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What did you do to Make Money Today?

We’re having a great discussion right now in my private membership club about money tasks. It started with this question:


Then, due to the quick thinking of a member we moved on to brainstorming actual money tasks that can be done:


So… did you make money today?

How about yesterday?

Will you make money tomorrow?

Or are you too busy updating your website, checking facebook, tweaking your branding, writing blog posts, creating training, planning products, redesigning your website, buying a new domain name and on and on…

Some of those things are VERY valid business tasks, but they are not priority number one.

If you’re interested in running a profitable business then priority number one is making money every single day.

That won’t just happen.

People won’t suddenly realize how awesome you are and start paying you what you deserve.

People won’t hear about all the hard work you’ve been doing on your website or brand and come running.

NO – You Have to do the Money Work.

That means avoiding the time sucks, the things that just eat away at your day until there’s nothing left.

Today I got up early to email my list. That’s priority number one. I had a lot of stuff with deadlines so I popped it all into one email. You can read the email here.

When I work up I decided on an income goal of $1000 for the day. Do I expect to hit every single income goal every day? No, not really, but I sure as heck will try. The thing is, if you don’t sit down and THINK about a big goal for your day you’re not likely to stretch yourself to reach high, or do anything different and achieve the same (or worse) results as you’re already getting.  By setting that $1000 goal I forced myself to think about the things I could do to achieve it. It sets your mind up to a challenge that it almost always NEEDS and WANTS to resolve.

In the email I sent out this morning I had three deadlines to talk about, each one could get me closer to my $1000 goal:

Deadline 1 – My Protege Program. Anyone signing up to this could be paying $300 for six months or $1697 all at once. So one sale and I’d hit my goal.

Deadline 2 – All Access VIP for Coach Glue. Two sales of this program would get me to my goal for the day.

Deadline 3 – 21 Day FIX Fitness Challenge. Now this one I only make about $30 or so. I’d need a whole lot of sales to get to my $1k goal for the day and I really didn’t expect that from this email. I did, however want to see if I can get a few people into my challenge so I threw it in.

Do you see how this works?

Set BIG goals. Do the things you need to get them.

You can’t just tweak stuff on your site with no idea how it’s going to get you results.

You can’t just write blog posts that don’t really go anywhere and are just glorified journaling.

Get to the money work, first!





p.s. It would be pretty silly of me to write a post about doing money tasks and not make it a money task. So let me point out the spots here where I could make money:
1) Link to my membership group – it’s indirect but it’s possible you’ll be impressed and sign up,
2) Link to my deadlines email – you might like to read that and make sure you don’t miss those deadlines 😉 and finally
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An Open Letter to Angela, From Future Me…

The internet has always amazed me… I remember hearing about it sometime around high school and then by the time I came home from college getting my first dial-up connection. I was 19 and living with my parents but they weren’t that interested so I went out and paid for it myself.

Thinking back that was my FIRST ever “adult” bill… so fitting that it’s now my living!

I immediately became fascinated with the ability to CONNECT with people online. To share. To learn. To find out new things about new people I’d never have had the opportunity to EVER meet without it.

It only seems natural that I’d eventually end up making my living from the internet, looking back now.

And this post is about looking back… and looking forward.

I really wish I could get a note from future me, the one who’s just about to break through on high six-figures into a million dollar business. The one who’s doing things her way. The one who’s so comfortable with who she it shows in everything she does.

Yes I’d love a little note from future me with some tips.

But since that’s probably not going to happen ;), I’m going to give past me some tips.

I’m well aware past me isn’t going to get to read this piece but maybe it’s something YOU need right now.

I ALWAYS share from places I’ve been, things I’ve experienced and struggles I’ve had.

I talk to many people in my business who are experiencing the same issues I had when I got started. This is for the person who is working SO DAMN HARD and believing something’s gotta give. I am writing to past me and I’m writing to YOU, because I have some gentle, useful advice that I think will help you make sense of the immense work your doing that’s literally getting you no where. I have advice that can make things turn around if you listen close and take action (YES, more action) in the direction I’m pointing you.

An Open Letter to Angela of the Past, Angela of 2008-2010-ish:

“Angela, girl, you’re working SO HARD.

Too hard. Or I should say too hard for the lack of results you’re getting… which is almost none. are SO determined, so persistent and so after your goals that you think you just need to keep working hard, keep doing more of the same and then one day the damn will break and things will work. Oh how I want you to listen to this letter carefully because that’s not true and if you really take in what I’m saying I’m going to save you YEARS of frustration, literally (and I know because I’m future you I know what happens 😉 ) 

You and I both know it takes work, hard work, to establish a business online and make it a success but sweetie you’ve gone too far in the wrong direction.

I know you’ve heard that you need to get content out there. To market your business. To let people get to know you. 

And you’re doing all that. 

You listened.

You paid attention.

But you missed something. It’s a big thing but it’s a little thing. Little because it’s something you don’t know you missed and it’s creating so much work for you. Big because this one thing is THE THING that needs to happen in order for all this work to really mean anything.

I know how hard you worked to create those 184 articles you posted on Ezine Articles and did nothing else with.

I know how much time you spent writing and publishing over 400 blog posts in hopes that people would flock to read them.

I know how many helpful emails you wrote to your list waiting for them to respond by hiring you or asking to buy a product.

But here’s what you missed:

People WANT to buy from you. They do. You’re awesome. You know stuff they don’t. They LOVE to hear from you. They loved those Ezine Articles. They loved those blog posts. They love those emails you write.

But you’re not giving people a CLEAR OPTION… STRAIGHT LINE… EASY way to say yes!

