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How to create BUZZ, monthly…

I’m psyched!

I got my copy of Buzz Monthly from Kelly McCausey last night and this morning I’ve got Kelly buzzing in my ear about how to get more people looking at my stuff.

I LOVE prompts. Things that help me get ideas for blog posts to write, emails to send, videos to record, webinars to host and on and on. I’ve already taken the ideas from this, grabbed the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress to schedule a bunch of blog post ideas I got from the pdf download:


This was EASY to do, and quick. That’s the whole point. It’s to make things easier to do so you actually do them! Kelly is one smart lady and I’m going to be so happy to have her buzzing in my ear each month with new ideas and being the “instigator” to get me to do new things.

I also applied to a suggested case study on a popular blog she linked to! Will let you know how that pans out 😉

There’s an audio included, it’s 30 minutes of motivation and ideas:


Just take a look at the goodies you get immediately upon signing up!


You see that list at the bottom there? The Buzz Extras? Kelly’s compiled a list of blogs by business owners who are active and leaders in their industry. These are people you’ll want to follow on social media, comment on blogs, get on email lists so you can find out what they’re doing and what opportunities you can have to connect with them. I’ve already done this myself to get exposed to new business ideas, opportunities and connections.

I’ve used almost this ENTIRE resource already and I just started going through it about an hour ago. The only things I want to do still are fill out the “Expand on Your Ideas” bubble chart and to start submitting curated content to

So… no BIG commitment here in terms of time but there are some real opportunities for BIG results (such as the case study that could go out to a huge list, the LadyPens content that could end up reaching an amazing new client, the blog posts that could get shared and loved and bring me new customers and more).

Check out BUZZ Monthly. I think you’ll LOVE it!

Oh and I forget to tell you it’s ONLY $10 a month. $10. That’s it. 😉

Get Buzz Monthly here.





p.s. If you’re still in need of creating a product or offer to buzz about then be sure not to miss the free webinar tomorrow about eLearning and how to create video training courses that’s happening at 1pm ET with expert Michelle Schoen. Sign up here, no charge! 

Teaching Through Video is how I “Broke Into” this business…

Years and years ago I was struggling to build my Laptop Lifestyle business.

I knew what I didn’t want: long-term, full-time clients or any day to day commitments that intruded with my ability to have total lifestyle freedom.

That meant I was on the search for business methods that earned me a lot of money, fast.

My main attempt back in 2008 was to be an affiliate marketing blogger. I’d write up these posts and… crickets. No one bought. I keep trying. I added information products (which started to sell a little, yay!) but I was no where NEAR generating the kind of income I wanted/needed to make to achieve the things I wanted to for myself like buying my first home.

So this one day I was sharing how FRUSTRATED I was with my friend Michelle Schoen. Michelle, almost immediately, said “Why don’t you do an eLearning course on WordPress?”

Michelle recognized how well I knew WordPress and that it was something I’d helped dozens and dozens of clients with, and she knew I could do a great job of teaching others.

Well how right she was! I started teaching WordPress in 2016 and have made over six figures on that one course alone. And… I’ve gone on to build my entire business on eLearning through pre-recorded video and live video coaching programs. I have a lot of appreciation for Michelle’s advice and knowledge.

Michelle knew her advice was sound because she is an eLearning expert. She and her partner have been training people on eLearning and using Camtasia (video recording software) for many years. After receiving an MS in Instructional Design Michelle has developed E-learning and Webinars for Fortune 500  companies such as IBM, AT&T and Kimberly Clark. Michelle specializes in Camtasia Studio and PowerPoint training and consulting as well as in coaching her clients to create compelling online videos and demos. She owns, and co-owns the company with Lon Naylor.

Michelle and I have partnered to bring you a TOTALLY FREE training webinar. Here are the details:

Thursday, August 18th
1:00 pm Eastern Time
“The Fastest Growing Internet Opportunity for 2016”

In this content-packed, free training you will learn:

What tools are required and which ones are optional to get started with eLearning – don’t waste your money when you may already have everything you need
The correct steps to create an eLearning course that people will love, so you’ll get happy customers and repeat buyers
How to find customers with money to buy your courses – if you create the course and no one buys, then you’ve wasted a lot of time for nothing
Case Studies of people just like you who are selling niche eLearning products for supplemental and full time revenue – this can be the part-time retirement income you’ve been looking for

Forbes magazine states that the online video training (eLearning) industry was poised to do $107 Billion in 2015. According to, 44% of all businesses intend to purchase online Video Training within the next few months.

What kind of video training courses?
That’s the beauty! Literally, anything you can think of. What do you know that is valuable to others? HINT: You might say “Nothing!” but…I promise you that’s probably not the case.
Here are just a FEW examples of profitable video training courses in action:

  • How to use PowerPoint
  • How to manage conflict and communicate better
  • How to be a better salesperson
  • How to meet OSHA regulations in the Dental Industry
  • How to sell Car Insurance in the Latino Market
  • How to Use your iPhone to create Real Estate Video Tours

Not only is the eLearning business exploding with growth, but it’s also simpler to run with only a few web pages actually required to start getting sales.

