Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #6: Don’t Do It Alone

I know you’re the superhero type.

You’re the dig in and get it done and worry about any problems as they come up type.

If there’s a problem, yo, you’ll solve it (ice, ice, baby). 😉

If there’s something to learn, you’ll learn it.

No permissions, approval or certifications needed. Right?

I know you because I’m the same. I’m ready to go, do act, jump…

That trait is an excellent quality in an entrepreneur. It means you won’t wait and stall and procrastinate because you’re “just not ready yet” (a term both you and I, as action takers, despise) 😉

While the doer, or “Activator” personally in Gallup’s Strengthsfinder (aff) terms, is a great positive trait, it also has it’s negatives. It means we rarely ask for help because we think we can do it faster and better ourselves.

I’ve been an entrepreneur long enough now (nine years last month) to know how completely flawed that thinking is.

Working as a (co-ordinated) team trumps doing it alone every single time.

Planning ahead makes it possible to get the help you need (ie. stop a moment and think which we go-ers are terrible at).
Using a system allows your busy, active brain to focus on the task at hand and get more done!

Now I bet you’re thinking I’m going to tell you to outsource, get a VA, build a team. Well… you’d be right! That is an essential task to long term grown and an important stepping stone to a bigger business but it’s not the only way to get help and stop doing everything yourself.

Here are some other suggestions:

  1. Automation – Let the software you already own help you! There are many ways to create automation in your business. I use a program in my gmail called Boomerang. Sometimes I get emails that I can’t deal with at the moment or need to deal with later. Instead of letting them sit and make a mess of my inbox I get Boomerang to “send them away” and have the automatically come back at a date when I want to handle them. My current favorite automation is Autoresponders in my email software Aweber. I’m creating automated messages that go out, carrying my message or offer, and reach people even when I’m no where to be found, busy, having fun or in my favorite example having a baby (YES, I made money while I was in labour because I used automation)! Have a look at what you’ve got on your computer, online and see what you can automate. You’ll be glad you took the time to do so!
  2. Private Label Rights – Hey you know about Private Label Rights, right? PLR for short this is a lifesaver kind of resource for you! Let me tell you why. We talked about outsourcing and that is SMART but it can be pricey. Hiring a writer to create you a report could easily cost you a few hundred dollars, more if you hire a really good writer. Now you could buy a PLR report for anywhere in the range of $10 – $47! It’s pre-written content you can edit a little and then use as your own. They give you the rights to use it. You can use this content to write blog posts, post on social media, get people to sign up to your list or even as content for your membership site like I do.
  3. Partnership – This is one I don’t personally use enough and I want to get better at. Partner with someone who has similar goals and target market to work with. Then you can share the workload and not have to do it by yourself. It’s awesome to find someone of different skillset then you, too. For example maybe you’re awesome at creating content but really fall short on the marketing and product funnel but you know someone who’s awesome at that and hates creating content = perfect match!
  4. Affiliates – If you’ve got an affiliate program than affiliates can be a HUGE factor in your business, but only if you let them and help them do so. Let me give you my best tip on getting affiliates to take action: email them personally. Don’t grow this big email list and hammer broadcasts messages out and expect anyone to respond, or at least not often. You’ll get your best results from building relationships with people who can be your affiliates and asking them to promote, then asking them what they need and then bending over backwards to make it EASY for them.

You do NOT need to do this all alone and you really shouldn’t. Business in a bubble is not a great or even good plan. We thrive on input, stimulation, interaction and get motivated by others. Don’t do your businesses the disservice of hiding out and keeping to a corner. Don’t do it alone!


p.s. I LOVE this company for PLR >> CoachGlue

They are the one I use for my membership site and better than me loving it, my members LOVE the training reports. I believe in adding lots of unique content to something like my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, and I do, but Coach Glue allows me to use awesomely written and formatted training packages to be sure I’m not missing anything and to keep really consistently releasing content (which is a BIG challenge for any membership site owner).

I highly recommend you check them out. They have a fantastic program called All Access Lite where you’ll get everything you need to keep your people growing their businesses on monthly basis!

Check out CoachGlue and the All Access PLR Here

Oh and if you love Planners CoachGlue has some awesome ones! I’ve been authorized to give you a $20 off coupon so you’ll save BIG. Here’s where to go and use this coupon code: JUNE

Have fun!

(Note: those links above are my affiliate referral links)

To your success,

Angela Wills, Founder


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Ben Lloyd - June 14, 2016

Surely PLR content is hugely risky in an era when Google cracks down on duplicate content so heavily?

    Angela Wills - June 16, 2016

    Ben there’s no risk in using PLR for reports, courses and content for your own people.

    Of course any PLR you use you’ll always want to edit it and make it your own. It’s a starting point and a HUGE timesaver but it is highly recommended you personalize it for your own market.

    As far as it being risky. The risk is much more on HOW you use it and not the content itself. I am absolutely positively NOT a search engine expert but what I know for sure is Google loves high-quality, original websites and blogs.

    So for sure you don’t want to just load a website up with PLR. That was NEVER a good strategy. Readers are smart, they know fake. So be real, use PLR content in a real way and you should be just fine.

    Thanks so much for your comment!

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