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Sunday Business Planning Tips!

Every Sunday I try my best to plan out the week.

It’s not always easy in this hectic household. Right now I have a toddler running circles around the living room (literally) and a teen in the kitchen grabbing his (late) dinner.

Before I know it, the new week will be here!

Without a plan the week can come and go, wasted.

And… I’m debating going to the 6am Bootcamp workout session tomorrow, too.

So I plan.

I plan when I don’t *really* have time to plan.
I plan when it’s not the *best* time to plan.

A client recently asked me what I do to plan my week. I always figure when one person asks, others would be interested too, so here’s my step by step:

  1. Check My Calendar & Monthly Email Subject Spreadsheet – I need to know what personal things are coming up as well as business things so I set my priorities right from the beginning. I also check a spreadsheet I’ve created at the beginning of the month planning out my daily emails. This gets moved to the Daily Email Schedule.
  2. Write My To-Do List on a Clipboard – I’m using graph paper on a clipboard. Simple but effective. I set it up with four sections: 1) To-Do List for the Week, 2) Personal To-Do List, 3) Daily Email Schedule, 4) Daily Agenda
  3. Transfer info to my weekly planner. This is a new part of the process I”m getting used to. It feels a little redundant right now but I do love my graph paper so I’m not quite ready to let it go yet. But this year I bought Leonie Dawson’s Planner that fits in my purse! So I really need to get into the habit of carrying this baby around with me for any ideas or moments of inspiration/short work bursts while on the go:
  4. Send Accountability Email to My Coach – Every night I send an accountability email to my coach. She suggested we do this and it works so well I don’t ever want to stop!

And then, after that is done I try to find time in my week to make all these things happen.  My Monday and Tuesday and pretty busy and Wednesday through Friday my daughter is in daycare and I spend as much time as I can getting my work done then.

Well I hope that gives you a peek into how I do things and helps you create your own system.

Have fun planning!



p.s. While you’re planning you might as well plan it BIG! Here’s five ways to 10x your business over the next 90 days, free.

I Love This Business Planner!

It’s my third year in a row buying the Shining Business Planner from Leonie Dawson.

This year I decided to get the Shining LIFE planner, too, because as I always say in the Laptop Lifestyle business and life are all jumbled into one!


I love the planners because:

  • They are gorgeous! The love and care put into these planners is very obvious. Leonie is a millionaire business owner AND an artist. It’s like opening art every time you use it.
  • They are practical. The planners are created by someone who’s built a very large business and they are the real questions you need to answer to get to the next level.
  • They help you map out everything. It’s all included: financial, creative, family, what to do when everything sucks, bucket list goals, your dream day, self care and self love.
  • The workbooks are for your goals. They help you create a marketing plan, marketing goals, social media goals, customer goals, philanthropy goals. Goals, goals, goals!
  • The planners are for your weekly plans. Plus a yearly and monthly calendar overview, inspirational quotes, monthly and weekly income goals, weekly biz & life to do lists and more.
  • Nothing is left out!

These planners are not for someone looking for the “easy” way out. They are going to take work and a set-aside effort to complete! I fill out as much as I can and I don’t worry if I do it all perfect, that’s not the point. The point is to plan and create an amazing 2017!

Here’s a peek inside the workbooks:

Every year I’ve bought the PRINTED version because I am investing in the goal planning and setting of my business which I consider extremely important to my business success. Plus they are so huge I’m pretty sure printing them all would cost as much or MORE as having them shipping and then they would be so nicely bound and printed so beautiful and colorful as they are when they arrive on my doorstep!

Here’s a quick peek inside the planner:

December is the month for planning and all month long I’ll be doing planning webinars starting with the FREE Digital Vision Board Workshop.

It’s the time of year when it’s really important to set your intentions for the new year and PLAN what you intend to do. I used to be a proud “fly by the seat of my pants-er” but I know that making plans allows me to be so much more effect and reach higher goals than possible if I just make things up on the fly.

That’s why I’ll be intensely setting my goals all month and working through the workbooks and using the planner. When the planners arrived I was so excited I decided to do an unboxing video… it’s kinda long but if you want to see everything that was included along with my commentary here’s the unboxing of my Shining Business & Life Planners:

If you decide to buy up these planners do let me know and come share your pics in my (free) BADASS Boss Moms group! We’d love to hear what you come up, how you get inspired and what amazing things you’re planning for 2017…

Talk soon,


p.s. Yesterday I told you about the 12-Days of Deals from Coach Glue. Today’s deal is the Facebook Ads Challenge. This is a huge 4-week program you can use to trail your people to be facebook ninjas and it’s $200 off today only (after that it goes back into the VIP member vault): Facebook Ads Challenge Deal

This is passive income…

A week or so ago I wrote about the three types of online income as I see them.

Of course everyone perks up when you mention PASSIVE INCOME.

