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Build a Business Around Your Life…Not a Life Around Your Business

Picture the lifestyle you want.

No, not the one you think is SAFE to want, not that one. The one you REALLY want.

The life where you never have anything on your schedule you don’t want there.
The life where you’re never too busy to go on field trips at school with your kids.
The life where you choose every person you work with, based on the joy it will bring you.
The life where you take a day off when you want.
The life where you be, do and have whatever YOU want.

Man oh man wouldn’t that be nice?

Maybe you’re working a job right now you hate (been there) or you’re running a service business that’s running you ragged (done that) or maybe you’re even a successful information product selling but you’re just so overwhelmed with work you never even get time to THINK about what you want (felt that, too)…

If so it’s time to really step back and do this:

Build Your Business Around Your LIFE (or the life you want). 

And you also need to do this:

STOP Building Your Life Around Your Business! 

There are far too many options out there for you to be doing anything that doesn’t bring you joy and shines your brightest light and talents for all to see.

We do our BEST work when we’re in complete alignment with who we are and what we want out of this world. You know that you don’t have to just live this life, right? You know that you can CREATE it? Create whatever you want.  If you don’t create what you want, the world will create it for you and then  you’re very likely to end up with things you don’t want.

I’ve just made a pretty tough decision that I know is going to upset a few people, but I had to do it because it is what’s right for me and it’s how I’m going to make the biggest and best impact with my life and business.

I’ve decided to step back from my Protege Program and the one on one coaching I was doing there.

Starting now it will no longer be an option to hire me as your business coach through that program. I’m shutting it down (for now, possibly permanent) to focus on where the biggest part of my heart is… in my membership, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

I know this is just the right move for me.

Now, instead of hiring me for $300/month, your only option for individualize attention would be to take a coaching program I offer OR to join the VIP Level of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. At the VIP level you will get the membership, a library of past training and access to ALL future coaching programs while you remain a member.

You’re going to get community, training, support, accountability and more. It really is a home base for you as you turn your current growing business into a business that bends to the whims of your life.. there’s nothing like it!

As you grow you business I’d love to be there with you, offering the same kind of support and advice I once received from amazing mentors who helped me business my own business.

If you have any questions let me know.

No matter what you decide I want you to know that you absolutely CAN create a business that gives you total lifestyle flexibility and freedom, a true Laptop Lifestyle!



p.s. This month’s topic for the LLBC is Memberships Made Easy. I’m going to be sharing with you how I launched and run my own membership site. I’ll be giving you EASY ways to get up and going, quickly. You can get just the Insider’s Report for only $10 each month.  AND if you join before I remove it you can also get February’s report on Writing Emails, Naturally.  Details here.

What to do When You Get BORED With Your Business

Every once in a while I think I really like to “test myself” and see if I’m in this business for the right reasons and for the long-term.

I’ve been doing what I do online now for close to ten years and like a normal person would, sometimes I get bored doing the same things.

So… I mix it up. I’ve had a ton of different niche blogs over the years. I started; my fitness and food blog. Before that, it was which I sold to Tanya Bryant (and am so happy I did because she’s doing awesome things with it). Before those I’ve had a hula hooping blog, a refashion blog and many, many more.

This time I got a spark of an idea that *almost* got away from me.

I was just about to go ALL IN on getting my Real Estate License.



Well,02 I’ll tell you.

There were a lot of reasons. I actually listed out a TON of pros but I can’t find the list. I’m going to try to remember them all here in a minute but the biggest PRO I could think of is my marketing experience. It was the attraction to me. I see new technologies like Facebook LIVE becoming available and I often think of how that could be applied to real estate and I just wanna try it! So I figured why not try it AND earn the kind of commissions a Real Estate Agent does.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t intending on leaving Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I was thinking I could run both. That was where I think I was very wrong after talking to a close friend in Real Estate.

Let me see… here are some of the many Pro’s from my Pros vs Cons list:

  • New Challenge and I LOVE Challenges.
  • Learning a new thing.
  • Opportunity for self-development.
  • Get out of the house a lot more often to meet with clients.
  • Will help my self-confidence.
  • Less time at home meals less time close to the kitchen (hopefully help weight management).
  • Meet new people/friends.
  • Use my marketing experience.
  • Will require me to have a nice wardrobe and maintain hairstyles, etc. (ie. SELF CARE)

There were more. Here are a couple of the Cons:

  • A lot of evening and weekend work.
  • A lot of expenses.

The only real difference in the cons list (which was short) was the evenings and weekends out of the house. Otherwise, I already have expenses.

When I did talk to my Realtor friend I came to the realization that it wasn’t for me because she said this one thing: “You are at the whim of your clients.”

Uh oh. That sounded like exactly what I DIDN’T want.

So I sat down to rethink… why did I EVEN want to do it in the first place.

It was new. It was shiny. It sounded exciting.

It wasn’t the same ol, same ol.

