (I hope)…
You won’t spend time cooking an elaborate meal unless it tastes great…
You won’t hire a cleaner unless your house ends up clean…

Makes sense! Of course, there needs to be a PURPOSE to your actions.

Over the last while I’ve been talking a lot about blogging, it’s the topic of the month here.

I know some of you are curious but you might be wondering… “Is it REALLY worth it, should I really be spending my time blogging when there are so many other million things to do, hotter marketing methods?” 

Or you might be wondering… “Does blogging even WORK anymore?”

Trust me I get it because I used to think the same thing!

I always wanted to blog because I was sure it could be useful but I never quite got to it. My main focus was emailing my list and posting on facebook.

But then I created a new habit. Here’s my process:

  1. I blog FIRST. Anything that could be a blog post, is. Like this message. I post it to my blog first instead of going to my email list and/or social media.
  2. My blog automatically goes to social media to publish. I’m using the plugin Social Encore Shares (that my member’s get FREE by the way) that automatically publishes my post as well on my Facebook Page, Twitter, Linked In and Google+
  3. My blog is instamagically turned into an EMAIL. That’s right! I LOVE this feature of Aweber because when I blog my post automatically turns into an email through the Blog Broadcast feature of Aweber. All I need to do is hit publish and I have a brand new email ready to go out to a few thousand people.

So… I’ve created a habit of this. I no longer worry at all if my blog posts are wasting my time and I create a bunch of content to distribute across a bunch of places reaching thousands of people at once!

There’s another thing… Blogging IS useful. I DO get clients and customers doing it. Just the other day I wrote this post, emailed it to the person I wrote it for and a few days later she hired me to build a quick website for her. I get affiliate sales from blog posts, sell my products and get new clients. Blogging Works!

Your blog post should always have a main goal, a call to action.

But what if people don’t buy? What if you’ve done all the heavy lifting by getting them TO your blog post and they’re just about to leave?

That’s why you also want to create email opt-in offers. An email opt-in on your blog gives you a second (and umpteenth) chance at contacting people to share the value you have to offer. Like I’m doing here for you! I’m sharing with you the very reasons you should be doing what I do, regularly, to build my business!

You should add opt-ins in multiple places, like:

  • In your sidebar (classic location).
  • In the first fold of your homepage.
  • At the bottom of every post.
  • On dedicated opt-in pages you link to. Like this.

I know you maybe wanted to start a list, but don’t think it’s time yet. Trust me, it’s time.

The time to build an email list is ALWAYS now.

It will make blogging worth it. Your list is your gold. The PEOPLE no your list want to hear from you. They are your biggest fans and you want to keep in touch with your biggest fans!

If you want a step by step process to getting set up with a list in Aweber and creating your opt-in I have a series of training videos that walk you through exactly what you need to do.

emailThis program, Build Your Email List, was made for brand new list builders who are feeling intimidated by the process of getting set up and setting up their first opt-in. It will walk you through it completely and make you feel confident and excited to start connecting with your incredible target market!

You will learn:

  • How to get setup in Aweber (13mins)
  • How to setup email autoresponders (13mins)
  • How to setup email broadcasts (12mins)
  • How to setup blog broadcasts (10mins)
  • How to create an opt-in form (11mins)
  • Adding a form to your website (10mins)
  • Have Aweber host your form (4mins)
  • Linking to your signup form (5mins)
  • Creating a compelling offer (16mins)
  • Where to get content for your compelling offer (12mins)
  • How to collect emails (5mins)
  • Squeeze page themes for WordPress (4mins)
  • BONUS Workshop Recording: List building with WordPress (2hrs)

You can see each step is setup with a short video you can use to TAKE ACTION and get your list setup, finally! With this training, you will have complete confidence you are doing it right and then you can move on to getting real people on that list who are dying to hear from you… that’s the good part 😉


Bottom line – Get that opt-in ready (get the training free with club members) and get blogging. It’s worth it!


