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Why I Switched from OptimizePress to Thrive Themes

Anytime I make a big change in my business I get quite a few questions.

Of course, most people want to know why? Why am I making the big change?

About a year and a half ago I switched my WordPress theme from iThemes to OptimizePress and wrote all about why I made that decision in this post.

I’ve switched themes many, many times over the years. It just goes to show you that even with all my experience in WordPress and themes you can’t know what you need until you need it and that’s why you shouldn’t spend forever picking a theme. Just pick what you need for now and expect your business to evolve over time.

Why I Switched Away from OptmizePress

The main reason is it isn’t working right.

I have friends using it who couldn’t get the editor to work. I have a VA friend who said many of her clients couldn’t get it to work, either. I had to use two browser to get all the functions to work when did “work” and then suddenly it just stopped working.

I could have contacted support, yes, but I just had this gut feeling that the company is not putting in the kind of upkeep I want on a theme and I decided it’s time to find a new solution.

Why I Switched to Thrive Themes:

I picked Thrive Themes for a few main reasons:

  1. I wanted a theme like OptimizePress that could do salespages and opt-in pages with ease.
  2. Thrive Themes is focused on conversions.
  3. I was pretty confident I could recreate what I already had in Thrive Themes.

Simply put: I was pretty happy with OptimizePress and what it could do, it just wasn’t letting me update! So I needed to update the topic of the month for my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and it wasn’t happening. I decided to make a quick switch to the new theme.

Now I’ve got the new training on the salespage and I’m really happy with the look of it as you see here:

It was pretty easy to duplicate the look of my blog on the new theme. This is almost exactly the same as with OptimizePress:



Also, I totally redid Laptop Lifestyle Business Club as a website now instead of a salespage. This will give me a lot more opportunity to really share what the club is all about and invite people to join my email list before they are ready to make a commitment to join the club.

I love the lightbox feature and have used it right on the home page to invite people to my 30 Day Distraction Challenge here:

There are so many features to Thrive Themes! I’m really JUST getting into it.

Here are the different plugins that come with the theme:

  • Thrive Clever – Widgets Take control over exactly where your widgets are displayed on your site
  • Thrive Headline – Optimizer Generate reports to find out how well your site is performing
  • Thrive Leads – The ultimate lead capture solution for WordPress
  • Thrive Ovation – Collect, manage and display conversion boosting testimonials.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder – The plugin is built to deliver the following benefits to users: engage visitors with fun and interesting quizzes, lower bounce rate, generate more leads and gain visitor insights to find out about their interests.

As you can see, Thrive Themes is created all around the concept of engaging people, gathering leads and making sales! That’s RARE in a WordPress theme and it’s definitely what got me super interested in the theme in the first place.

I purchase the full package with a yearly payment. I feel it is SO worth it to pay for a theme because it helps ensure that I AM getting a theme that is updated and that I can use long-term. It’s not a guarantee as I also paid for OptimizePress and it’s updates, but it’s a heck of a lot more secure than grabbing a free theme that the designer has not nearly as motivating a factor to keep it updated and maintained to work with all new versions of WordPress.

My focus right now is on building my list and making my salespages convert the best they can. It just makes so much sense to get the MOST out of my marketing as I can and I know this theme was an excellent choice to do just that.

If you are interested in more subscribers and more sales from the same amount of traffic then this theme is definitely worth checking out when you need a theme for your website: Thrive Themes

Talk soon!





Invite: 30-Day Distractions Challenge [free]

This morning I didn’t wake up and check Facebook like I do almost every other morning.

I didn’t because I deleted the app off the home page of my phone and decided I am ONLY going to check social media and email on scheduled times.

This came as a result of getting started going through this training:

<< That’s Productimity by Jimmy D. Brown. I snapped it up for a little bitty $7 payment and I’m USING it to create a more productive business for myself.

Jimmy knows how to be a productive business owner.

I’ve learned a lot from Jimmy over the years, especially when I was a member of his List & Traffic membership back in the day. I was pretty new to successfully marketing my business through email and the training I got from Jimmy make a huge difference.