You have to make the offer.
You have to lead them to the next logical step.
You have to tell them WHY they should buy from you.
You have to make it SIMPLE for them to buy.

Angela, you are missing the money tasks.
You didn’t include them in your articles, your blog posts OR your emails. They didn’t LEAD people to the next step, the place to purchase, the part where they pass you money to pay for your valuable contribution to helping their lives. 

You are not asking people to buy enough.

It should be YOUR JOB to get the sale.

Content is not your job.
Social media is not you job.
Blogging is not your job.
Email marketing is not you job.

Your job as numero uno in your business is to get money in the door.
Every day.
As many times PER DAY as possible.

While delivering that awesome value.
While providing the help your people want.
While serving in the most awesome of ways.

Angela there’s no blueprint.

Be you.

Get yourself in your creative mode. You can do this. YOU ARE CREATIVE! We all are when we are thinking like a person who wants nothing more than to serve the people we’ve chosen to serve.

I believe in you.

I KNOW you’ll do this.

I just wanted to give you some advice to get you there faster.

You’ve come so far! You quit your job in 2007 (yay you)! You’ve not looked back. You’re only going forward.

I’m so proud of how far you’ve come.
How you’ve turned an internet connection into a career.
How you’ve been a literal pioneer in an industry that most people didn’t even believe EXISTED or was REAL when you got started.
How you kept working when people thought you were crazy or you could have been making more money as a single mom on welfare.

But you had a plan.
You had a vision.
You knew it was real and you made it happen.

The next stages are waiting for you.

They ARE as awesome as you dream.

You WILL get there.

Keep going. You’ve got this.

Love and Hugs!

Future Angela xoxo ♡ “

This says it all.

I’d say it all to YOU… too.

I thought I shouldn’t end a heartfelt message with a sales pitch and that was just dumb. This message IS from the heart and so are the products I create and the membership I run.

The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club is more of the same, but better.

It’s better because we are a community.

When it’s lonely being on the internet and working alone, we’re there to connect with in a way a random facebook business group just can’t be.

When you need an answer to a question that is driving you TOTALLY BATTY, we’re there to give you help and new ideas (cause there is ALWAYS another way).

When you want accountability because you got distracted by a shiny object even though you know you can create a kick-ass product you just gotta get at it, we are THERE with all new weekly accountability that REALLY keeps you accountable by naming YOU and YOUR JOBS for the week so you can tell us when you’re done (no sneaking off not doing shit).

When you have a WIN to share and you don’t know anyone in the “offline world” who will have a teensy bit of understand about how much of a WIN this WIN is, we’re there to say holy crapballs you ROCK GIRL!

So… if my message spoke to you and you see yourself fitting into a very supportive, friendly, motivated and encouraging community of people just like me and you then JOIN US.

Go ahead. Click that button. Sign up here  <>>>>> http://LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club

OH and just for clarity there are THREE levels of membership:

  1. Insider’s Report Club – My INSIDE look at a profitable business (mine) and how I achieve big results in little time. Last month’s topic was Giveaway Events which you can still get if you sign up now. This month’s topic is Writing Emails Naturally, which you can get on MONDAY. So… signing up now gets you two for one on any of the levels. This level is ONLY $10/month! Sign up here.
  2. Community Builder Club – This one is that community I spoke of. You get the Insider Report, you get INCREDIBLE accountability, you get weekly meetings for everything you need to hash out (including the accountability there), you get an active facebook group with lots of awesome people and inspiring businesses, fun challenges, motivating prompts, weekly homework and so much more. This level is an easy $37 per month. Sign up here.
  3. VIP Club – If you are the kind of person who wants it ALL and all at once this is for you. You will get the full library of coaching programs I offer at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club AND you will get all new coaching programs, free! Then of course all the benefits of the Community Club and of course you get the Insider Report! This is your one “home” for learning to build that complete freedom in your life and business and I would be honored to have you join us. This level is an investment of only $97 per month. Sign up here.

If you ever have any questions you can always email me at

I’d love to hear from you!

Talk soon,



Making Sales Without Selling

Most people HATE selling.

I get it.

You don’t want to be pushy.
You don’t want to feel like you’re intruding on someone’s life.
You don’t want to be left with that icky feeling like you did something wrong.

But what if you could make sales without selling?
What if people bought from you because they LIKE you and they want to BE LIKE YOU?

Then you wouldn’t be selling, you’d just be sharing…

You’d be sharing what you love.
You’d be sharing what works for you.
You’d be sharing the tips and tricks you’ve learned.

You’d be sharing because you know what you have to share will without a doubt help people and even change lives.

That’s EXACTLY why I do what I do and why it does not feel salesy, sleezy or wrong to me AT ALL.

Matter of fact, to me, it’s a mission I’m on to share with as many people as I possibly can how very real and incredible living the Laptop Lifestyle truly is.

It’s a mission to help people make money online.
It’s a mission to help people have less client-work and more time-freedom, if they want it.
It’s a mission to help people work smarter and get more passive income.
It’s a mission to help every single person love their work so much they SHINE.

And the thing is… when you LOVE what you do you can’t HELP yourself but share it. You want everyone to know it! You want to shout it from the rooftops! (but you don’t because you want to share and not get hospitalized for a mental breakdown 😉

When I think about how good life is when you set your own rules it makes me so proud and so motivated to keep sharing.

That’s why I create programs like my NATURAL Affiliate Marketing training. It covers exactly what I’m talking about right now and lets you share all the cool things you use in your business already in order to add additional income to your current business. It’s such a smart way to break free of some of that hours per dollars income and add in something you can earn high income on or even passive income.

And it’s all about sharing what works for you.