How to blog from your cell phone…

So I’ve been having a little dilemma.

I want to blog from my phone. Well, because, look:


That’s an action shot of my girl running around at the park. She’s a busy one! And it was only yesterday she was a tiny baby, sheesh.

So anyway we’re talking about the Laptop Lifestyle here. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever. And having the ability to upload images I take for my blog right from my phone can free up a LOT of time and frustration, if done right.

I use the WordPress APP for my phone, so I can connect straight to my blog from there.

The problem was the pictures coming off my phone were so big I was worried about:

  • Taking up too much space on my hosting.
  • Creating long loading times which would drive visitors away.
  • Using up bandwidth on my hosting, which can eventually cost more money.

I was using a plugin called IMSanity to resize my images but it stopped working (bummer). So I went on the hunt to find something else and I did!


You can see it here:

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How to Blog to Profit (one way)…

I blogged last week about getting an email from a nice lady who was feeling VERY frustrated and completely STUCK in getting going with her online business.

It’s a common question.

Matter of fact I get it regularly.

I don’t know why this time was different but instead of doing the standard “Oh hi that sounds like a personal coaching question! If you’d like to know more about my coaching services you can look here: XXX”.  That’s the standard response people are often told to make so that you’re not spending time coaching people for free through your email.

And it’s good advice but I find when I do it that way I send the person on their way never to return again.

What if instead you can turn already engaged people who email you for help into customers?

I figured I’d replay to “A”, as I’ve called her, and ask for a few more questions and tell her I’d answer hers if she allowed me to post it publicly on my blog. She agreed and then I had a REAL question by a REAL person which I gave a REAL answer to. It’s much better than making up something hypothetical to answer and blog about.

That blog post was then sent to my email list and shared in multiple ways on social media.

I got a big thank you from A and we went about our business.

… that is until a few days later when I offer my crazy-good-priced Website by Friday deal and I see a new payment from A.



I didn’t plan for this to happen, obviously.

I didn’t know that my offering help that initially benefited us both would then turn into paid work.

But it did.

Blogging clearly got me this result.

I wanted to share that with you in case you think blogging won’t help, that it’s a dead medium that is mostly useless. It’s not.

Matter of fact this is just one piece of the blogging picture. There’s LOTS more and I’m so super excited to be sharing with you tips, suggestions and HELP for blogging. It’s our current topic of the month for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and it’s one of my favorite things to do in business. I think, if you give blogging the chance, you’ll find the benefits are incredible!

And now you can try out the club for only $27! SIGN UP HERE

You’ll get two full weeks access to the club to try us out, no commitment (no automatic billing). You’ll get a FREE and completely personalized Website Action Plan from me… we’ll talk via email after you sign up so I can get your URL and some info from you. You’ll get full membership access to training, coaching programs, our weekly meetings and the facebook group. Then, you’ll get the opportunity to join us as a member if you love it like I know you will!




p.s. Look I don’t know if this trial offer is going to stay or go. I haven’t even talked to my coach about it yet and she might tell me I’m crazy for offering you so much access without first signing up as a monthly member. So, grab it now and email me (angela @ ) and let’s get you started!

Are You Having FUN in Your Business?

Since making the move to rebrand my business and this blog I’ve been getting really, really clear on my core message. That message is that it’s entirely possible to have total business freedom, to live a Laptop Lifestyle and to build a business you absolutely, positively love.

When you work from home like I do, your business and your life are ONE THING. Most of us never really close the door on your office and shut of our entrepreneur brain. Nope, not at all. That’s why it’s so important that your business, your work and your life are something you really enjoy.

Loving your business means having FUN in your business and your life.

And I’m on a mission to “enjoy every day”, have fun and get out a live more life!

Today was (is) Father’s Day. My daughter and I were at home while her dad went out to do a little shopping. She asked me to go to the playground so off we went…

I was snapping pics while we were there, watching her have fun and of course enjoying seeing my little girl happy. While there I met another mom who was interested in starting a business online. I was really surprised when she totally understood what it is I do for my own business as it’s usually very hard to explain to people. Later I posted on Instagram about the whole thing with a cute pic of my little one playing.