What I especially LOVE is his down to earth sharing of stories and examples of real situations. It makes the content easy to read, remember AND take action on because it doesn’t feel overwhelming, at all.

And this training COULD feel overwhelming, seeing it’s over 150 pages!

But… I printed off about 25 pages of Issue One last night, got to reading and immediately came up with this brainwave of an idea.

Before I share the idea, let me tell you what made me think of it:

Jimmy was sharing three things in the training that he does to beat “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

The first thing is: 1) SET aside time for distractions. 

So, yeah, Facebook… and emails. They distract me.
Honestly, they can totally DERAIL me.
They can create anger (political posts, anyone?).
They can create confusion (umm… what WAS I working on again?).
They can cause me to lose HOURS of precious time I do not have to waste.

Oh… you too?

So when I read that I should set aside time for distractions I immediately decided to do it.

I deleted my Facebook App from my phone.
I moved my Email App from its main position and placed “Google Keep” for to-do lists instead.
I made a commitment to myself to ONLY check Facebook and Email at scheduled times (which will be about 2-3 times per day for me and my business).

Then as I kept reading I got to a part where Jimmy wrote: “Try it for 30 days and see what happens.”

And I thought… “I will!”.
And then I thought… “and my peeps should, too!”

So the 30-Day Distraction Challenge was born.

Here’s how to sign up. It’s totally FREE.

  1. Get on the email notices list here. I’ll post a daily “remove distractions” post and send it out via email as well as on Facebook. No matter when you’re joining it’s a good idea to get on the email list because then you’ll get the posts to work through day by day and you can come comment to say how you’re doing.
  2. Join the Facebook Group Here. I can’t wait to meet you and share our distraction-free tips together!

Now I DO realize the IRONY of committing to getting focused on possibly one of the most DISTRACTING websites on the planet. I think that actually makes it more awesome because if you can remove distractions while on Facebook, you can remove them anywhere.

As I said this challenge is completely free but I do highly, highly recommend you snap up this Productimity training from Jimmy. The first SEVEN pages have gotten me so freaking pumped that I’ve created a new challenge and facebook group. that’s saying something, right?

I’ll be referring to the Productimity training a lot while we do the challenge and I’ll be encouraging you to consume it like I am; printing it out one issue at a time, taking one lesson per day, making it all up as you read and taking action as you go! That’s the way to get your money’s worth (even if it’s ONLY $7) out of this training, fast.

So, in summary here’s what I’d suggest you do to get the absolute most out of this challenge:

  1. Buy Productimity (highly recommended but you don’t HAVE to in order to join the challenge).
  2. Join my challenge email list here: Join The Challenge
  3. Join the facebook group.
  4. Spend 30-Days focused on removing ALL distractions from business and life.
  5. Celebrate a better business and life!

Hope to see you in the facebook group 😉


Laptop Lifestyle: Find Your Tribe

Today I’m sharing a video I created almost a year ago now… in 2016. It was nine years for me in business full-time without a job. This year marks my tenth year! Time sure does fly.

Here’s the post and accompanying video:

When I think back to how I got here I can 100%, without a doubt tell you that it would NOT have happened without a mastermind group. Today many people call it a tribe.

Whatever you want to call it you need to find your “people”. People who will support you, encourage you, tell you that you’re not crazy (when everyone else says you are) and show you that this lifestyle IS possible.

When I got started I found my tribe. A group founded by my original mentors Alice Seba and Kelly McCausey. In that group I met so many ladies who I still know today, who’ve I’ve worked with, worked for, hired and more.

I’m afraid to even try to name them all because I’m sure I’d miss some amazing ladies. These are ladies I promote for affiliate commissions, who promote me for the same, who I’ve partnered with, referred clients to and hired. Lots of opportunities to build business, grow and of course learn, too.


ummm… I’ve got a tribe you could join 😉 

If this video and the idea of meeting with other entrepreneurs building a laptop lifestyle speaks to you come join our tribe!

We’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs (or start ups) who want to put the “Choose Your Lifestyle” tip into full practice and enjoy your life like never before!

I’ll give you the tools, the training and the personalized support through our Facebook group and our weekly live webinars. This is your time to really live the life you want… will you grab it? Join Here.