It’s the income you get while you’re sleeping, out to dinner, spending time with a baby, while in labor having a baby (yes, this happened).

This morning I went to bootcamp, the grocery store and came home to Matt and Ella watching Pete’s Dragon so I sat and watched the ending with them.

During the time I did those things I had the following emails come in:


These are all passive sales coming in this morning!

One for $83.50, One for $48.50 and One for $13.50…

Not bad right?!

$145.50 from work I did months or YEARS ago!

I first promoted Coach Glue in 2013 and I STILL make money from the efforts I put in back then. Now the smart thing to do is to keep promoting something that works so I still do new promotions so I can multiply my efforts.

Affiliates for my program see these kind of passive sales, too. I have some affiliates who haven’t promoted in a LONG time still getting paid.

Of course I intended to get them motivated with my affiliate contest!

This kind of passive income doesn’t just happen. I had to be very purposeful about the things I chose to do with my time over the last few years, VERY purposeful as some weeks I literally worked 2-5 hours when my daughter was first born three years ago.

These days I’m working much more, maybe 15-20 hours a week or more. Come the new year I’m adding a new daycare day and it will be more. But even then I’ll continue to work on my passive AND recurring income.

Recurring Income:

So I have the $145.50 in Passive Income.

I also had $194 in Recurring Income in my PayPal before I got out of bed!

In total that’s $339.50 in income without doing a single thing TODAY to make that happen.

This is the beauty of the Laptop Lifestyle.

This is what I work for every day.

This is why I’m so passionate about what I do!

What Is Your “Vision”…

Making money is good. Awesome. Amazing. But it’s not what motivates most people. The true motivation is what can be DONE with that money.

Of course we all have dreams of what we’d do with money, or extra money:

  • Buy a new car.
  • Move into a bigger home.
  • Get great Christmas presents for everyone.
  • Going for a massage.
  • Taking a trip to Ireland.

Ok, ok, that’s my wishlist 😉

But the point is that’s a VISION. It’s a greater goal than just “make money”. You decide what you’re willing to work for and then you work for it.

That’s why Vision Boards are so motivating and THEY WORK. Because we can get truly excited about visualizing and seeing the things we want in our lives as if they are true.

I’ll be showing you just how I’m creating my own Digital Vision Board in the Vision Board Workshop Here… I invite you to register and watch it for yourself!

You’ll get access to a facebook support group, webinar training, a pdf download training AND Vision Board Template images!

Sign up here and learn to create your own Digital Vision Board. It’s Free 🙂




P.s. If you’d like to hear more about Natural Affiliate Marketing you can sign up here! Training starts February 13th!

Making my goals “stick”…

My friend Vera Raposo asked if I’d like to do a Cross Blog Conversation with her and since I had no good reason to say no, of course I said yes ;).

What that means is we have a conversation of sorts, on our blogs.

Vera started and you can read the first post on her blog here. Vera and I haven’t only met online, we’ve met in person a number of times and have known each other only over 10 years!

I’ve always really enjoyed conversations with Vera, especially when shared over a laugh and a bit of mystery spicy ketchup (you’ll have to read her post to hear the whole story lol).

We decided for this cross-blog conversation to keep it simple, pick one topic and casual/conversational.. So here goes:

Hey Vera & Congrats!

Hey I just wanted to say I’m so proud of you for getting your book on the cusp of release. Now push it out there 😉

Seriously though it’s really cool that you’re getting that done and it’s definitely something on my “one day” list.

I was looking around your book page and I noticed you also have an audio version there, free? Will you take that down when you release the book?

Also I’m totally curious what happens AFTER the book is released. I know you may not have it all worked out or may not be ready to share your whole game plan yet but do you have ways you’ll pull the message from the book into your business, marketing and new products?

Vera you asked me what I’m working on…

The answer is almost always: “everything”


It seems there are NEVER enough hours in the day, days in the week or even weeks in a year. The time is going SO FAST! I can’t even believe my baby girl is turning three in January and January is like a BLINK away.

So here’s a list of SOME of the things I’ll be working on from now till the new year:

  • Getting ready to release a really awesome deal for Black Friday.
  • Updating and promoting my personal coaching program.
  • Polishing up my Affiliate Program and reaching out to affiliates.
  • Doing my regular daily “money tasks” that I ALWAYS bug my members about.
  • Promoting my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club as always!

I’ll release new stuff come January but from now until January I’ve got lots on my plate.

One other thing I’ll be doing is sharing my Sticky Note UNStuck Planning method and doing my own New Year Planning ritual where I print out a year’s worth of calendar pages from Google, grab my sticky notes and get to putting dates on there of things to do, create and achieve in 2017!  I LOVE that you picked a date for this and I’ll do the same: The weekend of December 10th will be my Sticky Note Planning Weekend 😉

OH – and all through December I’ll be working on the Life and Business Planners I have arriving from Leonie Dawson… can not wait to get my hands on those.

