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Experiences, Not Things!

A week or so ago I heard about GOMO from the Eventbrite site, which stands for Getting Out More Often.  This inspired me to write this “Experiences, Not Things!” post and share my own bucket list of business and personal things I plan on making happen this year (warning this list might grow and grow because it’s been too much fun thinking on great experiences I want in my life).

I was immediately interested in this topic because I need more experiences in my life.  I don’t tend to be a collector of things and don’t like clutter I still seem to gather a good bit of “stuff”.  Also, as an entrepreneur, I have to make a VERY concentrated effort to get out more often, be more social and basically not be a hermit who never leaves the house. You feel me?

So… I’m definitely making a pledge to get out more often this year and make more contact with the human world, not just the digital one 😉

Here are some of the ideas I came up with. Basically, this is my “bucket list of things to do in 2017” to create more experiences and to avoid more things.

Coffee With Friends

This is so simple, yet so great. I love meeting up with my local friends for a chat and a coffee, or a walk through the mall. I intend to make it a point to find a friend to connect with at least once a month.

This is a pic of my friend Jen and I out for coffee a few years ago. She’s been a long-time friend I met through business and it’s been so nice to have her close to connect with:

Go to the Beach

We have a BEAUTIFUL local park that includes a beach, splash pad, full playground area and even an outdoor gym. It’s a really cool place and less than 10 minutes or so from there. As soon as the weather warms up this is a family destination, for sure.

Here’s my daughter looking out on the water last summer:

This year I am going to see if I can make a business photo shoot (at that same beach) happen. I have a friend who’s a photographer and I’m wondering if she can grab her camera to do some on-location pics for me. Not sure if I can talk her into that or not but we’ll see.

And… Beachpreneurs. While this is not technically going to happen this year I have committed to attending one of the most awesome business retreats for entrepreneur women. I can’t wait!

Go to the Theatre

My son and I took the train to Toronto last year to see Phantom of the Opera. It was a really awesome thing to do with my teen son, who I really it’s not easy to find things to do together that we’d both like.

So… I may just make this a yearly thing for us. He’s got a birthday coming up. While I’m not a huge lover of theatre and probably wouldn’t go just for myself he IS really into it and that makes it a cool thing I want us to do together.

Go to the Spa

There’s a place spa at Blue Mountain I’ve been threatening to go to. This is the year… though it looks like it would be the best during the winter so I think I’ll have to hold off til it gets cold for that one.

A friend of mine was talking about planning a spa day in Toronto, and I REALLY like that idea, too! I said “oh sure” when she mentioned it but we never set a date. After this blog post, I’m on it.

No pics yet. I’ve never been to the spa! eek. Girl time. Me time. Relaxing time.

Go to a Conference

I’ve been to a good few conferences over the years but since my little one was born they have been VERY few and far between. Matter of fact the last one I went to was about two years ago now!

It’s high time to change that. I LOVE business conferences and connecting with new people in that way. I met Jen sitting in a presentation and chatting in between speakers and now we live 10 minutes away and meet regularly for coffee. Plus we’ve promoted and hired each other, too!

I’ve been searching around the Eventbrite site for conferences, events and other fun things to do. Not only is it more enriching for my life to get out and connect with people, it’s really just a smart thing to do for my business.

Who knows, I might even fill out this form on Eventbrite and create my own event 😉

Attend Local Networking

I was just searching Eventbrite for local things and found this really neat event called “Selling on the Spot” where you come prepared to Sell, Network and Meet people. High-pressure selling isn’t my thing but this is sort of a push my comfort zone kind of thing that I think might just be fun! I’m going to put it on my calendar and see what happens 😉

Go to the Movies

Right now I really want to see Logan. We do have an offer for babysitting so now it’s just a matter of making the plans happen.

Go to Festivals

Festivals can definitely be a fun, affordable way to get out. There’s no time like NOW to start going to Google and Facebook and maybe, Eventbrite(?) to see what festivals are on the go.

Take a Vacation

There are a few places we want to go this year but we have no solid plans yet. Our biggest goal would be to take the little one to Walt Disney World. We’d like to take another trip to Nova Scotia and then I’m wanting to go with hubby to New York City (he’ll want to go to he just doesn’t know it yet).

Have a Backyard Party

Ok so weird and random: I have this pineapple tool that cuts the pineapple out in rings, leaving a full pineapple shell you could drink out of. Every time I use it Matt says we should have a party and use the hollowed out pineapples as drink cups. I agree. It’s the little things, lol. So… this year we WILL have a backyard BBQ and we WILL be drinking out of cups made from real pineapples. Sounds fun, right?

I hope this inspires you to create your own bucket list of experiences to create this year. Spring is here, summer is on the way.

What will you do? Post a comment below I’d love to hear!

p.s. Getting out more often means taking time AWAY from your business. That’s not a bad thing if you can do it. I teach people methods that help them have total business and lifestyle freedom and share how I do it with my monthly Insider Report for just $10. You can get a good, detailed look over my shoulder (no hiding the good stuff) and see what I’m doing every month so I can create more recurring and passive income so I can have more experiences, more often!

Little shoes for little feet.

I was just taking a short break from working and noticed her shoes, those little shoes. For little feet.

It’s been a bit over three years since she blasted into our lives and changed us in so many ways.

I thought I knew everything about being a parent to one child, my now-teen boy.
I thought I knew it all about raising a kid while building a business.

I knew nothing.

It’s been a bit over three years since everything changed.

Since my son had a sister.
Since my business had a surprise shake-up (SURPRISE… I’m NOT superwoman lol).
Since we found a new dynamic.

Having children is for sure the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and the hardest.

I love them to bits, they are my world and they are the reason I do what I do.

And when I caught a glance of those shoes today… I missed her.

I missed her sweet giggles.
I missed her plea to run around and play.
I missed her cuddles.

I know all too well how fast those things disappear forever. My son is now almost 15 and if I’m lucky I’ll get a hug, we’ll have a chat and maybe watch a show together. I’ve got to cherish all the moments.

So… I knew when I saw those shoes I had to write to you. Even though I’ve written already today.

That little moment… the freeze-frame in time.

She’s getting older now. She needs me less. I’m able to focus on my business more. Soon she’ll be off to school and I’ll focus on my business even more. I won’t wish it away!

I’ll cherish those moments!

I’ll giggle with her…
I’ll play when she asks…
I’ll cuddle at every opportunity…

That’s why I’ve REMOVED distractions from my life and business and I’ll KEEP removing them when they sneak back in.

I was horrified about how often I check Facebook on my phone, for no good reason, and to no good end. I don’t need to know what everyone’s doing all the time.. it’s addictive! What I need is time for my itty-girl, to be there when the teen-boy comes home and has stuff to share and of course to go on much-deserved date nights with hubby (we are DUE)!

What I need is productivity, focus, planning.

And I’m getting that. I’m getting IT and I have such a great plan for moving forward that I can not WAIT to see take shape.

And those shoes.

They’ll be gone soon.

They might be replaced by teen-sized heels, or soccer cleats (she loves sports) or bigger runners.

What I know for sure they’ll be gone soon and that tugs my heart.

No more distractions.
No more wasted time.

100% momma all-in for her peeps.
100% business value because I’m focused, clear and ready to deliver.

If you have the slightest bit of distractions then I invite you to join me and over 150 others in the 30-Day Distraction Challenge. We are actively discussing distractions, productivity and getting stuff done in our little group. You can sign up free right here: 30-Day Distraction Challenge