To your success,


Angela Wills, Founder


Big Lessons from Ten Years of Working for ME

May 25th marks ten full years since I quit my job to work from home. I’m so proud of that. Very proud. No one could (credibly) accuse me of being a “flash in the pan”, “fly by nighter” or whatever other silly term there is for someone who’s not going to be around long.

I will never forget my boss telling me not to burn my bridges as I told him I’d be working for myself on the internet. I’m sure he thought it was a crazy plan and he was looking out for me, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve never been back down those bridges and I sure as hell don’t ever intend to!

In those nine years I’ve learned a lot about business, life, myself.

In those nine years I bought my first home, got engaged, broke my ankle (bad), had my second child and finally decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

I couldn’t possibly put all I’ve learned into one blog post so I’m picking the nine top things I’ve learned to share with you today:

  1. Your Life is a Direct Result of Your Thoughts – I know this is DEEP for the first one but it’s by far the biggest lesson! You can’t get anything out of life that you don’t first THINK you can have. It’s not just thinking it, it’s believing it deep down to the core. One of my biggest challenges at first was getting past the $3,000 per month income range. In my job I was making about $2500 per month and so I wanted a little more to be able to quit. Then I got STUCK thinking that was all I could make and believe you me I was keeping myself at that range until I started believing that $5k per month was not at all impossible for me!
  2. You Need a Network of People – Friends, Colleagues, Other People who can hire you, refer you, tell people you’re awesome, promote your stuff, be accountability partners with you and more. You can’t sit behind your computer all along and get very far for very long. This is not a lone ranger type of deal even if it looks that way.
  3. The BEST Way to Learn is by Doing – I see people all the time learning, learning, learning and waiting for that secret key to unlock all the mysteries of internet marketing. It’s not the way to go. By all means learn and keep learning (I still do) but then DO. Do stuff. Try stuff. Make stuff up. It’s OK you can always try again if you mess up.
  4. If Your Life is a Mess, So Your Business Will BE – I mean metaphorical mess AND literal mess. It’s harder to work when I can’t find my desk. It’s harder to have energy to work when my kitchen is too messy to cook a good meal. It’s harder to work when I’m fighting with hubby or I haven’t had any sleep. Take care of your life. Do not neglect it to work on your business because you’ll actually be destroying two important things at once if you do that.
  5. You Can Build a Business In Much LESS Time Than You Think -Before my daughter was born I used to work from Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm when my son got home from school and often evenings and weekends, too. I had a LOT of time available to work. Then I had my daughter and had about 80% LESS time to work. I was completely SHOCKED that my income barely dipped even the first six months after I had her.
  6. Your Business Growth and Personal Growth are Connected – Personal issues like anxiety, stress, low confidence, social shyness and more affect you both personally and professionally. You have to take time to work on YOU and take time to do self-development. YOU are the driving force behind your business and the stronger you are, the stronger your business becomes.
  7. There is no “Good Time” for Anything – This goes for life too but all too often people are waiting for the time when they have the money, when their house has sold, when they don’t have a family member’s estate to deal with, when all the ducks are in a row. Life happens and it doesn’t stop happening so you MUST be willing to roll with it and work with it and do what you can. I don’t know how many people have said to me that they don’t know how I even get any work done with a little one. Well, I have to. I have to work to help keep our household running and I can’t blame life. Sorry to be harsh but forget about that notion that you’ll have this serene and empty time to build your business and go for it no matter how hectic life seems!
  8. Loneliness and Depression Can Hit You Hard – This is serious. There is an issue for many people who work from home and a cycle that can be bad for us, very bad. You can be so focused on the computer and obsessed with building your business that you don’t take care of you. You don’t sleep enough, shower often enough, eat well enough, get enough sunshine and it can REALLY start to take a mental toll. This can lead to a spirally situation of loneliness and depression. I’m not in any position to give medical advice but I know I’ve either been depressed or been very close. You’ve got to pull yourself out of that shit. Get up and go for a walk. Drink water! Sleep. Take care of you and GET OUT around people. That’s so very important. I get a weekly fix of “socializing” by going to the local coffee shop for an hour or two and I love that. Or I go work at the library. Don’t isolate yourself. ENJOY your business!
  9. The Opportunities Are Endless – There was a time when I was super frustrated with the idea of working from home. Back before I quit my job for good I was trying business after business and was so confused about why none of them “worked”. It took me a long time to realize that any one of those businesses could have worked, it’s just that I gave up on them too soon. There is no end to the ways you can make money. It’s simply a matter of finding a market and providing them something they want. It’s not complicated or even hard. The hard part is making ourselves believe it’s NOT hard and then actually doing the WORK (yes, shocker, work involved) to make it happen.
  10. You Can Level Out Your Income – Ok I know I said nine things I learned but I couldn’t leave this one off and I didn’t want to take any others off either. Another thing I struggled through was the constant “hussle” for income. Either through constantly looking for new website design clients or constantly trying to fill my group coaching programs. That was super frustrating and extremely stressful. I’m not saying I NEVER stress now but I certainly do a lot less of it now that I have and am working on more passive income. That’s income from my membership site, from affiliate marketing that keeps earning me money and from creating lead to sales funnels that do the selling for me. I’m actually really excited about where I can take this in the years to come.