I am really happy with 2016. I had picked a word, “STRONG”, for the year and I think I’ve become strong in surprising ways this year.
I joined the Fitness Bootcamp 10,000 Strong just a few months ago and my muscles are starting to pop = strong.
I also have made huge strides in my mindset and the strength and confidence is coming through I know it = strong.
I just keep getting clearer and clearer on my business and brand and am attracting the right people = strong.

So Vera I think we’re going to make 2017 a GREAT YEAR.

It starts with planning but it also takes ACTION and I know we both can do that.

Talk soon!



Did You REALLY Promote That?

So… you have a product or service you want to sell.

You have an email list.

You have a website set up.


You’ve got the right pieces in place and that is something to be proud of. You launched your product and then… nothing. My question to you is:

Did you REALLY promote it?

I mean, did you promote it until you couldn’t promote it anymore? Or did you promote it just the once, or twice, or three times?

You see many people are sky at first, thinking they don’t want to bug their list or their social media following with too many emails or offers about the product. So they put it out only once or twice, thinking the people who really need it will buy it.

That’s the wrong way to do this!

Here’s what really happens when you don’t promote enough:

  • People don’t see it – Not all your email subscribers open every email and even when they do they often SKIM the email and quite likely miss important info, or get distracted by one of a million things mid-email.
  • People want it, but are busy – Some of your people might want what you are offering but they just don’t have time at that moment so they count on you to send lots of reminders (but you don’t and they miss the opportunity to buy).
  • People need more time – They might be interested but need to wait until payday and then payday comes and they forget because they didn’t get your reminders.
  • People need more info – You need to send many different angles on the same topic so that people get all the info they need to decide if the product, training or service is right for them.

There are times when your product or service just won’t hit a need, this is true, but there are other times when you just may not have told people enough times for them to jump on board. Don’t let this happen to you after all that hard work to get your offer out to the world.

When I release a product here are just some of the ways I will promote it:

  • Write blog posts – These help for immediate reading and also can attract people through the search engines and over time. They are also something I can pull up in the future when I promote the same product again.
  • Email my list – Of course I want my subscribers to know what I’m offering!
  • Share on social media – I might share my blog posts, tips, upload teaser videos straight to Facebook, etc. Also I like to ask questions and see what people are needing in my facebook groups and on my page.
  • Ask affiliates to promote – If you have an affiliate program don’t forget your affiliates! They are often looking for ways to earn extra income and you just might email them at the perfect time.

So I talked about how you should use different angles for the same product messages. Just in case you need an example let’s take my own Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I don’t just email every day telling you to join the club because it’s awesome (and yes, it IS awesome). I’m emailing you tips like this one, I’m emailing you inspiring messages, I’m emailing you WHAT the Laptop Lifestyle means to me and I’m giving you all kinds of value and then inviting you to become part of MY TRIBE by signing up and making use of this incredible resource.

Kinds of emails I might send in subject lines might be:

Those are real blog posts and emails by the way 😉

It takes a lot of thinking, effort and creativity and there is no real blueprint I can give you. What I CAN do is assure you the rewards of building a following and creating content of value continue on long after that initial effort you put in if you keep consistently providing that value!

Example: Just yesterday I had a client tell me I played a big part in the fact that she’s stepping out and doing the incredible life-changing things she’s doing for her people. She’s been watching me for years and is inspired by what I do. THAT makes all the hard work worth it. It’s that ripple effect that I LOVE to see happening as a result of my hard work!

You can do this! Dig deep. Provide Value and for goodness sake make sure people KNOW about that awesome product you’ve got to offer them. Ok? 😉


How to Write a Sticky Note Business Plan

I recently got an email from a potential client that was all too familiar. She had spent lots of money on courses and materials to learn to get a website up, do email marketing, social media and all kinds of things. However, she was still frustrated, wasn’t making money and didn’t know what to do next.

I’m going to tell you a secret: I don’t know what you should do next, either. I don’t even always really know what I should do next!

Ok that’s not really a secret but it’s a very common misconception. The misconception is that those of us who are making money have ‘figured it out’ and that we ‘know exactly what to do’. The fact of the matter is that a product can sell awesome one month and tank the next and you might never know why. A product you think is going to be a hit might totally bomb and one you think will bomb is a hit.

The key – getting stuff out there. Often. Repetitively. Many Times. Forever.

The challenge – knowing what to do on a day to day, hour to hour level.

That’s where business planning comes in. If you take the time to look at the ‘big picture’ then the smaller picture just falls into place.

Why You’re Stuck and Planning Nothing:

I know exactly what you’re thinking. You can’t plan! You don’t know what to sell. You don’t know what’s going to sell. You don’t even know what people really want.