When you’re passionate for something and have HIGH ENERGY people want to know what that’s about. They want to hear what you’re doing or using that’s getting you such great results. And if you’re working with clients and you don’t tell them what’s working for you they might even get MIFFED you’re not sharing your best tips!

So look at selling like this:

Help people.
Share what works.
Tell them why it’s a good buy.
Tell them how it will help THEM.
Save them time.
Save them money.
Save them frustration.

You will NEVER look at selling the same if you take and keep this mindset.

I believe with everything that I am doing good, and I know I am for all the feedback I get from people who’ve changed their lives from my advice.

I feel it is my DUTY to share this!
I don’t want to hold back and have even one less person miss out on this lifestyle!

So I share, and I tell, and I teach, and I ask for payment for my time. It’s fair. It works and everyone leaves very happy. 🙂

Let me teach you this.
Let me show you how you can EASILY integrate affiliate marketing into your existing business and share what already works for you.
Let me give you one on one advice and feedback.

Join the NATURAL Affiliate Marketing training and I will. I’ll show you what I’ve learned over years of doing things wrong to finally get it so right it’s just a natural fit into my business. I earn thousands upon thousands of additional dollars each year just telling people what I use, why and how it benefits me.

I created NATURAL Affiliate Marketing to help you incorporate affiliate marketing into your business so beautifully it just makes perfect sense.

YES!… This is for service business owners, too! For Virtual Assistants, Coaches, Web Designers and more. There are PLENTY of ways you can add affiliate offers to your business and I’m going to show you how.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this course:

1. Getting Set Up For Success in Affiliate Marketing:

  • How to find the BEST programs to promote.
  • The mindset you need to get yourself in so SALES COME EASILY AND NATURALLY.
  • Creating your affiliate redirect links so you can promote FAST and EFFECTIVELY.
  • The very best kind of program to sign up for and how it can earn you truly PASSIVE INCOME.

2. Create Profit-Pulling Content:

  • My number one ninja secret to making affiliate sales WITHOUT FAIL.
  • The affiliate tools that CONVERT the most SALES and the ones people think work, but don’t.
  • The techniques you should use to show your market the value of the products you promote.
  • The NOT OBVIOUS reason many affiliates don’t make sales & what you should do instead.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

  • The most important affiliate marketing tool you need to be using.
  • How to INCORPORATE affiliate marketing into what you’re already doing.
  • How to spread your affiliate marketing message FAR and WIDE.
  • How to LEVERAGE your business to make more affiliate sales.

4. Review, Rinse & Repeat (ie. Shortcuts and Extra Money)

  • How to use AFFILIATE STATISTICS to make more money.
  • Setting up your business to include ongoing affiliate promotions on autopilot.
  • How to make more money from already SUCCESSFUL promotions.
  • Creating products, services & programs to promote affiliate offers long-term.

I’m so excited to share all this with you! You’re going to learn what’s taken me MANY YEARS to get down. You’re going to skip so many hard lessons if you follow this and you’ll get yourself positioned to be one awesome affiliate marketer. Whoohoo. Chills.

So… here’s what you can expect to be happening when you sign up:

  1. On Feb. 13th we start and you’ll start getting emails and facebook posts covering all the topics listed above.
  2. You’ll get instant access to my Business Planning Bundle (free)!
  3. You’ll be added to our private facebook group where there is a pre-course assignment waiting for you!
  4. You’ll receive your links to our Celebration and Q&A webinar on Thursday, March 9th (YES it will be recorded and you can send your questions in if you can’t make it live).
  5. MY Affiliate Program List released Feb. 13th. I’ll be sending you the list of all the affiliate programs I make money with and I’ll share why and how I make money with them. This is going to be an insider look and so valuable to see how I get affiliate profits!

I can’t wait to hear about your affiliate results and how much you LOVE earning income without having to do the product creation, customer service, salespages and all that jazz 😉

If you want in you need to take action fast. I have a 35% discount for you for taking immediate action and signing up now. Here’s where to sign up and the coupon code to use:

Make Affiliate Sales Like a NATURAL! >>> NATURAL Affiliate Marketing
Coupon code: benatural

For a limited time that coupon code will save you 35% on the regular and coaching options.

Affiliate Internet Marketing: How I’m getting on leaderboards

Every once in a while I find myself on an affiliate leaderboard for a product I’ve been promoting. Most of the time it’s a surprise. For example a couple of years ago or so I won $300 as an affiliate for Coach Glue. Initially I didn’t even realize they were having an affiliate contest but when I found out I was in the running to win something, I got motivated and gave it a go.

That’s what’s so awesome about affiliate contests and getting on an affiliate leaderboard. It’s motivating. It’s fun. It’s exciting! Of couse that’s a win-win for all involved.

If you’re not familiar with an Affiliate Leaderboard here’s the deal:

Every so often a product owner will hold an affiliate contest. During a set timeline the product owner will offer prizes (cash or other) to top and sometimes random affiliates as a reward for promoting their products and earning sales.

I’m an affiliate for quite a large number of products and programs. Most of the time I just promote programs as it seems to fit with what I’m teaching or talking about at the moment. I don’t pay a lot of attention to launch schedules or big JVZoo events, etc. I’m more concerned about getting the right information to the right peeps at the right time.

One of my favorite “surprise, you’re on the leaderboard!” stories is when I was friended by the owner of eCover Authority, Chad Ejisr. I had seen my friend promote this product and had meant to go check it out. I knew it was something that would be a PERFECT fit to share with my readers and so as soon as I saw the link to Chad’s affiliate contest I knew I wanted to promote it. I signed up as an affiliate right away and the next day started promoting as soon as the little baby girl was napping. I wrote this in September of 2015 when I started promoting but it’s still VERY valid today!