Working at home is an amazing way to live. I enjoy and appreciate my true lifestyle freedom on a daily basis. I wish this for ANYONE who wishes it for themselves and I love to support entrepreneurs working on it. That’s why I’ve created my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I am currently actively looking for new, awesome people who are motivated to take action and build their own amazing lifestyle through an online business! If you’re looking to serve people as a coach, an online course creator, a blogger or any kind of business that gives you 100% freedom of choice then this group is for you. Check us out here. We’d love to welcome you!

How to STOP the Income Roller Coaster

This month marks my tenth year in business full time from home. Ten years since I quit my job, walked away and never looked back. NINE! Yikes… I know it’s so cliche but time really does fly.

I’ve been in business long enough to have had my fair share of “Income Roller Coasters” as I like to call them. They look something like this:

  • Booked-Solid then Hustle: One week you’re booked solid, the next two of your biggest clients decide to go in a new direction.
  • Launch Burn-Out: You launch a big product and do awesome (you’re first 8K month, yay), and then crickets while you recover and deliver all that content you promised. Effectively making your $8K month not so awesome since it needs to last two months.
  • Constantly Marketing: You sell great products and they sell, but you have to be in constant marketing mode to keep the income flowing and that is SO FREAKING TIRING!

There’s a way to make it stop: Membership Sites.

Years ago I decided I needed to start creating membership sites on the advice of a smart coach. She told me I needed to find ways to build in recurring and/or passive income into my business to help ease the stress and strain of too many business income roller coaster rides! I agreed!

So I’ve made some mistakes while I built up my memberships, some big ones. I highly recommend you consider this income source for your business and it’s a model that fits almost ANY business.

First, though, check out these common mistakes from Alice Seba and Ron Douglas of Member Site Live. They teach you all about setting up an awesome membership site in their program:

Mistake #1: Not Planning for Ongoing Content:

A lot of membership site owners, start strong out of the gate, but then their ideas fizzle as they run out of content to provide their members. They key to this is to strategically plan a membership where your members need your ongoing support and that’s exactly what Ron and Alice show you how to do.

Mistake #2: Not Having a Continuous Marketing Plan

This is a big one. You see a lot of people launch their membership site with a big bang. They get a ton of new members and they work hard on delivering content, but suddenly, as members drop off, the income dries up. The good news is, Ron and Alice have a unique “Membersite Live Marketing Method” they’re going to show you to continue to bring new members without a lot of hard work, so you can truly experience consistent and reliable income.

Mistake #3: No Member Retention Plan

It’s true that not every member will stay with you forever. But there are things you can do to encourage people to stay on…and you have to plan that strategically.

You can grandfather your charter members at a lower rate they can keep as long as they stay active. You can boost the value of the membership as you grow, so your long time members will see tremendous value in staying with you. You can also work to grow a community that your members love being part of and would hate to leave.

Those are just a few ways to keep your members and you know that Ron and Alice will have plenty more for you.

