Mentoring: The Power of Having a “Person” In Your Corner

I had a really great discussion with a Protege Client of mine the other day about what my mentoring really means and how to use it best.

We had a little bit of a disconnect going into it on how I could help and it was really more of a communication misunderstanding than anything. The conversation really made me think about how I should be showing up as a mentor and guide for my clients, and how to be the most awesome mentor for them!

First off, let’s talk about what a mentor is not.

A mentor is NOT a coach. I don’t do weekly phone calls. For one they’ve never felt like anything but unproductive to me and I think that’s because my personality and skillset does not lie with talking on the phone. I’m a VERY visual person and a person who needs to take action. So talking on the phone for an hour when I could be guiding you to write a profitable email or get a facebook group setup seems VERY unproductive. I know that’s not the extent of what a coach does by any means but if you’re looking for a coach then a mentor like me, not the way to go.

A mentor is NOT a therapist. Sometimes people have small mental blocks and as a mentor I can help them see that they are looking at something complete wrong and they can quickly shift gears. Other times those mental blocks are engrained so deep they need to work with someone who can help them get past that. That’s not me and that’s not what mentoring is for. For that you need a professional who has that kind of expertise to help.

What a mentor is:

A mentor is a GUIDE. I’m been where you are. I know your frustrations. I know the common mistakes. I know the smart things to do (like, build an email list, now, today, do it, do it now, 😉 ). I can guide you through the maze and mass of confusing info out there to the things that REALLY MATTER so you get shit done.

A mentor is a LISTENER. I don’t believe we build our businesses shy of what’s going on in our life. Life continues to pop up new challenges (family issues, health matters, unexpected expenses, accidents, deaths and on an on…) and a mentor knows that sometimes you need to talk these things through as they relate to business. So if you tell me you had a really down day because you had a big fight with your spouse, I’ll understand and give you ideas to get back on track.

A mentor is a MOTIVATOR. It’s motivating to have someone on your side, rooting for you. Just knowing you have that is great in and of itself. Having a mentor also allows you someone who’ll check in on you, encourage you, motivate you to do things you might not have thought of or thought you could do.

Why Work With a Mentor…

Obviously working with a mentor is a personal decision.

Can you get there without a mentor? Of course! You’re just going to take longer because you’ll have to work through things all on your own and you won’t be drawing on someone else’s experience to help you do things faster and avoid any common pitfalls.

I know for me the reason to hire a mentor was absolutely to have someone who’s done what I want to do guide me as fast as humanly possible (I’m impatient and want the results… so I guess that makes me, um, human?).

There’s a big difference between getting results FAST and getting rich quick. Any real mentor is going to tell you that you have to work.

You have to LOVE the work.
You have to THRIVE on the work.
You have to WANT to work!

No more of this “I just want to sit back and watch the money roll in while I live my life” crap.

No… that’s not how it works and a mentor won’t make that happen for you.

A mentor will show you how awesomely awesome and rewarding it is to serve people so much that they get so much value from what you offer that they are overjoyed to hear from you! THAT kind of work doesn’t even FEEL like work, but it is.

When Should You Get Mentoring?

The WHEN of hiring a mentor can sometimes be tricky.

I’ve had people hire me who wanted to just have me tell them what to do.

I had one guy literally tell me he was waiting for my instructions and he was going to go at it full force once he got them from me!






There is no instruction booklet for running a business.

There is no true step by step, start to finish.

If you’re looking for that no freaking wonder you’re frustrated!

You’re ready for a mentor when you’re ready to accept the full responsibility of running your own business.

It’s entirely on you.

Your success.
Your failure.
Your sales.
Your profits.

You can’t hire someone, not make money and then blame the person you hired.

You can’t tell me we’re all scam artists because you didn’t make money with the last four people you hired.

That’s not taking responsibility for YOU and what you have to offer to the world. When you DO take responsibility. What you ARE aware that this whole business thing is in your hands it could be scary a bit but it’s also AMAZING to know you have that kind of control over your own destiny. You can create your life. You can design your business.

A mentor can help you when you’re there. Can guide you when you need it. Can encourage you when you want it.

I’d love to do that for you if you’re ready.

I’d love to mentor you to the most amazing business you haven’t built yet but are ready to really just TAKE ACTION and go for!

I have just two mentoring spots left in my Protege Program and I am closing it up in only three days, on August 1st at midnight. Then, it will close for 3-6 months and when I do open it again the program will run for six months (not a year) and be twice the price… that effectively means it will cost 4x as much as it does right now.

I know the value of my program and I know it’s time to really UP my own game. I’m giving YOU the chance to join me at the lowest price you’ll EVER get my mentoring if you think it’s right for you, but you have to sign up now. Sign up here


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