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Today I’m sharing a video I created almost a year ago now… in 2016. It was nine years for me in business full-time without a job. This year marks my tenth year! Time sure does fly.

Here’s the post and accompanying video:

When I think back to how I got here I can 100%, without a doubt tell you that it would NOT have happened without a mastermind group. Today many people call it a tribe.

Whatever you want to call it you need to find your “people”. People who will support you, encourage you, tell you that you’re not crazy (when everyone else says you are) and show you that this lifestyle IS possible.

When I got started I found my tribe. A group founded by my original mentors Alice Seba and Kelly McCausey. In that group I met so many ladies who I still know today, who’ve I’ve worked with, worked for, hired and more.

I’m afraid to even try to name them all because I’m sure I’d miss some amazing ladies. These are ladies I promote for affiliate commissions, who promote me for the same, who I’ve partnered with, referred clients to and hired. Lots of opportunities to build business, grow and of course learn, too.


ummm… I’ve got a tribe you could join ūüėȬ†

If this video and the idea of meeting with other entrepreneurs building a laptop lifestyle speaks to you come join our tribe!

We’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs (or start ups) who want to put the “Choose Your Lifestyle” tip into full practice and enjoy your life like never before!

I’ll give you the tools, the training and the personalized support through our Facebook group and our weekly live webinars. This is your time to really live the life you want… will you grab it? Join Here.

To your success,


Angela Wills, Founder


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