This training is LIVE and has limited seating due to our capacity in the webinar system, so please go ahead and register now and we’ll see you on the 18th:

I hope you take advantage of this. 🙂


[No Cost] New Client Kit Download

When I got started as a Virtual Assistant I knew it would be a good idea to get my clients over some documentation to tell them things like; what it would be like working with me, the process for my services, what kind of timelines I can work with and other things that I felt were essential to building a great relationship with that new client.

I knew it was important to impress them with my organization and commitment to working with them!

I spent HOURS and HOURS on those introductory client sheets and really I never got all the info I wanted in them completed because I got business with the money-work: serving my clients.

YOU need to be marketing your business and serving your clients, too! That’s why you probably haven’t created your own client intake sheets yet.

Well I have an AWESOME resource for you! Good news it’s free, too. Coach Glue’s New Client Kit.

Here are the editable documents you’ll find included:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Intake Form
  • Payment Arrangements Form
  • Ongoing Pre-Call Form
  • Client Invoice
  • Coaching Agreement
  • Client Call Notes
  • Monthly Review Form
  • Business Goals Worksheet
  • How Coaching Works
  • Code of Ethics
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • How to Hold Me Accountable
  • How to Prepare for a Coaching Session
  • My Coaching History Form
  • Coaching Success Guidelines
  • Referral Request

I’ve downloaded this too! The first document I opened was the Client Call Notes and this is GOLD. Seriously it’s pretty simple yet something I 100% need to implement right away. I have my Protege Clients contacting me through Skype, Facebook and email because I want them to do what works for them. So to search back through conversations is a little tricky and this sheet will be a really quick way to remind myself what they’re working on and to check back in with them if I haven’t heard from them in a while:


Of course, I’m not surprised that this kit is freaking fantastic! I know that because I know the awesome ladies behind Coach Glue very well. I met both Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold through a networking group I joined way back in around 2005 and have been so honored to see their own business growth and success. They are highly ethical and damn smart business owners who are committed to providing coaches and service-business owners top quality content to bring to their market.

If you’re in need of content for your business (who isn’t), I highly recommend you check out what Coach Glue has to offer. If you’re really keen and want to get a HUGE jumpstart on content for your coaching business or to launch a coaching business then check out their All Access VIP Program.

You can go here to learn more about Coach Glue






p.s. YES, I’m also a customer of Coach Glue myself. I buy and love their Teach Your Tribe Monthly program but I’m very seriously considering upgrading to the All Access VIP Program instead. 😉

How to Write Better Content Titles in Seconds

You worked hard to create your content, right? Then you have to give it an attention-grabbing title.

Do the title right and people will actually READ or consume what you’ve created. Do it wrong and they’ll just ignore you, move along and never even see what you worked hard to create.

I know this! I spend an average of an hour writing just one email to my list. From the content to the images I add to sourcing other information it takes time. Then I have just ONE SHOT to get you to open it (guess I did good today, eh?)!

So… I have this tool I love to help me think of attention-grabbing titles. This is great for emails but that’s not all it rocks with. You can use this tool for blog posts, graphics titles, product titles, social media posts, product names and ANYTHING you need a title for!!

It’s called Fresh Title and it’s this piece of software you run to get ideas for titles.

Here’s what the software does:
Generates Titles for you. You put in a keyword and it comes up with hundreds of ideas!

It pulls up stuff from the internet (ie. your potential competition) and has access to hundreds of thousands of “swipe titles”.

It gets current, relevant news headlines so you can see what’s happening NOW with the topic you’re writing about.
Creates a database of YOUR titles that you can save and even rate so you can use them again later (on other content or just reuse in a bit after people have forgotten they read it).
I use this tool a lot. Matter of fact I used it to generate the title you see in this very email.
The tool itself is called Fresh Bundle. It also comes with a second tool I use just as often called Title Analyzer. I love this one because it gives you a score for the titles you create. You see the one I used here had a score of almost 73%.. that’s pretty good!
At $37 I consider these two tools an excellent investment.

I have not had one moment where they didn’t work as I wished, they give me tons of ideas and OH, they also link to the news articles too so you can do your research from within the tool if you like, too! OR use it to search out places to link to, post comments on and more. These are just handy dandy tools you need in your toolbox.

People ask me often what tools I use. Do you find emails like these helpful? If so let me know and I’ll tell you every week or two what favorite tools I’m using to help grow my business.

Grab the Fresh Title and Title Analyzer tools here

You won’t be sorry about this purchase!

Note: This post uses affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and make a purchase I’ll earn a commission. Kinda awesome, right? I’ll never tell you about crap just to make money and I trust you’ll only buy what you’ll need and use… deal? You should really think about doing affiliate marketing, too. It’s a totally legit way to tell other people about really cool stuff while you rewarded from the company for helping them make sales. 🙂