How to create BUZZ, monthly…

I’m psyched!

I got my copy of Buzz Monthly from Kelly McCausey last night and this morning I’ve got Kelly buzzing in my ear about how to get more people looking at my stuff.

I LOVE prompts. Things that help me get ideas for blog posts to write, emails to send, videos to record, webinars to host and on and on. I’ve already taken the ideas from this, grabbed the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress to schedule a bunch of blog post ideas I got from the pdf download:


This was EASY to do, and quick. That’s the whole point. It’s to make things easier to do so you actually do them! Kelly is one smart lady and I’m going to be so happy to have her buzzing in my ear each month with new ideas and being the “instigator” to get me to do new things.

I also applied to a suggested case study on a popular blog she linked to! Will let you know how that pans out 😉

There’s an audio included, it’s 30 minutes of motivation and ideas:


Just take a look at the goodies you get immediately upon signing up!


You see that list at the bottom there? The Buzz Extras? Kelly’s compiled a list of blogs by business owners who are active and leaders in their industry. These are people you’ll want to follow on social media, comment on blogs, get on email lists so you can find out what they’re doing and what opportunities you can have to connect with them. I’ve already done this myself to get exposed to new business ideas, opportunities and connections.

I’ve used almost this ENTIRE resource already and I just started going through it about an hour ago. The only things I want to do still are fill out the “Expand on Your Ideas” bubble chart and to start submitting curated content to

So… no BIG commitment here in terms of time but there are some real opportunities for BIG results (such as the case study that could go out to a huge list, the LadyPens content that could end up reaching an amazing new client, the blog posts that could get shared and loved and bring me new customers and more).

Check out BUZZ Monthly. I think you’ll LOVE it!

Oh and I forget to tell you it’s ONLY $10 a month. $10. That’s it. 😉

Get Buzz Monthly here.





p.s. If you’re still in need of creating a product or offer to buzz about then be sure not to miss the free webinar tomorrow about eLearning and how to create video training courses that’s happening at 1pm ET with expert Michelle Schoen. Sign up here, no charge! 

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