Here’s my day one results:


On day one of this particular promotion I found out that I was at the top of the leaderboard. With a $3000 cash prize up for grabs for the top affiliate I was pretty surprised to hear I was leading!


I have to tell ya I’m not really a competitive type person but being told you’re in the lead to win such a large prize gives you motivation to keep it up!

And keep it up I did. As of day four (yesterday) I had slipped to the #2 spot (which is still a $1000 prize):


Here’s where I’m going to list out the whole process of what I’ve done to this point to attempt to hold that top spot. As of writing this (Tuesday night) the contest is still running so what I’ll do is come back after publishing and update you with the (hopefully great) news of how it all panned out.

The first thing I did on Friday was email my list. Here’s email one:


After I sent this one I got a question about the time zone so I quickly fixed up another email to clarify, which was basically the same as the one above with the time zone of the initial sale added.

Now at 1pm I sent out another email. In my rush to promote this program on launch day I misunderstood that the price was going up in increments to $37, not all at once at 2pm like I thought. So I created a bigger ‘urgency’ than was actually there… and it worked. Obviously I don’t recommend creating any kind of fake urgency as that would be very unethical (like I said mine was an absolute accident) but what you CAN do is definitely take advantage of any REAL urgency built-in to any product sales.

Here’s the email I sent a 1pm:


You’ll notice this email is almost exactly the same just with a different subject and a little of the first wording edited.

The next thing I did was create a post on my facebook page and I shared it in my group (now Laptop Lifestyle Business Club):


In my original posts I had told people I’d give them a free Look ‘Over My Shoulder’ workshop just for signing up for eCover Authority. I had no details other than that yet and hadn’t even picked a date. I didn’t have anything set up for it so I got to work setting up some details and picking a date.

I created a page on my site to give people the details on the workshop and to invite them to buy eCover Authority. Here’s a screenshot and if you want to look at the page it’s here (while you’re there you should buy eCover Authority) 😉 .


That page was created with OptimizePress which is my NEW theme that I totally LOVE.

So I’m not going to list out EVERY single move I make because that could take a full report (you’d be better off to get on my email list to see what I do over the next few days). Here’s a screenshot of the emails I’ve sent since:


My email ‘Who Should buy eCover Authority (and Why)’ got great results and some more sales.

I also turned that into a blog post here that I shared on social media. When I create a blog post I always click on the social media share links on the post (feel free to click them on this post or any you like, too! 🙂  ):


If you want to see everything I posted on facebook make sure you follow my page here.

After my promo email yesterday I also sent out a second email (later in the evening) about a telesummit I had participated in that people could sign up for free to listen to. Inside that one I made another mention of the program but didn’t link to it (I’m thinking I probably should have for better results):

So that brings us up to Tuesday, August 25th.

I set up two facebook ads on Monday and on Tuesday I added another.

Here are the ads:




In total for those three ads I spent $30.13 and they made me nada. nothing. I’m not overly surprised as I honestly have NO CLUE what I’m doing with facebook ads but I figured I’d give it a shot since each sale had the potential to help me win, even if I spent $16 to get the sale it could have been worth it since the commission on each was between $13.50 and $18.50.

Also I created a video review of the software and how I create the eCovers:

Finally today I also added a ‘Foobar’ to the bottom of my screen:


The point of the banner across the bottom of the site is to capture the attention of any blog post readers. That way I can also promote my unrelated content (because I’m sure people are getting a little tired of hearing about eCovers) and STILL get them in front of my offer for a free workshop bonus when they buy eCover Authority.

From Tuesday on I didn’t push my list too much harder. I figured most people who were going to buy up to that point had bought. I did know, though, that doing a final last-minute push is important because people often do want to buy but also will wait until the very last chance to do so.

So I sent out a few emails from Wednesday to Friday night when the contest ended:


I was kinda surprised my email to a blog post about ‘how to get your Mojo back’ got so many clicks. That one had a reminder about the software and a link to the post. My email with a free graphics download didn’t surprise me with the clicks, because my list loves free downloads when I send them (and I like to do that often to give ’em lots of value)!

On the final day I ended up getting another $171 in commissions.. not bad at all.


On Saturday I found out how I place in the Affiliate Contest:


Seriously. Thrilled.

I was so happy to be in that position after participating in a contest I didn’t even know about the day before. I literally found out about it only 10 hours before it started!

The implications of this kind of success have really had me thinking hard on my direction and where I want to lead my business efforts in the future. I don’t know if you know this but I actually started Marketer’s Mojo back in 2008 in an attempt to be a full-time affiliate marketer. That attempt DID NOT work out as planned and so I got into group coaching – now the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. These days I still love my coaching clients but I am going to be putting some serious effort into affiliate marketing again. It is by far the most passive way to I’ve found to earn income.

Even though I put in a hard week of work promoting… I’m done. I don’t need to maintain a product, I didn’t have to create a product, I don’t need to provide customer support and I don’t have to worry about training on that product. It’s all done by the product creator. Leaving me to go promote the next awesome business product.

The final result of my week’s worth of hard work?

$1064.76 in commissions
$750 in prize money

A new-found appreciation that my list LOVES stuff related to creating graphics for their business!

Update: January 2017 – In 2016 Chad decide to do another sale and run another affiliate contest. I was still keeping busy with my darling girl and instead of re-creating all the promotional content for eCover Authority I REUSED almost everything! I reused the emails I had sent, the video, I set up a replay of the training webinar and I of course reused the ads and graphics I had created. For very little time spent I ended up taking the #4 spot on the leaderboard and winning $200 on top of $612.19 in commissions!


p.s. I hope you’ve found this post helpful, interesting and motivational! If you did would you be a super-awesome doll and share it or comment or both?! Hugs! 🙂

p.s.s. If you want to learn affiliate marketing and get my insider advice on how to do what I did, please sign up here!

