Laptop Lifestyle Business Tip #7: Don’t Spend, INVEST.

I got an email from someone who was really frustrated with people selling marketing services and training, people like me. He said that the free resources and advice I was offering wouldn’t help him and he was very concerned that most of the people out there (people like me) were laughing all the way to the bank.

This is not the mindset you have when you INVEST in your business. This is the mindset you have when you’re hoping to SPEND yourself into profit!

Please here me now: It does not work that way. You can’t throw money in and get profit out. If it were that easy literally everyone on Earth would and could do it.

One of my comments in reply to this gentleman was “don’t worry what they do with the money because you’re off making your own”.

He just did not have a business mindset. He was looking at that money as all out the door, wasted, done!

Money is only wasted if you get no value, no joy or no RETURN on that spend.

In business, we’re looking for Return on Investment, ROI. That won’t just happen. You need to intentionally buy with the purpose of earning your money back, again and again and again.

Ways you can invest in your business (and I’ve done in my own):
Conferences where I’ve met clients and affiliates who’ve earned me back the cost of attending.
Courses where I’ve applied what I’ve learn and earned multiple times the cost of the course.
Memberships where I’ve worked with the members, the owner or been hired by them to do work.
Software that you apply to your business and it earns you money.
I have so many real examples of this!

I met a client of mine at a conference sometime around 2009 and she has been buying from me ever since!

I’ve taken courses and taken action on those courses to earn much more than the cost of the course. A recent example is Alice Seba’s Content Cash Flow; I took that and created TEACH WordPress which has earned me many times over the cost of the course.

As I mentioned memberships have generated me thousands of countless dollars in return!

AND software… Don’t get me started on the number of people I hear say that they can’t afford the $20 it costs for Aweber Email Software. Really? $20?

If you don’t have $20… sell something in your house on craiglist (or kijiji in Canada). If you don’t have $20 ask your mom. If you don’t have $20 borrow it. If you don’t have $20, get a client, charge them $100 and then you have FIVE months of $20 for your email software.

The reason people say they can’t spend $20 (and if this is you please read carefully) is because they don’t BELIEVE they’ll earn that back. The whole point is to earn that back and then a whole hell of a lot more. Maybe you need to float it for a few months but seriously if it takes you more than three months then you REALLY need my Predict Your Profits course more than you know because you are not focusing on the money goals!

I spend $50 per month on Aweber and I’m HAPPY to hand that over knowing my email list is a essential part of my Laptop Lifestyle.

INVEST in your business, don’t spend.

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not JUST a mindset thing. You’ve got the mindset plus taking action, doing things. Apply this to EVERYTHING you think you need to buy and you’ll find yourself buying less and taking action much more often in business. Don’t buy it unless you intend to MAKE that return happen, even if the course itself is CRAP.

Let me repeat that… Even if the course sucks you can earn your money back. Look if you buy a course on Facebook Ads that tells you almost nothing, guess what? You can still earn money because Facebook Ads work… consider that money you paying to get yourself motivated to take action and get it DONE!

Now of course my programs are NOT crap, that’s really, really good and I know it. I know it because my clients get results. I know it because my clients make money. I know it because they come back and buy again. I know it because I get raving testimonials without EVER asking anyone for testimonials (that is a huge highlight of my business by the way).

So there you have it. Along with my email about focusing on the money this could be one of the most important tips I send you. If you know how to invest in your business and focus on making money then you’ll be in profit. If you’re in profit you’re helping people, you’re supporting your family, you’re getting more choices to live life the way you want and you’re truly on your way to living the Laptop Lifestyle!

I’m SOOOO excited for you. If you’re getting this and loving this info I know you’ll get even more value if you INVEST in my workshop. Or better yet, join my membership and get countless value in the courses (all of my courses) and the people you’ll meet.

I’m always looking for new ways to connect members and I’m looking forward to welcoming you !


To your success,

Angela Wills, Founder


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