Let’s Get Real: Can you get rich quick online?

I was just reading this post on Lynn Terry’s blog.

In her post Lynn talks about a conversation that’s been happening as a result of her promoting an internet marketing training product that promises you can earn 10x what you pay for the product within 30 days. The product costs approximately $180 so they’re giving a guarantee that you can earn $1800 in your first 30 days.

Outrageous claims? Not really. Not at all really.

Lynn’s post really got me thinking about how I’m marketing MY products and if maybe I’ve been doing my market a disservice by playing down how quickly you actually CAN make money online.

See it’s super important to me to be known as an ethical marketer who does not promote “get rich quick” schemes put out by sleazy marketers who really could not care less if you actually make any money at all. (by the way the people selling the product Lynn is promoting is NOT a get rich quick scheme at all… It’s co-created by someone I trust 400% as she was my first online marketing mentor and coach).

Getting back to how I’ve been talking with my market.

I Don’t Believe in “Get Rich Quick” but I DO believe in “Make Money FAST“.

I’ve told you it takes work.
I’ve told you that you won’t get rich overnight.
I’ve told you that you must love your market, be dedicated and determined…

But… Have I made it sound hard? Really hard? Too hard??

While I don’t believe in scammy “get rich quick” schemes I am all about “making money quick”!!!

Don’t, please don’t convince yourself this has to take forever. Don’t believe you have to learn more, be more, do more than you already have right now.

In Lynn’s post she says:

“I’ve put together “product content” (all the content for the actual product) in a single weekend for example.”

I’ll take that one step further and suggest you can create profit tomorrow or, today. Yes. Today.

How? Here are some ideas:

  1. Offer a service to a networking group you belong to. I did this in my beginner days of Virtual Assistance. I made an offer too good to refuse to a group of work at home moms and I got 11 clients in 24 hours. That offer was 10 hours for $50. Cheap, yes, but it got me long-term clients that made me money for years. It can be done. It CAN be done.
  2. Offer a service to someone you know personally. Maybe you have been online sometime and you’ve connected with a few people. Maybe those people need help and they’ve told you so. Just start thinking… what are people saying they need? Can you help? Make an offer. The worst they can say is no, right?
  3. Offer a service to someone you’ve bought a product from. Something that has worked well for me in the past is approaching people I’ve bought training programs from and letting them know I have services to offer. I’ll ask them if they know someone who could use my services and more often than not they do know someone or they want to hire me themselves.
  4. Sign up for an affiliate program (like mine) and share a great product. Share it where you think you’ll get impact, or share it EVERYWHERE you think you’ll get potential impact. That could be emailing a friend directly, posting to social media, emailing your list even if there are only 20 people on there, posting it on your website, writing a blog post, making a video… the options are endless. Find an audience and start giving them valuable stuff to consume.

There are more things. That’s just a start. The opportunities to earn income online are as endless as your imagination. You just need to STOP thinking it’s hard and START thinking about how to make it easier and faster for you.

I’ve often said to my clients and customers that the ONLY thing you need to make money online is an offer, a way to collect the money and a way to deliver it.

Keep It Simple:

I know you hear all about building big email lists, having tons of traffic, creating automation out the ying-yang and all the internet marketing bells and whistles. BUT… BUT, BUT, BUT… if you are just getting  started KEEP IT SIMPLE.

You can make money with a Paypal payment link and and offer. You don’t need a shopping cart, a customer area, a big email list, a completed website or anything. You can think of an offer, create a payment link and you’re in business. Then all you need is just ONE person to click that link and send you money. Just one person.

Thinking in terms of all the other things will just leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and most likely lead you into a dead stop.

You need to achieve those ‘little successes’ to prove to yourself you can do this. No matter how small a payment you get through PayPal, every time you get that ‘Notification of payment received’ email you’ll feel a tinge of excitement over what this business has to offer.

So in summary getting rich quick is not the way to go but I truly believe you’ve got to put the fire in your belly to earn yourself profits as FAST as you can. In my opinion any product or training program out there with the guts to claim they can do that for you should be considered as long as it’s from a trusted source (the original discussed most certainly is).

No product is going to do it for you and that’s the key here… You and you alone are going to take accountability for yourself to TAKE ACTION on your goals.

p.s. The first step to all this really is believing it’s possible and being willing to take action. Taking action is so, so key. In my monthly mentoring group, the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, I encourage my members to move forward now and worry about being perfect, um, never. lol. So if you are sick of trying to be perfect and just want to be REAL I invite you to join us here. This month we’re doing some fun Sticky Note planning to get ready for the final piece of this year and making 2016 an awesome year to be.

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Angela Wills

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Ruby - October 19, 2015

Thanks for the tips on ways to reach out to make offers to people you may already know to get at least one client. I like your reminder that when you’re just starting out, keep it simple.

    Angela Wills - October 22, 2015

    You’re welcome Ruby. Definitely keep it simple. One of the biggest ways to stall any progress in an online business is to simply overcomplicate and confuse issues. Always look for the path of least resistance and grow from there. 😉

Lisa VinBC - February 7, 2017

Such a great article and so relevant to wear I am today. Website almost ready and no list yet, but an affiliate for a great course that is re-launching on Thursday. I’ll keep I simple like you say and see what happens!

Lisa VinBC - February 7, 2017

Lol – wow. I stayed up way too late last night working on my website – can’t believe I wrote “wear I am today” instead of “where I am today”!

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