Are You Having FUN in Your Business?

Since making the move to rebrand my business and this blog I’ve been getting really, really clear on my core message. That message is that it’s entirely possible to have total business freedom, to live a Laptop Lifestyle and to build a business you absolutely, positively love.

When you work from home like I do, your business and your life are ONE THING. Most of us never really close the door on your office and shut of our entrepreneur brain. Nope, not at all. That’s why it’s so important that your business, your work and your life are something you really enjoy.

Loving your business means having FUN in your business and your life.

And I’m on a mission to “enjoy every day”, have fun and get out a live more life!

Today was (is) Father’s Day. My daughter and I were at home while her dad went out to do a little shopping. She asked me to go to the playground so off we went…

I was snapping pics while we were there, watching her have fun and of course enjoying seeing my little girl happy. While there I met another mom who was interested in starting a business online. I was really surprised when she totally understood what it is I do for my own business as it’s usually very hard to explain to people. Later I posted on Instagram about the whole thing with a cute pic of my little one playing.


I’m really enjoying Instagram! Follow me on my NEW Laptop Lifestyle Blogger account here.

The thing about Instagram is you can’t post links on your pictures so you’ve really got to work on engagement with your audience and then get them to take action by returning to your site.

In keeping with having fun I’m sharing my life. Like the picture below I’m sharing the GIANT water jug I bought at Maximum Nutrition Center local to me. I LOVED the marketing that happened to me and I wrote about it on my business account. I’ve been looking for a big water jug and over on my fitness Instagram account a company called Mammoth Mug liked one of my posts. That caught my attention, I clicked to find out more and found out they were selling in a store just a few minutes from me. Talk about effective social media marketing! From they time they clicked my post to the time I bought their ($22) water jug was no more than a couple of hours. This one I posted also on my other Instagram Account too, but I talked about the benefits of drinking water instead of the business aspect.


For my food and fitness blog I’ve been working on a rebrand as well. I’m going from the domain to

As soon as I felt how well the new brand here at Laptop Lifestyle Blogger was going for my business here I decided I needed to do the same for my fitness blog. It’s already inspiring me to take action, create content and keep having fun. So yesterday I took my little sweetie to the grocery store to gather up some food for a backyard picnic (seeing it’s International Picnic Day) and then posted this blog post.


Have fun with your business. Enjoy life. Mix them together, even!

The possibilities really open up when you are simply sharing what you’re doing and the results you’re getting.





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