But then I realized that I could take that very long Pro’s list and I could apply it to my current business, change it up, change things up, bring back excitement. I also realized (and really I already knew) how much I LOVE and APPRECIATE <3 <3 <3 my lifestyle, my laptop lifestyle. I mean I really sometimes don’t understand how very lucky I am.

I know so many people get up daily to go to jobs they do not like (or even hate) to support their families.

My job, I do love it. I love hearing from clients and customers who get results. My heart melts to hear someone has taken action because of some little thing they heard me say. I feel like I’m doing good in the world when someone’s business grows a little because of the help I gave them, and now the help they can give someone else.

So to get back to the title of this blog post:

What to do when you get BORED in Your Business…

  • Explore that boredom. Find out WHY you feel this way.
  • Explore your options. Think you need a job? Go for an interview and see if it’s REALLY what you want or you just forgot how good you have it.
  • List out the things you can change. My pro list is not a list of things I can do to improve my life! I don’t need to be a Realtor to do those, I just need to take some action.
  • Ask your customers and clients. Ask them for feedback on your services, your business and you. Maybe they’ll give you ideas for improvement and most likely they’ll give you some positive feedback to tell you that you’re doing the right thing.

I think also when you get bored or stressed about business sometimes you need to just STEP BACK. Often I get over-hyped about business going my way and hyper-focused on business so much so that I forget to take care of myself. Or maybe I need to get out and meet people or reconnect with friends like I blogged about the other day. It might not really be my business that’s the issue at all then, just the time I’m focusing on it that’s taking away from other aspects of life.

Of course maybe you are bored because you need a change. That’s quite possible. For me it wasn’t what I needed. I just needed to explore an option and then drop it like a hotcake. I’m so happy to do what I do, to see the awesome members at my LLBC membership growing and being motivated and taking action regularly and to have completely and total freedom of lifestyle. The only people who’s “whim” I react to are my own (and ok, my family too ;).

Hugs and Happiness!



Beating Work at Home Loneliness

When I tell people that I work from home the first reaction is almost always something along the lines of how great it would be and that they wish they worked from home. I mean it sounds amazing, and really it is, with the total freedom, the completely flexible hours, the working from the couch (or the bed even), the making money while you sleep.

I quit my job back in May of 2007 and so I’ve had a lot of years to experience both the good, the bad and even the ugly of working from home. The good FAR outweighs any downsides in my opinion and that’s why I’m coming up on my tenth year of working completely from home to earn my living and support my family.

One of the big downsides, though, is isolation and loneliness. That’s real and it’s a slippery slope because work at home isolation and loneliness can lead to depression if you’re not careful.

So let’s tackle this challenge!

I’ve learned a lot from my years at home and I’ve experienced the isolation and loneliness myself. Even though I see family every day we need more interaction in our lives than just the few people in our immediate family.

Here are my best “Beating Work at Home Isolation & Loneliness” tips:

  1. Lunch With Friends – Do you have other work at home friends? Maybe a mom friend on maternity? A friend who works shifts or weird hours? Do lunch! Meeting with my work at home and stay at home mom friends has been a great way to pick me up every single time. It’s so nice to get out with a friend and share a meal, chat about common interests and just have a laugh!

