How I Plan a Week of Marketing…

It’s Sunday and one of the things I *try* to do every Sunday is sit down and figure out a game plan for the week.

A week goes by FAST and while things are whizzing by you it’s really not the best time to figure out what you should be doing. When you have a plan and a to-do list it’s way, way easier to just get things done as time allows.

Honestly the weeks I don’t get them can be a disappointment and a waste but I do my best and that’s all you can do, right?

Here’s how I plan out my week:

Step 1: Brainstorm Your Goals and To-Do Tasks

The FIRST thing I do is write out my income goal for the week. It’s $2000 this week because October was not as good as I would have liked and I want to try to catch up in November.

So, then I write out what I can actually sell to get to that goal. Here’s what’s on my list:
Email List Mojo: $97 x 5 = $500 $3000
Laptop Lifestyle Business Club: $97 x 5 = $85
Challenge Pack: $30 x 3 = $90
Unlimited Mojo: $447 x 2 = $1000 or $997 x 1
Affiliate Offer Star VA $13 x 10 = $130

As you can tell that equals more than $2000. So I’m overaiming in my goal and then I’m overaiming in my predictions. Always over-reach! You’re never going to be perfect so you want to aim higher than you actually want/need.

After I figure out what I’ll be promoting I then write up the kind of tasks I need to do to achieve it like emailing my list, social media posts, blog posts, youtube videos, etc. I just try to brainstorm whatever means I have so I don’t forget to use them.

Then I write up a to-do list of actual things I will work through during the week. Things like; email affiliates, add a coupon code to the opt-in, create an autoresponder, etc.

Step 2: Add to Calendars

Next I pull out a weekly calendar and a monthly calendar. I add everything I can do that using my Sticky Note Method(tm) and rewrite my to-do list onto sticky notes that go on the calendar. All week long I make it a point to check my calendars to see what I can be working on.

Step 3: Create Digital Drafts

Finally I create my drafts in Aweber, WordPress, Facebook and soon I’ll be using Hootsuite too to help me post across more social media. This way is sooo much easier than logging in and staring at a blank space and wondering what to write. When I have a bunch of drafts loaded up I can pick what I feel I can write about at that time and come back to the others.

Of course things can get moved around and that’s OK… it’s all flexible.

I really never know how things are going to turn out, I just make my best educated guess and go for it!

p.s. I hope you find this info helpful and it helps you plan out a more successful week. If you want more training and info on my entire Sticky Note Unstuck Planning Method plus a bonus, really freakin cool WordPress plugin that puts sticky notes on your site then TODAY is the last day to sign up and get October’s training in your account.

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