How much is your Freedom worth?

I’ve been working from home for almost 10 years now and sometimes (the RARE time) I forget what an incredible GIFT it is to have the kind of freedom I have.

If  you’re brand new to the idea of working from home you might think it’s like a job, where someone assigns you work and you do it and you have set hours to get that done in. That could be the case, especially if you’re a Virtual Assistant which I once was when I first started working from home in 2007.

Or you might realize it’s not a JOB but in order to make money someone needs clients who demand time and attention on a very regular (usually daily) basis. That could be true, too, and certainly many people do run their businesses that way.

Me, I chose something different. I intentionally created a business of complete and total freedom.

I answer to no one.
I work on only projects of my choosing.
I take time off anytime I like and need no one’s permission.
I have no deadlines but the ones I set for myself.
I have some clients but I work with them on terms that make my lifestyle totally flexible.
I have complete lifestyle business freedom!

And I love it.

And I want it for YOU.

And I know you can have it if you intentionally decide to create it.

My business wasn’t always this way. When I quit my job back in 2007 I went from having one boss to have 15 client bosses. Some of them were VERY demanding and expecting me to basically be on call 24/7, to get their work done on unrealistic deadlines and to be a robot for them who didn’t have things in their own life to take care of.

I was run ragged, exhausted, deflated and ready to go back to a JOB. Matter of fact I tried to, I just couldn’t find one.

So I started trying to find a better way. I certainly did just that!

I first started doing group coaching which allowed me to set just a few dates on the calendar where I had to “show up”, dates of my choosing.

Then a few years ago I created my method of coaching that gives people incredible, unheard of (until then) access to me and my help. This method allowed me to serve my clients in a HUGE way yet keeping the doors open for my life to be entirely flexible. Awesome or what?

Look, I know what it’s like to have a job you despise, to create a business you feel trapped in and to want to experience complete freedom and joy from your business. I know because I’ve been there and I’ve created just that in my own life and business!

I know people who work at jobs they hate for lots of money. I know people who work at jobs they hate for little money.

I do neither.

I work a job I love and I make GOOD money and I am completely FREE in my life and business to do as I choose.

If you ask me that’s worth at LEAST a million a year. Matter of fact you’d be hard pressed to get me to go to a job I hated for a TON of money right now, not when I know there’s another way, an incredible way. A way that everyone everywhere deserves to at least know about and then decide if it’s right for them.

The first step is believing that freedom is out there, for you. The next step is taking it! Doing the work. Making the offers to your community. Taking action.

You deserve the best that this online business has to offer. I hope you know that and feel it. I do.





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Angela Wills

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