Did You REALLY Promote That?

So… you have a product or service you want to sell.

You have an email list.

You have a website set up.


You’ve got the right pieces in place and that is something to be proud of. You launched your product and then… nothing. My question to you is:

Did you REALLY promote it?

I mean, did you promote it until you couldn’t promote it anymore? Or did you promote it just the once, or twice, or three times?

You see many people are sky at first, thinking they don’t want to bug their list or their social media following with too many emails or offers about the product. So they put it out only once or twice, thinking the people who really need it will buy it.

That’s the wrong way to do this!

Here’s what really happens when you don’t promote enough:

  • People don’t see it – Not all your email subscribers open every email and even when they do they often SKIM the email and quite likely miss important info, or get distracted by one of a million things mid-email.
  • People want it, but are busy – Some of your people might want what you are offering but they just don’t have time at that moment so they count on you to send lots of reminders (but you don’t and they miss the opportunity to buy).
  • People need more time – They might be interested but need to wait until payday and then payday comes and they forget because they didn’t get your reminders.
  • People need more info – You need to send many different angles on the same topic so that people get all the info they need to decide if the product, training or service is right for them.

There are times when your product or service just won’t hit a need, this is true, but there are other times when you just may not have told people enough times for them to jump on board. Don’t let this happen to you after all that hard work to get your offer out to the world.

When I release a product here are just some of the ways I will promote it:

  • Write blog posts – These help for immediate reading and also can attract people through the search engines and over time. They are also something I can pull up in the future when I promote the same product again.
  • Email my list – Of course I want my subscribers to know what I’m offering!
  • Share on social media – I might share my blog posts, tips, upload teaser videos straight to Facebook, etc. Also I like to ask questions and see what people are needing in my facebook groups and on my page.
  • Ask affiliates to promote – If you have an affiliate program don’t forget your affiliates! They are often looking for ways to earn extra income and you just might email them at the perfect time.

So I talked about how you should use different angles for the same product messages. Just in case you need an example let’s take my own Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I don’t just email every day telling you to join the club because it’s awesome (and yes, it IS awesome). I’m emailing you tips like this one, I’m emailing you inspiring messages, I’m emailing you WHAT the Laptop Lifestyle means to me and I’m giving you all kinds of value and then inviting you to become part of MY TRIBE by signing up and making use of this incredible resource.

Kinds of emails I might send in subject lines might be:

Those are real blog posts and emails by the way 😉

It takes a lot of thinking, effort and creativity and there is no real blueprint I can give you. What I CAN do is assure you the rewards of building a following and creating content of value continue on long after that initial effort you put in if you keep consistently providing that value!

Example: Just yesterday I had a client tell me I played a big part in the fact that she’s stepping out and doing the incredible life-changing things she’s doing for her people. She’s been watching me for years and is inspired by what I do. THAT makes all the hard work worth it. It’s that ripple effect that I LOVE to see happening as a result of my hard work!

You can do this! Dig deep. Provide Value and for goodness sake make sure people KNOW about that awesome product you’ve got to offer them. Ok? 😉


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Angela Wills

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