This Made Me Cry (Vulnerable Post)

So I’m watching this video training called “5 Ways to 10X Your Business in the Next 90 Days“, which is FREE, from my long, long time friends Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold of Coach Glue… and the tears start flowing.

And I’m like “whoa… what’s this about?!”

Nicole was at the point in the video where she talks about making six figures and how both her and Melissa are past the point of sitting at the computer for hours on end, not taking care of themselves because they’re working too hard. They are making good money that gives them the FREEDOM to be present in their kids lives, really present and not thing about other things, to have time for their spouses, to have time for THEMSELVES.

And for a moment I was crying.

Because I have been working hard for a long time.
Because I need to get better at self care.
Because I’m AFTER that six figure goal and I’m SO DAMN CLOSE (in mindset and in monetary results).

And because I think people should know when they make me cry (hehe!) I emailed Nicole (who is also my most awesome business coach) and told her so.

She said I should look at my growth, at how I’m rearranging things to have my PERFECT people be attracted to my business,  how I’m transforming before her very eyes.

And of course she’s right. I’ve come FAR in the past year.

Plus… let us not forget I have a toddler. She consumes a lot of my time. She’s an incredible blessing and I am so joyed I have that freedom to be with her most of the time.

So… it was a short pity-party.

I have VERY little to complain about and I know that.

I tell you this not to share any pity with me!

I tell you this because you need to know we ALL have those feelings.

We ALL feel like we can do better, and we can!

We also all need to be proud of where we are, what we’ve accomplished and what we are working towards. It’s ALL ok and it’s always a work in progress.

I’ll be going through the entire series of training that Melissa and Nicole are offering completely free of charge and it would be super-cool if you’d like to do it with me, too.

Here’s where you get signed up: >> 5 Ways to 10X Your Business in the Next 90 Days

Talk soon,



p.s. Did you catch my video on how to incorporate affiliate marketing into your business? It’s here.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something I’ll earn a commission. It also means I’ve partnered with some pretty awesome people who I believe in and can sometimes get you really good deals, too! 😉

Proven List-Builder Case Study: Giveaway Events

List Building is no joke. It’s the ‘bread and butter’ of any online business. You MUST be building your email list, period.

But you know that. You’re not here for me to convince you to build your list. You’re here because you want to build a great list, fast, with minimal effort, right? You’re busy, I’m busy. I have found the fastest way to build my list by far to be Giveaway Events. I’ve been talking about it for YEARS now. I just pulled this case study out of my archives and decided to give it an update.

In my efforts to build my list through Giveaway Events I have sometimes had big successes. In June of 2013 I added over 800 new email list subscribers into my business. I thought you might be curious about how I did that and I thought you’d appreciate a bit of a case study to show you what I mean.

How I Added 634 Subscribers from ONE Giveaway Event

First off, here’s the proof. The screenshot of the one list where most of my leads came in:

That was from the Done 4 You Giveaway, which you can view here.  Unfortunately I didn’t get my act together to participate in the 2015 event but I’ve already confirmed with the organizers that I’m IN for 2016.

As you can see on that sign up page I was one of 50+ marketers who were giving away valuable gifts and prizes. Each are required to have a minimum of 3,000 people on our list and we were asked to promote the giveaway at least three times. After people sign up for the main Done 4 You Giveaway page they are taken to a page that lists all giveaways.

After they picked my offer to click on, people ended up here on my sign up page:


Of course on the other side of that form is an email list that people are signed up to and then that list has an autoresponder message to deliver the promised gift.

I don’t remember how I initially heard about this giveaway but it seems to me that once I started doing one other people came to me with their events as well. Since I have quite a few people on my list and many were VAs, some were working for clients doing giveaways and wanted me to know about them and join in.

BUT… Don’t These Events Just Attract Non-Buying, Freebie Seekers? Who Wants Those People?

I’ve posted about this before and sometimes I get questions about the QUALITY of the list you build through freebie events like this. Here is my response:

Sure you’ll get freebie seekers but that doesn’t mean they won’t buy. I mean who doesn’t love freebies and why not take them when you can get them.

I can tell you from three years of doing the that I’ve now received WELL over 1000 email subscribes and I can also tell you from EARLY tracking that I made back a HUGE return on my investment. (sold a good number of my $397 program who I could track back direct to the list). I’m positive well into multiple thousands of dollars.

Now I do think it’s important the giveaway itself is a quality one. If you have a look at the Done4YouGiveaway site the quality of the businesses participating is high.

I’d say to your concern – Let the freebies seekers go (they’ll unsubscribe or you can unsubscribe them yourself) and those engaged from that group will make themselves known to you. Plus think about the other ways you attract subscribers: Free Reports on your site, through social media, free webinars… those people are ALL freebies seekers, too, until you turn them into qualified buyers. How you attract the right people is totally up to you!

I also believe that not all the freebies seekers will go back over and over and download a ton of stuff. I personally go to those giveaways and just pick a few good things or people I’d like to learn from!

