How I Made Money With WordPress

I’ve been talking quite a bit about websites lately and why you need a website for your business.

I also highly recommend you learn how to use WordPress EVEN IF you intend to hire someone to maintain and update that site for you.

But, I haven’t told you all the opportunities for income that learning WordPress has brought me and, of course, can bring you too.

I’ve made well over $100,000 because of WordPress. It’s hard to add up but I’d say it’s much closer to $200,000 and that’s directly related. If you go with indirectly related then we’re talking about much more money.

I’m NOT a WordPress guru or some high techy person, AT ALL. I’m a person like you who just wanted to use an awesome tool that had presented itself to me.

Here are the exact things I did to make money with WordPress:

  1. Services Website – The first WordPress website I ever made was for the business that I used to QUIT MY JOB in 2007. That gives you some indication as to just how well I used it to get business and attract clients that could support my goals.  When I wanted to specialize, WordPress was there to support the career change. I had such a great system for attracting clients with my affiliate management system that I filled up with some incredible clients (who were actual millionaires) in a very short time.
  2. Information Product Website – After doing affiliate management for a while I decide to offer my own training for others to learn how to set up their affiliate program. It seemed like a very natural flow to me and I knew people needed help with their affiliate programs.
  3. Website Design Services – Of course being able to build WordPress Websites means you can pretty easily turn that skill into profits by selling the service of website design itself. You can niche this to any industry your business is in. So let’s say you’re currently needing to learn to build websites for your fitness website or blog but your business is so new you wouldn’t mind some inflow of profits. You decide to go ahead and design fitness websites for a number of clients and they’re easy to serve because you know exactly what a website in that niche needs!
  4. Sell WordPress Sites – You know Shiny Object Syndrome, right? No one is immune to the pesky distractions of starting something new, especially when you can whip up a website in two shakes of a cat’s tail…. So… I go with it. I go off on tangents every now and then, I build stuff as a new side gig, then I SELL THEM. I actually used my original VA Website, Star VA, a turned it into an information product site and then I sold that off for a very nice four figure payday. So… learn websites, get SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome), sell little starter distraction website to someone who doesn’t know websites, profit, repeat 😉
  5. TEACH WordPress – So this is my BIGGIE. Starting in 2010 I decided to teach group coaching programs to people who wanted to learn WordPress. It made total sense to me since I was offering my Website Design Services and often had people say they needed a website but couldn’t afford my services. I thought about what I would have wished for in a program when I got started with WordPress and then I created it.

I’m STILL teaching people WordPress and I’d love to teach YOU how to create and thrive with your own WordPress website. Now that you know there are SO many ways to earn back your money I think you’ll agree it’s worth investing in yourself and your business!

If you’re interested in learning and then TEACHING WordPress than I have a fantastic offer for you… Sign up for the WordPress Website Bootcamp TODAY, HERE and I’ll throw in the TEACH WordPress course and pre-written training content for FREE. You will get two courses for one and the TEACH WordPress program is valued at $397!

Of course if you’d prefer to get them free you can join the Laptop Lifestyle Business Club, instead 😉




p.s. We start tomorrow, so, hurry! 🙂

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