I’m really enjoying Instagram! Follow me on my NEW Laptop Lifestyle Blogger account here.

The thing about Instagram is you can’t post links on your pictures so you’ve really got to work on engagement with your audience and then get them to take action by returning to your site.

In keeping with having fun I’m sharing my life. Like the picture below I’m sharing the GIANT water jug I bought at Maximum Nutrition Center local to me. I LOVED the marketing that happened to me and I wrote about it on my business account. I’ve been looking for a big water jug and over on my fitness Instagram account a company called Mammoth Mug liked one of my posts. That caught my attention, I clicked to find out more and found out they were selling in a store just a few minutes from me. Talk about effective social media marketing! From they time they clicked my post to the time I bought their ($22) water jug was no more than a couple of hours. This one I posted also on my other Instagram Account too, but I talked about the benefits of drinking water instead of the business aspect.


For my food and fitness blog I’ve been working on a rebrand as well. I’m going from the domain to

As soon as I felt how well the new brand here at Laptop Lifestyle Blogger was going for my business here I decided I needed to do the same for my fitness blog. It’s already inspiring me to take action, create content and keep having fun. So yesterday I took my little sweetie to the grocery store to gather up some food for a backyard picnic (seeing it’s International Picnic Day) and then posted this blog post.


Have fun with your business. Enjoy life. Mix them together, even!

The possibilities really open up when you are simply sharing what you’re doing and the results you’re getting.





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Getting results with Instagram isn’t luck, it’s strategy.

This is a GREAT platform for building relationships and it’s not just for food bloggers! (though it is great if you are a food blogger).

ringspiralbinder_400x600This training is all about how to engage people on Instagram and get them to Take ACTION so you get results from your marketing.

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The Rumor About Me is True (Sorta)…

I got an email from a client the other day who said she heard I want to be a ‘fitness trainer’ and she seemed kinda shocked to say the least.

Makes sense! It’s such a turnaround from the lady who works from home and never exercises, who teaches marketing and has never even for a second considered a career in fitness.

Well let me clear up that rumor right now… I’m not a fitness trainer, I’m a Beachbody Coach.

What can I say, I felt called, literally CALLED, to do this thing. Now to understand the significance of that statement you need to know I’m not religious and so I don’t know who actually called me but I felt like this is something I wasn’t deciding to do… it was just something I was GOING to do.

On September 3rd I signed up as a Beachbody Coach.

Starting out I know almost nothing about fitness or training others to be fit. What I do know is that I’m SUPER motivated to get fit myself and that I’m now set up to represent a company that gets amazing results helping people get fit, healthy and strong.

We all know that’s a major challenge for anyone working from home. We get on that computer and sometimes don’t even get up for HOURS. Not good. Not good at all if you want to be healthy and fit.

So… what does this mean? It means I’ll have lots of good stuff to offer you in terms of marketing help here at Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I’m not going anywhere, I’m just ADDING to what I already offer. Now I can help you with your marketing AND your fitness, two things that really should be worked on together if you’re working from home 🙂

I see this being good for me and you in so many ways, like:

  • I’ll let you know how I’m using new social media marketing methods like Instagram and Pinterest to grow my business.
  • You’ll be able to watch as I grow my new business, follow me on the social media links and watch how I build a brand new business.
  • We can get fit together through my facebook challenge groups and I’ll be there for you with motivation, encouragement and any help I can provide.
  • We can WORK together if you’re interested in both getting fit and helping others do the same. YOU can join my team and you’ll get the benefit of an awesome fitness resource and my talents in teaching you how to market your new fitness business.

I’m VERY excited about this new, part-time business I’ve started and I’d love to have you join me for the next facebook challenge.

