Hitting a Huge Milestone Goal: First Five Figure Month

Exciting news to share with you!

I counted up my income from last month and I’ve hit a HUGE milestone goal for me. In August I made $10,000 from my business. That’s my first five figure month and that’s a BIG deal. 12 of those kind of months in a row and I’ll be hitting another milestone goal – a Six Figure Business.

That’s income, not profit. But it’s a good goal to aim for and go for.

How did I do it?

I started the month out with full intention and made this big poster that I could look at every day. This was part of a weekly homework assignment given to me by Cassie Howard in her Babes in Biz Membership group.

I also made it the screensaver on my phone.

I want to really stress this:

I don’t think the month of August I was particularly “better” than any other month of this year, or last year for that matter. I don’t think I finally became “good enough” to make $10k or that I had just tipped the scales on “popular enough” or “talented enough” or “knowledgeable enough” to make this goal a reality. No I don’t think that at all.

I think what made the difference from this month and all the other months I thought I’d like to make $10k was: MINDSET.

I’ve been doing mindset work over the last few months. I’ve watched the Secret about three times in the last two months. I watched the Toni Robbins documentary “I’m not your Guru” and I’ve just been really, really aware that my thoughts are what create my reality:

So… back to how I did this. The practical things I actually DID to make it happen.

#1: Planned What to Sell

For one, every time I’m working on an income goal I sit down and write out the goal. Then, I look at what I can SELL to make that goal happen. I always aim to go WAY OVER with my estimations and I’m using my most ambitious numbers. Below I am showing you an example of how I’m planning my NEXT Big Goal of $20,000.00.

YES… I’m doubling my last month’s goal. Why? Because I posted in the Awesomization Nation (which you should join HERE by the way for just $17) that I hit my $10K goal and I was immediately CHALLENGED by my awesome friend and smart business coach Nicole Dean to double it, just double it. Wow a big big goal that I honestly have never even thought to do before. But if you look at my video you’ll see how quickly I got to a much bigger amount than that goal.

#2: Mindset Work

I already mentioned this above but it’s worth talking about again because I believe about 95% of the credit for this result goes to just believing I could make it happen. I’ve been in this business for YEARS now. There’s not a whole lot different about what I have to offer this month (or last) as there was a year ago or even three years ago, other than I’ve been working on self-development and mindset.

The mindset things I did that helped:

  • Watched The Secret multiple times.
  • Did morning ‘dream lists’ and put them in my mind as a vision.
  • Listened to This Song (warning: language and women in underwear/leather).
  • Had my goal in front of me all month long (via the big bristol board and on my phone screensaver).
  • I shared my goal with my membership people. Eeks that was big because “what if I failed?”.

#3: Got to (Money) Work

I work every month of course and have almost every month for many years (except a few months after having my daughter where I barely worked).

This month I put in extra effort to get up early in the morning before my little one and get work done. I had quite a few successful 5am wake ups. My daughter has also been doing one extra day of daycare for a few months now, and I think that’s also starting to pay off.

It’s important to note that I did MONEY work or Money-Tasks as I often refer to them. My email inbox sits, often. Sometimes I don’t respond to people as fast as I could but I ALWAYS DO respond. It’s just that the priority is the things that move my business forward and so when someone emails me to say hi I have to leave that one until later while I do the money-tasks first. For a social-media (ie. Facebook) junkie like me this is not an EASY feat, but it is entirely possible!

#4: Keep it Going

So as part of the Awesomization Nation I posted my results in the group and almost immediately was challenged by Nicole Dean to take my $10k goal from last month and double it to $20k. That’s a BIG goal that I honestly have NEVER set for myself (I’ve set $10k’s before but never with money work and as much drive behind it as last month).

I decided to ACCEPT Nicole’s challenge and that’s why you see in my video above I used $20,000 as my goal amount and did you see how I got to $54,000 in potential income. I was really, really surprised to see that number in the end! Yet doing that exercise made me realize how important pushing those goals really is!

So here I am, up at 5:15am and working on a blog post that I will send via email, publish on facebook, promote on Instagram and push out as far and wide as I can.

I hope these actual, practical steps help YOU set your next goal!

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