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re: Business Mindset: I Can’t Help You

I just got back from Bootcamp. There I am… BEFORE my workout. Yep, I didn’t look quite as chipper after, lol! I draw a lot of parallels between the mindset needed to get fit and a business mindset.

You can’t help people who won’t help themselves, me included.

In terms of fitness, the Bootcamp instructors or fabulous owner can’t do a thing for me if I’m not willing to do for myself.

They can’t help me if I won’t pick up the kale (or something green, at least).
They can’t help me put down the chocolate.
They can’t help me if I keep believing I deserve to be fat.
They can’t help me if I refuse to believe I can have a rockin bod.
They can’t help me if I’m not willing to put in the stinkin work.
They can’t help me if I won’t show up to the classes.

Nope, they can’t help me.

Not unless I help myself.


This applies equally to business mindset.

I can’t help you if you won’t get the tools you need to succeed (website, email list, graphics, etc).
I can’t help you if you won’t ditch the complaints and negativity.
I can’t help you if you believe you just don’t have what it takes.
I can’t help you if you don’t even believe the “Laptop Lifestyle” is really a real thing.
I can’t help you if you won’t put in the stinkin work! All the stinkin work (for active AND passive income).
I can’t help you if you don’t show up.

Neither active or passive income cannot be earned passively. You know this. I know you know this because you know you’re not going to just read blog posts and then money will suddenly drop in your lap. You know you’re not going to just take a certification course and clients will bang on your door. You know you have to work. You’re smart. You’re capable. You’re awesome and you’ve got awesome things to share.

Yet… you’re human. Like me! (yay for humans!).

We have doubts. We have fears. We feel stuck. We feel insecure.

That’s ALL ok. This business thing is HARD.

It’s not a straight line.
It’s not perfection.
It’s not even close to perfection.

But the baseline is you have to be obsessed with the idea of succeeding.

I am not saying I only help robots. Nope. Humans only. Women mostly. Go-getters always.

There is no “if I succeed”.
There is no “let’s see if this works for me”.

There is only “HOW do I get this done?”
There is only “I’m 100% percent responsible for my results.”
There is only “I’ll do what it takes, not what I WISH it would take.” << hard one, I know!
There is only “NO plan B.”

A FAVORITE quote of mine from Will Smith along these lines is “There is no plan B because it distracts from plan A.”

All in.
Willing to get ‘er done.
Action Takers.
Results Makers.

These are the people I can help.
These are the people who help themselves.
These are the people who see results.

No matter if you work with me or not this is a reminder.

A reminder to check your business mindset, check your negativity, check your motivation, check your obessiong for results.

I’ve been on and off at the bootcamp.
I’ve believed in myself, and then didn’t.
I’ve shown up, and then didn’t.
I’ve eaten perfect, and then didn’t.

I KNOW it’s not easy. I know it’s not simple and I sure as hell know I’m not perfect. I’ve gotten where I am today in business not without lots and lots and lots of detours along the way. They are not excuses, but they happened and the only way I could have gotten here was to keep going, keep doing, keep being determined no matter what.

That is the mindset to show up with and to KEEP showing up with… because growth really is a never-ending, thrilling, rewarding and pretty awesome process.



p.s. Now that you know the description of the people I can and can’t help, I’d like to work with you! That is, if you fit the description of an action-taker, a results-maker, a no-excuses maker kinda person.

This is going to be for you if you do NOT use technology as a reason for your lack of progress, do NOT allow yourself to become overwhelmed with life things time after time and never make any business progress, do NOT have any interest in chatting and are ready to get right to work!

Yes… I’m being blunt because I don’t want you to waste your time or money on this offer if you’re just not there yet. Maybe you’ll be there later and that’s totally OK.

This offer is EXTREMELY limited.

It will be for five people only.
There is nothing like it that I offer right now.
I am only offering it the one-time, for now.

It’s also ONLY for the right people. If you try to squeak in and I find out you have some seriously stinky mindset habits then I’ll just shoot you back a refund because it just won’t work unless you’re ready to go with your business mindset and positive thinking.

So here’s the offer:

The Accountability & ACTION “Coach in Your Corner” Coaching Offer! 

I’m really excited to present you with the opportunity to have me, Angela Wills, as your coach for a full four weeks. This is short term coaching. Four weeks only and we are going to be focused on Accountability & ACTION (how did you guess ;)? )!