The registration deadline is coming very soon for their program, so get yourself in now: Member Site Live

Shorten the learning curve, increase your reliable monthly income AND see the whole process done live…so you can duplicate the success for yourself.


What I want for my birthday…


Today’s my birthday!

It’s true that as you get older your wish list gets shorter and shorter. It took me a month to figure out what to do with my Christmas money and I ended up spending it on a fancy juicer so I can have yummy, healthy juices that I’m making daily.

What I want for my birthday is pretty simple:

You to take action.

I want results for you.
I want the Laptop Lifestyle for you.

I want you to know the freedom of never having to answer to anyone again, ever.  <<< That, it takes time and of course I don’t expect it to happen TODAY if you’re just getting started.

But you CAN commit to making this most amazing lifestyle YOUR LIFESTYLE.

You CAN set your mind to doing exactly what you want with your life and going after it FULL STOP, No Brakes, No Quitting, No Excuses, No Perfectionism…. just DETERMINATION.

Why do I want this for you?

Because it’s awesome.

It’s “the best thing in the world” in the words of my father in law when he said he thinks it’s just the best thing in the world that I can think up something to sell and make money from it.

I want it for you for my own reasons too!

If I can motivation, inspire and train you to be living this incredible lifestyle and growing your income if you’re already here then it will bring me so much joy. I am SO HAPPY when I hear about a client of mine doing exactly what she loves, I’m so motivated when someone tells me the advice I gave them worked, I am so HONORED when someone tells me they learned so much from me and have grown their business because I helped them.

It’s why I do what I do!

So, today, on my birthday I’d LOVE to work with you!
I’d LOVE to teach you all I know about building a profitable, successful, AMAZING business online!

And I’ve decided to help you join me and work with me for a full year I’m putting my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club yearly VIP Membership on sale for 50% off for today only! You can get it here >>> LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club (no coupon code needed, just click the sign up button to see the 50% off price)

I’ve dedicated myself to being their for my members and I SHOW UP DAILY in the facebook group. We are a community. We are a support group. We are a learning center. We are your business motivator. Join us and I am positive you will not be disappointed.

When my birthday is gone so is this offer! See you in the club?

Talk soon,

p.s. If you’re not quite ready for a full membership you can join me for the NATURAL Affiliate Marketing course coming up in just one week and promise to take MASSIVE action toward earning as an affiliate marketer!    

Angela Wills


When your branding isn’t *Perfect*… you do this.

I don’t know how many people I’ve seen stall themselves, stop themselves or drive themselves BONKERS over having the perfect looking website.

I don’t know how many but I do know it’s WAY TOO MANY.

You and I, we know that a beautiful, gorgeous, fantabulously awesome website will do NOTHING, NADA, ZIP for you if you are not a great marketer!

We know that and we also know an ugly website can still make you money.

Sure these days it doesn’t have to look like THIS… my website from 2002 haha!

See the beautiful, ever popular Comic Sans MS font?… hehe. See the lovely graphic I made in MS Paint? lol…

You know that looks are such a small part of your business.

You know it’s a heart for your market.
You know it’s a passion for this amazing lifestyle you create.
You know it’s in creating and delivering things to change people’s lives.

You know it’s NOT about the most incredible brand or the most expensive graphic.

Right? You know that?

YES… branding is important but it’s not a show stopper. Take my business for example. I moved from business to business until I finally settled on Marketer’s Mojo in 2008. I made money in every business. I did a LOT of things right in every business. I NEVER let a lack of skills of talent stop me… the question was always “how do I make this happen?”

And when I made Marketer’s Mojo happen I like it a lot, but over time I knew it wasn’t “the brand”, I knew it didn’t fit me amazingly perfectly. I knew it didn’t feel quite “right”.

But did I throw it out and start over? NOPE. I kept on keeping on and had that brand right up until 2015 when I came up with the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and then afterwards the Laptop Lifestyle Blogger.

THESE brands are perfect for me… they fit AMAZINGLY.

BUT… did you catch that?

Started 2008 (or really 2002 if you start at the beginning)… found the BRAND and branding of my DREAMS in 2015!

So… what if I’d sat. What if I’d waited til it was “just right”?

OMFG (F for freaking 😉 !!!