    Me and local friend Jen Hazlett of Alt Admin meet up for coffee and lunch on the regular.
  2. Coffee. Get Coffee. – When I feel like I need to get out and I can’t arrange time with a friend I like to go and just have a coffee at the local coffee shop. Sometimes I’ll work, sometimes I’ll sit and people watch (not stare of course or be creepy in any way 😉 ). It gets me out around people and that’s often enough to make me not feel isolated at all.
    Love spending an hour or two at the local coffee shop.
  3. Events – There are always events to go to. You can go to events related to a hobby or personal interest, or go to ones related to your business. Of course it’s fun when you can combine the two! I’m going to start looking into going to much more events now that I’ve figured out I’m totally able to get to downtown Toronto on the train. A quick and easy 45 minutes or so and I don’t have to brave the busy city in my car opens up a whole lot more opportunity to attend events.
    My son in the first row, me in the second at Kelly McCausey’s Exposure & Profit Event, Toronto 2014.
    My daughter was there too, just six months old but she’s out of the shot.
  4. Join Groups – One of the best things I EVER did for my business was join a membership group for moms who wanted to work at home. I did that back in 2006-ish and I still have so many friends from that group that I can email and connect with on facebook anytime I want to talk with someone who understands what it is I do for a living. That’s entirely why I created my own membership at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I know just how incredibly valuable it is to be part of an online community of people working towards the same goals.mastermind
    Meetup with online business friends, In Real Life.
  5. Get Your Blood Tested – Weird one, right? You might think you’re lonely and unmotivated because you’re working at home but you could also be suffering from a deficiency in something. A common deficiency for many people these days is Vitamin D, which would only be made worse in our industry because we spend less time outdoors. Our office is just a few feet away and we don’t even get a little sun on our way to work. I found out from my own blood tests that I am both Vitamin D AND Iron deficient. Add to that less sleep because of a ill-sleeping toddler and it’s no wonder I’m not overly energetic!
  6. Workout & Eat Right – Another one that SEEMS out of place but it’s so NOT. Working at home can lead to major inactivity if you let it and that can lead to weight gain, poor meal choices and very low energy. I chose to make a change back in September when I became a Beachbody Coach and signed up to do the 21 Day FIX. I lost 21 lbs within the first couple of months and I started my own blog. I’m serious about making this a life change and it’s been hard. I know it will be worth the effort in the end and I KNOW this will help me beat feeling isolated and lonely. The thing is when you’re energy is low you don’t want to leave the house, and when you don’t leave the house you’re sure to feel more isolated and alone. Keeping on top of health and fitness will give you the ability to think better and have more energy. Thus allowing you to get doing all the other tips I’ve given you so far in this post.InstagramCapture_21bf760a-732a-4cd2-af9c-d23e401598e9Toddler girly and me getting a workout in.
  7. Rent Shared Office Space – Did you know that some places have shared office space for rent? You’re not renting a whole space on your own, rather renting a room for a few hours, days or weeks out of the month. I looked into this in my local area and I can rent space for 2 hours for just $60/month or 10 hours for $190 per month. It’s a great way to get that office atmosphere and connect with others without committing to renting one on your own.
  8. Work at the Library – I love working at the library. There’s something quite awesome about being surrounded by books, filled with information. All I have to do is glance in either direction to get all kinds of inspiration and content ideas! Also, working at the library gets you around others which takes you out of isolation.
  9. Take a Class – You could take something related to your business, or not. Either way you’ll get around people of similar interests and you might make a new friend! I’m seriously considering taking hula hoop classes myself, or hula hoop class instruction. I’ve always found it fascination and fun what people can do with a weighted hula hoop.
  10. Take Care of YOU – This fits with suggestion six on working out and eating right but it encompasses so much more. You’ve heard the work at home people talking about spending all day in their pajamas. What about when all day turns into a week? Is that ok? What if you barely shower? What if you’re too busy working that you don’t clean the kitchen and as a result you don’t cook healthy meals. You see how this can quickly spiral out of control leaving you with no desire to leave the house or socialize. That’s a problem! Take care of YOU. Do that workout, shower, get the laundry done, cook healthy meals, clean the house and take time to do things that make you feel renewed, energetic and ready to go see the world (or at least something more than your own four walls)!

I’m looking for events in Toronto, Ontario based on blogging, marketing, healthy eating and fitness. If you know of any could you let me know? That will help me take care of making tip three off my list 😉

I know I’ve given you a LOT of tips. You don’t have to do them all. I don’t do them all. I have done most at some point or another. For now I’m actually going to use this post for myself as a sort of to-do list to get out and social MUCH more than I’ve been. I hope it helps you do the same!

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p.s. If you’re interested in joining my community be sure to add yourself to my email list here for an exclusive subscriber discount (I always give my subscribers perks you can’t get anywhere else)!

Putting Yourself “Out There”

I’m such a mom about this blog post…you’ll see why:

My daughter loves the book “Franklin in the Dark” and we read it often.

Here’s how it goes:
Franklin is a turtle who’s afraid there are monsters and scary things in his shell, so he just drags it along with him never using it. One day Franklin decides to go ask other animals if they can help him get over this fear. He comes upon a few animals with some issues of their own:

  • A duck who’s afraid of water and uses water wings when no one is looking.
  • A lion who doesn’t like loud noises and uses earmuffs to muffle his own roar.
  • A bird who’s afraid of flying and sneaks a parachute just in case she needs it.
  • A polar bear who’s thinking he might freeze to death so he wears a snowsuit.

Franklin realizes that everyone is afraid of something, even when you THINK they’re not. So off he goes to bed, in his shell, and when no one is looking he turns on his nightlight.

See… can’t get more mom-ish than that! 😉

I thought it was a perfect illustration of a concept I’d love to share about “putting yourself out there”. I’ve often been asked about overcoming the fear of putting your stuff out there for sale or offering your services to clients.

The fear of criticism or rejection can be VERY debilitating to your business and keep you from taking any action, or at least taking really super-small and safe actions that you think won’t let you get too hurt as a result.

The thinking here is you’re going to wait until you’re ready in most cases, or when you know how to do it properly. I get this and I totally understand because there was a time in my online ventures where all I did was learn and wait, learn and wait. It’s like I was waiting for someone to tell me I was ready, or waiting until someone said I was really good at what I do and I should be “popular”, or waiting for some sort of validation that I was cut out for running a successful business.

But here’s the thing:

Why should ANYONE believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself??