Here’s what you get:

  • One 20-Minute Coaching Call per Week – We will meet, make a plan for your next action steps and assigned tasks (based on what we agree on). You will be required to complete your tasks that week or forfeit the meeting until you do. They won’t carry on beyond the four weeks so this will be your “forced motivation” to get stuff DONE!
  • Daily Email Coaching – Throughout the week you can email me daily with questions you have or help you need. I’ll hold you accountable during the week and coach you through anything you need help with.
  • BONUS Business Branding Graphics Masterclass ($297 value) – You’ll also get free access to my newest coaching program that is starting on May 1st. Details here.
  • BONUS Coupon for one month free at Laptop Lifestyle Business Club ($97 value) – If you’re serious about ongoing accountability and action you’ll love joining my club. You can try out one month for free and if you decide to stay you’ll be getting new coaching programs, accountability and more every single month!

Add up all these pieces and you could easily get over $1000 worth of value from this coaching but I’ve not set the price anywhere near that, not even at half of that. Your investment in this coaching is a one-time $297 payment.

You get ONE MONTH of coaching. This is NOT a monthly commitment. This is four weeks only.

ONLY five spots available. No exceptions. I do not put spots on my calendar easily and you’re going to get one if you act fast. Can’t wait to connect with you!

Oh… want to here from one of my past clients? Tammy had so many nice things to say and she’s really rocking her business lately. Love seeing that after working with awesome people!

Don’t miss this chance to work one on one with me, for a focused period of time as we focus on improving your results. Looking forward to working with you. Sign up here.

Have I Ever Told You “my story”?

I’ve been doing quite a few interviews over the past couple of weeks.

First of all, I LOVE it! Someone tell me why I haven’t been doing this my entire online marketing career, will you? Seriously the interviews were like me chatting with friends and there’s nothing more enjoyable than a good chat with a friend.

Here are some of the people who’ve interviewed me recently:

In almost every interview I’ve gotten some form of the question: “So how did you get started?”

It really got me thinking back to my early days in business.

This year marks ten years since I quit my job to work full-time from home as my sole source of income. At the time that I quit I was a single mom, living in my parent’s basement apartment, working an afternoon shift at a factory.

I didn’t know a lot about business.  I had a terrible track record with jumping around trying to figure things out and not really getting ANY traction (unless you count building debt… I was getting good at that.. eeks).

One thing I knew was that I was beyond DETERMINED to have true freedom for my life.

I had decided when my son was four months old, in 2002, that I wanted to start my own business so that I could be home with my son instead of having to go back to work after a year and leave him for about 10 hours a day, every day, Monday to Friday. That just did not work for me! I was dreading it, even though I had about eight months left on Canadian maternity leave.

So I started my first business when my son was just four months old. I partnered with my dad and we started a business we called Rainkissed. We made handmade soaps, bath balms, lip balms and other bath and body products.

This is the business where I learned my first stages of e-commerce, shopping carts, list building and so many other marketing methods I STILL use today.  It was where I learned how to build a website that makes sales (and it was so THRILLING when sales started coming in from all around Canada and the United States!).

I had actually learned to build my first website in HTML back in 1999, for fun! A college friend passed me this sheet of HTML code and told me to go to Yahoo Geocities, get a free account and pop that code in. Voila! I had a very, very basic website that I then learned how to code, one little bit at a time, into a pretty cool website. I had a hobby site for the beaded jewelry creations I used to make at the time and I’ll never forget throwing a bunch of beads on a scanner bed and making the first website background image I ever used and coded all by myself.

Yes… I have a long history of being on the internet! I have ALWAYS been fascinated by the internet and the ability to connect with people anywhere in the world. It drives my business still to this day and serves me very well because I always remember my customers are people, not statistics.

So, back to how I got from there to here:

After starting the soapmaking business I kept at that for a few years. I struggled to get it into any kind of profitable situation with that business and eventually started trying new things. Then, I decided I couldn’t live with the lack of income my businesses were bringing in, my parents also had many “sit-downs” to tell me the same (and the debt I’d rung up was not going away) so I decided to go get a job.

By this time my son was around 3 years old.

I ended up at an automotive factory for an afternoon shift job even though I had a degree in Chemical Engineering Technology – Environmental. I took the job because it was close to home and at least cut off the daily three-hour commute to jobs in my field.

In 2006 I started a Virtual Assistant business. It was the FIRST business I had started where I saw an immediate profit. I was so thrilled to quit nine months later and walk off that factory lot for good.

That wasn’t it, though. I walked away from one thing I hated, right into a bit of a nightmare I’d created for myself.

Instead of one boss, I now had about 15!
I had NO business boundaries as I was just so excited to have a business.
I had not worked in any kind of lifestyle freedom and was working my butt off, day and night.
I had created a situation that was completely OPPOSITE to what I had wanted.