I’d have missed SO MUCH!

I’d have lost out on AMAZING relationships and PEOPLE!

I’d have missed LEARNING and EARNING and MISTAKES and FIXES!

No, no, no, no, no!

You and I both know it’s about going. It’s about putting massive ENERGY behind that idea and GOING FOR IT BABY!

You’ve got this! I’ve got your back. And I’ve REALLY got your back if you’re a member of my incredible group, the LLBC… I invite you to join us here:

I’m testing out a trial and you can join now for 7 days for $7. If you’re serious about getting the support you need for your business, monthly training, networking, accountability and more come see if it’s for you 😉




p.s. This month we are covering Giveaway Event Success and if you sign up before Thursday you’ll be invited to our live Q&A and Training webinar on this topic. Check out this page to see what it’s about: Giveaway Event Success

I’m just BEAMING with pride (in them)…

Can I just say how freaking awesome the members in my club are?

Why yes I can because it’s my message, and I will. muahahaha! 😉


So… I’ve told you about the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway event (it’s on now!) and that you can use it to build your email list. Well of course I’ve been telling my members that too.

I only found out about this just after Christmas so it’s been less than a week. And… everyone’s busy with Christmas and New Years and such. But I wanted to motivate at least a FEW people to participate in the giveaway and build their list so I posted in the group and strongly suggested people sign up and get in the giveaway.

Well I’m so proud of the many people who did!

Tammy took my advice on getting her email list setup for the first time and getting her very first subscribers:


Cat was so happy with herself for doing some “techy” bits and getting herself entered into the giveaway:


Not to mention Cheryl, Kathy, Mark, Kirsten, Samantha, Vera, Sarah and more all submitted their own giveaway gifts as well.

Growing businesses. I just love to see that and I love to see people taking ACTION that leads to results!

Make sure you go check out the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway event to see all the great prizes, see how giveaway events work and to get ideas on how YOU could do this to grow your own list.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, this month we are focused on success with Giveaway Events at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I will be hosting a live session for members of the club on Thursday, Jan. 12th at 3pm ET (next week).

Giveaway Events are the FASTEST and EASIEST way I’ve ever built my list BY FAR. 

You CAN do them.
They DO attract real BUYERS.
They are NOT all exclusive (newbies can do this I SWEAR)!
You can start from SCRATCH and have a big list in days, for real.

You must be a member to join in the session but the great news is I’ve JUST opened up a trial pricing of only $7 for one week! That means you can join us to try us out for only $7, then stay at a rate of $37/month. That $37 I meant to raise on Jan. 1st so instead I’ll be raising it on Monday, Jan. 9th.

OR, if you prefer not to join the membership you can buy the Giveaway Event Success coaching only for $37 and join us for the ONE webinar (instead of our weekly questions and accountability meetings with membership).


In this month’s training, you’ll get:

  • Giveaway Event Success Training (pdf)
  • Giveaway Event Success Case Study (pdf) (
  • Giveaway Event Success Demo (mp4)
  • 7 Ways to Find Giveaway Events (pdf)
  • Giveaway Events Checklist (pdf)
  • Giveaway Events Listing (pdf)

To join either one you can go here: LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club

I’d love to brag on you when you become a member, and tell people how much you’re getting accomplished!




p.s. Did you see all these business planners? They are currently on sale. Use this coupon code to save big bucks ($17 off): 2017

Create Your Inspiring Vision Board!

I love Vision Boards.

Digital ones.

Not the kind you hang on the wall… but the kind you can use as your phone background, laptop background, screensaver.

Then you can see it every day as a reminder of the goals you want to achieve!

The one you see above is the vision board I created in 2013 and it’s by far my favorite because almost everything on it came true!

It’s November 30th as I write this and now is the perfect time to start planning out the way you want your life to look in 2017. I personally feel like I’ve never been in a better position to plan out my life than I am right now because:
a) My daughter will be going into three days of daycare next year.
b) I have grown by leaps and bounds in the mindset department this year.
c) I have a very strong brand and a super clear vision for my business

I’m excited! That’s why I’ve created a completely FREE facebook group with Vision Board download and a planning guide. You can join this group ANYTIME, not just in November, and share with us what you create! Or ask questions about goalsetting and planning and building your business. Can’t wait to connect with you in the group 🙂

As soon as you join the group you will see in the files section a free guide and a vision board template. Grab those and get to work!