I’ve been that way too and I’ve talked often on my blog and in my newsletters and even recently on my podcast about ways you can sell your product without taking a huge risk because you sell it BEFORE you even create it.  So wipe that ‘sticky spot’ off your list.

I can hear you saying but you can’t plan because you don’t have your website ready yet. Your marketing funnel isn’t in place. Your graphics designer doesn’t have your ‘brand’ just right yet. OH give it up now! I’m sorry but these are ALL just ways you’re stalling yourself from getting out there because if you knew what I know you’d know that NONE of those things are as important as immediate, often and swift ACTION. You can always fix those things ‘later’, after you make some bucks.

I know what else you’re thinking… You can’t plan right now because a family member is sick, you’re about to have a baby, you broke your leg, yada yada yada. Look, these are real issues and all issues I’ve faced in the last little bit myself. The fact of the matter is there will always be LIFE happening. You’ve got to take the reins and decide you’re going to keep running your business around the things that happen so that you CAN afford to take time off for the things that happen.

Now – I hope that’s a good enough pep talk for now. Let’s get to basis of the ‘Sticky Note Unstuck Method (TM)’ I’m about to share with you:


The Sticky Note Unstuck Method (TM)

Step 1 – Print out your calendars. Use Google Calendars, they let you print off by the month easy peasy.

Step 2 – Gather your highlighters and sticky notes.

My absolute favorite sticky notes are these ones:

They’re kind of essential to the process because those arrow notes fit great on the calendars and you can use them to color code your goals and activities.

Step 3 – Lay out the calendars.

Step 4 – Plan!

Give this whole process at least a few days. It’s amazing the things that will come to you as you drift off to sleep or while you’re driving in your car if you give this process time.

As you fill out the calendar focus the most on the next three months (by the way NOW is the perfect time to plan those last three months of this year). Those are the most ‘solid’ in your current agenda and most likely not to change. I highly recommend you create plans for the rest of the year but be well away that you’re going to need to revisit the calendar and firm up those ideas so you can take action on them.

Step 5 – Once you’ve given yourself enough time to really plan out a large portion of your year, it’s time to turn that into a weekly plan you can actually DO. So I like to move my sticky notes from my calendar right onto my weekly agenda. The agenda, by the way I bought at Dollarama and it looks like this:


I’m almost run out of this one and they’re out of those you see above at the dollar store so instead I’m going to grab myself THIS really cool looking planner:

Once you set out your week you’ll want to commit to setting up your goals and to-do list daily.

For a while I tried doing this first thing in the morning but I found that it wasn’t long enough to really be sure I was choosing the BEST tasks for my day. So my preference is last thing at night to plan my day the following day. It then can sit in my sub-conscience all night while I sleep and then when I wake up in the morning I might have a better way or something that I know will be the best task for the day.

Of course you can’t do everything on track, all the time. Here’s me writing up my daily list from the coffee shop after dropping my daughter off at daycare:


Over the years I’ve figured out some of the best tools for this job. I prefer gel pens because they write so smooth. I also think the arrow sticky notes like the ones you see in the pics above are a MUST. Then of course the grid paper and clip board. Here’s a bundle I created for you from Amazon to make it EASY to pick up the tools you need to get your Sticky Note Planning DONE:

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”sticky_notes_001″ layout=”grid” columns=”2″ custom_title=”Sticky Note Planning Bundle” custom_buy_button=”Buy bundle” custom_cta=”Buy together now for:” target=”blank” ]

Why I LOVE the Sticky Note Unstuck (TM) Method:

I tried for years and years to ‘plan’. I was told how important it was and I knew it. I was very much a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl and I knew it was to my detriment.

So one day I finally pulled out all the sticky notes I’d bought over the years and started planning. What I just love about it is that you can brainstorm and visually see your plans as they are created. I can’t work in a rigid format and writing something down before I know where it fit didn’t make any sense to me. Now with sticky notes I can easily thrown something down initially just to get it out there and then move it around as I figure out where it goes.

Now It’s Your Turn:

A weekend is on it’s way. I find that’s the best time to do this kind of planning..
Will you plan?
Will you make a commitment to get this DONE? Go grab yourself some highlighters, sticky notes and a weekly planner and make me proud!
You can do it 🙂





pssst. My Sticky Note Unstuck Planning Method training is a free bonus for all members of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. It includes a training video, checklist and guide. It’s an instant download when you become a member.

Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #7: Don’t Spend, INVEST.

I got an email from someone who was really frustrated with people selling marketing services and training, people like me. He said that the free resources and advice I was offering wouldn’t help him and he was very concerned that most of the people out there (people like me) were laughing all the way to the bank.

This is not the mindset you have when you INVEST in your business. This is the mindset you have when you’re hoping to SPEND yourself into profit!

Please here me now: It does not work that way. You can’t throw money in and get profit out. If it were that easy literally everyone on Earth would and could do it.

One of my comments in reply to this gentleman was “don’t worry what they do with the money because you’re off making your own”.