How to be a Brand Magnet! Work With Brands & Grow Your Business

So I have this friend, Crissy Herron, who has this great website about marketing your business and working online.

I’ve known Crissy for YEARS… Close to, oh I’d say, ten years now.

Over the years I’ve always been in AWE of how Crissy is able to attract MAJOR brands to her business and get them to give her stuff, trips, a car and even a job! So much so in fact that I have been wanting to learn her secrets for myself and my business.

Remember those companies I mentioned? She’s received a CAR from Chevrolet to drive around for a month along with cool gift certificates to places like spas and events, plus gas money! She’s received gift cards to give away on her blog, free books to review, products to test. She’s been featured by Vitamix (free exposure!) and gotten free travel and hotel stays and discounts.

I mean COME ON… who’s not feeling jealous of her right now! I know I always get a little twinge anytime I hear about what she’s gotten lol. I’ve got catching up to do for sure I know Crissy is THE person to learn from. She does it so naturally and it’s all in the ‘little things’ she knows how to do that get her these results. We are in the same business, do basically the same things but I’ve NEVER received free stuff… so I’m obviously NOT the person to learn this from.

While free stuff is very cool you might wonder how this helps your business. Oh it helps, for sure. Here are some ways:

  • Credibility… What do you think it can do for your business to have your name alongside some of the most trusted brands out there? A lot! Credibility is a BIG DEAL in an industry and in an environment where mistrust is a big obstacle to overcome. Just the fact that you work with companies will build your credibility, because it shows as a company you understand that you simply can’t be everything to everyone.
  • Income… Crissy didn’t only get free stuff, she also ended up getting paid gigs out of the relationship she created with brands. In one instance she was paid by Chevrolet to also be their social media person online. She got PAID to post on Facebook (ug… dream job anyone?).
  • Affiliate Income… Yes this is another form of income but as you are working with brands and already promoting them you can use affiliate links to talk about them which can earn you income when someone clicks and buys. You’re likely to make sales because you are personally recommending these products and using them yourself.

Excited to work with brands?  I bet! So am I! That’s why I’ve signed up for Crissy’s Six Week Training on this very topic! I can’t wait!  See… Here’s my anticipation face >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you’re interested in learning how to work with brands it would be awesome if you join me in this program.

If you want to first get a taste of what Crissy has to offer you I suggest you get yourself signed up for her totally FREE Preview Video Training Series << Click there!

If you like the series it’s only natural you’ll want some more info and you’ll want to get signed up for the full six weeks. If that’s true email me.  My email is … Also if you have any questions let me know!!!

So you want all the awesome benefits of working with brands, right? No doubt!

Do this:

  1. Get signed up for Crissy’s completely free preview video series on Working With Brands.
  2. Email me at (or if you have any questions about the training).
  3. Sign up for Crissy’s full six week course on How to Work With Brands & Get Great Sponsorships!

WP Theme Choice: iThemes Builder to OptimizePress

Well big changes have been happening here at Marketer’s Mojo (now Laptop Lifestyle Blogger).

One of the biggest being a complete redesign with a new theme, OptimizePress .

Years ago I used OptimizePress on my salespage websites for my coaching programs. You see back then I had a separate WordPress install for EACH of my coaching programs, which in itself was a special kind of complicated. On those sites I had installed OptimizePress. I really like it. It was version 1.0. After a few years it became outdated and the OptimizePress people came up with version 2.0. At the time I would have liked to try it but they didn’t give existing customers a free update so I opted to just leave it. Plus, I wanted to consolidate all those WordPress installs into ONE website to make things much less complicated.

Fast forward a few years and here I am using iThemes Builder on my main Marketer’s Mojo site.

One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with Builder is the flexibility of the theme. It can do almost anything you want it to and once you understand how the theme works it’s pretty easy to customize. However lately that same benefit has felt more like a drawback. You see sometimes it’s awesome to create a look from the ground up and other times it’s just too time consuming.

These days I’ve been looking for something that really looks sharp. That feels really relevant and new.