I had achieved my big dream: quitting my job to work from home BUT I didn’t know that wasn’t the whole thing until I was neck deep in it.

So I had to make changes. I had to work at creating the true lifestyle business freedom I wanted.

And I did!

Over the years I got smarter with taking on the right clients. I filtered and qualified until I worked with people I completely loved.

Over the years I raised my rates so I was earning more and more and getting leverage.

Over the years I started creating products so I could create more leverage by not always working dollars for hours.

And all that progress, all that working towards goals I didn’t even know I had at first, got me here.

To the point where I have complete and total lifestyle freedom.

I work when, where and how I want.
I work on only projects of my choosing.
I take time off whenever I want it.
I spend my time on things that bring me JOY and serve my people.

It’s the true Laptop Lifestyle and I don’t just do this to “get rich quick”…. hahahahaha! Did you just read my story? Right? Would it even be WORTH all that for a few quick bucks? I think if money was my only motivator I would have given up long, long, long ago!


My passion runs deep.
My need to help rings true.
My story is my mission.

I got to where I am because I went through what I did.

I run my own membership group because I want to provide the same support that got me through all those times where I had no fricking clue what I was doing! But also through the times when I DID know what I was doing and just needed to tweak things to make them better. I’m here to help those who are getting started and who are on their way, and just really know they deserve that complete freedom that you can totally have with this kind of business!

THAT is my passion. It’s my mission. It’s my goal every time I do an interview, write an email or create a piece of content.

The members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club have my biggest support and encouragement to do this thing! It’s not always pretty, it’s not always easy and it’s not always fun, even… but as a community, we do this together. I hope you’ll join us and create your total freedom like I did. We’re here when you’re ready


Let yourself want that thing.

Buying a new home was the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

And I didn’t think I could do it…

Up until then I was a single mom living in the basement apartment at my parent’s house running a small business.

My parents said they were going to be selling their house and they’d give me three years to figure out what to do. “Three years?!” I said “Give me one.”

So they did. And suddenly my boyfriend and I were living in our own home!

Ok… so it didn’t REALLY happen in and instant, but it sure feels like it looking back.

I didn’t think I could buy a house. We didn’t have the downpayment. I’d been notoriously BAD with money. I had no idea where or how to get approved to go looking for one. I didn’t think we’d get approved.

But a friend of mine said a simple.. “Just look into it!”

So I did. I asked around for referrals to real estate agents. Called them and they referred me to a mortgage broker. That was it. The mortgage broker told us we’d get approved, how much of a house we could look for and how much money we’d have to come up with in fees and other things.

The money we had to come up with was around $5000.

Again, no idea where we were getting $5000.

But suddenly we had a fire LIT to make it happen! And we did.

You can do so many things that you think you can’t, you just have to let yourself BELIEVE you can. The can’t part is YOU limiting yourself and your mind and stopping you from looking for possibilities and outcomes you don’t even know about.

So in that moment when my friend said “just go check it out”… I let myself believe “maybe this is possible?” and it was so damn easy it’s funny.

So today I want to encourage you to let yourself believe!

Here’s another example:

I always have said that I have no interest in travel. It’s just not “my thing”. I just don’t want to cause I like being at home.

Yet I’ve found myself looking at pics of Ireland and thinking how beautiful it would be to be standing there in the gorgeous landscape. I’ve found myself wanting to whisk my daughter off to Disney to bask in the joys of meeting princesses. I’ve found myself thinking maybe I would enjoy a little trip to see some world-wonder. I’ve found myself wanting to surprise a special someone with that trip to New York we’ve always talked about.

It was just fear talking and a poverty mindset holding me back from even WANTING to travel.

So now I’m a beginner traveller wannabe.

This year my vision board will have pictures of:

  • New York
  • Ireland
  • Disney

Does that mean I’m going to do them all in 2017. Maybe not, but maybe.

It means I’m creating a vision in my mind of the things I want to do. I’ll be doing that not just for traveling but for the life and business I envision for myself in the new year.

NOW is the time for that kind of planning.
NOW is the time to let yourself want whatever you want.
NOW is the time to create a vision board.

And we can do it together! I have the Vision Board Planning Workshop coming up and it’s totally free for you to join!

During this workshop we’ll cover:

  • What a Vision Board is
  • Why They Work!
  • Tools & Materials
  • Vision Board Creation Demo

We also have a facebook group for you to join – here.

Over the weekend I’ll be creating the email sign-up so you get all the instructions, prep materials list and webinar reminders if you want that, but in the meantime think about what you’d like to have on YOUR Vision Board and what things you have been telling yourself you DON’T want that you might just be afraid to admit you do.

