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I was just thinking I haven’t posted many pics of my Ella-girl lately. There have been some, of course, but not like when she was a baby and I was sending you pics on the daily of my little bundle of joy. 

They grow so fast! Time flies I tell ya. My first baby is almost 15! Ella is just over 3. Here we are at the play place she LOVES the other day. She got me to color with her, played around lots and served me a delicious, yet plastic, lunch lol. 

We go to the play place because she loves it there, plain and simple.  

Oh to be a kid again, right? To do only the things you love and pick only the things that are fun “just because”. 

What a life, right?

Wait. Hold up… we can do that, too.

Matter of fact, I do. 

I only work with the people I love.
I only do the things that I love.
I only pick the projects I love.
I only teach the topics I love.

No forcing myself into working with someone who is absolutely NOT an ideal client because I need the money, at least not anymore! 

No working on projects I think I need to do for some reason I made up in my mind.

No formatting my work to create the kind of work I don’t want to do. 

Choice is amazing.
Working with the right clients is amazing.

But how do you do it?

How do you literally get your DREAM clients to seek you out and inquire about hiring YOU. How do you get dream client after dream client contacting you and waiting anxiously for your reply to whether or not you can work with THEM?

When you can do that, the tables truly do turn. 

People will know it, too. 

The wrong people will be ATTRACTED to if you’re desperate. They can smell it. They can sense it. And without realizing what they’re doing they show up in droves to drive you looney-tunes. 

So… I’m going to tell you. 

I’m going to tell you the KEY that had me getting on calls with the most amazing potential clients I could imagine, clients who were wanting to work with ME and closing the sale on almost every single one.

I’m going to tell you right now, too. This isn’t locked away in my coaching program… though it could be.

The KEY to Attracting Your DREAM Clients & Customers.

It’s your website.
It’s your words.
It’s your thought process.
It’s your leverage.

The internet is HUGE (as you know). There are people out there, all over the place that could be your clients or customers. 

You can’t be everywhere. You can’t tell everyone what you have to offer and how g-d amazing you are. You just can’t.

But guess what – your website CAN.

Your website can talk to one person at a time while talking to one hundred (or one thousand) people at a time! 

Your website can convey the exact message you need it to, anytime of the day or night, 24/7. 

Your website can attract the most amazing, top-quality, fun and joy-filled people for you to work with… or it can attract the opposite. It’s up to you.

It’s up to you to leverage your website for good, not evil.
It’s up to you to use the tools at your disposal.
It’s up to you to grab the attention of the RIGHT people.
It’s up to you to motivate people to FAST ACTION.
It’s up to you to get them on board.
It’s up to you to turn one sale into a LIFETIME CUSTOMER.

You can do ALL this with your website and more. The trick is, knowing what to do and when to do it. 

You can get clients, customers and leads with your website day and night, without ever speaking personally with anyone until AFTER they hire you if you set your site up right. 

It’s not about the perfect colors or the most expensive logo or the prettiest WordPress theme. 

It’s about you taking the time to leverage your website, put yourself into it and communicate all the best things your BEST clients and customers need to know to make the smart decision and hire you or buy from you.

Start with one step at a time, do one thing at a time and you’ll get there. 

Focus on creating a site that leverages the tools, the content, the traffic and the sales you ALREADY HAVE and you’re have one powerhouse website ready to create you income for years and years to come! 

Talk soon,

Angela Wills

p.s. It’s not a tiny task to get your website creating wealth for you and your business. It’s not a tiny task but it is a VERY doable task! I’ve been working online for myself, earning my full-time income solely from my business (ie. WEBSITE) for ten years this year

I can help you with this. 

I’ve created my newest program, Website Wealth, to help you BLAST through the most common things you need to do ASAP to create a website that does the heavy lifting for you. 

As I said you can’t be there talking to thousands of people at a time but your website can. You can’t know who’s your ideal client by talking to every random person over the phone but your website, it can FILTER those who are not ideal right off your radar so you never have to have any communication with them at all, ever. THAT’S what a well-created website can do. 

My course is set up to be delivered in a way that you really can do this! 

This is for the doers, the action takers, the result makers. This is for the people who never want to have a boss telling them what to do. This is for the people who want choice. This is for the people who want the Laptop Lifestyle and know their website is THE major tool they need working to that end. 

When you sign up you’ll be taken through four modules with DAILY doable tasks and lessons via email (and/or facebook). You’ll get to attend my LIVE training session at the beginning of the month and Q&A session at the end of the month. Both will be recorded! 

When you sign up you’ll learn from these modules:

Module 1: Leverage Your Website’s Tools

  • The pages you need to EFFECTIVELY sell from your website.
  • The simple tool that will help you MAKE MONEY ON VACATION so you don’t always have to be present to make money.
  • The most OVERLOOKED feature to help you leverage your most engaged website readers.
  • The easiest way to make sure you don’t MISS OUT on a lot of visitors who WANT TO BUY from you.

Module 2: Leverage Your Website’s Content

  • How to make your content GO FURTHER than it ever has, reaching MAXIMUM people.
  • The easy method to creating content to HELP the PEOPLE who need what you’ve got FIND YOU.
  • The technique you’re either not using or not using enough to LEVERAGE content profits.
  • How to use your content to BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST in less than obvious ways ;).

Module 3: Leverage Your Website’s Traffic

  • Understanding your statistics and using them to YOUR ADVANTAGE.
  • How to MONEY-UP your most popular pages, to make sure that traffic doesn’t just show up and disappear again.
  • How to leverage your traffic by inviting them to spend more time with you.
  • How to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with your traffic so they get to know, like and trust you!

Module 4: Leverage Your Website’s Sales

  • How a simple thank you can MAKE YOU MONEY.
  • How to turn one sale into THREE.
  • How MAKE SURE YOU DON’T LOSE sales and customers.
  • Why you should get your own CUSTOMERS to SELL for you.

Oh I can’t wait to get started on this with you. I can’t WAIT to see what happens when your website is working for you, instead of being a bump on a log on the net. 😉 

When you sign up you’ll also get access to WordPress Website Bootcamp ($147 Value), a private facebook group where I’ll give you detailed advice and answers ($97 Value), my personal list of plugins and tools AND you’ll have the option to upgrade to daily private email coaching if you’d like.

No more waiting for clients to come to you. 

No more taking on clients that don’t fit with you.

No more wondering how to make your website work.

This is it! Click right here to join us for Website Wealth and finally leverage your website to get more leads, multiply your results and boost your profits once and for all. 

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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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