How to Get Started Building Your List with Giveaway Events, a Step by Step List:

  1. Start with a smaller event to get experience and test out what kind of giveaway will work for you and your market.
  2. Sign up and get yourself a deadline! Do this even if you don’t have a freebie yet to get yourself motivated and taking ACTION.
  3. Get your freebie together. It can be a report (pdf), an audio (mp3), a video (mp4), a webinar or whatever offers VALUE to your market.
  4. Set up your opt-in form. Following the instructions of the event itself, they may require special setup, links or graphics. Get them what they need to promote you!
  5. Set up your freebie delivery. You can use your email software (like Aweber) to do this. Upload your freebie somewhere (WordPress, Amazon s3, you Shopping Cart, etc) and give the link in your welcome email.
  6. Build your list! Some events require you to promote them, some don’t. Find out the rules and follow along, then watch your list GROW. Yay you!

pssst… I’ve created a little report, a checklist and a list of great events that you get FREE when you sign up for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Just so ya know 😉

Have fun. Build your list! Go get ’em!


p.s. If you need something awesome to give away go grab yourself some White Label Perks or a well-written report from Coach Glue. No excuses!

[feature_box style=”18″ title=”Here’s%20an%20Upcoming%20Giveaway%20Event%20For%20You!” alignment=”center”]

This is a great event to get started with. It’s FREE or you can upgrade to two different levels (I upgraded to the Platinum for $67 which is a great deal as I expect a few hundred sign-ups). This was the first event I ever participated in and I had great success with it! This year I’m focused on growing my list so I’m back to doing the events with full force.

It’s called the Self-Improvement Gifts Giveaway and you can sign up here.



I’ve been telling people about this awesome giveaway and have gotten some questions. Here are the Q&A’s:

[content_toggle style=”1″ label=”Click%20Here%20to%20Read%20Q%26A’s%20about%20the%20Self%20Improvement%20Giveaway%20Event%20(how%20it%20works%2C%20what%20to%20give%20away%2C%20etc.)…” hide_label=”Hide”]
Q: How does it work?
You sign up at the link below and you’ll get access to an account at the giveaway. Once inside you follow the instructions to set up your giveaway. I almost always give away a product I sell for around $17-$27 or maybe a little more. So I tend to either set up an opt-in page OR I sent them direct to my order form. Opt-in page will probably get the best results as it asks for the least info. You will get a link that goes to sign up people who want to contribute until Jan. 5th, then I think it goes straight to the giveaway after that.
Q: What’s the best thing to give away?
As I said I like to give away a product, usually a Report or training series. I’ve given away reports and video training very successfully in these kinds of events. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you give away, as long as it provides VALUE to your target market.
Q: The sign up link takes me to a JV/Affiliate page, can I just sign up to add a giveaway?
Yes just sign up at that link which automatically makes you an affiliate but I don’t think you’re required to actually promote in order to have a giveaway in the event (check when you sign up but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to).
Q: What if I don’t have a freebie set up yet, do I have time?
You probably don’t have time to write something yourself as you need to get your freebie up by Jan. 5th BUT you could get some PLR, rework that and then get it ready to go. Check out White Label Perks for ready to go freebies and also go to Coach Glue for really great quality reports you could quickly package up as a product.
Q. Why would you participate in this if you sell marketing stuff and this is for self-improvement? Are they your target market?
I targeted my giveaway to my market. So one year I did Build a WordPress Website for Self-Improvement Professionals (which I will do again). Even though my product was all WordPress related, the cover and wording was targeted to the market. I had 100% go-ahead to do this as I worked with the co-ordinator of the giveaway to find out what would be best for me (she suggested the giveaway to me in the beginning).
 This year I am also IN the self-improvement business and I bought a Platinum account so I get to enter three giveaways and I’ll be doing two targeting Self-Improvement business owners and one targeting people who want to lose weight.

I hope that helps!

SIGNUP HERE To Contribute

This is the 11th Annual Self Improvement Gifts giveaway and it is always the biggest Self Improvement event of the year! You don’t want to miss out on this huge list-building opportunity.

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My social media “tricks”…

There was a time when I thought social media was only for fun and that there is absolutely NO POINT in trying to market your business there. I even said so on my blog and at one point I deactivated Facebook calling it too much of a distraction and annoyance.

Well boy oh boy have I changed my tune!

Yes I’m full-out social media marketing LOVER these days and it works. I’m rocking some good numbers on my followings, I’m posting all the time and most importantly I’m getting new leads and new customers regularly from social media.

So I thought today I’d share a few of my “tricks” to make your social media marketing more effective.

  1. Make it a Habit – I am not great with my business “systems” (working on it) but the one system I have down as an almost daily habit is: blog to email to social media. My blog is connected up to Aweber and automatically sends my full blog post via email. My blog is also set up to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Google+ using this plugin. Then when published I also Like my own post (yes I do!) and pin it as well.
  2. Be Consistent – My word for 2017 is consistent! I post three times per day to my Facebook properties (page and groups) and also three times per day most days to Instagram.
  3. Plan – Yes I know I’ve told you how much of a non-planner I am but I also told you how much I am working on it. Right now I’m trying to get my December schedule done. What I like to do is post to-do items in the project management program Asana as a daily item. So for example Dec. 1 is a to-do item, so is Dec. 2, so is Dec. 3 etc. Then by each date I write the topic I want to write about. It changes throughout the month and sometimes I only email the topic but other times I blog, social media and email it out.

That’s it! It’s not a huge list but doing these three things keeps me moving my social media content out pretty regularly, or at the very least daily.

The good thing about social media, though, is that you aren’t limited to a certain number per week or per day before you’re going to lose people. Email for the most part you can do only once per day but social media you can do 3-6 or more times a day! Imagine getting your message out that many more times a day!

So I’m determined to take even more advantage of this clear perk of social media…

I’ve started by purchasing the Social Media Templates from DFY Templates. I quickly went through them the other day and I LOVE, love, love the social media calendar included. It gives a generic topic idea for each day… something that will be interesting to people and that I can cater to my market and my business. I am going to start putting that to use immediately!