Big Hugs! ♥



p.s. This is the FIRST in a series of webinars I’ll be doing for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club this month. The first one is free to everyone, the next three will be free to members or you can sign up for whatever ones you like (for a fee). More details on ALL the webinars coming soon!

The ONLY PERSON Who Can Help You.

There is only one person who can help you when it really comes down to it.

ONLY one person who will give you the motivation to take action.
ONLY one person who will know your market like no one else.
ONLY one person who will make you get up early to do the work, or stay up late when you’re tired.
ONLY one person who will FIGHT to make this happen when everyone says “GIVE IT UP ALREADY!”.
ONLY one person who cares as much as you do.

That’s YOU.

I’m here for you.
I’ll fight for you.
I’ll teach you.
I’ll train you.
I’ll answer your questions.

But I promise you NONE of that will matter one teeny, tiny bit if you YOU are not ready to do this for YOU.

YOU are the key to your greatest successes.

Training is absolutely helpful.
Coaching rocks.
A supportive community can boost you and help you grow.

But it all begins and ends with you.

And I KNOW it can feel overwhelming, frustrating, like you have no clue what you’re doing and like you got this ball rolling and you’re afraid of where it’s going and how fast it’s getting there…

Here’s a thought I had:

The only time all of this doesn’t feel completely overwhelming all of the time is when you feel it’s worth it.

I have all the same jobs to do as you will and I have to do them all the time, around a toddler, with pretty extreme fatigue (I need to go to the doctor), etc, etc, etc, but I LOVE doing them because they allow me to live the lifestyle I live. I also LOVE doing them because I love making a difference in people’s lives and I LOVE hearing about it when I do.

So… I gotta wonder if you’re just thinking all that work might not be worth it, like it won’t happen for you, too, or maybe you’re worried you’ll change your mind about the direction you’re going in?

People change their minds ALL THE TIME. I’ve created and sold off more “side-sites” than I can even count. And sometimes I imagine them becoming my NEW business because I’m somehow burnt out or tired of what I’m currently doing. Then I get excited about my business again and it’s all good.

You’ll learn best by doing.
You’ll grow more by stopping letting the fear control you.
You’ll get over technology by just doing what you need to for NOW, forget the rest of that shit till you need it.

Knowing WHAT you need starts with making a decision:

– I will sell an ebook for $27 about how to be an awesome VA.
– I will sell a 21 day facebook challenge for $47 on how to get clients on LinkedIn.
– I will sell a two week coaching program for BRAND NEW VAs who want to work with local businesses.
– etc, etc, etc

It can be anything but you have to just MAKE A DECISION and FOLLOW IT THROUGH.

Follow it through EVEN IF you might not get a sale.
Follow it through EVEN IF you have no idea (now) how to make it happen.
Follow it through EVEN IF someone else is selling it.
Follow it through EVEN IF you’re website isn’t ready.
Follow it through EVEN IF you’re frustrated (but really drop that like a hot potato because it’s stinking thinking).
Follow it through EVEN IF you don’t know where to start (seriously start ANYWHERE just start).

Read this post if you haven’t yet:

I really understand the impatience, the frustration and the wanting change now. USE THAT to take action now.

It was when I was at the absolute most frustrated that I finally really kicked myself into “I will do whatever the F*&K it takes” mode. That meant getting home from work at 1am, 2am or 3am and STILL working on my business for 1, 2, or maybe even 3 hours before going to bed, getting 4-5 hours of sleep and getting up with Hayden. I did that for about nine months. I was a ZOMBIE most days. I was not a great mom most days. But I knew for damn sure that I was NOT going to stay in that factory so I did what I had to to get the results I needed to quit.

You might be there now, you might need to get a tad (or a lot) more frustrated but whatever you do don’t give up and decide it’s not worth it.

Fighting with WordPress IS WORTH IT!
Spending 10 hours on a stupid-ass thing you thought would take 10 minutes IS WORTH IT!
Picking a random product to make and promote even when you have no clue what you’re doing IS WORTH IT!
Forgetting about steps, and plans and what needs to be RIGHT and just TRUSTING you’ll figure it out as you go IS WORTH IT!

But first, you need to GO. You need to step. You need to jump. You need to create. You need to offer. You have to.

No stress. You are creating that. You are pulling it forth by saying it. (Watch the Secret again 😉

Stress is a choice… do what is the least stressful and stop thinking you need to conquer WordPress. I promise you WP is now this BEAST in your mind and you need to forget that and just make a page, just do what you need to do. Stop thinking it needs to be gorgeous. It doesn’t!

