Skyrocketing Your Self Confidence in Business

So you’re feeling unsure about yourself?
You’re worried you’re not ready to go to the “next level”?
You sometimes wonder if you’ll ever be good enough to have the success and wealth you’ve ever wanted?

I want to let you in on a little secret. I’m only just now, in this very moment in my time on earth, starting to feel like a truly confident person. Only just now. At 40.

Yet I’ve been running a business online in some form since 2002.

Call it being stubborn, determined, oblivious, whatever but it is what it is.

Yet, people still called me a success.

If you remember me over the years you’ll probably realize it wasn’t often I called myself a success, or really bragged on myself. Sometimes I’d SAY it because the words of others gave me enough confidence to believe it was at least partly true, but I almost never FELT it to be the full truth.

What is a success anyway? It’s really only defined in our each and individual minds.

I feel like this might be a bit of a rambly post ahead, but bare with me and there’ll be a point, I promise…

Just the other day I said this to a client:


It’s 100% true. I’m in a life-changing time right now I can feel it in my gut and in my entire being. I’m being shifted into a new way of being, doing and seeing the world. Everything is looking new and different.

I know that sounds dramatic. It is. And if you’ve followed me for any period of time you know I’m NOT about drama. I don’t say things I don’t mean and I am incredibly “flat” most of the time.

But right now, I’m so excited about life! For real.

A month or so ago my friend, mentor and coach Nicole Dean suggested I read this book:

T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

There is so much to this book and it’s literally changing my life.

The biggest thing I’m getting from it, though, is this:

I am no better than anyone else and no one else is any better than me.

I no longer believe that wealthy people are somehow being rewarded for being better, smarter, faster, taller, stronger, etc…

I now know that wealthy people THINK differently and have different habits than I do.  And I now know that the more of these habits I adopt, the more things happen in my own life. I’ve seen it again and again over the years I just didn’t realize it was what I was doing.

Just a few weeks of this mindset shift and I’ve been creating big shifts in my business and life:

  • I have more strength now than ever because I’m attending regular fitness “bootcamps”.
  • I am making more strategic sales and offers that make sense to my customers, creating clarity in my marketing that I KNOW will have long-term effects.
  • I am taking care of me, knowing that self-care is not selfish or frivolous… it nurtures my soul and builds my confidence.
  • I have done one of the most confident photo sessions I have ever done in my life, resulting in some incredible pieces of imagery that really represent me and my business.

I’m so darn excited about the photo shoot thing I can barely work today!

Well, I did work but most of it consisted of me editing and switching out my social media pictures for my new ones. Like this one on my facebook page @LaptopLifestyleBlogger:


My purpose in writing and my message to you today is this…

You don’t have to wait to start your business, sell a new product or step into the role of “coach, mentor or teacher” until you’re as confident as all the people you admire. You can do this, NOW, and then grow your confidence as you go.

I didn’t wait. I’m not doing too bad. Matter of fact I can’t imagine where I’d be right now if I HAD waited. I’m positive this business and these amazing people I know and the act of putting myself out there has been essential to the growth, development and confidence I’m currently experiencing.

Be Confident even if you don’t feel it fully.
Be a Leader even if you don’t know how.
Be an Inspiration even if you don’t inspire yourself.

Those things will come and it just might surprise you how fast they arrive.




p.s. I suggested you create that product or be that coach even when you’re not quite sure if you’re ready. I say if it’s something you want to do then just DO IT. I’d love to work with you to create your own coaching program through my upcoming Powerful Coaching Programs. You CAN step into the coaching role quickly and so much more easily than you know. I’ll guide you the entire way. Learn more here.

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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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Dale Oswald - October 27, 2016

You have really RAISED your BRAND with the new photos and new look. You are an inspiration to the club members (and others who have not yet gone ahead and joined your Laptop Lifestyle Business Club…. (just do it people!!)). Aside from the great selection of programs, you are a little voice in the back of mind reminding me that I can do this too. Thank you!

    Angela Wills - October 27, 2016

    Aww thanks so much Dale you just made my day!

    I really FEEL this represents my brand so perfectly and I love that.

    You’re welcome and thank you, too!

Raheemah - October 28, 2016

I love the refreshing look. You are an awesome person.

    Angela Wills - October 28, 2016

    Thanks so much Raheemah… so sweet of you!

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