Do You Resist Social Media Marketing?


“Facebook is just for fun.”

“All I do on there is post pics of my food, my kid and my dog.”

“Why would I bother investing time into marketing my business when all people care about are parenting articles and judging others?”

Yep… these are thoughts from ME, marketer Angela, up until VERY recently regarding social media marketing and especially Facebook marketing.

You see I’m a big believer and promoter of email marketing. Email marketing is still and has for a very, very long time been one of the best return on investments for both time and money. If you nurture a great email list, put the time into building a great relationship and send them high quality information you are very likely to gain great profits from that effort, even from a very small list (I could make $1000 in a week selling blog designs to a list of 300 targeted people).

But… social media never got me results.

I was half-hearted with my efforts for sure. I do remember that one time when I posted about my website creation course and got a sign up from my personal Facebook profile. I kinda considered it a fluke since it hadn’t happened before or since.

Looking back I now realize how it was a mistake to ignore social media as a medium.

Relationship Marketing…

I get relationship marketing. It makes sense that friends take the advice of other friends. I mean when you’re looking for a great hairdresser do you go to google and type in “hair dresser advice” or do you post on facebook asking your friends who they love for a cut and color? Of course you ask your friends! You ask the people you know, like and trust. Those people are on social media sharing their lives, being accessible, living and being real.

I get that so I don’t know WHY it took me so long to get how important it is to be using social media to build my business and relationships!

Finally… I GET IT.

I’m ALL IN with social media these days.

I think what finally won me over was seeing other marketers I know using social media in great ways. I also just LOVE using Facebook Groups for my products and business. I’ve done a complete turnaround now and instead of saying “but facebook is just for fun”… I’m saying “how FUN would it be to get paid for being on Facebook?”.

I’ve got lots of Facebook pages:

Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. Click to ‘Like’ it:


I’m having a BLAST sharing stuff on Instagram:


And heck I’m even hopping back onto Twitter to find out why it’s hot again:

Know What Social Media Stage to Use:

As a marketing business owner I really didn’t get into Instagram and didn’t see how to use it. It seemed like an app the ‘teens’ were using and I just didn’t see why I’d even want to be on it.

As a blogger, though, Instagram ROCKS. People LOVE pics on Instagram. Plus on Instagram it’s so easy to reach new people through the use of Hashtags. It’s a place where it’s totally acceptable to use a ton of hashtags, it’s even encouraged! It’s fun! It’s also helping me build my reach and grow my following.

Email Marketing Works… So Does Social Media Marketing

Yes email marketing rocks and it’s not going away anytime soon. No you should not forgo your email marketing for social media marketing, AT ALL, but what you should do is ADD social media marketing to your business.

For me it’s not just about figuring out I was wrong and finding a new way to market. These days I’m focused on growing and building and reaching more people than ever. While my list is my ‘posse’ I can only email so often and if I only email them I’m limiting my reach.

Now as I build these social media channels bigger and bigger I am expanding my reach wider and wider (obviously a good thing)!

So… question for you: Do you have a love/hate relationship with Social Media Marketing? Or a Hate? Or a Love? Let’s chat about it 🙂

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Instead of just leaving this post and thinking “that’s nice”, here’s something for you to TAKE ACTION on today.

Pick a social media medium you already have set up… be it Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc… and look back through your posts. Find something that good a good or really good response and RECREATE it! Do something similar.

That way you’re not reinventing the well. Redo what works. 😉


p.s. In November I’m going to spend my time really focusing on my own social media marketing and sharing my results with my Laptop Lifestyle Business Club. In our monthly meeting I’ll go into even greater detail about what’s working for me (like Facebook Groups for products and challenges) and how you can apply social media to your own business. We’ll cover a variety of methods in this month’s training guides including: Email (we won’t skip email of course), Instagram, Facebook Groups and Running Challenges. Join us by signing up here, we’d love to see you in the facebook group 😉

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