Do you care more about your website being gorgeous than you do about moving out of your place? If NO then go with OK… I promise you the people buying from you DO NOT CARE. People CARE about RESULTS and what you can do for them. Deliver that with a decent enough offer and people WILL BUY.

No more thinking about what you didn’t, or couldn’t do… only what you CAN do next ok? Don’t focus on what you can’t make work, only what you can. I am here to help and there’s nothing about WordPress we can’t make work in one form or another…. do not be attached to the FORM part and just go with it.

Start simply… but start.










p.s. We welcome business owners who are ready to build incredible businesses into the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club! You’ll get the MOST out of this group if you are totally ready to accept the responsibility (and awesome challenge) of building your business into the ultimate version and dream of the life YOU want to build. See you there? 

This is something I don’t doubt…

I don’t doubt my message.
I don’t doubt the value I bring.
I don’t doubt the people I’ve helped.
I don’t doubt my ability to deliver.
I don’t doubt I’m on a mission of my lifetime.
I don’t doubt ME.

I used to… but now I don’t doubt.

I spent years struggling to find my “place” and now I know that it had so much more to do with the INTERNAL than it had to do with any external factors or business models.

It’s probably only been a few months since I really started to take Mindset and Self-Development seriously.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have “doubts” but my overall mission and message and purpose I am crystal clear on and I know why. AND (bonus)… I’m going to tell you both why and how.

If you’ve been watching me in the last little while and noticed something is different, you’re right. Something is VERY different about me and it’s internal. It’s been happening where nobody can see but it is being brought to your attention through the very different ACTIONS that internal work is resulting in.

And of course I like to share… I like to share what works, what flops, what is frustrating and what is absolutely amazing. This, my friends, has been an amazing transition and I know it’s ONLY the beginning. If you are on the cusp of personal change yourself you’ll be particularly interested in reading this because I’m sharing what I’ve been doing.

I watched The Secret. More than once. What is interesting is I had seen it before but this time I watched it from the perspective of someone open to personal growth and the difference was incredible.

The first time I saw extremely successful people who knew nothing about me and couldn’t relate to me in any way.
The second time I saw people, just like me, doing amazing things in the world and I really believed we were equals.

I watched I’m Not Your Guru. Some people really don’t like Toni Robbins but I really enjoyed this one. It just confirmed, again, how much we are all responsible for our own lives.

Both of these documentaries are on Netflix.

I read The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Here’s a little secret about me you may not know: I read VERY LITTLE. It’s not because I don’t believe in the merits of reading and expanding your mind but it’s more because I never took the time out of my obsessively working on my business to use a few hours to read a book. Well, my new coach Nicole Dean told me to read it, even before I hired her to coach me again. And this book… this book… wow! It has blown every idea I had about “the rich” out of the water.

It has opened me up to the idea and the feeling in my bones that, really, no one person is any better than me and I am no better than any one person. It also showed me all the ways I think that completely SABOTAGE my chances of EVER getting rich, because I never even believed it to be a possibility.

For one like even just saying “I want to be rich.” was a bad thing in my mind. Who wants to be rich? Really? Isn’t that greedy? Who needs that much money? I just need enough to get by and have a few extras, that’s all. Anything more than that would be completely superficial and materialistic, right? … wrong, Angela!

Being rich doesn’t have to mean anything you don’t want it to mean and it can mean everything you DO want it to mean. Money doesn’t change who you are… it just gives you more opportunities that you can’t have without it. And if anything you can be more of a selfless, giving, kind, compassionate and caring person with money because you can give more to those in need and make bigger impacts.

I hired a Coach. Well I guess you already know that if you read above but hiring Nicole as my coach has been an AMAZING decision for me. She’s keeping me accountable, I’m having big personal breakthroughs and I know she can see me through to some awesome milestones in my business. Having a coach or mentor on your side is just one powerful way to grow your business.

I joined a Bootcamp. A fitness bootcamp. Feeling the cells in my body fill with energy as I do things I never thought I could do is energizing, inspiring, motivating and brings a new life to MY life that did not exist before. Moving your body is so important and us home-based people need to really put in the effort to make that happen.

I decided to go ALL IN. You all know I’ve been rediscovering Mommyhood with my youngest child, who’s now almost THREE(!) and while I have been very, very busy with a little one in the house I have certainly been doing lots with my business. But now, I’m ALL IN. Every new course will be coming from ME, my experiences, my unique way of explaining things and giving clarity to what can be confusing. I won’t be basing any of my membership training or my coaching programs on any pre-written content or PLR… it will be all from me. I think this is HUGE re-commitment to my business in the fact that it will take more time but it will make me so very proud of what I offer and I will know it’s exactly what I want it to be for my people. I’m super excited about all this things, but this one especially.