Think about this: You know yourself best. If you don’t think you’re ready, or good enough, or able to build your business people will believe you. The opposite is also true, though. If you can find a way to believe in yourself and know you have VALUE to deliver, then people will take you at your word and believe you there, too.

Nobody knows you like YOU DO so set the tone in how you want people to SEE YOU.

Also, nobody knows what’s going on “under your shell”. It’s OK to be a little afraid. It’s OK to not have it all together. I believe perfectly put together business or business person is a total myth. You can’t see the mess underneath. Nobody is perfect. No business is perfect. Everyone is growing and evolving.

Let me tell you a bit about me to just set the tone here. I’m FAR from always confident in what I’m doing. I’m FAR from fearless when I release a new product or service. I’m FAR from mistake-free and sometimes I let people down. One thing I truly believe is that I help people. I do have some time behind me with results and people who’ve actually told me that I’ve helped them but that wouldn’t/couldn’t have happened if I’d just have kept to myself and not dared to step out and offer my first ebook, then my first webinar, then my first group coaching program, etc.

Why not you, too?

It all starts with taking a first step. That step is determining to do what it takes to build your business!

In my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club we’ve been doing some great things over the last few months. I’ve seen one of the members create his first product, another member build her list for the first time, another member setting BIG goals of opening up her own physical location. We’re moving along with REAL businesses that serve REAL people yet give REAL freedom to our lives. It’s so exciting to see! Please join us if you’re looking for long-term motivation, inspiration and training to build your own laptop lifestyle business. 🙂


p.s. Be sure to sign up for my email list. I always give my subscribers better rates as a thank you for opening my emails 😉 Subscribe here.

What a day in the Laptop Lifestyle Looks Like…

Yesterday I got up at about 7:30am, shortly before my toddler girl Ella was likely to wake and tidied up the house. My son has been at his dad’s for the week so it’s been a quiet week for the summer.

You know I’m all about the “Laptop Lifestyle” and helping people build that for themselves.

But what does that MEAN… the Laptop Lifestyle.

If you take a look at the internet marketing world it’s sitting on the beach with a laptop and some sort of girly drink raking in the cash while you don’t really do any work? They might have you believe that you CAN get rich sitting on the beach.

While it good to go to the beach (I encourage it)… have you ever tried to use a laptop in broad daylight and lots of sunshine? Um… it doesn’t work.

Or maybe you’re like me, a mom, busy, trying to keep the house from looking like it’s just been ransacked from a B&E, trying to get your teenager to pick up his clothes and stop leaving his stuff at the front door where everyone can trip over it.

Maybe to us, the laptop lifestyle means something totally different but it’s STILL the Laptop Lifestyle.

To me it means picking up toys at 7:30am waiting for my girl to wake up.
It means heading out to the mall to shop and keep said toddler girl happy with a ride in her car (she loved it):

The Laptop Lifestyle means picking up some new clothes on that Friday, when most people are at work. Clothes that are casual, comfy and ALL ME. I’m never forced into a “uniform” (like that horribly unflattering lab coat I wore in a couple of jobs) or to dress in business casual. I dress for me 🙂


This Laptop Lifestyle means I work at home, on my terms and I get to work with the amazing people that are attracted to this business. People like the members of my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. They are building awesome businesses on their terms, with THEIR lifestyle in mind.

That’s the thing too.

I didn’t just wake up one day and have someone say “Hey go ahead and go to the mall because you deserve it.”


I created it.

I worked for it.

I got up early for it (not yesterday, but on days like today I got up at 5am).

I worked late for it.

I earned it.

I’ll never stop being grateful for this lifestyle. I’ll never stop sharing how grateful I am.

You know why? Because I’ve recently realized that part of my why, my mission, my greatest desire to deliver on is this message to you. The message that true freedom and joy from your business is possible. Not only possible, VERY possible.

You don’t have to create a service business that runs you ragged.
You don’t have to work for clients who don’t appreciate you.
You don’t have to work for less than you deserve.
You don’t have to go to a job you hate.

You just have to want this lifestyle MORE than you don’t want those things. You have to be willing to work for it no matter what, to do whatever it takes.

Don’t ask me if it’s easy. Don’t ask me if I’ve got your step by step plan. Don’t ask me if you can get rich overnight.

Those are the wrong questions.

Ask me HOW you can make it happen. Ask me if I think YOUR step by step plan is smart. Ask me if you can make amazing income doing what you love (um… YES).

Also, ask me how I can help!

I’ll tell you:

I can help you build the beautiful business you love.
I can help you connect with a supportive, motivational, helpful community.
I can help you get past technology blocks.
I can help you make more money.
I can help you build your email list.
I can help you get things done.

YOU need to take action, though. You need to show up and be willing to do the stuff that needs doing. The first step to be in my world and be part of this Laptop Lifestyle community is to join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I have a weekend sale on the LIFETIME membership, for the first ten people to snap it up. We’re here, I hope you will join us, too.