Then there’s one more item to add to my tricks:

4. Shortcuts – I use whatever I can to make things faster and easier (but not less valuable). I’ll be regularly using the calendar, checklists and tools included in the social media templates I just bought (mentioned above), I’ll be loading a whole month worth of social media into my hootsuite account using bulk upload (and the instructions found in the template package) and I’ll have social media going out all month, growing my business, while I’m working on other things.

I’ll report back on what the growth I experience with my new method!




p.s. DFY Templates have a bunch more templates and they are made by two very experienced and successful marketers. Check out all the templates here and find what you need to make your own shortcuts. 😉

OH and I almost forgot to tell you!! Use coupon code and save 40%: save40

Three Types of Online Income for a Laptop Lifestyle

You know what never gets old in this business?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you…

It’s waking up having more money than when I went to sleep. That’s something really awesome about that.

There are a number of ways that happens for me:

  • A random sale of a product or service (rare).
  • A sale from a recent email I’ve sent to my email list, or social media post I’ve made.
  • Recurring payments from my membership site or monthly Protege Payments.
  • Recurring payments from affiliate offers I’ve promoted.
  • Random payments from affiliate offers I’ve promoted in the past (true passive income).

Here is my mission statement for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club:

“I help business women use active and passive online marketing methods to create a true laptop lifestyle they love!”

That’s my mission.
My goal.
My vision.

For anyone willing to listen.

Since not everyone really gets what those online marketing methods are until they’re full into them I thought it would be a good idea to classify the three main income sources you can create when it comes to a Laptop Lifestyle business, and why you should consider them all as part of your business plan.

  1. Active Income – Creating active income in your business is a great way to make money fast. Active income is anything you do that directly results in income. This can be promoting a course or coaching program. It can be providing a service like Virtual Assistance or Website Design. It is anything that you need to be actively involved in to generate your profits.
  2. Recurring Income – Recurring income is income that comes in on a regular, recurring basis. This is the kind of income that you still need to do work to maintain, but you don’t have to keep making the sale after you do it once. The best example of recurring income would be a membership site. I HIGHLY recommend adding a recurring income source to your business. Before I did this I was seriously struggling each month to even make the bare minimum I wanted/needed to make in my business. Adding a monthly recurring membership allows me to have a “base” income so I know where I stand if sales totally tank in one month for some reason. Another example of recurring income would be a monthly coaching program like my Protege Program. I have to work to make that income, but I don’t have to sell my clients into the program each month.
  3. Passive Income – Now this is the holy grail of online income. Of course we all want it and lots of it! But it’s not to be had without effort and you can’t count on passive income forever. I love to tell people about the awesome stuff over at Coach Glue and that is a good example of passive income for me. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t do one more promotion I’d still keep getting affiliate payments because Nicole & Melissa are so freaking good at providing huge value that they get LOTS of repeat sales, which I get credit and commissions for from the people I’ve sent them. Of course it just makes sense for me to combine this passive with me continuing to promote (active income) so I can make immediate money AND grow my potential future affiliate sales. Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way to generate passive income. I can create autoresponders and an opt-in funnel that brings people through my system and makes sales. I can crate a product (active income) that leads to an affiliate offer that pays me monthly (passive) for the one time sale.

You see why it’s important to know the difference between these different incomes?

If you don’t realize they exist you may get stuck working on only one and not receive the benefits of them all. And you’ll most likely be missing opportunities to leverage your work efforts!

I have a habit of being stuck in the ACTIVE myself.

I mentioned to you I was so much in active earning that I was struggling to make enough. That’s when I focused on the recurring income.

The passive income… I have work to do there. I make some and I LOVE that but what you focus on grows and I need to put attention there. All in good time though because at the moment I’m still growing my recurring income to a monthly amount that I am REALLY HAPPY with, one that would allow me to take a few months off and not miss a beat if I wanted to. THEN I’ll be putting a lot more attention to the passive.

It’s a process and a progress as most things I talk about.

It’s something you need to work on regularly and be aware of.

It’s definitely something we will support you in at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Join us and see ;).




pssst! Big sale on the yearly option of the club coming up for Black Friday. Stay tuned!

P.s. Want to learn more about Natural Affiliate Marketing? It’s not too late – sign up today!

My ducks are having a dance party.

“I’ll really get started… when I have all my ducks in a row.”


Just No.

You want to know what my ducks are doing right now?



That’s right. Duck Dance Party!

(I know, I know most of those are pigeons but you get the idea… )

They’re not lining up. Not even close. And I suspect they never will.

My schedule is constantly changing (naps to no naps, early wake-up to too tired to get up, full of energy to totally drained trying to get the energy for the day).

My business is constantly evolving.

Life is happening around me (babies, toddlers, sick parents, no babysitters, parenting a teen and whatever… it keeps going).

No… these ducks want to dance.

So I let ’em.

I let the ducks dance and I dance around them.

Even if it’s messy.

Even if it’s not always right.

Even if I wish they’d get all nice and neat… though they do seem to be having fun dancing.

What’s the point here?…

I guess if you thought I’ve got it all figured out or if I have everything always go according to plan or if you think I always have great plans then you are wrong.

I’m not perfect.

I’m like you.

I’m just willing to put myself out there with imperfections, dancing ducks, willpower that wains (sometimes I’d rather do ANYTHING but work) and everything else you’re probably struggling with. I’m sure I’ve been there either very recently or sometime in my almost fifteen year journey in business.




No more focusing on the ducks.

Focus on the fun of the freedom you can create.
Focus on making some of the ducks behave some of the time (lol).
Focus on creating and doing and growing and earning.

Forget the silly ducks.