Let’s make the future incredible. It’s all within your control.


I didn’t want to be a coach

So, I’ve got this course called Powerful Coaching Programs.

If you click the linked text on that course title you’ll see I’ve done a pretty good job of showing you what’s actually included in the course.

What you won’t find is more on how coaching has really affected my life.

You see I did NOT want to go from Virtual Assistant to “Coach”. I saw that as another service business and I was not interested in the least. That’s why coaching programs never crossed my mind. In some ways I didn’t even get what a coach did for people. Being an action taker I didn’t need someone to tell me to do stuff, I already knew how to take action. I also didn’t want to be a person who sat on phone calls listening to people tell my why they didn’t do the things they should to build their business, I just didn’t have the patience for that after I had a few clients who did just that.

That’s why I was so skeptical about coaching and group coaching.

You see I was struggling before I started a coaching program and the thought of doing group coaching that included videos or webinars never even crossed my mind until a friend suggested it. Once she did suggest it I didn’t love the idea at first but I thought “I’ll give it a shot.”

When I did, a whole new world opened up and it literally changed the path I was on.

Let me tell you this. Because of coaching programs:

  • I have complete freedom of lifestyle.
  • I have earned the best income of my business career.
  • I can do the hard work ONCE, then show up and continue to make money.
  • I can teach in whatever way makes sense to me and my customers.

So… the freedom of lifestyle.

I typically do my coaching programs with this format:

  1. Self-study videos: I find this the best over doing all live training because it means that my clients need to put in some time, on their own, to study and learn. It also allows me to create short 5-10 minute videos that clients can refer back to again and again and again (and they LOVE that about my programs).
  2. Email coaching: I know this sounds time consuming but sadly not everyone takes advantage of the email coaching and those who do often email quick questions. Plus I answer these whenever is convenient for me. I don’t do email coaching in all my programs, either, because it just isn’t necessary for everything.
  3. Facebook group: I LOVE including a private facebook group as part of my coaching programs. I can check in from my phone which makes it easy to do in between busy parts of my day. Also clients love being able to connect deeper with each other and be connected to get questions answered together and quickly.
  4. Live Webinars: I’ll do from 1-4 webinars for most coaching programs but not all. My favorite kind of webinar is a Q&A type where my clients show up after having reviewed the training materials. This allows me to elaborate further and get any sticking points resolved.

That’s my main coaching program format and I just repeat that over and over again for various topics, in various ways as I see a place where my clients and customers need help.

How that translates to my life and my day is that I work when it’s convenient for me. It means I have flexibility in my days. It means I get to create new things that excite me.

There is no special format you need to follow to get started yourself.

You can start with just a Facebook Group, or just Email Coaching or combine any number of options that work best for YOU. You can easily start charging $97 – $297 or more for a well thought out coaching program that helps YOUR people.

When I released my flagship coaching program in 2010 I started charging $397 per person, and got it!

It was the first time in my online business that I was incredibly excited about the possibilities of making really good money doing what I really loved! $397 adds up FAST, a lot faster than $9.99 or $27… and when I decided to really value what I had to offer things changed in a million little ways in my life.

It lead to me quitting working with clients…

It lead to me feeling confident enough to buy a house…

It lead to me being seen as a leader in my industry…

I had to STEP into that coaching role, take a leap of faith that I could do it. Nobody told me I was “ready”. Nobody appointed me “coach”. Well I guess somebody did, ME. I appointed me Coach.

Now it’s time for YOU to appoint yourself coach if this sounds like a business you’d love to be in!

I’ll teach you my method. I’ll guide you through the process I take to create my programs. I’ll pump you up for motivation and inspiration and I’ll share your finished product with my peeps. I’ll do all that when you join my Powerful Coaching Programs training starting in just a few days.

Don’t forget, if you’re a Laptop Lifestyle Business Club member you get this free OR you can sign up here for just this training.

I can’t wait to see what you create!


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