Why You Hate Selling & How to LOVE Selling

I can’t sell anything.
I’m terrible at selling stuff.
I don’t want to be pushy.
I love what I do but I hate selling.

If any of these sound familiar you will WANT to read this because I’m going to tell you how to turn this around, never say these things again and LOVE selling more than you ever thought possible.

Yes, I said LOVE selling!

I love selling.

I love marketing.

Does that make me greedy? Selfish? Pushy?

My answer is not at all, not one bit but why don’t you tell me. You’re reading this email and the words are still going yet you haven’t STOPPED reading. If you thought I was scammy, smarmy, pushy or trying to sell you something you didn’t need wouldn’t you have clicked away by now?

That’s what gets me when people reason away selling online by saying they don’t want to be pushy. Do you know how HARD it is to be pushy online? To actually sell someone something they don’t WANT to buy.

It’s not like you’re knocking on someone’s door, waking up their baby, getting their dog barking and also waking their sleeping husband who works nightshift and then trying to literally PUSH their way into their house (YES, this has happened to me and YES I consider those guys pushy, annoying, arseholes lol).

You… you’re not pushy by sending me emails or blog posts I asked for… and want… and can easily unsubscribe to or just not click on if I didn’t want to read.

You… you’re not pushy for bringing me valuable offers based on your own unique skills and talents and abilities.

You… you’re not pushy if you have other people telling THEIR people about your awesome products because they believe in them and because you do awesome things and help awesome people.

No you’re not pushy.

You’re awesome.

You sell things to people who want them.

People who love you.

People who want to hear from you.

People who want to buy what you’re selling.

THAT’S how you love selling!

You love selling by selling stuff people love.

You sell stuff people love by finding out what people love… then offering it.

You offer people stuff by using a shopping cart system, setting up a product and giving them a buy now link.

You get that buy now link out to more and more and more people by setting up an affiliate program so people who you’d NEVER know or REACH can hear about you, too.

(why do I feel like I’m writing the Marketer’s Version of If you give a mouse a cookie?)

Look… selling is not a bad word. Marketing is not sleezy.

None of it has to be anything but awesomely amazing.

It’s ALL about how you look at things and how you deliver, show up, be there.

Represent yourself and your products in all you have to offer. Be who you are and deliver on your promises. Create products people love. Partner with other SALES-LOVERS to get even more sales. It is 100% a very very good thing.





p.s. One of my favorite ways to sell is by using affiliate marketing. As an affiliate I can offer products to my people without having to go through a complicated product creation and launch process. Join me at Natural Affiliate Marketing and learn how to sell, naturally

How I Get So Much Done…

People often comment to me that they don’t know how I get so much done.  Like, a lot.

So I figured you might be wondering that too.

You might think I’m some kind of super-organizational-wizard. I AM NOT.
You might think I’m a master at outsourcing to a well-trained team. I AM NOT.
You might think I’m up at all hours getting work done. I AM NOT.

It’s true I’m not a type A, AT ALL. I know because my mom is a true type A, super organized, makes and checks those lists, plans ahead, always on time. I didn’t get that gene.

I can’t outsource to save my life. I mean, I want to, I REALLY want to and maybe one day I’ll just get it but not yet. I still struggle to give a VA the simplest of tasks (probably because I’m not that organized). I still do almost everything myself though I’m working on getting consistent with outsourcing.

I sleep pretty good too.

So… what gives?

How do I stay home with a busy (busy, busy) three-year-old, keep the house from falling down (I didn’t say it’s spotless 😉 ), cook meals, run my business and still have time to shower and get dressed?!

How… indeed!

Ok I’m going to spill in this email so read this carefully:

  1. Priorities (aka Money Tasks) – I’ve said before that there are days I have very little time to work. Maybe 20 minutes, maybe 2 hours… so I have to be really focused on doing the top priority. The top priority for me is emailing my list. That has been my main money-maker for years and years. Now just more recently I’ve added blogging and also social as viable money-tasks because they DO make me money. So… depending on the time available I will do an email, a blog post, a social media post or all of the above!
  2. Reusing Content – One of the big keys to keeping people interested in your business and offerings is to come out with new stuff. I have VERY LITTLE time to create new stuff. That will change gradually over the next few years as I add more daycare days and eventually send my little one to school but up till now, I’ve had to be VERY CREATIVE in using content I’ve already created and reuse it. For example, I turned my flagship WordPress Training Program into a Private Label WordPress Course that teaches people HOW to start a WordPress Training Business AND Gives Them the Content to Use to Teach, too!
  3. Buying Content (aka PLR aka Private Label Rights) – Another thing I’ve done is purchased content already created. I love the content from Coach Glue and use them often.
  4. Creating Templates & Systems – I have a folder on my computer called “Systems”… that is the place I go before I start any kind of repetitive task for my business. If I’m blogging, I’ll go there for a blogging template. If I’m doing a speaking gig, I go there for a bio template to give to the event hosts (and I just grabbed this free template with more bio templates in it from DFY Templates!). If I’m posting to social media, I’ll go there to grab pre-determined hashtags or topic ideas (check out this social media calendar and templates here).
  5. Business is Life – This is a philosophy I live by. My business is infused into my life so much that there is not separation of the two. If I have time to answer an email on a Saturday at 10 pm, I answer it. I don’t worry if my client will be too demanding and expect me to answer late nights on the weekends because I do. I don’t see this as a burden but a blessing. YET, when I had a Virtual Assistance business I DID NOT want clients emailing me at 10 pm ET asking me to handle an emergency for them. So my business is infused into my life into a way that creates NO EXTRA stress for me… the moment something feels stressful I start thinking of different ways to do things. For me, business is life because I can’t work the 9-5 day anymore. So, this works for me. It might not work for you. Maybe you want to have your evenings completely free and that’s totally OK. You have to set your business up in a way that suits YOUR LIFESTYLE… that’s so key.
  6. Forgive Myself – I’m not perfect. I’m very human. I mess up. Sometimes I don’t do things the way I wanted to in my business or I just mess something up completely. When I do I forgive myself. I remind myself that the mess ups are small compared to the people I’m helping and if I held back because I MIGHT mess up then I’d never help the hundreds or thousands of people I’ve helped to this point.
  7. Find a Way – For me, there is no other option but being an entrepreneur. There is no plan B. So I have to always find a way to make it work, to get my goals and to make my dreams a reality.

So those are some of the KEY WAYS I get it all done. Of course, nothing is ever really a complete and total picture. You’ll never know everything about me from one post. If you want to learn how I do these things I definitely welcome you to join us in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and ask away, learn continually and grow your business alongside some amazingly smart business people. I love that we have fitness experts, health experts, Virtual Assistants, content creators, business coaches and so much more in our focused, diverse group!

No matter how much time you have available you can go for it and grow your business!

[feature_box style=”11″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]Your Homework: Go through my list and find ONE thing you can take action on right now, then go do it!



p.s. One of my best tips is to use content already created and templates/systems. You can grab a bunch of templates to make quick work of creating your own systems from DFY (Done For You) Templates:

A solution to LIFE sucking up all your time…

I hear from customers and clients ALL THE TIME about things in their life that are distracting them, sidetracking them or completely derailing them from running their business.

Things like:

  • death in the family or friends
  • a breakup or divorce
  • an illness or accident
  • loss of a beloved pet
  • ongoing concern or issue (like ADD, etc)
  • moving
  • a new baby or busy family life
  • and on and on…

Now I don’t know what you’re expecting me to say here.

Maybe “suck it up” and “do the work anyway”?

Well… kinda, but not really.

I think these things are very VALID reasons for being pulled away from your business. They are real. They take up real time.

Hell I broke my ankle (bad, bad, badly) and I had a baby with an almost-teen and a hubby who works night shift. I know about life getting in the way. I know it GOOD.

There were some weeks after my little Ella was born that I literally had just 30 MINUTES to work on my business the entire week. That’s 30 minutes out of a possible 10,080 minutes available per week lol! Yes… I can relate I promise you.

What I can say is this:

  • Build a business that can run, even when you can’t be present for it.
  • Build a business you are SO EXCITED about, you’ll find a way to get to it even if it’s ONLY 30 minutes, 15 minutes or 5 minutes.
  • Build a business that brings you so much JOY, that you want to get to it in hard times as a source of happiness, a distraction, a way to keep from going to a dark place.

Let’s talk that dark place comment for a moment…

When I broke my ankle I was held up on the couch for a good 3-6 months. MONTHS. On the couch. Not active (except for physiotherapy). Not seeing people. Not seeing much sunlight. Watching too much Netflix.

Even the most positive of people could get depressed in that kind of situation!

But what did I do?

I worked. And I worked. And I worked.

I got on webinars and shared.

I inspired.

I motivated.

And instead of feeling depressed (for the most part), I felt JOY, HAPPINESS and PRIDE in my ability to continue to do what I could to help others build a lifestyle that would let them do the exact same thing I could do…even from my couch.

It has NOT been easy getting over that break. The physical part was tough, getting the ankle to actually work well action, but the mental part was tough too. The fear of falling again, especially in winter. The coming to terms with the fact that I have an ankle that will never do what it could have done before… it’s broken, it’s pieced back together with a plate and screws.

Sharing my experience and infusing life and business together have absolutely helped me get good with all that! It’s like therapy, that pays me (nice or what)!

So… here’s a secret:

I’m telling you to build a business that gives you rewards like this, that keeps making you money even when you can do something like work only 30 minutes a week, that brings you so much joy.

