Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #3: Do The Work

high-jumpHow’s your week gone? This afternoon I spent a couple of hours at the town’s Civic Center to watch my son compete in the Area Competition of Track and Field for High Jump.

He came in first! Proud of him. I’m also so glad, as always, that I had no worries about getting there because I have this Laptop Lifestyle where I work when, where and how I want. Here he is in the pic to the right just before his final winning jump.

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Tip #3: Be Willing to Do The Work!

I almost NEVER do one on one coaching. Regular coaching just doesn’t fit with my life at the moment and I’m ALL about creating my business around my life.

I’ve EARNED the right to make that kind of choice because I put the hard work in. I was willing to put in the work. I finally realized I HAD TO put in that work in order to make it happen.

When I got started back in 2006 I was a single mom, working an afternoon-shift factory job and DESPERATE for my own successful home business so I could quit my job. I had tried a lot of stuff and really didn’t get that far. I had thrown money at things and hoped they worked. I had joined mastermind groups and trainings and hoped they worked. I ALMOST spent $10,000 on CREDIT CARDS in a desperate attempt to figure out the “secret” to being successful in online business.

So if you’re where I was trust me I get it. I get how it feels when you don’t “get it”. I get how you think that everyone knows something you don’t or it must be a scam or it must be only for people with a ton of money to invest into business.

By the way, when I almost spent $10k I was already $30k in debt so I was by no means well off or had any more at all. I bootstrapped it big time.

When I would get home at 12 am or sometimes 1 or even 2 am in the morning I would spend about 1-3 hours per night working on client work. Then I’d get up at about 8-9 am with my then young son and either get him ready for school or spend the morning with him (depending on the day and if he needed to be in school). That allowed me about 5 or 6 hours of sleep A NIGHT.

Was it hard? YES. Was I tired? HELL YES but I was willing to do what I knew needed to be done to get me where I wanted to be.

This Laptop Lifestyle is awesome and it’s amazing but it’s also something that not everyone will experience because not everyone is REALLY will to do what it takes.

Be willing to risk failing.

Be willing to try again.

Be willing to sacrifice something important (at least for the short term).

Be willing to do what others won’t.

Be willing to WORK (it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and lounging by the pool).

Be willing to think for yourself.

Be willing to TRUST yourself.

Be willing to get creative.

Be willing to find your way.

Be willing and you just might find yourself popping out an email to your list on a Friday at 3:30 pm after having the freedom to take the morning off to go watch your kid win a track and field competition.

Happy Day! Talk to you soon…

To your success,

Angela Wills, Founder


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