Please. Don’t Make This Mistake.

A lot of people get started online and think the most important thing is to have a “winning” offer.

They think they need just the right offer and that’s what makes them a success.

So they work on the website.
They perfect their graphics.
They make sure their brand hits them in the “feels”.
They write their product, and proof, and edit.
They write the salespage, or stall on that part because it’s terrifying.

They do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they can to avoid actually building an audience because they think that comes later.

Please here me when I say this:

Build your audience FIRST or at the SAME TIME as you build everything else.

A connection with your audience is 1000x more important than that “breakthrough” product you think you have for them.

How can you possibly know what people need until you start talking to them, connecting with them, establishing yourself to them?

If you are more committed to doing things a certain way, a way you think they must be done, than you are to serving your market then you are making a HUGE mistake.

It’s not about the product. It’s about helping your market with whatever they need, whatever they want. It’s about helping them make a buying decision that makes sense for THEM, it’s NOT about pushing some hypothetically amazing product you’ve randomly decided to create.

It’s just not.

I’m not opposed to making a new program, anytime in any format.
I’m not opposed to offering new services when I see a need.
I’m not opposed to recreating offers I thought I’d never sell again.

I listen to my people and I respond. I look for subtle ways they are looking for help, and obvious ones too.

I am building my email list, gaining new social media followers, doing webinars to reach new people, getting affiliates to share my stuff with their market and more.

I am not hiding behind “I’m still building my website” or “I’m working on my branding” or “I’m creating a new program”. Those things are SECONDARY priority to establishing a strong connection with a market who will respond to the offers you put out there.

You MUST find people to connect with.

You don’t need a roadmap… you really don’t. Just find out where your people are, the people who need what skills and value you have to offer, and start connecting.

People often ask me if it’s too early to start building their email list. Let me clear that up:

It’s NEVER too early to start building your email list! That’s your tribe, your people. Those are the people you want to get to know, communicate with, find out what they need. If you build a list before you have a product guess what? When you DO have a product you’ll actually have people to email that offer to. Cool, right?

I’m following my own advice here…

  • My website needs so much “updating” and I almost never get to it.
  • I had the wrong brand for, oh about eight years (mojo never really “felt” totally right)!
  • My courses often need updates and my customer area needs some TLC.

I focus on making offers to my people because I know that those offers are what keeps my business growing and I know those offers are what really allow me to HELP my market!

  • Of course to make offers you need a website.
  • To build an email list, you need a website (well you can do it without but it’s easier with a website).
  • To get sales while you sleep, you need a website (it IS as awesome as it sounds).
  • To do a lot of things, you need a website.

That doesn’t mean that building that website needs to take time away from creating profits for your business.

If you’re sitting back right now and you’re not making money you should take a long, hard look at what you do on a daily basis and what you’re telling yourself you MUST do before you can make money.

You have to understand your potential customers don’t see all that work.

They don’t care about branding.
They have no interest in what theme your website is housing.
They won’t read half that report you’re stalling on releasing because it’s not “perfect” yet.

They only want to know what you can do for them.

That’s all.

Offer value and exchange it for money.

Don’t take a year to build your website.

Don’t take another year to figure out your brand.

Don’t take a year after that to create your first product.

At that rate you’re simply playing and you’re making nothing. nada.

Instead… learn as you do. Grow as you build. Earn as you help others.

You can do this all, you just don’t have to do it all at once!

You should build your website but you shouldn’t take forever to do so. If someone could show you how to do it fast and set it up so that it actually helps you to build your business, would that be worth something to you? I’d assume you intend to make a good, solid living with your business and if that’s so then I invite you to consider investing your time and a very reasonable rate into the WordPress Website Bootcamp coming up in September. There are 25 spots available (and 25 for members)… one could be yours! Details and sign up are here.




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Angela Wills

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Lisa VinBC - February 6, 2017

I get this. I completely agree about the necessity of building my mailing list, but I don’t know how I would do that without having my website to capture the email addresses. And don’t I need to be ready to provide some content – either through a freebie or regular blog posts? I’m just taking techie courses to build my skills as a VA, so I’m not even positive what I can offer… and I bought the coach glue follow up planner and mean to work through your challenges, but feel I really need to get a working website up and running – almost there, but still have some pages that need to be set up properly so feel like I need to focus on that first. How do you decide what tasks to prioritize??

    Angela Wills - February 6, 2017

    “Ready” is a really relative term.

    Let’s compare to a brick and mortar. For this example let’s say you decide to sell bath and body products because you use them and you love them. Do you need to get ready? Well, yes. You need to get the products, you need to set up the store (so buy some equipment like shelves, cash register and stuff) and then you need to unlock the doors and start telling people you’ve got stuff to sell!

    Online, people get REALLY lost in this process.

    So you’re a VA. Since you’re working on your website right now you’ve got part of the process down but it’s kind of like you’re setting up a shop without knowing what to put into it. Will it be bath and body? Will it be makeup? Will it be hair accessories. While those are all in the beauty category (like everything you do would be VA-related), they won’t require the same setup.

    What to prioritize?

    Pick a business.
    You don’t need to train. Figure out what business owners need and do that. You can start with zero experience and you WILL because courses don’t get you experience, only knowledge that you can ALSO get from a client.

    Hint: Business owners need these kinds of things:
    You can do email writing and/or setup.
    You can do social media writing and/or posting.
    You can do blog post writing and/or posting.

    And you can do so much more.

    Most business owners are way less concerned with what courses you took as they are with what you can do for them.

    So. Priorities:
    – Business model
    – Website up FAST
    – Find clients



Lisa VinBC - February 6, 2017

Thanks Angela! I actually do know what I want to offer in terms of services – it’s what to offer as a freebie or regular blog content to “feed” my subscribers that’s got me a bit confused. I want to do the work, writing content that will inform and entice people to want to buy or work with me that is a struggle.

But for now, I will prioritize my website and go from there 🙂

Thanks again!!

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