How I Get So Much Done…

People often comment to me that they don’t know how I get so much done.  Like, a lot.

So I figured you might be wondering that too.

You might think I’m some kind of super-organizational-wizard. I AM NOT.
You might think I’m a master at outsourcing to a well-trained team. I AM NOT.
You might think I’m up at all hours getting work done. I AM NOT.

It’s true I’m not a type A, AT ALL. I know because my mom is a true type A, super organized, makes and checks those lists, plans ahead, always on time. I didn’t get that gene.

I can’t outsource to save my life. I mean, I want to, I REALLY want to and maybe one day I’ll just get it but not yet. I still struggle to give a VA the simplest of tasks (probably because I’m not that organized). I still do almost everything myself though I’m working on getting consistent with outsourcing.

I sleep pretty good too.

So… what gives?

How do I stay home with a busy (busy, busy) three-year-old, keep the house from falling down (I didn’t say it’s spotless 😉 ), cook meals, run my business and still have time to shower and get dressed?!

How… indeed!

Ok I’m going to spill in this email so read this carefully:

  1. Priorities (aka Money Tasks) – I’ve said before that there are days I have very little time to work. Maybe 20 minutes, maybe 2 hours… so I have to be really focused on doing the top priority. The top priority for me is emailing my list. That has been my main money-maker for years and years. Now just more recently I’ve added blogging and also social as viable money-tasks because they DO make me money. So… depending on the time available I will do an email, a blog post, a social media post or all of the above!
  2. Reusing Content – One of the big keys to keeping people interested in your business and offerings is to come out with new stuff. I have VERY LITTLE time to create new stuff. That will change gradually over the next few years as I add more daycare days and eventually send my little one to school but up till now, I’ve had to be VERY CREATIVE in using content I’ve already created and reuse it. For example, I turned my flagship WordPress Training Program into a Private Label WordPress Course that teaches people HOW to start a WordPress Training Business AND Gives Them the Content to Use to Teach, too!
  3. Buying Content (aka PLR aka Private Label Rights) – Another thing I’ve done is purchased content already created. I love the content from Coach Glue and use them often.
  4. Creating Templates & Systems – I have a folder on my computer called “Systems”… that is the place I go before I start any kind of repetitive task for my business. If I’m blogging, I’ll go there for a blogging template. If I’m doing a speaking gig, I go there for a bio template to give to the event hosts (and I just grabbed this free template with more bio templates in it from DFY Templates!). If I’m posting to social media, I’ll go there to grab pre-determined hashtags or topic ideas (check out this social media calendar and templates here).
  5. Business is Life – This is a philosophy I live by. My business is infused into my life so much that there is not separation of the two. If I have time to answer an email on a Saturday at 10 pm, I answer it. I don’t worry if my client will be too demanding and expect me to answer late nights on the weekends because I do. I don’t see this as a burden but a blessing. YET, when I had a Virtual Assistance business I DID NOT want clients emailing me at 10 pm ET asking me to handle an emergency for them. So my business is infused into my life into a way that creates NO EXTRA stress for me… the moment something feels stressful I start thinking of different ways to do things. For me, business is life because I can’t work the 9-5 day anymore. So, this works for me. It might not work for you. Maybe you want to have your evenings completely free and that’s totally OK. You have to set your business up in a way that suits YOUR LIFESTYLE… that’s so key.
  6. Forgive Myself – I’m not perfect. I’m very human. I mess up. Sometimes I don’t do things the way I wanted to in my business or I just mess something up completely. When I do I forgive myself. I remind myself that the mess ups are small compared to the people I’m helping and if I held back because I MIGHT mess up then I’d never help the hundreds or thousands of people I’ve helped to this point.
  7. Find a Way – For me, there is no other option but being an entrepreneur. There is no plan B. So I have to always find a way to make it work, to get my goals and to make my dreams a reality.

So those are some of the KEY WAYS I get it all done. Of course, nothing is ever really a complete and total picture. You’ll never know everything about me from one post. If you want to learn how I do these things I definitely welcome you to join us in the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club and ask away, learn continually and grow your business alongside some amazingly smart business people. I love that we have fitness experts, health experts, Virtual Assistants, content creators, business coaches and so much more in our focused, diverse group!

No matter how much time you have available you can go for it and grow your business!

[feature_box style=”11″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]Your Homework: Go through my list and find ONE thing you can take action on right now, then go do it!



p.s. One of my best tips is to use content already created and templates/systems. You can grab a bunch of templates to make quick work of creating your own systems from DFY (Done For You) Templates:

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