Proven List-Builder Case Study: Giveaway Events

List Building is no joke. It’s the ‘bread and butter’ of any online business. You MUST be building your email list, period.

But you know that. You’re not here for me to convince you to build your list. You’re here because you want to build a great list, fast, with minimal effort, right? You’re busy, I’m busy. I have found the fastest way to build my list by far to be Giveaway Events. I’ve been talking about it for YEARS now. I just pulled this case study out of my archives and decided to give it an update.

In my efforts to build my list through Giveaway Events I have sometimes had big successes. In June of 2013 I added over 800 new email list subscribers into my business. I thought you might be curious about how I did that and I thought you’d appreciate a bit of a case study to show you what I mean.

How I Added 634 Subscribers from ONE Giveaway Event

First off, here’s the proof. The screenshot of the one list where most of my leads came in:

That was from the Done 4 You Giveaway, which you can view here.  Unfortunately I didn’t get my act together to participate in the 2015 event but I’ve already confirmed with the organizers that I’m IN for 2016.

As you can see on that sign up page I was one of 50+ marketers who were giving away valuable gifts and prizes. Each are required to have a minimum of 3,000 people on our list and we were asked to promote the giveaway at least three times. After people sign up for the main Done 4 You Giveaway page they are taken to a page that lists all giveaways.

After they picked my offer to click on, people ended up here on my sign up page:


Of course on the other side of that form is an email list that people are signed up to and then that list has an autoresponder message to deliver the promised gift.

I don’t remember how I initially heard about this giveaway but it seems to me that once I started doing one other people came to me with their events as well. Since I have quite a few people on my list and many were VAs, some were working for clients doing giveaways and wanted me to know about them and join in.

BUT… Don’t These Events Just Attract Non-Buying, Freebie Seekers? Who Wants Those People?

I’ve posted about this before and sometimes I get questions about the QUALITY of the list you build through freebie events like this. Here is my response:

Sure you’ll get freebie seekers but that doesn’t mean they won’t buy. I mean who doesn’t love freebies and why not take them when you can get them.

I can tell you from three years of doing the that I’ve now received WELL over 1000 email subscribes and I can also tell you from EARLY tracking that I made back a HUGE return on my investment. (sold a good number of my $397 program who I could track back direct to the list). I’m positive well into multiple thousands of dollars.

Now I do think it’s important the giveaway itself is a quality one. If you have a look at the Done4YouGiveaway site the quality of the businesses participating is high.

I’d say to your concern – Let the freebies seekers go (they’ll unsubscribe or you can unsubscribe them yourself) and those engaged from that group will make themselves known to you. Plus think about the other ways you attract subscribers: Free Reports on your site, through social media, free webinars… those people are ALL freebies seekers, too, until you turn them into qualified buyers. How you attract the right people is totally up to you!

I also believe that not all the freebies seekers will go back over and over and download a ton of stuff. I personally go to those giveaways and just pick a few good things or people I’d like to learn from!

How to Get Started Building Your List with Giveaway Events, a Step by Step List:

  1. Start with a smaller event to get experience and test out what kind of giveaway will work for you and your market.
  2. Sign up and get yourself a deadline! Do this even if you don’t have a freebie yet to get yourself motivated and taking ACTION.
  3. Get your freebie together. It can be a report (pdf), an audio (mp3), a video (mp4), a webinar or whatever offers VALUE to your market.
  4. Set up your opt-in form. Following the instructions of the event itself, they may require special setup, links or graphics. Get them what they need to promote you!
  5. Set up your freebie delivery. You can use your email software (like Aweber) to do this. Upload your freebie somewhere (WordPress, Amazon s3, you Shopping Cart, etc) and give the link in your welcome email.
  6. Build your list! Some events require you to promote them, some don’t. Find out the rules and follow along, then watch your list GROW. Yay you!

pssst… I’ve created a little report, a checklist and a list of great events that you get FREE when you sign up for the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Just so ya know 😉

Have fun. Build your list! Go get ’em!


p.s. If you need something awesome to give away go grab yourself some White Label Perks or a well-written report from Coach Glue. No excuses!

[feature_box style=”18″ title=”Here’s%20an%20Upcoming%20Giveaway%20Event%20For%20You!” alignment=”center”]

This is a great event to get started with. It’s FREE or you can upgrade to two different levels (I upgraded to the Platinum for $67 which is a great deal as I expect a few hundred sign-ups). This was the first event I ever participated in and I had great success with it! This year I’m focused on growing my list so I’m back to doing the events with full force.

It’s called the Self-Improvement Gifts Giveaway and you can sign up here.



I’ve been telling people about this awesome giveaway and have gotten some questions. Here are the Q&A’s:

[content_toggle style=”1″ label=”Click%20Here%20to%20Read%20Q%26A’s%20about%20the%20Self%20Improvement%20Giveaway%20Event%20(how%20it%20works%2C%20what%20to%20give%20away%2C%20etc.)…” hide_label=”Hide”]
Q: How does it work?
You sign up at the link below and you’ll get access to an account at the giveaway. Once inside you follow the instructions to set up your giveaway. I almost always give away a product I sell for around $17-$27 or maybe a little more. So I tend to either set up an opt-in page OR I sent them direct to my order form. Opt-in page will probably get the best results as it asks for the least info. You will get a link that goes to sign up people who want to contribute until Jan. 5th, then I think it goes straight to the giveaway after that.
Q: What’s the best thing to give away?
As I said I like to give away a product, usually a Report or training series. I’ve given away reports and video training very successfully in these kinds of events. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what you give away, as long as it provides VALUE to your target market.
Q: The sign up link takes me to a JV/Affiliate page, can I just sign up to add a giveaway?
Yes just sign up at that link which automatically makes you an affiliate but I don’t think you’re required to actually promote in order to have a giveaway in the event (check when you sign up but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to).
Q: What if I don’t have a freebie set up yet, do I have time?
You probably don’t have time to write something yourself as you need to get your freebie up by Jan. 5th BUT you could get some PLR, rework that and then get it ready to go. Check out White Label Perks for ready to go freebies and also go to Coach Glue for really great quality reports you could quickly package up as a product.
Q. Why would you participate in this if you sell marketing stuff and this is for self-improvement? Are they your target market?
I targeted my giveaway to my market. So one year I did Build a WordPress Website for Self-Improvement Professionals (which I will do again). Even though my product was all WordPress related, the cover and wording was targeted to the market. I had 100% go-ahead to do this as I worked with the co-ordinator of the giveaway to find out what would be best for me (she suggested the giveaway to me in the beginning).
 This year I am also IN the self-improvement business and I bought a Platinum account so I get to enter three giveaways and I’ll be doing two targeting Self-Improvement business owners and one targeting people who want to lose weight.

I hope that helps!

SIGNUP HERE To Contribute

This is the 11th Annual Self Improvement Gifts giveaway and it is always the biggest Self Improvement event of the year! You don’t want to miss out on this huge list-building opportunity.

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Lisa Paredes Woeller - January 5, 2016

Hi Angela! I agree that list building gift giveaways are an awesome way to build your list! I started to look for other creative ways to build my list and I found giveaways a fantastic way! It’s a win-win for everybody. I actually found you off of the giveaway you’re mentioning on this post. ????


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