I’ve been spying on the kind of pages my friends who have LeadPages create and I was looking for something that looked as good. I can’t create that kind of look in iThemes, at least not quickly or easily.

In my thinking and pondering what I wanted to do to create a better look on my site I came across at post at the Solo Smarts member forum that was comparing a couple of themes. One of them was OptimizePress. Well I decided to have a look again and see what they had to offer.

Boy was I impressed at the selection of templates the site has to create great looking salespages, membership pages, opt-in pages and more. I was pretty-much convinced right off the bat!

So it took me very little time to decide to make the switch to OP. I read and responded to that forum post on August 10th, I bought OptimizePress on August XX and I’m launching the new version of my site after I publish this post on August 20th! Boom. Ten days, new site. I love taking action when things fall into place. I will not let something I want to get done sit for a minute longer than it has to and this new site launch is a prime example of that.

Here’s a screenshot of the home page now:


And here’s a nifty layout I was able to create SO quickly using the ‘elements’ function in OptimizePress:

Personally I had a bunch of grand ideas of what I should do with it before I officially ‘launch’ it but then it occured to me that it’s best to launch the bare minimum and then promote it and share it with YOU so you can see it as it grows.

I’m so very happy with this new theme choice. I’ll be doing an official review on the theme in the next little while but in the meantime here’s a summary of the functions and features I really love about OptimizePress:

  • Completely flexible pages. Never since I hand-coded my sites in HTML have I felt this sort of freedom on individual pages of my website. I have complete control over the number of columns and the customization on a page by page level.
  • Very nice mobile version. Another reason I was no longer happy with my previous theme was that the mobile version was not what I wanted it to be. I had decided to move my sidebar to the left (instead of the right) and in doing so it ended up BEFORE the main content of the site which meant people would probably not even get to my pages and blog posts before they left.
  • High quality templates. I’m loving the templates for opt-in pages and salespages.

Here’s a couple more pages I’ve created, click on either to see the live page…

A sign up page made from a blank template and the ‘button’ element:


A salespage made from a simple salespage template (love that it had hints to GUIDE you through the sales page creation process):


Just to make sure I’m fairly explaining the reality of this theme the benefits can also potentially be a drawback. What I mean is this theme is highly integrated into your site. That means if you use OptimizePress and then want to move AWAY from OptimizePress it’s going to be a lot of work. I realized this when I had my salespage websites in OP and then needed to switch them away. It requires you to basically redo many of the custom pages into a new theme because the custom functions do not transfer over. That’s a bummer but it’s a risk I’m taking in order to create an awesome looking site in the immediate future.

I know I’ve only just scratched the surface of OptimizePress but I wanted to write this post because I knew they’d be questions since I’ve been a huge promoter of Builder for a very long time. I think Builder is still a great option for those who are more interested in building their own creations and completely customizing or working with clients.

If you’re looking for a site more for online marketing with pre-created templates and tons of flexibility then OptimizePress is my new favorite for that purpose!


Blogging: Why I Decided to Delete My Blog & Start From Scratch

I started blogging here at Marketer’s Mojo (Now Laptop Lifestyle Blogger) back in 2008.

Wow. 2008.

So very much has changed in the last seven years.

On a personal level I’m in such a different place now than I was when I started blogging.  We got a dog, became first-time home-owners, I broke my ankle, we had a baby… just a few things, lol.

Back in 2008 I had no idea where this blog would take me but my original goal was affiliate marketing. After two years of haphazardly trying affiliate marketing I moved on to creating coaching programs. It’s been a great business for me as people always tell me that I make things easy to understand. But that affiliate marketing goal has never, ever left my mind.

I’ve tried starting a laundry list of niche affiliate blogs. On every top from hula hooping to eating well to low-carb to guitars to Volkswagen Beetles to chocolate to Christmas on Cash. None had real staying power or kept my interest long enough to even be called real blogs.

So here I am. Starting Fresh. A blank slate.  A new blog.