He just did not have a business mindset. He was looking at that money as all out the door, wasted, done!

Money is only wasted if you get no value, no joy or no RETURN on that spend.

In business, we’re looking for Return on Investment, ROI. That won’t just happen. You need to intentionally buy with the purpose of earning your money back, again and again and again.

Ways you can invest in your business (and I’ve done in my own):
Conferences where I’ve met clients and affiliates who’ve earned me back the cost of attending.
Courses where I’ve applied what I’ve learn and earned multiple times the cost of the course.
Memberships where I’ve worked with the members, the owner or been hired by them to do work.
Software that you apply to your business and it earns you money.
I have so many real examples of this!

I met a client of mine at a conference sometime around 2009 and she has been buying from me ever since!

I’ve taken courses and taken action on those courses to earn much more than the cost of the course. A recent example is Alice Seba’s Content Cash Flow; I took that and created TEACH WordPress which has earned me many times over the cost of the course.

As I mentioned memberships have generated me thousands of countless dollars in return!

AND software… Don’t get me started on the number of people I hear say that they can’t afford the $20 it costs for Aweber Email Software. Really? $20?

If you don’t have $20… sell something in your house on craiglist (or kijiji in Canada). If you don’t have $20 ask your mom. If you don’t have $20 borrow it. If you don’t have $20, get a client, charge them $100 and then you have FIVE months of $20 for your email software.

The reason people say they can’t spend $20 (and if this is you please read carefully) is because they don’t BELIEVE they’ll earn that back. The whole point is to earn that back and then a whole hell of a lot more. Maybe you need to float it for a few months but seriously if it takes you more than three months then you REALLY need my Predict Your Profits course more than you know because you are not focusing on the money goals!

I spend $50 per month on Aweber and I’m HAPPY to hand that over knowing my email list is a essential part of my Laptop Lifestyle.

INVEST in your business, don’t spend.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not JUST a mindset thing. You’ve got the mindset plus taking action, doing things. Apply this to EVERYTHING you think you need to buy and you’ll find yourself buying less and taking action much more often in business. Don’t buy it unless you intend to MAKE that return happen, even if the course itself is CRAP.

Let me repeat that… Even if the course sucks you can earn your money back. Look if you buy a course on Facebook Ads that tells you almost nothing, guess what? You can still earn money because Facebook Ads work… consider that money you paying to get yourself motivated to take action and get it DONE!

Now of course my programs are NOT crap, that’s really, really good and I know it. I know it because my clients get results. I know it because my clients make money. I know it because they come back and buy again. I know it because I get raving testimonials without EVER asking anyone for testimonials (that is a huge highlight of my business by the way).

So there you have it. Along with my email about focusing on the money this could be one of the most important tips I send you. If you know how to invest in your business and focus on making money then you’ll be in profit. If you’re in profit you’re helping people, you’re supporting your family, you’re getting more choices to live life the way you want and you’re truly on your way to living the Laptop Lifestyle!

I’m SOOOO excited for you. If you’re getting this and loving this info I know you’ll get even more value if you INVEST in my workshop. Or better yet, join my membership and get countless value in the courses (all of my courses) and the people you’ll meet.

I’m always looking for new ways to connect members and I’m looking forward to welcoming you !


To your success,

Angela Wills, Founder


Spring Cleaning Your Business

I’m doing what I can only think to describe as “bounce blogging” on two totally unrelated sites, this marketing site and my fitness blog.

What I mean by bounce blogging is that I’ve been taking one topic and bouncing it back and forth between two sites. First I posted about my office in a bag here on Marketer’s Mojo, which led me to think to add a post on Angela Wills about how I was working on completely clearing out my closet and updating my wardrobe and now I’m BACK on Marketer’s Mojo to talk about Spring Cleaning but not my closet… Spring cleaning out my business!

Moving Hosts & Updating to VPS

I made a BIG move. A move I’ve been wanting to do for at least a couple of years but have been VERY hesitant on.

My hosting has been with Bluehost since 2008 and over that period of time I’ve compiled a massive amount of files and digital “mess”. It’s just a lot of stuff that I want to go through before I delete to make sure I’m not deleting something I really need. Before I get to that job, I first wanted to move my entire site and files to a new host, MomWebs, and sign up for a VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server.

VPS hosting means that your website is on it’s own computer, a “server”, and it’s not shared with anyone else. That creates much greater security than the “multi-domain hosting” that it’s great for a starter website. I found out just after I got my site moved that I was using 64% of the shared hosting resources and I was sharing that server with 3,000 other people! Wow, right? I know this is kinda geeky/techy but it’s interesting to know where your website lives, right? just a little?

