How I Got Free Stock Photos, Royalty Free!

Hi! How’s it going? What’s on your agenda today?

I got a slow start, again. It seems Friday’s I really need a kick in the butt to get going, you know? But really I think it’s my body telling me I just need time to reflect, think, get quiet a bit. So off I went to the lake again today to journal. This time I took a pic:

Isn’t it awesome?

I LOVE incorporating real pictures into my business and marketing. It makes it all real, it shows proof I’m practicing what I preach and it really builds the relationship between you and I.

But sometimes, I need a stock image. Sometimes I need something that really represents my business and my brand.

Now I don’t know if you’ve priced out stock images, but the GOOD quality ones can be really pricey. And if you want them big, even pricy-er (is that a word?). It’s been YEARS since I’ve looked because I’ve been a spoiled brat getting my stock images free of late, but when I did you could easily pay $20 for a good quality, large sized image.

So… here’s how I get them FREE, no-charge, nada:

Please Note: As of right now I have confidence this will work, but there’s no guarantee of that (I have no control over it) and I’m sure it won’t work forever.

1. First I got myself an account at AppSumo.

AppSumo is a site that offers deals from really cool sites that help online marketers. You should have an account because you can promote their deals and earn free credits. Those free credits get you free offers…. You see where I’m going with this?

You can get your account here. << That IS my referral link FYI.

2. Next I waited for the Deposit Photos Deal

Deposit Photos is where I get ALL my stock photos from. I’ve gotten HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of free photos from there. I have zero hesitation when I go there and I always know I’ll find something that fits perfectly for my business.

The deal is usually 100 photos from Deposit Photos for $33. It’s CRAZY-low even if you just buy them but as I said I don’t need to because I get them free.

Again… no guarantees here but get on the AppSumo list and get your eyes PEELED for this deal. You do NOT want to miss it!

3. I told people about the deal

I emailed my list (you and other peeps), I posted it on social media, I told my friends. I quickly earn the credits to get free images for my sell because this deal is a LITERAL no-brainer. If there is a business owner I know who does NOT buy this deal I’d personally need to have a talk with them because stock images and business go hand in hand. You NEED images for your business… why not get them for a crazy-good deal (or free hey)??

So that’s how I’ve gotten 1,200 stock photos totally FREE (I just counted and I have twelve 100-pack purchases)! I really, really, REALLY hope they bring the deal back because I’ll keep doing this forever, lol. Seriously you can’t get too many free stock photos . OH, and the credits, once loaded into Deposit Photos, don’t expire.

So, in summary…

Do step one now: Get your AppSumo Account
Then, wait for the deal.
Then, tell your peeps!



p.s. This tip is ONE LESSON from the daily lessons you’ll find in the newest program I’m releasing on May 1st, Business Branding Graphics Masterclass.

I just updated this course TODAY with an entire four module series that I think you are going to stinking love. I am so excited to share with you the techniques, tips and short-cuts that I’ve learned over my fifteen years of running an online business!

Look… I know graphics are pretty EASY. The free, online tools are pretty awesome. You can whip up some stuff pretty quick. But the thing you can’t do without some time, talent or know-how is to pull it all together to create a consistent, impressive and client-attracting BRAND.

Branding does not need to be a scary word. It is actually so fun and even exciting when you just “get it”. I know because I once that the idea of creating a “brand” to be dull and boring! I’m talking about your PERSONAL BRAND, you image and the whole bundle of graphics and images that make up your business.

In this course, I’ll teach you to rock this in a way you never knew you could, in a way you thought you’d have to pay a designer thousands of dollars to do FOR YOU, when you got to that point.

Nope, you can do this now. You can elevate your business NOW so that you get to the point of growth sooner rather than later.

As you can tell, I’m pumped! If you looked at the salespage before today I encourage you to take another look because you’re going to see, point by point, some exciting ways to use images and graphics to boost business like never before.

Just to entice you over there, here are the new modules I’m so proud of:

MODULE 1: Creating Stunning Graphics For Social Media with FREE Tools

In this module we are going to focus on using incredible free tools to create social media posts, images & covers so that you can attract the attention of the IDEAL potential customers you are looking for! By the end of this module you can expect to go from snapchat slowpoke to social media sorcerer!

