Business Coach or Highly Paid Cheerleader?

I’m seeing a disturbing trend in women-owned businesses and I wanted to issue you a word of warning…

Here’s what I see:
There are women starting up NEW businesses as business coaches. They just decide… “hey, I want to coach women in business”. I kinda get that and I’m not even saying there’s anything wrong with it. Maybe you have a skill that can REALLY help business owners. Maybe you know something they don’t. Maybe you can move them past an obstacle or help them break through to a new income level.

Six Figures FAST?

Look if you’re going to tell me you’re going to coach me on how to earn six figures then you damn-well better know a lot about how to get there, and I mean a lot. I saw something yesterday that really bothered me. I saw a lady posting that she was going to get to six figures in X amount of time and THEN she was going to immediately start charging people a five-figure amount to learn her system for same. She’s not the only one I’ve seen teaching people how to get to six figures, of course, but this one stood out because it seems like a business that is perpetuating itself to that goal. Business should be about so much more than getting to that goal of six figures.

Plus, do you really need to pay a lot of money to learn that model?

Cause here it is:

Charge people $2500 for a four week one on one coaching program. Get four clients a month. Boom! Six figures plus a year. 

Look… I’m not knocking getting to six figures either. It’s a big goal for a lot of people but what’s behind that goal is so much more important!

I checked out this lady’s page and it’s like many others, like MINE even, in that it talks about the freedom of working from anywhere and doing what you love.

My big problem with programs like this (not just this one and maybe not EVEN this one as I don’t know what she’s teaching) is that are you REALLY building a business if you start a business teaching people to find clients at $2-3k per package and then just teach them to ALSO find clients to pay $2-$3k per package? It just feels like some sort of big pyramid of people paying people to me?

Where’s the PRODUCT?

Yes, service IS technically a product but when it’s the ONLY product and it’s the thing being sold as the thing to sell then it just seems very shallow to me. Does it turn over the big bucks when you position it right? Sure, but does that make it right? I’m not so sure….

At that point what you’re really selling is motivation. Of course people can and will pay thousands of dollars to be motivated but do we need a whole industry teaching people to do so and labeling it as business coaching? I say if you want to be a motivational coach then you’ll figure that out… you don’t need a BUSINESS coach to tell you it’s your sure-fire way to a super-fast six figures. UNLESS you’re ONLY about the six-figures and that’s just kinda sad.

I’m calling foul on any business who JUST wants to open a business to be a coach who makes six figures. I’m calling foul because business is SO MUCH MORE than that! It’s not just a means to an amazing lifestyle… the lifestyle is the REWARD for serving people in a most awesome way and that’s a very important thing to remember.

Please, please, please don’t let the pretty webpages, super-cute fonts and perfectly photographed people decide the business for your heart. That is something for your heart to decide, ONLY.

This is the reason why I only pick up with people who know their own path, or at very open to working on it themselves, in my own business membership group. I don’t tell you what business to pick or even how to pick it because I believe everyone arrives there in their own way and time. I NEVER promise you’ll make any amount in any amount of time. That’s all on you and you need to dig deep for that motivation (I know, and I know how fleeting it can be I’ve been there).

Could I do what I see in this trend and make a fast six figures myself? You bet your pants I could!

Yet here I am charging only $1497 for a whole year of mentoring with me. A whole year! For mentoring with someone who makes her full time income from part-time hours doing what she loves, when she loves to do it (or when the toddler lets her lol). Regardless I could be charging $14,970 for the same and I could pump up the push to big income while having my own BIG income to back it up.

Heck maybe I even should because I’ve got 17 FREAKING YEARS online and 8 FREAKING YEARS as a full-time online entrepreneur. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to get people on the phone and tell them business is all sunshine and rainbows and they just need to go get ’em. Sorry, that’s not my gig. I’m also not only five months into the business (original poster started in November) and ready to take the responsibility of taking on $10k clients. That just hit me as all kinds of wrong, I’m sorry.

I’m also just a little concerned about posting this rant. Concerned because I don’t want the person who’s ready to be a coach, or the lady who wrote the post who inspired this, to read my words and consider them an attack. They’re not. They’re a loving and gentle push to really think about what is it you want from your business, to really think about what will motivate, inspire and move you to be of the most amazing service to your clients.

I’m also not knocking business coaching. I know some amazing business coaches (I call myself a “mentor” because coaching is not my style) who have many years of experience and results to back them up. I know there are some BIG names in this industry who I’m sure are also amazing business coaches.

What I’m asking is: Where are the women who want to build a highly successful business based on a passion they have? Build something real. Something solid. Something UNIQUE that only YOU could create. Something that not only helps people but is an extension of the natural talents and abilities you already possess!

I know there are so many amazingly awesome, strong, smart and uniquely talented business women out there (many more than I could remember or hide links to in this post ? ). I’ve worked with so many of them over the years and mentored or coached with many more. I salute them all with the highest respect! It’s NOT easy to balance a successful business, family, a household and whatever else you have on your plate.

OK? We cool?

And of course I’d love it if you’d join me to do so as a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club (use coupon code: mojo). I’ve got the lifetime membership on right now that I just popped open on Friday. I’ll keep it open until this Friday open so you have a few days to decide but please do take a look as this is a serious offer for personal attention and mentoring through my programs and my active facebook group.

Regardless of what you decide please do not get sucked into money-promises. They can be tempting. The lure of a beautiful life can also be tempting. Those things can be achieved through your strength and passion and then they will be all you and you’ll be so very, very proud of what you’ve achieved.

Have an amazing day!

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p.s. Am I totally off base on how this all works? Am I being over-dramatic? I honestly don’t usually like posting things like this but I’m trying to step out into much more authentic blogging and this was on my mine. If I’m wrong I’m totally open to hearing your (respectful) opinions!

Also I’d like to stress I am NOT against people selling coaching, paying for motivation (it works!), charging lots of money or promoting that  you can earn six figures online.


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