I’m just BEAMING with pride (in them)…

Can I just say how freaking awesome the members in my club are?

Why yes I can because it’s my message, and I will. muahahaha! 😉


So… I’ve told you about the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway event (it’s on now!) and that you can use it to build your email list. Well of course I’ve been telling my members that too.

I only found out about this just after Christmas so it’s been less than a week. And… everyone’s busy with Christmas and New Years and such. But I wanted to motivate at least a FEW people to participate in the giveaway and build their list so I posted in the group and strongly suggested people sign up and get in the giveaway.

Well I’m so proud of the many people who did!

Tammy took my advice on getting her email list setup for the first time and getting her very first subscribers:


Cat was so happy with herself for doing some “techy” bits and getting herself entered into the giveaway:


Not to mention Cheryl, Kathy, Mark, Kirsten, Samantha, Vera, Sarah and more all submitted their own giveaway gifts as well.

Growing businesses. I just love to see that and I love to see people taking ACTION that leads to results!

Make sure you go check out the Self Improvement Gifts Giveaway event to see all the great prizes, see how giveaway events work and to get ideas on how YOU could do this to grow your own list.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, this month we are focused on success with Giveaway Events at the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. I will be hosting a live session for members of the club on Thursday, Jan. 12th at 3pm ET (next week).

Giveaway Events are the FASTEST and EASIEST way I’ve ever built my list BY FAR. 

You CAN do them.
They DO attract real BUYERS.
They are NOT all exclusive (newbies can do this I SWEAR)!
You can start from SCRATCH and have a big list in days, for real.

You must be a member to join in the session but the great news is I’ve JUST opened up a trial pricing of only $7 for one week! That means you can join us to try us out for only $7, then stay at a rate of $37/month. That $37 I meant to raise on Jan. 1st so instead I’ll be raising it on Monday, Jan. 9th.

OR, if you prefer not to join the membership you can buy the Giveaway Event Success coaching only for $37 and join us for the ONE webinar (instead of our weekly questions and accountability meetings with membership).


In this month’s training, you’ll get:

  • Giveaway Event Success Training (pdf)
  • Giveaway Event Success Case Study (pdf) (FitMomBlogger.com)
  • Giveaway Event Success Demo (mp4)
  • 7 Ways to Find Giveaway Events (pdf)
  • Giveaway Events Checklist (pdf)
  • Giveaway Events Listing (pdf)

To join either one you can go here: LaptopLifestyleBusiness.Club

I’d love to brag on you when you become a member, and tell people how much you’re getting accomplished!




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Angela Wills

About Angela: I have dedicated myself and my business to help busy women entrepreneurs (like me!) use active and passive income to create total business and lifestyle freedom. Get my daily laptop lifestyle teachings here.

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kirsten - January 5, 2017


Thank you thank you thank you for sharing the giveaway with us and pushing us to step outside of our comfort zone to put ourselves out there.

I just have to say I LOVE The Laptop Lifestyle Business Club.

Even though the giveaway is only a few hours old my list is growing!!!

Woot woot

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