Anyway I decided it was time to make the move. I was quite nervous about moving all my WordPress installs and most of all my installation of Amember, my shopping cart. I can’t say enough good things about the amazing patience of the support over at MomWebs, where I moved. They were able to help me through the move and do most things I would in no way be able to do. Everything went mostly smoothly. Amember broke, which I suspected it would but the important part was that we worked together (me contacting Amember support) to get it back up and running very quickly!

Phew… Spring Cleaning Task #1: Move Hosting is done … CHECK!

Clear Out Email Marketing Software Aweber

The second place I decided to tackle for spring cleaning my business is my Aweber email lists.

Between customer and subscriber email lists I had 28 lists. 28 lists! That’s kind of like having 28 closets filled with different clothes and then expecting you’ll have any idea of where anything is or how you’re going to use it. It was just too much. Too much to manage. Too much to use. Too much.

So I’ve consolidated down to two main lists: One for customers and one for leads.

Then I do have a small few special customer lists to send specific emails to:

  • The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club + so I can send weekly webinar notices and other important updates.
  • My Protege Program clients.
  • The current coaching program TEACH WordPress which I’ll move to the customers list as soon as we’re done.

So what I did tonight was go through and merge all these lists. What I have yet to do is set up the new “Campaigns” feature to account for the autoresponders for each of my courses. Now when someone signs up to my course I’m going to invite them to receive course emails by signing up for the Campaign for that list.

Phew… Spring Cleaning Task #2: Merge Email Lists is done… CHECK

Now there’s definitely more to do to get my business entirely Spring Cleaned!

Here are some other things on my agenda:

  • Unsubscribe to a ton of email lists to reclaim my inbox (this needs done once every few months or the inbox gets full of marketing emails).
  • Clear any outdated info on my website off the site and update any old blog posts.
  • Update my course delivery areas and clean up anything not in use/outdated.
  • Clean off my computer DESKTOP… eeeks (you don’t even want to know).

So as you can see like many I don’t have everything flawlessly together, organized and perfect. That, however, doesn’t stop me from building my business and earning my full time living from part-time hours! I love that I get to call this work because it really feels like play every single time I get to do it.





p.s. I’ll leave this post today with a bit of homework for you. Take action on this and I’m positive you’ll feel “lighter” about keeping your business organized!

Your Homework:

Do some business spring cleaning! Here are some ideas:

Clean up your hosting files.
Clean off your computer desktop (virtual).
Clean off your desk (physical).
Clean up your email lists.
Sort and clean up your inbox. Unsubscribe from things you don’t need.

Or come up with your own! Comment below if you’re in 😉

Business Coach or Highly Paid Cheerleader?

I’m seeing a disturbing trend in women-owned businesses and I wanted to issue you a word of warning…

Here’s what I see:
There are women starting up NEW businesses as business coaches. They just decide… “hey, I want to coach women in business”. I kinda get that and I’m not even saying there’s anything wrong with it. Maybe you have a skill that can REALLY help business owners. Maybe you know something they don’t. Maybe you can move them past an obstacle or help them break through to a new income level.

Six Figures FAST?

Look if you’re going to tell me you’re going to coach me on how to earn six figures then you damn-well better know a lot about how to get there, and I mean a lot. I saw something yesterday that really bothered me. I saw a lady posting that she was going to get to six figures in X amount of time and THEN she was going to immediately start charging people a five-figure amount to learn her system for same. She’s not the only one I’ve seen teaching people how to get to six figures, of course, but this one stood out because it seems like a business that is perpetuating itself to that goal. Business should be about so much more than getting to that goal of six figures.

Plus, do you really need to pay a lot of money to learn that model?

Cause here it is:

Charge people $2500 for a four week one on one coaching program. Get four clients a month. Boom! Six figures plus a year. 

Look… I’m not knocking getting to six figures either. It’s a big goal for a lot of people but what’s behind that goal is so much more important!

I checked out this lady’s page and it’s like many others, like MINE even, in that it talks about the freedom of working from anywhere and doing what you love.

My big problem with programs like this (not just this one and maybe not EVEN this one as I don’t know what she’s teaching) is that are you REALLY building a business if you start a business teaching people to find clients at $2-3k per package and then just teach them to ALSO find clients to pay $2-$3k per package? It just feels like some sort of big pyramid of people paying people to me?

Where’s the PRODUCT?

Yes, service IS technically a product but when it’s the ONLY product and it’s the thing being sold as the thing to sell then it just seems very shallow to me. Does it turn over the big bucks when you position it right? Sure, but does that make it right? I’m not so sure….

At that point what you’re really selling is motivation. Of course people can and will pay thousands of dollars to be motivated but do we need a whole industry teaching people to do so and labeling it as business coaching? I say if you want to be a motivational coach then you’ll figure that out… you don’t need a BUSINESS coach to tell you it’s your sure-fire way to a super-fast six figures. UNLESS you’re ONLY about the six-figures and that’s just kinda sad.