It’s kinda like it’s got that new car smell. Breathe it in. Think of the possibilities, the places I can go.

But why? Why start over with blogging? Why didn’t I just pick up my current blog with over 400+ posts and keep it going? Why clear the cache and start a fresh?

There are lots of reasons. Here are my main ones:

1. Seven years of Content is A LOT to Manage.

I learned years ago that if you’re going to have a blog you really need to keep it up to date. I mean it just does you no purpose to have a ton of outdated posts that are still getting found in the search engines but are leading to dead-end links and talking about old ideas and tactics. I never got to it. I know I wasn’t likely to EVER get to it and the thought of going back through 400+ blog posts is less than thrilling, much less. I never got on a ‘cleaning schedule’ with my blog so I could clear out the old crap and now it’s just way too overwhelming to try to think about doing.

So… lesson learned. This fresh blog start is also coming with a monthly ‘clean-up’ schedule to make sure everything is kept up to date. Any timely blog posts will go into my email on a ‘Boomerang’ schedule to come back as a reminder when the time-sensitive info should be removed or the blog post itself should be deleted. That way I should be able to keep on top of keeping the blog updated and relevant.

And I’ll be creating a SOP, Standard Operating Procedure, for my blog. Yes I know it sounds boring and ick, not fun at all, but the thing is even after 10 years of blogging I forget things. Sometimes I forget to do a little SEO and see if there are keywords people are using to search related content, sometimes I forget to link to other relevant blog posts, sometimes I forget to check for outdated links on previous posts as discussed. So… a procedure will help that.

2. My mobile pages were not looking so hot.

For years and years I’ve promoted iThemes Builder themes and I’ve loved them. I have built a lot of client sites in iThemes.

Lately, though, I’ve been feeling a lack of flexibility in any salespages or single pages (such as opt-ins) I’m creating. I want the mobile versions of my pages to look just as good as the online pages. For example, in Builder when I use the blockquotes option on my page it looks terrible on mobile. Now I’m using OptimizePress and there are a lot of options to customize pages, so many that I’ve barely had time to explore at all yet.

Oh and one thing I’m really happy with is that OP is showing my blog posts above the sidebar content, even though the sidebar is on the left side. That was not happening in my current theme and it was a major issue since most people won’t want to bother scrolling past all the static sidebar stuff to get to the newest blog posts.

3. I wanted a really nice opt-in page solution.

Everyone’s talking about LeadPages lately and I’m just not prepared at this time to lay out a monthly payment and make a long-term commitment to a program that makes pages I can create in WordPress. BUT I do love how easy they make it to create great looking pages. I want my pages to look awesome, too, and getting that done in iThemes is a lot more time-consuming than I can afford.

So I decided to go for a new theme and a fresh start with OptimizePress.

4. I understand business (and myself) so much better now.

There was so much content throughout the blog dating back to 2009. So much of it was really outdated. I mean I was talking about article marketing as a way to get traffic. Who the heck posts to article directories these days!?

Beyond that when I started blogging I really didn’t understand what I was doing. I was so fresh out of quitting my business and I would often pop out a blog post in twenty minutes or so. Now there’s nothing wrong with writing up a quick blog post now and then, but moving forward I’m going to be focusing much more on quality over quantity.

5. I’m taking on a fresh, new focus. Actually, two new focuses (focusi?).

My two main focuses of late:

1. Living the Laptop Lifestyle.

2. Growing affiliate marketing income (goes along with the laptop lifestyle).

6. The ‘back-end’ is a disaster area.

So a main reason to delete the other blog and start again is the mess in the site files. There are so many images and files and it’s just too much. I’m pretty sure this has contributed to the terribly slow loading time on the site. Matter of fact before I decided for sure to do the full original install delete I tested a new install for loading time here on Marketer’s Mojo and it was much, much faster.

So here we go… Fresh Install. Fresh Blog. Fresh Start.

Stay tuned 😉