    • EFFORTLESSLY CREATE social graphics to build your following and get more clicks.
    • My BIGGEST TIP for creating image-based social posts, FAST.
    • My SECRET INSTAGRAM TACTIC that gets TRIPLE the likes and follows every single time!
    • My super-sneaky way to get incredible quality STOCK IMAGES for FREE!

MODULE 2: Business Branding Photoshoots Where YOU Are the (Comfortable) STAR!

For most people, stepping in front of the camera to do a business photo shoot is NOT the most comfy thing in the world, at all. You’ve likely been avoiding it until… (you get smaller, your skin looks better, your hairdresser gets it right, etc, etc). Trust me, I get it! I was waiting, too. Then I said to hell with it and went for a photoshoot. I’ll admit, the first one was really uncomforable but the pics turned out GOOD. The second was PERFECT. I’ve got some hella tips and techniques to share with you in this model to make you go to your shoot feeling like a “Supa-Star!”

By the end of this module, you’ll discover:

  • Why you photo shoot will TOTALLY SUCK if you get this key piece wrong, and how to get it right.
  • How to find a photographer who will GET YOU & get you the BEST shoots!
  • Getting ready for your BUSINESS PHOTOSHOOT tips you probably wouldn’t have thought of.
  • The motivation to stop WISHING you could have awesome business photos and just DO IT.

MODULE 3: Pro-Quality Business & Marketing Graphics, Created at Home

Most of us can create “OK” graphics with the awesome-possum tools available to us online these days, but in this module I’m going to show you some of the BEST tips & tricks I’ve developed over the last 15 YEARS to create high-quality graphics at home. I’ve never taken a photoshop course IN MY LIFE and you can rest-assured that YOU can do this, too, without graphic designer skills. Take your free tools to the next level by making pro-quality graphics for your business and of course teaching your team to whip them out for you as you get your systems in place.

By the end of this module, you’ll discover:

  • Deliver BEAUTIFUL REPORTS and document covers for your business.
  • Present a HIGH QUALITY professional appearance on your products, programs & services.
  • Adding quality & ATTENTION-GRABBING graphics to your emails and newsletters.
  • Creating Marketing Materials & Advertising that are stunningly EFFECTIVE.

MODULE 4: Branding Your Website Like a BOSS

YOU are a boss. A momboss, a ladyboss, a badass boss with a badass website to prove it. Right? No? That’s OK because this module has got you covered. We’ll get your website into badass, kickass business boss mode in no time with some easy to implement tips that you can do fast (many in 15 minutes or less).

No website is EVER finished and you’ll be sure to attract your ideal customers the more you dedicate yourself to presenting the image that FITS with you. I’ll help you do that.

By the end of this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a website header to ATTRACT PEOPLE instead of send them running away.
  • One simple website tweak that will improve your chances that people will STAY on your website.
  • The biggest MISTAKE people make with website images and how to fix it for good.
  • A complete checklist of key website graphics, and how to use them to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

So there you have it… that’s what it covers. You should know this is a go at YOUR pace. It’s a masterclass so you’re going to learn a lot and I know sometimes that takes more time.

This is not something you should wait on. Graphics and images will make a HUGE impact on your business and marketing.

Here’s where to go…hope I see you on the other side:

From “OK” to “Blown Away” Graphics. Go HERE

Oh and FYI – Your BEST deal is to sign up for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club linked under the buy button, VIP Membership, and then you’ll get your program ($297 value), your insider report, your Action & Accountability club and more for only $97.

You can cancel anytime but I think once you join you’ll see that you just don’t WANT to miss the monthly program (that is yours to keep for good), community, training and accountability. It’s RARE (if not unheard of) to get this much support for your online business for this kind of price.

Extra Note and official disclaimer: I used my affiliate/referral link in this email. That means if you sign up to AppSumo and buy anything I will earn a $10 credit that I can use to buy stuff, like more stock photos 😉

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