I am so clear on where I’m going with my business, clearer than I have ever been.

I have no doubts I’m doing what I’m meant to do and am changing lives in the process.

I just love that this is my life and I get to help others do the same!

Obviously I can only help people who JOIN ME, who hear my message, believe in my mission and are willing to invest in themselves just like I have been willing to invest in me.

I have the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club open and ready for you… all you need to do is join here.

However, I know the investment isn’t a small one (and I know it’s SOOO worth the price) and I know some of you may want to check it out before committing to the required three months of $97/month payments.

So… I have a trial option that I’ve been testing out. This may or may not be around forever but it IS around right now. You can sign up and try us out for two full weeks for only $27. Included in that you get EVERYTHING you’d get as a full member (see join here link) and you also get a bonus personalized Website Action Plan ($97 value) for free.

Get your trial membership here.

My club is full of really awesome people. I love them. They are doing cool things and building strong businesses. They will answer your questions, connect with you, hold you accountable and so much more. I hope you’ll join us!

Talk soon,


Skyrocketing Your Self Confidence in Business

So you’re feeling unsure about yourself?
You’re worried you’re not ready to go to the “next level”?
You sometimes wonder if you’ll ever be good enough to have the success and wealth you’ve ever wanted?

I want to let you in on a little secret. I’m only just now, in this very moment in my time on earth, starting to feel like a truly confident person. Only just now. At 40.

Yet I’ve been running a business online in some form since 2002.

Call it being stubborn, determined, oblivious, whatever but it is what it is.

Yet, people still called me a success.

If you remember me over the years you’ll probably realize it wasn’t often I called myself a success, or really bragged on myself. Sometimes I’d SAY it because the words of others gave me enough confidence to believe it was at least partly true, but I almost never FELT it to be the full truth.

What is a success anyway? It’s really only defined in our each and individual minds.

I feel like this might be a bit of a rambly post ahead, but bare with me and there’ll be a point, I promise…

Just the other day I said this to a client:


It’s 100% true. I’m in a life-changing time right now I can feel it in my gut and in my entire being. I’m being shifted into a new way of being, doing and seeing the world. Everything is looking new and different.

I know that sounds dramatic. It is. And if you’ve followed me for any period of time you know I’m NOT about drama. I don’t say things I don’t mean and I am incredibly “flat” most of the time.

But right now, I’m so excited about life! For real.

A month or so ago my friend, mentor and coach Nicole Dean suggested I read this book:

T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

There is so much to this book and it’s literally changing my life.

The biggest thing I’m getting from it, though, is this:

I am no better than anyone else and no one else is any better than me.

I no longer believe that wealthy people are somehow being rewarded for being better, smarter, faster, taller, stronger, etc…

I now know that wealthy people THINK differently and have different habits than I do.  And I now know that the more of these habits I adopt, the more things happen in my own life. I’ve seen it again and again over the years I just didn’t realize it was what I was doing.

Just a few weeks of this mindset shift and I’ve been creating big shifts in my business and life:

  • I have more strength now than ever because I’m attending regular fitness “bootcamps”.
  • I am making more strategic sales and offers that make sense to my customers, creating clarity in my marketing that I KNOW will have long-term effects.
  • I am taking care of me, knowing that self-care is not selfish or frivolous… it nurtures my soul and builds my confidence.
  • I have done one of the most confident photo sessions I have ever done in my life, resulting in some incredible pieces of imagery that really represent me and my business.

I’m so darn excited about the photo shoot thing I can barely work today!

Well, I did work but most of it consisted of me editing and switching out my social media pictures for my new ones. Like this one on my facebook page @LaptopLifestyleBlogger:


My purpose in writing and my message to you today is this…

You don’t have to wait to start your business, sell a new product or step into the role of “coach, mentor or teacher” until you’re as confident as all the people you admire. You can do this, NOW, and then grow your confidence as you go.

I didn’t wait. I’m not doing too bad. Matter of fact I can’t imagine where I’d be right now if I HAD waited. I’m positive this business and these amazing people I know and the act of putting myself out there has been essential to the growth, development and confidence I’m currently experiencing.

Be Confident even if you don’t feel it fully.
Be a Leader even if you don’t know how.
Be an Inspiration even if you don’t inspire yourself.