I’m calling foul on any business who JUST wants to open a business to be a coach who makes six figures. I’m calling foul because business is SO MUCH MORE than that! It’s not just a means to an amazing lifestyle… the lifestyle is the REWARD for serving people in a most awesome way and that’s a very important thing to remember.

Please, please, please don’t let the pretty webpages, super-cute fonts and perfectly photographed people decide the business for your heart. That is something for your heart to decide, ONLY.

This is the reason why I only pick up with people who know their own path, or at very open to working on it themselves, in my own business membership group. I don’t tell you what business to pick or even how to pick it because I believe everyone arrives there in their own way and time. I NEVER promise you’ll make any amount in any amount of time. That’s all on you and you need to dig deep for that motivation (I know, and I know how fleeting it can be I’ve been there).

Could I do what I see in this trend and make a fast six figures myself? You bet your pants I could!

Yet here I am charging only $1497 for a whole year of mentoring with me. A whole year! For mentoring with someone who makes her full time income from part-time hours doing what she loves, when she loves to do it (or when the toddler lets her lol). Regardless I could be charging $14,970 for the same and I could pump up the push to big income while having my own BIG income to back it up.

Heck maybe I even should because I’ve got 17 FREAKING YEARS online and 8 FREAKING YEARS as a full-time online entrepreneur. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to get people on the phone and tell them business is all sunshine and rainbows and they just need to go get ’em. Sorry, that’s not my gig. I’m also not only five months into the business (original poster started in November) and ready to take the responsibility of taking on $10k clients. That just hit me as all kinds of wrong, I’m sorry.

I’m also just a little concerned about posting this rant. Concerned because I don’t want the person who’s ready to be a coach, or the lady who wrote the post who inspired this, to read my words and consider them an attack. They’re not. They’re a loving and gentle push to really think about what is it you want from your business, to really think about what will motivate, inspire and move you to be of the most amazing service to your clients.

I’m also not knocking business coaching. I know some amazing business coaches (I call myself a “mentor” because coaching is not my style) who have many years of experience and results to back them up. I know there are some BIG names in this industry who I’m sure are also amazing business coaches.

What I’m asking is: Where are the women who want to build a highly successful business based on a passion they have? Build something real. Something solid. Something UNIQUE that only YOU could create. Something that not only helps people but is an extension of the natural talents and abilities you already possess!

I know there are so many amazingly awesome, strong, smart and uniquely talented business women out there (many more than I could remember or hide links to in this post ? ). I’ve worked with so many of them over the years and mentored or coached with many more. I salute them all with the highest respect! It’s NOT easy to balance a successful business, family, a household and whatever else you have on your plate.

OK? We cool?

And of course I’d love it if you’d join me to do so as a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club (use coupon code: mojo). I’ve got the lifetime membership on right now that I just popped open on Friday. I’ll keep it open until this Friday open so you have a few days to decide but please do take a look as this is a serious offer for personal attention and mentoring through my programs and my active facebook group.

Regardless of what you decide please do not get sucked into money-promises. They can be tempting. The lure of a beautiful life can also be tempting. Those things can be achieved through your strength and passion and then they will be all you and you’ll be so very, very proud of what you’ve achieved.

Have an amazing day!

Questions? Comments? Want to chat? Reply below :)





p.s. Am I totally off base on how this all works? Am I being over-dramatic? I honestly don’t usually like posting things like this but I’m trying to step out into much more authentic blogging and this was on my mine. If I’m wrong I’m totally open to hearing your (respectful) opinions!

Also I’d like to stress I am NOT against people selling coaching, paying for motivation (it works!), charging lots of money or promoting that  you can earn six figures online.


Do This: One Thing to Effectively Plan a Successful New Year

There aren’t too many things I’ll tell you that are MUST-DO’s in business.

That’s what I LOVE about running my own business… the flexibility, the freedom, the ability to be unique.

This, however, I consider a MUST DO:

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Pick an income goal and figure out how to get there.

I mean EXACTLY how. 


I’ve coached and mentored a lot of people over the years and most recently through my year-long Protege Program. The one thing I see people fighting the hardest is really figuring out a WAY to make their dreams happen.

It might be a way to keep yourself stuck because if you don’t actually create a plan you can take action on then you’ll never be able to fail. But, aren’t you already failing by not taking action?

I say this out of respect and understanding. I would never preach on anything I haven’t done myself. I literally spent YEARS browsing forums and wishing I could make money online. I spent years wondering what those people had that I didn’t have. I spent years wondering why those ladies were making money when I wasn’t yet. I seemed to know about as much as they did. I get it. I really, really get it.

Putting yourself out there can be scary. But you know what… it’s so incredibly rewarding to get results, to help people, to see GROWTH.

None of that will happen without action.

HOW? How Angela? HOW?

You want to “Kick Ass and Take Names”? You want a six figure business? You want enough to cover the mortgage payment, or the rent? Or to buy an XBOX?