You might wonder “HOW?” “how?” “Tell me how?!?”…

Three things were major contributors to my success during those times:

  1. Virtual Assistants – I had two incredible VA’s working for me at the time I broke my ankle and then when I had my daughter. I had made plans and set up systems for them to help me keep my membership group running so that my members could pay me month after month as I got through the hardest few months of my life (yes, baby #2 was way harder than baby #1).
  2. Affiliate Marketing – I am an affiliate for some awesome, awesome programs and those companies kept selling stuff while I was busy and I kept earning commissions on people I had already sent to them. I’m actually sharing which companies I work with, why and how I earn the money in my upcoming course Natural Affiliate Marketing.
  3. PLR or Private Label Rights – This is a hidden gem for those of you who don’t know about it! Private label rights content is content that you can buy, edit and USE as your own! You can give it away as list freebies, you can sell it, you can add it to a membership site, you can use it to create a video, or a webinar or a challenge. You can do anything (within the terms) you like with it!

When I had my daughter I used Coach Glue PLR… I’m actually writing up a short report right now that I can’t wait to share with you that details how Coach Glue Saved My Business during that time! I don’t know how I could have possibly kept my membership going and keeping a steady flow of cash coming in if I didn’t have their Teach Your Tribe content just for this purpose! I am now an ALL ACCESS VIP Member because I love, love, love Coach Glue so much.

So you see… life doesn’t have to take you out of the game.

Matter of fact not making money while you’re dealing with difficult times just makes it harder.

I STRONGLY encourage you to wrap your mind around this idea and EMBRACE it with all you’ve got… think about it now as you grow your new business or as you grow your existing profitable business! YOU CAN DO THIS… it’s not just for me, it’s for you if you want it.

Keep checking my emails… I’ll be sharing plenty more on PLR, affiliate marketing and creating a business that is so INFUSED into your life you don’t even think about not doing it, no matter what’s going on!

And in the meantime you should really go check out Coach Glue. The quality of their content is unmatched… I picked the Teach Your Tribe offering because it was so close to what I believe and would write it really felt like I COULD have written it! It’s not just for coaches. This content will work for anyone serving people in business!

You can find it here: Coach Glue Rocks

Let me know if you have any questions. Hit reply! I WILL answer 🙂



p.s. If you want a totally risk-free way to check out Coach Glue grab this free 5 Ways to 10X Your Business training.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy something then I earn a commission. It also means I can often get you good deals and it NEVER means you’ll pay any more than you would at the site. Affiliate marketing is pretty cool… learn more here. 😉

What You Believe Becomes Your Truth

It never fails to amaze me how much control we have over our lives, just through our thoughts.

I guess because there were so many years in my life where I felt lost, powerless and unable to make the changes in my life I really wanted to.

I don’t live in regret, at all, because every thing that happened in my life got me to where I am now.

But I no longer believe these things happened to me, I believe that everything in my life was a direct or indirect result of the thoughts I thought and the things I believed.

What You Believe Becomes Your Truth

If you believe the world is full of mean people, you’ll see mean people everywhere.
If you believe people with lots of money are greedy, you’ll see greed all over the place.
If you believe you can’t make a living on the internet, you’ll do everything you can to prove yourself right.
If you believe there are NO LIMITS in your life, you’ll live like the world is your oyster.

It’s not because you’re making it up. It’s because it’s ALL out there… good and bad. Success and failure. You have to pick which one you see because you’ll see whatever you believe in. That’s how our brains work!

You know this!

You’ve heard it before. We’ve ALL heard it before. And we believe it, for the most part.

But what happens is you sometimes forget to push your beliefs.
You get comfortable in how far you’ve pushed already.
You start to think that since you’ve already gotten so far, that’s as far as you can go.

And so you sit in your current situation. After all you DID break out of your older beliefs, you DID become an entrepreneur, you DID start making money on the internet when everyone else told you you couldn’t, you DID find your own clients and amazing followers who love you. You DID all that, what more could you do?

LOTS MORE. You can do lots more.

In 2013 I broke my ankle. If you’ve been with me a while you know this. If you’re new to my list welcome(!) and here’s what happened:

I was walking along the sidewalk, slipped on black ice and broke my tibia and fibula (those are both the bones in your leg). My leg was twisted at a 90 degree angle and it also tore just about everything in the leg as well muscles, nerves, broken blood vessels. Suffice to say, it was BAD.. very bad. That is fact. What I did with that fact, however, held me back.

In the years since as I recovered I was letting my mind control me in many ways. It was a struggle to go up and down stairs. It was a struggle to walk. It was a struggle to be active in ANY way at all. I got through it all, I thought I was doing good but I was really inactive. I knew it was time to push myself more.

So just this past August I joined a fitness Bootcamp. If you’ve heard of them they’re not known for babying you! They are 30 minutes of WORK.

The first thing I was told to do when I got there was run – WHAT?… (was my first reaction)… I don’t run. I broke my ankle. I don’t run.

But I ran.

I ran because it would be embarrassing not to do what they told me on the first day when I just paid them to tell me what to do lol.