Those things will come and it just might surprise you how fast they arrive.




p.s. I suggested you create that product or be that coach even when you’re not quite sure if you’re ready. I say if it’s something you want to do then just DO IT. I’d love to work with you to create your own coaching program through my upcoming Powerful Coaching Programs. You CAN step into the coaching role quickly and so much more easily than you know. I’ll guide you the entire way. Learn more here.

Irrational Fears in Marketing Your Business

You’re good at what you do, really good.

You know you need to promote it.

You know people NEED what you have to offer.

Yet, you have fears…

Fears people will think you’re a fraud.
Fears your product won’t be good enough.
Fears you can’t help people the way you said you can.
Fears someone will ask for a refund, and then someone else will.
Fears nobody will sign up for your email list.
Fears writing that ebook will be a waste of time.
Fears you’re not good enough.
Fears you don’t know enough.
Fears your website isn’t ready and people will never come back.
Fears that you have too many fears…

Maybe you don’t have ALL these fears, or all at once, but I bet you have one or two.

And the shocking news is this:

No matter how experienced you are, how many great things you create, how many products you sell, how much you know and how popular you are you’ll still have fears, doubts and worries about whether or not you’re doing your best.

It’s human nature!

Those of us who do stuff don’t have some kind of super-human power to have ZERO fears, ever.

We just feel our fears… and do it anyway.

After a while, you get OK with those fears, and eventually they get quieter and some DO go away altogether.

I used to fear people thinking me a fraud because I was living in my parent’s basement apartment while I built my business. Looking back on those years I know I was NOT a fraud, at all. I was a single mom who made the choice to build my business instead of work a crappy job that could afford me a crappy apartment. Instead, I took free rent and build an incredible lifestyle that not enough people get to experience! THAT is not a fraud. That is someone willing to sacrifice “the norm” to achieve what something is an impossible dream.

Look the thing about fears is that they are ALWAYS ten times worse in your head than they are in actual reality. How many times have all the things you’ve imagined might happen have actually happened? I’m willing to bet: never.

So… forget waiting for your fears to disappear. Fight those fears by staring them in the FACE and doing it anyway!


p.s. Why don’t we face your fears together? I know how incredibly important it is to have the support you need. When I was building my own business back as a single mom in my parent’s basement I sought out an incredible community just like the one I’ve created. Come see what it’s all about in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

This Affects EVERYTHING You Do…

img_20160908_211750“I’ve joined a bootcamp!”

I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Not “old me” anyway.

I’m out with people, many very fit, in person, sweating and working HARD and I LOVE it!

Over the years I’ve always had a hard time telling if I was introverted or extroverted. The tests that people post on Facebook confuse me. My love of being social yet complete aversion to groups of people confused me. The need to be around people, know new people and have deep connections and conversations confused me.

Now I think just recently I’ve had a total BREAKTHROUGH in my own understanding of myself.

It wasn’t that I’m so much more introverted (though I do think I am a little), it was that my self-confidence just wasn’t as high as it needed to be to thrive in these kinds of situations.

When I got started in this business I charged $5/hr! Yikes!

Yes, it’s true that was only a “trial price” and yes I still recommend that people use that tactic to get new clients in the door if they are brand new like I was.

The problem didn’t come in with my charging such a low rate, the problem came in with staying low afterwards.

I went from $5 to charging $15 and then eventually up to $25. But even at $25 I was working so hard for little money, certainly I wasn’t making the kind of money I heard about other people making and I wanting to be doing AMAZING not just OK.

My boyfriend even commented one night that I was working my ass off for less than I could be getting from welfare (after expenses and taxes) and he didn’t understand why I was doing it.

He was amazingly supportive all the time and he was just trying to protect me and my sanity so I get why he said that.

He didn’t get that even though I wasn’t confident at the time, I was determined.

Over the years my confidence grew, and so did my business.

I really WISH I’d known confidence was something you could work on and make better, just by thinking about it and putting your attention there. I’d have JUMPED at the opportunity to do that in a heartbeat if I could tell past me that was the smartest thing she could do.

You see confidence in yourself can literally define your actions and ultimately, your results.

Years ago I would never even imagine leaving the house in workout pants.

I just wouldn’t go.

There is no way I would be letting people see my non-perfect legs.

They will judge me.
They will think I’m fat.
They’ll say “what is she doing wearing that?”.

Who are they anyway and why do I care?

The other day I left the house in workout pants (ie. tight pants, not jeans that I normally wear) and went to my bootcamp then I even ran into the grocery store to grab some Almond Milk!

Pushing my comfort limits for sure!

No one turned their head.
No one stopped and stared.
No one made snide comments.

Everyone went about their business, of course!