If you’re ready to do that then you just MIGHT be the right person to work with me, one on one.

Every few months I open up my Protege Program and I’m doing it again, now. I open up only five spots at a time and if you are lucky you’ll get a spot and we can have some fun with those ducks together.

My Protege Program is for the person who’s serious about marketing their business. It’s for the person who already HAS a business, and a target market and knows what value they bring to that market. The ideal person for my program is ready to go or JUST needing some help to get going but is not AFRAID to make things happen. If you’re afraid to sell or release a product this won’t be the right spot for you. It is the right spot if you’re just teetering on the edge of “ready to go” and you need that push, that guidance, that insight and that experienced advice I am able to provide you! Check out all the details here. 


How do I find my money tasks?…

Ok, I was just talking to a Protege client of mine and I said to her that I want her to focus ONLY on the tasks that deliver her income right now because she has been completely distracted with other work and ideas that are just not doing any business building for her.

And my client very reasonably said that is the problem, she doesn’t KNOW what the money tasks are.

Immediately I knew I had to write this post to you because this is such a common issue.

I totally GET IT.

I mean I did the same thing when I was trying to figure my way to profit years ago.


I mean super Stubborn.
I mean write 400 blog posts without earning a thing for them stubborn!
I mean write 200 articles and submit them to Ezine Articles without results stubborn!
I mean read, learn and “train” for hundreds of hours because I wasn’t “ready” kind of stubborn!

Yes… I’ve been there.

And while you might not consider yourself stubborn right now it’s possible you are, or it’s possible you have a few other things going on that are stopping you from getting STRAIGHT to the money tasks:

  1. You might WISH it were easy. Yes, easy is good. Yes, people want easy. Look I won’t shame you for wanting it to be easy. I too WISH I could work five hours a week and make six figures, or better yet how about no hours? BUT… it’s really not that easy. It’s work. It’s putting in the hours. It’s hard AND it’s easy (confusing or what) but you’ll never get to the easy, or fun unless you truly commit to doing WHATEVER it takes, not just what you WISH it would take.
  2. You might be afraid to sell. A lot of people think if they say “buy this here”, “I’ve got this awesome product for sale”, “time is running out to grab this offer” or anything along the lines of Hey! Buy my stuff! that they are a sleazy salesperson. Look you MUST be willing to sell if you want in this business, period. You HAVE TO get over this. You HAVE TO believe in you enough to convince others to believe in you, too. That absolutely will not happen by accident.
  3. You might be a determined stubborn. Yes, you might be. You might be trying to do something that’s not working yet you heard you must be determined so you keep trying, being diligently determined as you’ve been told to do, yet it’s not working long time! Be determined. Be stubborn. But also be profitable. You might believe in doing or selling something so much that you’re willing to go YEARS without seeing anything happen with it. And yes this has worked for some incredibly determined people throughout history but for now… do you have bills to pay? If so you need to find something that works and works fast. If you’re still determined to do or sell that other thing then, by all means, keep trying, but don’t dig yourself a business grave while doing so!

So these are some of the main things I see holding people back.

My client said she didn’t know what would sell but my response back will be:

  1. Are you regularly trying new methods, thinking of new ways to reach people, testing new wording on things your selling?
  2. Are you making offers, real offers with real calls to action like “click here to buy it now”?
  3. Are you making regular effort to BUILD your email list and social media following?

If the answer is not a huge resounding YES to all three of those things then that is exactly how you start figuring out what will sell.

I’ll take this further and tell you WHY that works:

  1. If you are regularly trying new things some things will stand out to be more effective. That’s just the way it is. If you’re blogging right now and no one is responding then you need to try emailing your list, even if it’s TINY and see if you can get a response there. Or email your blog posts to your list. Or post your blog post on social media.
  2. If you’re getting people seeing your stuff, but you’re not making DAILY offers, then you’re not in the business of creating profits. Your money task should be your number one priority each and every day. You need to ACTIVELY think of what you can do to make money, it won’t just be a by-product of creating good content or “getting out there”. People are not going to knock down your door once you’ve “made it” so please, please, please promote yourself!
  3. You must be building your list and your social media following. It’s really important to do that so you have actual live people to buy your stuff. If you don’t have interested people then you’re missing a very important piece of the business-building foundation.

So there you have it! There is no one answer. There is no easy answer. YET once you get rolling with this, get in the habit of look for profit points and doing money tasks everything else becomes a second priority and you literally will have more money task ideas than you can keep up with trying! Nothing is guaranteed, it’s all an experiment and you must be willing to do lots of attempts to see what works.

Need another idea?

Here’s one that worked for me so many times:

I mentioned yesterday that I created the most profit in my business the fastest when I started doing group coaching programs. It was my breakthrough moment. It was the point in my business when I figured out how to really leverage my time and make money based on my efforts, not on an hourly rate. I took my hourly rate from $45/hr to $150+ an hour with this method.

And how did I do it?

Did I prepare for months? Take a certification in coaching? Spend months creating my product?

Nope, Nope and Nope!

I simply wrote up something I thought people would like, sent it out to the channels available to me and I started getting sales of my flagship coaching program, Website Design Mojo.

Nothing was ready. Nothing was created. I just wrote and sold. I filled a need. People were ready to sign up.

I can teach you how to do this for yourself and I’ll share with you all the techy pieces, too, like getting the shopping cart setup in my Powerful Coaching Programs training. Click and sign up here!




p.s. I was asked if you have to have a product in mind to take this training. While we don’t specifically cover picking a topic to coach on I say you definitely can take this without a topic ready to go! PLUS you get unlimited permanent access to the training facebook group where you can get feedback anytime you like. Sign up here

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