I ran and suddenly my belief was broken.

My truth was no longer true.

And a few days later I jumped. Not much and for not long but I pushed my body up off the ground and let it land on that ankle I thought might split apart again or jiggy a screw loose that was holding my leg together.

I jumped anyway, and my leg stayed in tact.

Then I jumped rope.

And as I jumped a few jumps with that rope circling around me I had a few tears in my eyes.

I didn’t think I could run.
I didn’t think I could jump.
I didn’t think I could jump rope.

I was limiting my life by my beliefs and I had been proven SO WRONG.

I went home and I ran with my little Ella, because she loves to run.

And again I had proof that what we believe becomes our truth.

I also had proof we need outside forces to PUSH our truth, or we get too comfy in our own heads.

We need people who love their mission to help others, like Misty and the amazing trainers at the 10,000 Strong Bootcamp.

We need people who know what they’re doing and can show you it’s OK, you can DO IT and you can get AMAZING RESULTS.

Look… that’s me. I’m your lady for building a business and lifestyle of complete freedom. A Laptop Lifestyle.

I’m the one who’ll push you to do things you didn’t think you could do.
I’m the one who’ll cheer you on when you do them.
I’m the one who’ll gather other amazing, supportive, encouraging people to connect with (and I have).
I’m the one who’ll share my 18 years of experience with you, nothing held back.
I’m the one who’ll make sure you don’t get too comfy with those beliefs you call your truth!

So join me, join us… we’re waiting to welcome you to the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.



p.s. If you know it’s time to push your own beliefs and you are in the service-based business check out this free Charging What You’re Worth report from my friends at Coach Glue

Note: This post contains an affiliate link. That means if you click and buy I will earn a commission. It’s a great way for me to let you know about products and people I love, and you never pay more. It’s called affiliate marketing and if you’re not doing it in your business be on the lookout for more info on that soon!

Things you can’t buy.

For Christmas I finally got a new Fitbit Alta. I LOVED my previous FitBit and have been waiting for the holidays before I bought myself a new one. Well I didn’t have to because Matt bought me this one!

The thing is I know that just having a Fitbit isn’t going to make me lose weight. I know I’m going to have to MOVE, to get outside and walk or even clean this house (love that I can get motivated to clean when my steps are low).

One of the things I love the most about the Fitbit is the community of friends that show up. I love challenging each other and seeing how I’m doing compared to the person doing the best. I’m not a highly competitive person in the sense that I want to beat everyone but I love the push it gives me to see others doing their person best and see where I fall when I do the same thing!


But… it’s not going to happen unless I MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I know this.

I’m ready to MOVE.

But the tools, the community, the reminders to move they absolutely help!

There are lots of things you just can’t buy.

You can’t buy love.
You can’t buy respect.
You can’t buy loyalty.
You can’t buy faith.
You can’t buy motivation.

But all these things you can create, you can grow, you can be inspired by.

Since not having a Fitbit I have barely walked, sad to say. I know I need the motivation from others all working towards the same goal. I know how important that is to me for fitness and also for business.

That’s why when I got started online I joined a mastermind and training group. It helped me get inspired and motivated to build my business and grow my income and create this Laptop Lifestyle I live.

It’s also why I created my own mastermind group, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

I knew people needed something they can’t buy outright, but something that can be created, grown and inspired in a group of entrepreneurs who get together to build a community of people supporting each other, learning together and taking action on their dreams!

I am so PROUD and INSPIRED myself by this group of people who’ve come together.

So proud that I have decided to add a membership option so that anyone can join. You can now join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club for ONLY $37. This will get you the Regular membership that will include 100% original (written by me) training topics, an amazing community in Facebook groups and a weekly accountability and questions meeting. You’re going to LOVE the support, training, encouragement and more you’ll get from the group!

Get the details and join us here if you think this might be for you.

But… if you want MORE personalized help… if you think you need someone “by your side”… if you’d like me to be your “person” and answer all your questions anytime you want answer then I suggest you check out my Protege Program.

Right now until January 1st ONLY you can sign up and get my personal email coaching, instant messaging on Facebook AND you’ll get the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club VIP membership totally free. So right now you’ll get my coaching, help when you need it, an amazing community, training, weekly webinars… lots! Lots and lots of support because I want to make it impossible for you to fail if you use these things!

The bonus VIP membership goes away on January 1st and there are only five spots for new coaching clients (because I need to have time to work with everyone).

See what you think, let me know if you have questions and do act soon before this is off the table. Here’s where to go: Get Inspired Coaching & Business Support




p.s. One of the things we’ll be doing in January is talking about Giveaway Events to build your list. I’ve used these events to add thousands of people to my list! So you understand why I so highly recommend them. An easy one to start with is the Self Improvement Giveaway. I talked about this giveaway in a recent email I sent out… Read it here.

Note: This message contains affiliate links. That means if you do click on them and make a purchase I will get a commission on each sale.

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