I created that reality by being confident enough to step forward and do what I wanted to do.

Don’t believe for one second YOU can’t do the same for yourself.

Don’t believe that online, people can’t see a lack of confidence, either.

It eeps out of everything you say.
It comes out in the lack of sharing you do.
It shines through when you won’t even show your face.
It flows out when you undervalue yourself and your rates.

I’m still working on my confidence. I know nothing happens overnight.

That’s why I’m SO EXCITED to start The Confidence Challenge TODAY!
We will focus on Confidence in our weekly webinar meetings.It runs to the end of the month (with a prize for one lucky confidence builder)!

  • We will participate in The Confidence Challenge to boost our confidence and even maybe WIN a prize.
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I told her to shut up.

There’s this girl, she’s really mean.

She judges me.
She scrutinizes my every move.
She tells me my products aren’t good enough.
She tells me I can’t charge THAT much.
She tells me I’m not in league with THOSE marketers.
She tells me people leave my list because I suck.

That girl is me.


Well really, she’s that voice in my head.

The voice of doubt.
The voice of fear.
The voice of worry.

Well she doesn’t stay long AT ALL these days because I tell her to shut the hell up!

I tell her to shut up… and I do that webinar.
I tell her to shut up… and I write that blog post 😉
I tell her to shut up… and I launch that new thing.
I tell her to shut up… and I take that interview with that high profile marketer.
I tell her to shut up… and I walk on stage.

I could go on and on.

These days me and that girl in my head have a nice thing going. She gives me very quiet, non intrusive comments on a very infrequent basis and I do awesome things regardless of what she says.

She didn’t get quiet overnight.

It took practice.

It took amazing coaches who told me I was being ridiculous.
It took taking those first steps to put stuff out there.
It took clients telling me I’ve had a part in them changing their life (LOVES).
It took working on me, consistently, persistently, until I was in LOVE with me.

I don’t know what you think about me and my confidence but I want to assure you that you and I are probably so much more alike than you realize. I have struggled to put my stuff out there. Matter of fact there were a couple of years I was so paralyzed with fear over doing anything that I pretty much just read forum posts of how great other people were building awesome businesses, wishing it were me.

Then one day I had enough.

I knew I could make it happen for me.
I knew I had to go and get it.
I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight, but it was going to be WORTH IT.

None of that could have happened if I didn’t believe in myself. If, even for all the shouting that mean girl was doing, I didn’t have that shimmer of confidence deep down that was pulling me past all the negative thoughts I had.

I dug deep, created more confidence and I built a lifestyle that makes me SO proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. AND it makes me just want to do so much more, help so many more people and to tell ALL the mean girls (and boys) to shut the hell up!

That’s why I think The Confidence Challenge may be one of the most important programs I’ve ever offered.

It’s nothing techy like the WordPress Website Bootcamp I offer.

No, no techy here. Matter of fact many of the challenge items we’ll do starting on Monday might even seem completely unrelated to business at all.

But they are SO VERY related.

If you’re not in an atmosphere to thrive, that mean girl loves it.
If you’re not feeling confident in your own skin, that mean girl thinks that’s awesome.
If you’re not treating your body like the gift it is, that mean girl laughs like she knew you couldn’t do it.

You know you need to shut her up. You know she’s mean. Stop letting her treat you that way, right now!

I’d love for you to join us for The Confidence Challenge but even if you don’t please remember this message, take it to heart and know you have complete control over what you say to yourself. You’d never stand for anyone else talking to you that way, you’d shut them down almost immediately… so don’t let yourself do the same.

We will start with The Confidence Challenge Monday, September 12th.

We will focus on Confidence in our weekly webinar meetings.It runs to the end of the month (with a prize for one lucky confidence builder)!

  • We will participate in The Confidence Challenge to boost our confidence and even maybe WIN a prize.
  • We will meet on a Facebook Event to talk about each day’s challenge and check in when completed!
  • We will practice Confidence with our training guide, 21 tips list, worksheet and checklist.
  • We will learn Confidence in our live training webinar.

Are you ready to be more confident, attract more clients and be a magnet for more good in your life?! It works! Join us at the club here: Laptop Lifestyle Business Club

Non members can buy The Confidence Challenge for $47 here (includes Confidence training guide, 21 tips list, worksheet, facebook event participation, checklist and webinar recording).

Here’s a quick confidence tip: MUSIC! Listen to music that inspires you, lifts you up and gives you a positive message of confidence. My current favorite for this is this one:




p.s. This post was 100% inspired by the fabulous Nicole Dean of Nicole on the Net and in the Awesomization Challenge I’m taking part in this month!