Figure out a NUMBER. YES. DO IT.

Don’t say “oh I’ll take whatever comes my way”. Don’t say that. Because you know what you’re asking for when you do that? $0. You know what you’re planning for when you do that? Zero results.

So please for the love of all that’s good and holy, pick a number!

I’ll tell you how I picked my number…

Back in 2016 my goal income was $80,000

Below is a picture of my working through Leonie Dawson’s Shining Workbook:

Part One – Here’s how I came to that number goal:

  • I need approximately $3200 per month to cover my portion of the household bills, groceries, etc.
  • In order to get $3200 NET I need to make approximately $4200 before taxes.
  • My business expenses are approximately $500 per month.
  • Adding my before tax income of $4200 to my business expenses of $500 I get $4700.
  • $4700 x 12 months = $56, 400
  • Now I know I can make that. I’ve made it before. I’ve made more than that before. The last couple of years were the only time since I quit my job that my income didn’t increase. That’s entirely due to the decreased time I’ve spent on my business and the adjustment to raising a toddler. However, I’m ready to GO FOR IT in 2016. Do what I need to do. Buckle down. Hire help. Work smarter. Build passive income. All of it. SO… I want to get closer to that six figure goal than I’ve got yet and that’s why I’m breaking through my own mental barriers to think BIG about my income and set my goal income at $80,000.

Part One, DONE.

Part Two – Here’s How I decided I’ll achieve that goal:

I’ve mentored people just getting started and the biggest issue I see time and again is figuring out WHAT to sell. I want you to TRY here, TRY HARD. You probably know someone making money online (ok, you do, me). You can see what they’re making money with. You know what a VA charges for services ($25-$40+/hr). You have numbers to work with. WORK WITH THEM. OK?

$80,000 per year. That’s a lot of money… well at least it is in my mind.

First thing I did is wrap my head around the idea I can do it. I’m still convincing myself. I was always stuck in the mindset that I could only make $30k per year. Don’t ask me why. It’s where I got started in a job and where I seem to feel like I’d stay stuck. I broke that mindset and that barrier, now I’m working on breaking the $60k mindset barrier!

Next, more really essential math to do. Here are the programs and amounts I’ll need to sell to make this goal happen:

  • Add 150 monthly members to Laptop Lifestyle Business Club in the first six months of the year, so 25 per month. Bringing in an income of approximately $40,000 for the year.
  • Add 10 lifetime members to Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Earn $5,000.
  • Add 20 yearly members to Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Earn $6,000 yearly.
  • Run Website Design Mojo four times throughout the year at a price of $397 with a maximum of 15 clients = $5955 x 4 = $23,820.
  • Add 5-10 new clients to the Protege Program. Earn approx. $8,000.
  • Promote Coach Glue twice as much this year. Earn $5,000.
  • Other affiliate offers. $5,000.
  • Add freelancing services for slow times. $5,000.
  • Other coaching programs. $4,000.

Total: $101,820

So that’s over my goal. That’s OK. That’s good actually. You see my initial goal is more than I need and now my working predictions are higher than that. Even if I only do HALF of what I am planning for I’ll still be OK.

Do you see what planning this way does for you, though? It requires you to THINK, HARD. I could have sat back and said oh yea I want to add as many new members to my LLBC membership as I can. Sure. OK. That’s good. But by the end of the year I might have only ended up making $20,000 if I didn’t really figure out the numbers, because I wasn’t looking at what I really needed to do to make that happen.

This way I’m not leaving it to chance! I’m looking at real numbers and making real goals. Each of the bullet points above can be turned into very actionable to-do lists.

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Don’t leave your business to chance! Decide your money goals, figure out what you can sell to make them happen and then… Create a to-do list!


Part Three: Create to-do lists and take ACTION on your goals! 

As a matter of fact I’ve already started working on that, too. Here’s one real to-do list from the “Teach WordPress” package I’m putting together.

Here’s my to-do list:

  • Create salespage.
  • Gather and repackage content.
  • Create graphics (ecovers, images, etc).
  • Email at least five times minimum – create various angles.
  • Social media posts x 30.
  • Blog at least three times.
  • Individually email potential customers.
  • Email affiliates.

Now there’s plenty more I could do but that’s my ‘starter’ list. It will lead to more lists as I see what’s generating results.

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Here’s a little product I normally sell called “Achieve Your Money Goals”. It includes:

  • Training Audio (mp3)
  • Money-Goals Action Plan
  • Money-Goals Worksheet

Grab it from now until January 1st here. NO CHARGE!


Nothing here is set in stone. If I found out my goals are completely unrealistic I can just make new ones. Careful there, though, because I don’t want to give up on something too early, either.





p.s. The planner workbook I was using is AWESOME. It’s Leonie Dawson’s Shining Workbook, Print Version. If you haven’t set on a planner for the new year you should seriously consider grabbing it.

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